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Alice returned home leaving her car on the dirt road next to the house she saw that the garage door was broken. Had someone broken in? Why didn't Alice see it, it didn't make sense to the vampire. She knew she would have seen it coming. As she walked closer to the garage she smelt it, that wet dog smell. A werewolf had been here, a werewolf had been here and now Bella was gone along with the motorcycle that was in the garage.

That still didn't explain why Alice couldn't see Bella. It was like she never existed, it was like Bella wasn't here anymore. It was like Bella was dead. She quickly got out her mobile and dialled Bella's number

Jacobs's lips were centimetres from Bella's when the mobile in Bella's pocket started ringing. She opened it and saw it was Alice who was ringing. "If you answer that Alice will force you away from me Beautiful" Jacob frowned upset that Alice had intercepted him trying to Kiss Bella. "Yeah but Alice needs to know where I am" Bella argued back. Jacob grabbed the phone out of Bella's hands and answered it. "Yeah Bella is fine, bye" Jacob didn't even allow Alice to say anything before he hung up.

Alice stood there, she still didn't know if Bella was alright. She knew where Jacob was but that was over the border of where she was allowed to be. But she had to know if Bella was alright, it was a must. She started running as fast as she could through the forest towards Jacob's house.

"Why did you do that?" Bella sighed closing her eyes. "Because I missed you Bella, I want to be alone with you, just us" Jacob stood up holding his hand out to Bella, "Come one, you want to go for a swim? Watch some TV and just hang out? I promise to return you to her unharmed" Jacob winked. Bella took his large hand and got pulled up. "Let's watch some TV" Bella smiled starting to pull Jacob along towards the front door when he froze sniffing the air. "Alice." He growled ripping his hand away from Bella's and turning around towards the trees.

There she was standing there at the edge of the forest the mere sight of the vampire sending shudders throughout the werewolf's body. "That bitch is here" Jacob whispered to Bella angrily. "She isn't a bitch! She's the most important thing in my life" Bella whispered back, "be nice."

Jacob continued to shake violently while Alice walked over. "Hey Bella, I just wanted to see if you were alright." Alice smiled walking past Jacob who was just glaring at her over to Bella hugging her tightly leaning up and kissing the human quickly only adding to Jacob's anger. He was almost over the edge, he needed to hit something, break something or someone. "Hey! What are you doing to her?" Jacob pulled Alice off Bella and onto the ground.

"Jacob, what are you doing!? You do realise I'm gay don't you?" Bella said harshly crouching down next to Alice. "Are you alright?" Bella whispered in Alice's ear. Alice just nodded looking up at Jacob. "You're gay? Well I am too, I'm fucking happy!" Jacob growled his eyes now on Bella. Bella looked away and buried her face on Alice's neck. "I like girls, not boys" She said bluntly holding onto Alice.

"...what?" Jacob was quiet. "You did this didn't you!?" Jacob's hand shot out and grabbed Alice around the neck throwing her against the wall of his house while Bella stood there helplessly.

"You fucking whore" Charlie growled as he slapped Bella's face.

Bella gasped out loud, seeing Jacob do this to Alice brought back flashbacks of her being beaten. "It wasn't her fault Jacob! Don't hurt her!" Bella pleaded but Jacob wasn't listening to her anymore, his rage was out of control, hurting Alice made him feel better, it was stopping him from morphing into a werewolf.

He grabbed Alice again and drove his fist into her stomach hearing her grunt out loud he did it again.

"Hey baby I'm here" Phil whispered walking over to Bella who was hiding under the sheets. She felt him on top of her, in her.

Bella gasped again clutching her chest the memories hitting her like bullets. "Alice... get away" Bella urged the little vampire, Bella didn't know how Jacob could do this, he was a giant compared to the pixie-like vampire. Jacob went to punch Alice again but she dodged it and jumped onto Jacob's back. "One bite and you're dead Jacob. Just let it go." Alice whispered lowly so only Jacob could hear. "You don't know half of what she has been through. The men that have hurt her, you're hurting her right now" Alice tried to explain calmly. Jacob just shook the vampire of his back and onto the ground and looked over at Bella, his eyes piercing hers. "Get off our land bloodsucker" was his last words directed at Alice before he started running away.

"You pig, how could you do that to her?" Bella yelled out feeling Alice's hand on her shoulder. "It's okay Bella, I'm not hurt, let's just go" Alice tried to persuade Bella. "No Alice he needs to apologise to you." Bella was stubborn. Jacob had stopped running now. He just stood there shaking. "I have to apologise!?" He roared back turning around. His clothes were tearing apart as he breathed heavily trying to stop the morphing, his body getting bigger than it already was. "I will not apologise to her so you'll be waiting a while."

"I hate you" Bella said venomously, Jacob was the only seemingly decent guy she knew but not anymore. She hated him now, anyone who messed with Alice. Jacob was trembling even more Alice knew what was about to happen she didn't need to see it in her visions she knew there was nothing to stop him morphing now. Jacob let out an ear wrenching howl as he threw his hands up in the air and morphed into a giant wolf. "Bella run! Get away from him!" Alice yelled urgently standing in front of the stunned human protectively. Jacob had started running towards them "Bella!" Alice called out once again this time apologetically. She started running toward Jacob in a human speed as Bella watched on in shock.

Jacob ran straight into Alice who grabbed onto his fur so she wasn't thrown backwards. The sight Bella was subjected to; an animal as big as a horse attacking someone that was that small, Alice was tiny and that thing was massive. Bella had to help Alice somehow, she had to do something not just stand there while her lover was being mauled and was about to be torn apart.

"Jacob I don't want to fight, just calm down" Alice said soothingly as Jacob was bucking wildly. She had her legs around one of Jacob's massive legs and was clinging onto his fur. She could easily bite him and that would be it, Jacob would die but she didn't want to she just had to calm him down. Jacob just howled again and started running towards his house, towards Bella.

Alice had crawled up so she was sitting on his back, her hands around his neck. If she was forced to she would crack his neck back and make him collapse, he would heal but it would take a while for a broken neck. Bella was still just standing there she still didn't know what to do but Jacob wasn't going for her, he was going for his house. He launched himself off his back paws towards the side of his house, while in the air manoeuvring himself so his back, with Alice on it, would hit the wall.

Alice didn't see this coming, she saw nothing coming when it came to Jacob she felt blind. She hit the wall and gasped loudly, her hands let their grip off Jacobs's fur. She dropped to the floor and then was picked up by Jacob's teeth getting shaken around while Bella just looked on powerlessly. Alice being as little as she was, was able to slip out of the grip of his teeth as he opened his mouth a little, only for a split second but Alice was fast enough to get out from his grasp and back onto his back.

"Jacob come on just leave it" Alice whispered against his fur. Jacob had forgotten about Alice, he was now staring at Bella drooling a little Alice felt Jacobs back paws pawing at the ground a little before he launched himself next to Bella. With his paw he pushed her onto the ground and stood over the top of her. That was it Alice had her arms around the muscle-filled neck of the werewolf and pushed herself back cracking his neck back and throwing herself to the side so Jacob went with her away from collapsing onto Bella. Jacob was on the ground motionless; slowly started transforming back into his original self.

"Bella, let's go?" Alice suggested helping herself up and over to the human who was shaking. It was just one traumatic experience after the other. Bella couldn't take her eyes off Jacob but somehow managed to get up and in the next second throw herself at Alice clutching onto the vampire tightly and bury her face in Alice's hair. Alice rubbed Bella's back. "Bella I won't let anything hurt you anymore, it's okay, shhh" Alice tightened her grip on Bella, her hands lowering down the humans back onto her thighs lifting her up in one motions so that the human's legs were around her waist. Bella didn't question how someone as small as Alice could lift her up, she didn't question how Jacob could transform into a wolf she just didn't want to think about it, she wanted to wake up in her bed with her mum and all of this just be a bad dream, this wasn't possible. Although there was a part of her wanting this to be real, wanting Alice to be real.

Alice brought the human with her to the bike that had been taken from her garage. She mounted it with Bella sitting in her lap clinging onto her tightly with her face still buried in Alice's hair and her eyes shut tightly. Alice started the bike and drove off back to her house with Bella not moving at all for the whole trip. She brought Bella over the back of her house.

"Bella you're going to have to let go of me" Alice whispered. Bella didn't even realise where they were, she thought that they were still at Jacob's place. She opened her eyes and looked around still with her legs wrapped around Alice clinging onto her tightly. "We're at my house, nowhere near that beast you're safe" Alice promised but the human still clung onto her as if she was going to die if she let go. "Alice" Bella gasped clinging even more tightly onto Alice as she started sobbing gasping loudly, "I though... He.... was... going... to kill... you... how...?" Bella managed out through her sobs, she didn't know if she wanted to know what was happening around her anymore, maybe it was just better for her to be shelled, not to know anything more than she already knew.

"Bella I'll explain everything if you wish, just please calm down" Alice whispered still holding Bella tightly so she wouldn't fall from her arms. Bella slowly released her grip and let her legs slide down Alice's body until they reached the ground. Bella didn't say anything she just stood there looking down at Alice before grabbing the vampire again and hugging her tightly, she felt so alone without hugging Alice, as if she was fading and falling nearly at the bottom. Holding and hugging Alice brought her back up from the abyss she was slowly falling into. "Alice I need to hold you..." Bella tried to explain but Alice understood, she cared for the human and would have liked nothing less than to hold Bella in her icy arms. "It's okay Bella, let's just sit down" Alice said slowly going to sit down, Bella went with her and ended up sitting on Alice's lap.

"Alice, why are you so strong?" Bella asked out of nowhere burring her face in the vampire's neck. Alice was so cold, as cold as ice but without people's skin getting stuck on to it. Alice was taken y surprise; she was not expecting that question and had no idea what to tell Bella. "Bella, do you really want to know?" Alice was hesitant to tell Bella, she didn't want the girl to be afraid of yet another person, afraid of someone she loved. "Alice please" Bella really was curious now. "You will hate me..." Alice whispered turning her head away.

Bella moved her head away from Alice's neck and looked down at the beauties face. "I don't think I'll ever hate you Alice, I don't think I will be able to" Bella said encouraging Alice to look back at her and go on. What Bella said was the truth though; she couldn't even think about hating Alice, it just didn't register as an option to her. "I am about a hundred years old. I stopped aging a while ago, it was after I was bitten, I don't remember much of my previous life, it is dark, I remember being in the dark a lot. I am cold, as cold as ice; I am strong, stronger than the strongest human in the world." Alice began. "I am not human, I don't have my own blood, and my heart doesn't beat. I survive on others blood. Bella. I am a.... monster..." Alice looked away from Bella's gaze.

Bella's placed her hands gently on Alice's face cupping her cheeks and turning the vampires face back towards her own. "Do you love me Alice?" Bella asked looking into the vampire's eyes. "Yes I love you more than anything" Alice replied the honesty in her voice bringing a tear strolling down Bella's cheek. "You aren't a monster then Alice, you love me, you have emotions, you have feelings." Bella smiled bringing her lips closer to Alice's. "I love you so much" Bella pressed her lips onto Alice's kissing her deeply, her hands still on the vampire's icy cheeks.

When Bella looked away Alice instantly looked down. "You don't know the horrible things I've done" Alice said quietly. She hardly ever talked about this; the last person she told was Carlisle about 70 years ago. "I'm sure they aren't that bad" Bella whispered back pressing her forehead against Alice's. "You know what I am?" Alice asked wrapping her hands tightening around Bella.

"A Vampire?" Bella said back to her moving even closer to Alice.

"Yes Bel-" Bella interrupted Alice, "I'm not scared of you, you won't hurt me."

"Bella, every time you're near me my throat burns; it feels as if someone is shoving flaming swords down my throat. You smell so good, better than any other humans" Alice explained looking away once again.

"Alice" Bella breathed out moving Alice's head to face hers again.

"When I hunt, I hunt for animal blood, my family and I don't drink human blood. Anima blood is very tasteless though and the burning and thirst for your blood remains when I drink it although the burning is decreased dramatically it is still there. I've nearly lost control a couple of times with you where your blood has been too much and it tortures me to think what I would have done if I didn't have as much self control as I do." Alice explained further.

"See, you aren't a monster, the more I get to know about you the more I love about you." Bella smiled but Alice frowned back. "There's more..." She said miserably.

"I killed my family, slaughtered them. I slaughtered and drained the person I loved of blood. That is why I refuse to drink from humans; it reminds me of that time. You have to understand I was a new vampire, I just got turned and newborns are out of control, they can't help themselves. When I was talking about earlier, about what I remember, I was sent to an asylum and that's all I remember from my human life, the darkness of that cell and someone called Bella, I saw you in my visions Bella, while I was in the asylum for my visions. I see the future I see what people are going to do before they do it but if they change their mind the whole future changes. It isn't set in stone. When I got out and found my way home, it was like a instinct, I didn't know where my legs were taking me I just went with it and then when I saw them, my mum, my father, and.... Eric. I knew who they were but I couldn't help myself, they welcomed me back and I slaughtered them like animals and drained them of blood." Alice explained without Bella interrupting, Bella was engulfed in Alice's past. Alice had gone through some of what Bella had.

"I do understand the pain you've been through Bella. When the visions of you stopped after I slaughtered my family that killed me even more. You were all that I had in that dark cell, every night when the guards came in, I thought of you. You are what kept me alive and only recently did the visions of you come back. I loved you years before you were born" Alice had a small smile on her face but her eyes looked down.

"Alice... I don't know what to say" Bella said her eyes were now pouring out tears, they were running down her chin. "You don't need to say anything" Alice replied, "the look on your face tells me everything. You don't hate me; you love me even more, yeah?" Alice smiled a little. "You are the most amazing person I have ever met Alice" Bella smiled wiping her face. "Bella, I'm getting really thirsty" Alice looked away in shame. Bella immediately got up off the vampire "I understand Alice, go I'll be right here" Bella smiled. "Thanks Bella, oh, is there anything else you wanted to know?" Alice said getting up. "No, you go hunt I'll talk to you later" Bella smiled watching Alice run past her turning as she ran so she was running backwards, "thanks Bella" Alice felt much better after telling Bella that, she could hunt in peace now without that little voice in her head telling her that she was a monster for being with Bella.

After Alice had filled herself up she sat for a while leaning against a tree, talking about all that had happened to her made her think about it once again, she replayed what she remembered in her head.

"Ready for us again Hun?" one of the guards muttered walking over to the small girl and grabbing her by the hair, they had shaved her hair of a few months ago and it was time to do it again as it was growing back, but that wasn't their first priority, there first was to have some 'fun'. There was only two guards who did this to her, the other simply demanded them he didn't want to do it, told them he was already going to hell and would meet them down there'. She wished that guard would help her but he never did. "Please don't, I want to be with Bella just let me go" Alice pleaded; she had just had another vision of that beautiful girl. "Mary? Are you still having those 'visions'?" the guard scoffed , "I guess you won't be getting out of here anytime soon then" the light from the open door lit up the normally dark room Alice resided in and she could see the look on his face, the smirk. The two guards didn't waste any time they grabbed her and started tearing off her clothes but this time Alice heard another person walk in and now there was no one on her. She was alone in that room. Maybe she really was crazy, she was starting to think that herself.

The door was open; all she had to do was get up and run out. This was her chance if only her legs would listen to her and get up. She was frozen to the ground when her freedom was right there. Finally her legs started walking and she got up but as soon as she did that man who never hurt her appeared in the doorway. Alice backed herself up against the wall. "Mary don't worry, I'm here to help you, to get you out of here" the man smiled, not like those other men, it was a kind smile, an honest smile. But after all that Alice had been through she didn't trust him. The man had to walk over to her and take her hand but Alice still was unwilling to go with him. He grabbed her up in her arms and his grip was so strong Alice couldn't even move one bit, she was locked in his arms.

She arrived in another room, this one lit up with lanterns. She felt herself being set down on a chair. "Mary, this is going to hurt but just stay with me and we can be together forever away from this hell pit" He smiled. Alice didn't want this, she wanted Bella no one else, she wanted Bella the only thing that kept her alive in this place, the only thing she looked forward to. "No I want Bella, I don't want you just leave me alone!" Alice said louder than she had intended, her eyes shut tightly instinctively, the last time she raised her voice she was beaten.

"I'm going to help you, just try not to scream..." The man's mouth started heading down onto Alice's neck and then she felt it, the burning it was a hundred times worse than what those men had ever done to her. This man had promised to help her but he was hurting her. She closed her eyes and the pain took over her.

"No, she isn't human anymore! Leave at once!" the guard's familiar voice yelled. Alice had opened her eyes, the pain had gone, she didn't know how long she was in pain for, it felt like years. But she was glad that pain had gone but now her throat was burning, she smelt something delicious she wanted it. She looked over at where the man was yelling and saw someone else, a man with long blondish-orange hair. His eyes were a deep crimson colour. The guard was standing his ground but then the long-haired man grabbed the guard and ripped his arm off, started ripping him apart. "Alice" He looked over at me. "You aren't worth it anymore" He sighed angrily before grabbing a lantern and smashing it onto the guard's body parts setting them alight.

"I never liked the name Mary, Alice is much better" He smiled before running out of the room. Alice got up after him but fell to her knees grasping her neck. Her throat was burning so badly, something near her smelt so good the smell was making her throat burn even more. She needed to find it, she forced herself to stand up and run towards it. She was flying, her feet leading her to the smell. It led her to one of the cells of the patients. She put her hand on the door handle and just ripped it off. She didn't question how she did it she just followed her nose and it led her right to the patient. It was as if it was an instinct, she grabbed the scared female and sank her teeth into her neck draining her of her blood. When there was none left she let go and the female fell to the ground.

Alice had no self control whatsoever right now. She went where her legs took her and found herself in a house with three people staring at her. "Mary, you're here we've missed you so much where were you?" A female asked, she sounded familiar. "Who are you?" Alice asked by now the thirst returned, she wanted more. "I'm your mother. What did they do to you?" She gasped running over to her hugging Alice tightly. Alice had some ones neck right in front of her, their blood right in front of her she couldn't help herself her teeth bit down and the force of her teeth biting into her mother's skin snapped her mums neck. The blood made her loose the little of control she had left. After she was done with her mum she leapt onto one of the men and did the same. There was only one more left. "Mary! What happened? Why did you do that to your parents?" The man said and Alice froze, his voice she remembered it. Eric? It was Eric her boyfriend.

She slowly turned around to face him. He was beautiful she walked over to him with a smile on her face but he backed away. "What is wrong with you?" he yelled and Alice's resistance was wearing down, she felt herself thirst for yet another person's blood. "I'm... I'm sorry" She whispered softly and saw that Eric walked over to her. She pictured Bella in her head and the thirst came back instantly, his blood smelt so sweet she knew she should be running away, getting away from him but she couldn't she wanted his blood. Alice reached out and grabbed his arm pulling him onto her; she sank her teeth into his wrist and drank all the blood he had.

Alice sighed shaking the memory out of her head. She still had Bella, which was all she ever wanted.


"Jacob what happened? Why are you naked?" Leah called out as soon as she saw Jacob sprawled across the ground. Leah ran as fast as she could over to Jacob and crouched down next to him. He was groaning a bit but he wasn't moving at all. 'That bitch broke my neck. Get me over to my bed and put my neck straight so it heals properly' Jacob thought. Leah, the littlest and only female werewolf of the pack did what she was told. Jacob knew she liked him, the werewolves were able to read each other's thoughts and Leah had no hope of hiding her thoughts, so he used this as an advantage. Leah started dragging Jacob towards his house and to his bed setting him down on it; she took advantage of him not being able to move by running her hand up his leg and onto his face straightening his neck so it was properly aligned.

"Who did this to you?" Leah asked Jacob calmly moving her hand back down his body again. 'That Bloodsucker.' Jacob growled in his thoughts. Leah's hand went down even lower down onto his thigh slowly coming back up. 'I will slaughter you if your hand goes any higher' Jacob threatened. Leah heeded his words and took her hand off him. Normally she didn't do anything she was told, but liking Jacob she would do whatever he said, Jacob took advantage of that, her love for him.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of her" Leah promised looking down at Jacob lovingly.

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