This is a fan fiction that I've been thinking about doing for some time, I understand that parts of it are a bit random and to think that people like Raven, Kelpie and Uylsses found someone to have kids with is asking a bit much from the fans.

Bear with me. If it really is that bad then I'll stop it.

Chapter 1: A rust-coloured rose

"Rose! Rose! Wake up!"

"N-Nico?" A small girl sat up and brushed her hand through her hair. "What time is it? Is it time for breakfast?"

"Lunch, actually."

"Oh dear," Rose yawned.

"Yes, you can 'oh dear' it all you want but have you forgotten what day it is?" The silver grey cat leapt up onto her bed spread and looked her deeply in her ash-mauve eyes.


"Your piano recital day."

"Oh damnit!" Rose sat bolt upright.

"Rose-" Nico began chidingly.

"I mean...oh no. I completely forgot."

"You've inherited your mother's forgetfulness," Sighed Nico. "And her rust coloured hair."

"It's caramel," Snapped Rose. "Cara-mel!"

"Of course, caramel." Nico rolled his silvery green eyes and sprang away. "Too bad you didn't get her peridot green eyes, then people would actually believe that you can see fairies."

"I can see fairies. You don't need peridot green eyes to see them- that's just insulting."

Rose was out of bed and she came out of the bathroom drying her face with a towel. She looked round wildly. "Hairbrush?"

"Maybe the brownies got it."

"Goddamn freaking brownies!" Cried Rose.

"Ladies don't curse," Nico reminded her.

Rose sighed. "What do brownies like again? Milk or something?"

"You are the worst fairy doctor the world has ever known."

"I don't want to be a fairy doctor. I can't imagine anything I'd less like."

"Well fairies do seem to hate your guts. I wonder who you take after more. Your father or mother..."

As our heroine becomes preoccupied with her brownie/hairbrush search, it would be right to tell you that Rose is the youngest of three children belonging to Edgar Ashenbert and Lydia Carlton.

She has two brothers, Simon and Harry- both with dark blonde hair and dazzling peridot green eyes. Fairies adore them, people adore them and they, in turn, are good, caring, loveable and sweet boys who do everything in their power to help everyone around them.

Then there is Rose.

Rose has rust/caramel coloured hair and ash mauve eyes. She and her brothers can see fairies but where the brothers help them, Rose ignores them. Fairies annoy her, people annoy her and she, in turn, annoys everybody else. It's not that she means to, it's just...well, she loves spectral hounds and dark spirits and can't get enough of ghosts. She finds being a fairy doctor boring, she doesn't get the Blue Earl legacy.

If you want the short version: Rose was a complete failure to her family.

Not that they would ever dream of saying this, but Rose can tell when they look at her brothers in pride then look at her and kind of sigh.

For example, downstairs in the manor Harry, Simon, Lydia and Edgar are in the dining room, pleasantly talking.

"I can't wait for Rosie's piano recital." Harry says. "I really think she's improving."

"I'm sure she is after all that practice." Lydia smiles.

"Where is she? She didn't show for breakfast," Edgar wonders out loud. "I hope she's not ill."

"Maybe she was practicing." Suggests Simon.

Then they hear yelling.


Something smashed, a cat yowled, more crashes and something heavy-sounding fell over and there was a sound of shattering glass.

About six minutes later a girl with long rust/caramel coloured hair (and her silver cat) ran into the room, hopping on one foot as she put her shoe on.

"I'm sorry I'm late," She said serenely. "You wouldn't believe the traffic."

"Rose, darling," Lydia sighed.

"Well, I should go practice for my recital," Rose continued, walking past the table and opening the door.

"Rose, wait, we have a surprise for you." Edgar told her.

"It's...not another cat is it?" Rose shot a glance at Nico who glared at her.

"No, it's a person I'd like you to meet. His name is Renn. You might not remember him, you last saw him when you were three."

Renn? The name was familiar and for some reason Rose recalled a flash of eyes so dark green they were almost black.

"He's not coming to the recital is he? Because I suck."

"I love your playing, sis," Harry said immediately.

"You're such a great liar," Rose told him, closing the door behind her.

A few seconds later Nico was at her heels again, looking up at her. "So, how are you planning to go through the recital when you skipped all your lessons."

"Shut up, Nico, I'm thinking."

"The Suddenly-Ill strategy again?"

"Do you think they'll fall for it?"

"They're such nice people- they'll pretend to."

"Ugh! I hate it when they get all disappointed on me. It's not my fault that I'm musically challenged."

"I know. Look at the time you tried the cello recital. My ears still hurt."

"Nico, go cough up a fur ball."

The door slammed in his face.

"Women," Nico sighed. "Especially that one. How can anyone call her a lady?"

Rose sat down in front of the piano and ran her fingers over the keys lightly. What could she do? Why wasn't she talented like her perfect brothers?

"I hate you." Rose hissed to the piano.

The piano didn't respond.

Rose closed her ash mauve eyes for a while. When she opened them she saw someone standing behind the piano.

Rose gasped at how much he looked like her father's servant, Raven.

But this boy was...less tame, his eyes were darker and vibrant and almost sparking. He wore the same emotionless expression, but his eyes said it all, unlike Raven as you couldn't read Raven at all.

Still, the similarities were undeniable.

"Are you..." Rose blinked.

"My name's Renn," Said the boy. "Rose-sama."

Sama? Rose was thrown for what to say for a second, which wasn't like her at all.

So she struggled to find something to say.

"Did you know that my cat talks?" She blurted.