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Chapter 2: Demon Servant

Renn stared at her.

Nico, who had entered the room, stared at her.

Rose would have stared at her if it had been possible.

"Oh!" Rose saw her escape as she spotted Nico. "There he is! The talking cat!"

Nico's eyes widened innocently. "Meow."

Rose could have strangled him.

"Ha, ha," She advanced towards him menacingly. "Very funny, Nico."


"Nico, I swear-!" Rose began to hiss.

"It's alright, Rose-sama," Renn said mildly. "I know Nico-san can talk."

"Please don't give the cat an honorific." Rose muttered.

"You're no fun," Nico pouted. "And I came to tell you that it's confirmed. She is the one."

"What?" Rose looked at him.

Renn's eyes widened slightly, then he regained his usual expression. "I see." He dropped to one knee in front of her, making Rose almost fall off her chair. "Forgive me for addressing you so informally, Ojou-sama." He said. "I am your demon- Renn. Please give me your orders."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Rose jumped up onto the piano chair as if the carpet was boiling lava. "What…what the hell are you on about?"

"Didn't your father mention that Raven's son, Renn would become your servant soon?"

"Yeah, think I would have remembered that particular conversation, Nico."

"Huh," Nico chuckled. "Well, then this must be a bit of a shock."

"To tell you the truth, it is quite!" Rose spat.

"I'll go tell your parents your fine with it." Nico trotted away.

"Come back here you snake in fluffy clothing!" Rose went to follow him, then almost tripped over the edge of the chair that she was standing on.

Renn rose immediately and took her hand to stop her from tumbling off. "Are you alright, Ojou-sama?"

"I've had better days," Rose admitted. "Days that made more sense."

"I'm sorry for surprising you," A small smile flickered over Renn's face. "I thought you knew."

Rose's eyes narrowed. Was he…teasing her?

"Darling," Lydia ran in. "Are you okay?"

"Not really." Rose snapped. "Why didn't you or father tell me?"

"We'll tell you now," Edgar now came in behind Lydia and slipped his arm around her waist. "The truth is, it's a very important change."


"You see, it seems that the Fae have decided on the new Blue Knight Earl."


"I thought the legacy would pass to one of your brothers- but they want you."

"Um…why?" Was all Rose could say.

"We have no idea." Admitted Edgar, then redeemed himself quickly when Lydia nudged him. "I mean! Because you're so talented, sweetie!"

"Huh." Rose glared at him.

"So, Raven's son- Renn has been summoned to protect you," Lydia smiled. "Isn't that nice?"

"Well…it's kinda…awkward. I mean-"

"Great! We knew you'd agree!"


"We thought that he could guard you when you go up to stay with Cecily for the summer."

"He's coming with me?" Rose jabbed a thumb at Renn.

"Of course!"

Rose had hoped to spend a nice, quiet summer at her best friend's London town house, doing the usual girly things like shopping and picnics and gossiping…

How could she possibly do that whilst being stalked by some guy she barely knew?

"I'm going to my room." She muttered.

"Oh darling! Practice for your piano recital first!" Lydia called.

Rose was not one of those kids who told their own parents to go to hell, but at that moment, she really wished she was.

She kept walking.

"Hey, lil' sis!" Harry waved at her as she crossed the hall.

"Buzz off." Rose muttered, not above putting her brother in his place now and then.

She reached her room, threw herself down on her bed and groaned.

Life was suddenly even more constrained than usual.

She had always felt bad for Raven, being confined to servitude like that and felt it was hypocritical of her Dad to call him his 'friend' through all this.

But, most of all, she had thought how bad it would be if she herself couldn't move a step without a servant being there.

And now-


"Oh Jesus!" Rose leapt up from the bed, stunned. "When the hell did you get here?"

"About ten seconds ago, ma'am."

"Well would you leave me alone please?" Rose snapped. "Kinda in the middle of a self-pity session here."

"I was ordered to come and help you pack."

"Well now I'm counter-ordering it."

Renn's hand stilled over Rose's leather green suitcase propped up against the wall.

He turned to her with those unfathomable green eyes looking darker than ever.

"Ojou-sama," He said. "Do you not want me here?"

"What the hell do you think?" Rose was vaguely aware she was being a tiny bit harsh, but right now she was too het up to care.

Renn's eyes darkened further. "Then I am of no use to you?"


"I see." In one motion Renn took down the ancestral sword that hung from the wall above Rose's bedside table and dropped to his knees.

He reached up with both hands and offered her the sword.

"If I am useless to you," He said quietly. "Then kill me."

Rose stared at him uncomprehendingly. "Uh…what?"

"The sprite within me is nothing but a blood-thirsty creature. The lowest of the low- able only to kill. Without your mastery over it, I would descend into darkness. I live to repay my debt to you for saving me from this fate and swear to protect you with my life. But if I am of no use, then please kill me- life is not worth living if you do not wish me here."

"Okay, pal, you've taken this a bit too far!" Rose was panicking.

What the hell was this guy?

"So," Renn looked up again, his eyes lighter. "You'll accept me as a servant?"

Rose glanced at the sword. "S-sure."

Renn leaned forward and, to Rose's mortification, kissed the hand that lay on her lap. "Thank you, Ojou-sama."

She was frozen stiff as Renn got to his feet, looking almost cheerful. "So, ma'am, what should I pack?"

Rose glared at him.

Who was controlling who exactly?


Rose returned to her parents, chagrinned.

"What kind of psycho have you set me up with anyway?" She demanded.

"Isn't he a nice boy?" Lydia beamed.

Rose shot a glance at Renn, who turned and gave her an innocent smile.

The little-!

"I'm a little sad you decided to leave a day early," Harry said. "What about your piano recital?"

There was a pause.

"Maybe it's for the best." Simon mused.

Renn helped Rose into the carriage. "Would you like me to bring you anything, Ojou-sama?"

"Normality would be nice." Rose remarked.

Renn seemed to ignore this, but when he turned away Rose could've sworn she saw a smile.

"Bye!" Edgar waved.

"Have fun!" Nico shouted.

Rose sank lower in her carriage seat.

Something needed to be done about this demon servant.

And fast.