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Flashing lights…

A gunshot…

Searing pain in his shoulder…


A coppery taste in his mouth…

Frightened people…

Images flashed one by one in his head as he lay motionless on the sidewalk; pain often pulsing from his wound and through his battered body. The discomfort caused him to pant heavily and claw at the ground, earning gasps and whispers from the people that surrounded him. He slowly opened one of his eyes and took in the sight of the crowd… and of the policeman who stared back at him in horror; his gun trembling with the shock of what he had done.

Voices murmured around him.

"What is that thing?" one asked.

"A monster?" another questioned.

"No, it looks more like a wolf…" a third said.

'Monster…? Is that what I am…?'

Suddenly, he felt something tug at his ear. He flicked it back and caught the whisper of a familiar voice.

"Sonic! Please get up!"

It was that little fairy-thing, Chip; he sounded really scared. Sonic felt him push deeper into his fur, he was probably trying to hide from the prying eyes of the crowd. Gritting his teeth to suppress the whine building in his throat; Sonic slowly lifted himself up onto his hands and knees. Opening his eyes, he lifted his head and looked up at the sky. It was clear and filled with stars, along with a bright full moon.

A chill ran through him.

'No wonder why they think I'm a monster…' he thought.

He knew he wasn't himself tonight.

Sonic looked to the policeman, who had backed up quite a bit; his gun trained on the werehog's heart. He whimpered and flattened his ears; clutching the bullet wound in his shoulder in an attempt to slow the bleeding.

The policeman's finger tightened on the trigger and the werehog closed his eyes, waiting for the final shot.

"Wait." A new voice rang out, causing both werehog and human to jump.

Sonic watched as a second policeman stepped up to his partner and pulled the gun out of his hand.

"Don't you think you've done enough damage for one night?" He scolded.

"W-what do you expect me to do? Let it live?" the other stammered, clearly taken back by the earlier comment.

Shaking his head, the second policeman sighed and walked to their car. There was a series of clicks and snaps; Chip shuddered at the sounds.

"What's he doing, Sonic?" he asked.

There was no answer; the werehog's full attention had been directed to the police car.

The second policeman returned moments later with a gun of his own: a tranquilizer gun. Before he took aim, he whispered something in his partner's ear. Sonic strained to hear what he was saying, pricking his horn-shaped ears forward.

He could only pick up a few words from the conversation.

"…put him down for now…bring him…zoo…take a look…"

At the word 'zoo', Sonic snarled and shook his shaggy fur. He was no mere animal! He was the one and only true blue hero! At least he was on the inside at the moment…

Ignoring the painful throbbing in his shoulder, he lowered himself onto all fours and bared his teeth. The crowd went into a frenzy, screaming as they ran in all different directions. Sonic narrowed his eyes, searching for an open spot to escape through. Chip poked his head out of his friend's fur and looked about; suddenly tugging on his ear and pointing excitedly.

"Sonic! Over there, quick!"

Sonic looked in the direction Chip had tugged his ear and dashed. He had just about reached a small park when there was a gunshot and he felt a stinging sensation in his side. Sonic skidded to a stop and looked at the damage: there was a small dart sticking out of his messy fur. Chip flew out of his hiding spot and fluttered beside him; trying his best to pull the dart out.

"I can't get it out! It's gone in too deep!"

Sonic growled in annoyance and started to move forward again. The effects of the dart were beginning to take hold; he found himself getting tired and his vision was beginning to grow dim.

There was a sound behind him, he pricked his ears and listened.

"I think he went this way."

"Well, he couldn't have gone that far."

It was the policemen. And they weren't that far behind.

Panting from the effort of trying to stay awake, the werehog trudged forward; Chip followed closely. After taking a couple more steps, he found that the dart's effects were only moments away from claiming him. With a whine, Sonic collapsed onto his side; his eyes only half open now. Chip hovered about him franticly.

"Sonic! Are you ok? Say something!"

The werehog blinked up at him and sighed, closing his eyes. Chip was about to try and wake him up, but he was stopped by the sound of the policemen's approaching footsteps. He dove down and hid himself in Sonic's fur again, just as the policemen appeared.

"See? Told you he didn't go too far." The second said.

"Fine, you were right. Now let's get him to the zoo before he wakes."

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