I was rudely woken up by pulling and poking paws . I turned around and looked at the giant paw that was taking me away from my bed. I sighed this isn't the first time this has happened . I didn't even get to eat breakfast. The giant hands then dropped me on the floor. I landed with a big thud. "Ouch" I dooked (ferret noise) I let out a low hiss and walked away. My first errand I had to do was to steal some socks I went up the stairs into one of the smaller big paws rooms and took a sock and put it under there sleeping area. Then I scampered away. I then ran back down the stairs and took a break to drink water from the dogs water bowl. I don't think he'll mind if I just take a lick. I heard loud continuous thuds coming towards me . It was a big paw! "No" I dooked at it but it still picked me up and stroked me hard and uncomfortably. That was it I had to get out of here ! I let out a sigh of relief as the big paw put me down opened the door and went outside. Then in my mind it occurred if I could get outside and get far away I could be Free! So I silently pancaked myself in front of the door. When it opened I bolted out into the world. I was Free at last I jumped around on soft green stuff and ran through something that looked like a cage but much bigger down something big and black for a couple of minutes then stopped and thought was this a good idea? Then a loud noise sounded behind me. A VERY large creature with glowing yellow eyes was approaching me fast. I ran for the green stuff and just managed to avoid the large creature. Now I knew this wasn't a good Idea I went back onto the big long black thing carefully making sure no yellow eyed creatures were coming. Then I looked around and I realized home was no where in site What had I gotten myself into?