GT Snap Shots

Bascially I'm just trying to populate the Garrus/Tali ship as it is very lonely right now.

This wasn't like him. He was normally so calm, so collected. Years of working in C-Sec had taught Agent Garrus Vakarian how to reign in his temper and keep a cool head about him. Fierce turian pride and duty kept him in line even as he privately railed against the bureaucracy of C-Sec. However, none of those traits were on display as Garrus snarled viciously at the small computer screen in front of him.

The Normandy was travelling by some comm buoys and Shepard had authorized a two hour "mail" window for everyone on the ship. As was his custom Garrus contacted his family on Palaven. He would turn off his universal translator and speak in his native dialect which Ashley Williams had once told him sounded like birds and lizards noises to her. The size of the cargo bay and his spot in it gave Garrus some privacy and once the rest of the crew found out he was making calls home, they let him have his private time.

And it was this call home that was the cause of his anger right now. His father and himself had never been on good terms but ever since Garrus had embarked on Shepard's quest they had grown further and further apart. A major point of contention had been the fact that Garrus was hanging out with a Spectre, and a human one at that. That argument would spill over to involve his growing familiarity with the other species onboard the Normandy especially those ones of ill repute; Krogans and Quarians.

Garrus could handle his father's xenophobic tendencies when it came to the Krogan. As a species they had a bad reputation overall but he had come to respect Wrex as a warrior and maybe even as a friend. They were often paired on the same team and were very effective working together. What had caused him to snap was his father's comments about the Quarians, or rather one Quarian in particular.

"I don't see her,"

"Who father?" Garrus had asked.

"She normally hovers in the hallway over your shoulder when you make your calls." The elder Vakarian said.

"Who father?" Garrus asked again.

"That mechanical whore of yours."

That was when Garrus snarled. What he didn't realize was just how menacingly and loudly he had done so. Everyone on deck stopped what they were doing to look at the direction where the sound had come from. They might have turned their translators off out of respect but some things don't need translation.


Tali was slowly putting away her tools in her locker when she heard a harsh sound come from by the Mako. Though she wouldn't admit it to anyone, she often found excuses to be in the cargo bay when Garrus called home. It was so she could make secret recording of him speaking in chirps, whistles and hisses that sounded like music to her ears. At night Tali would listen to these recordings to help her go to sleep.

Her favorite one is a short recording she has of Garrus cooing. He had only done it once and for a short time when a young sounding female voice had talked with him for a little while. It had made Tali feel uneasy to hear Garrus make that sound. Eventually her curiosity, fueled by Wrex's faulted facial expression at the time and Ashley's prodding, grew enough to ask Garrus why he had cooed.

The harden C-Sec veteran's mandibles twitched the fashion that Tali knew to be either irritation or embarrassment. Despite all the time she secretly spent trying to discern his face; turian's faces just weren't as expressive as her own humanoid face.

"It is sometime we do when we're happy or content." Garrus had explained neutrally. He truly hadn't meant for his squadmates to hear him doing that any more then he wanted to hear the Krogan purr, which the battlemaster was wont to do after particularly brutal or gory battles.

"Oh." Was all Tali had said. The small nugget of information was enough to feed her young infatuated imagination. On the nights that her recordings reached that short section where Garrus gruff voice dropped into that soft coo, she would dream that it was her that had been the one that had been the one to draw the happy noise out of him.

Then she would waken, always fascinated and horrified that she was thinking of Garrus in such a way when he wasn't even Quarian, and insanely jealous of the female that had been able to make Garrus genuinely happy for a brief moment.

At chow weeks later Tali would summon up the courage to ask Garrus who had been the one to make him so happy.

"Why does it matter?" Garrus had inquired. He was wary of how he acted around Tali. Not that he didn't trust the Quarian. In fact there wasn't anything he could not trust her with. What kept him hesitant was her age and her Pilgrimage. He was over a decade her senior and what was the use of being hopelessly in love with someone that wasn't your species and would leave you once her Pilgrimage was over. He wasn't totally oblivious to Tali's actions towards him and scuttlebutt said there was a hefty betting pool on whether or not Tali and himself would become an official couple like Liara and Shepard had.

"It matters to me." Tali retorted.

"It was my younger step sister. She's about your age. I was happy to get to talk to her directly. Father tends to monopolize my time when I call home." Garrus admitted.

"Oh." Was all Tali could say. She didn't have any siblings of her own but she would guess that speaking to one's sibling would be a rather happy occasion. Ashley was prone to squeals of joy whenever she got a vidmail from one of her sisters.


Instantly everyone's translators were on. Whatever was pissing Garrus off must have been serious to elicit such a response from him.

"SHE. IS. NOT. A. WHORE." Garrus ground out slowly.

"But still very much yours. I'm glad your mother is dead"

"Don't speak of mother that way." Garrus cut his father off but the older turian just went on as if he hadn't been interrupted.

"so she couldn't see how shameful and dishonorable you've become."

Garrus blanched. In turian culture there was almost nothing more insulting or hurtful then being told you were dishonorable as a person or as a part of a group. Garrus was so shocked that he didn't have a reply for his father at first. Then his anger came back. The animosity between father and son that had been buried deep down and smoldered over the years. Now this was the last straw and the smoldering fire became a roaring inferno.

"You have no right. You have always been more concerned with the law then actual justice. You have always been selfish drowning your grief for mother by getting remarried so quickly. You always drove me to bring more honor to our family name and now that I am you just find more things to bitch about. And you call me the dishonorable one! " Garrus was yelling at the small screen that had the image of his father on it. His yelling had attracted Liara and Jane Shepard from the upper deck to come below and the entire cargo hold was watching him but he was unaware.

"If I'm so dishonorable then you should just disown me."

"Don't tempt me son."

"You might have sired me but I'm hardly your son."

"You're right. No son of mine would be this stupid or disgraceful. Do not call again."

"You can count on it." With that Garrus tore off his upper plating of his armor. He had put his family emblem on the front of it a few months ago when this insane journey had started. When he had done it he had been proud of the symbol. Now he was disgusted with the same symbol and threw the piece of armor across the cargo bay. It struck the far back wall with a loud bang and then rattled on the floor.

Still angry Garrus knocked over his work stand sending the small computer and several data pads scattering onto the floor before he walked around the Mako and sat down against one of the wheels on the other side, away from the rest of the bay.


Tali looked at her gathered comrades as they all shared looks with each other. Each was silently asking the other who should be the one to speak with Garrus. Ash and Liara were quickly ruled out. Shepard bowed out with a shake of her red head. Wrex merely glanced at Tali and tossed his large head towards the Mako telling the small Quarian that she should be the one to go.

Tali found Garrus with his head back, eyes closed, seated at the base of one of the large wheels of the Mako. It was odd to be able to see him without his armor on. He wore a blue and black shirt and showed off his large upper frame.

"Garrus?" Tali asked softly unsure if he was aware of her presence.

Garrus opened one eye to look at Tali and grab her hand, hauling her into his lap where he promptly wrapped his long arms around her much smaller frame. Tali thanked her ancestors she had a helmet on because she was sure she was several shades of purple with embarrassment. Still this wasn't about her, this was about him and after a few minutes of regaining her composure Tali tried again.


"Shh. Just know this." Garrus brought on hand up to cradle Tali's head against his chest so she could hear and feel the vibrations of him cooing.

"About time the bastard got his act together." Wrex said with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Liara asked for the three females who were now staring questioningly at the Krogan.

"I bet he would pick her over his family back home. I was right. He's just been disowned and yet he's cooing away like a teenage boy in love over there." Wrex said with a massive grin. "Joker owes me a lot of credits.


A/N: For the record, I wrote this while on a 24 hours duty and uploaded it afterwards when I should have been sleeping. If, I'm honest with myself I really think this piece sucks and I should have just left my writing career where it was. Ending with Memoirs because I felt that was my swan song and a kick ass one at that. However, I'm actually getting ideas for once after my year hiatus so I guess I can't sham any longer. I'll just keep adding to this as it comes. Mostly one shots that might make a loose arc.

To anyone who thinks that Garrus goes too quickly from being pissed off to happy, I nearly ask you to find and speak to someone in our armed forces. I see and often experience these rapid shifts daily. Spending all day trying to be a badass on the outside doesn't mean we don't have a soft side to us.

And remember; NO SLACK and HOOAH!