Hey everybody! I'm back with the long awaited sequel to Darkness is my Ally AKA YuGiOh GX Splintered Mirror. I came up with the other title in the middle of DIMA but never got around to changing it. I know I said that this would be up until mid-September but that was just an estimate on my part. Disclaimer: I do not own YuGiOh GX or anything related to it. Claimer: I do own the plot and the OC characters Angela Sphinx and Jess Hernandez. Oh, by the way,"Lyrics" indicates Jaden is singing and he doesn't have his helmet on but he does have his armor on.

The boat blew its whistle as it reached the harbor of Duel Academy. Duel Academy, or DA as it was commonly called, was a school for duelists to train to become the next King of Games. One such duelist, a dirty blonde haired girl, who was now a sophomore, walked down the steps to the harbor and saw two girls waving frantically at her. She walked over to the pair and smiled.

"Hey Alexis! How was you summer?" A black haired girl asked excitedly.

"It was great!" Alexis said with a smile.

"Mindy, why did you ask such a question? Lex here got to spend it with Jaden." A light redhead said in exasperation.

Alexis blushed when the girl mentioned her secret boyfriend. She began to think back to when he had met her and Atticus's parents.


"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Alexis shouted upon entering the house.

The place where she lived was actually a mansion. She hadn't told Jaden about one of her uncles. It would've explained as to why she lived in a mansion and ruin the surprise. Alexis knew that the uncle in mind would duel Jaden to see if he was worthy for her. A blonde haired woman wearing a red dress stood at the top of a majestic staircase.

"Lexis, oh it's good to see you." The woman said as she turned to her daughter.

The woman walked down the steps and embraced Alexis in a hug.

"So how's Duel Academy dear? Find any cute boys?" Alexis's mother asked in a teasing tone.

"MOM! I swear that you and Atticus got the same personality from you when he was born." Alexis with a groan.

Her mother's eyes dimmed a little when Atticus was mention. Alexis caught the look and sighed.

"Mom, please don't cry." Alexis pleaded.

"I know dear but I can't believe that little Atty is gone." Alexis's mother said as she began to sob.

"I have a gift for you, mom." Alexis said as hugged her.

The older woman looked at her daughter with a smile but with tears still in her eyes.

"Really, what is it?" She asked.

Suddenly there was a crashing noise that made Alexis jump. The door opened up and revealed her older sibling standing proudly in the doorway with a rake in his hair.

"LUCY, I'M HOME!" Atticus shouted in a Ricky Ricardo voice.

Alexis's mother jumped, startled by the yell. She looked at the source and froze. She looked in disbelief before she embraced her son in a back breaking hug. Alexis smiled as Atticus cried out as his spine popped. Alexis's mother then held Atticus out at arms length while put her fingers in her son's mouth stretching them. (A/N: kind of like what Sora does to Riku in Kingdom Hearts.)

"Mom, cut it out!" Atticus said with a laugh.

"T-This is real." Their mother said in surprise.

"Of course I'm real!" Atticus yelped.

Their mother turned to Alexis with relief.

"You found him. At last, we can be a family." She said.

"CAROL! Where is Alexis? Isn't she here by now?!?!" A booming voice called.

"She's already here with a surprise, Max." Caroline Rhodes said with a bit of mirth in her eyes.

A man with dirty brown hair and a square chin came down the stairs. Max Rhodes saw his daughter and smiled. He embraced her in a hug while Atticus stood back in the shadows. After Max had hugged his daughter, Atticus stepped up.

"Hey dad." Atticus said.

"Hello, son." Max said as he passed his son and went up the stairs.

Alexis, Atticus, and Carol smiled at each other and started to count down.

3…2…1. They all thought.

"ATTICUS!" Max shouted as he flew down the steps and hugged his son.

The two parents began to cry happily as they hugged Atticus to pieces. Alexis had to laugh at Atticus expression. His eyes looked like they would pop out of their sockets if the pressure from the hug kept going up. Soon both parents calmed down and were sitting on the couch. Alexis and Atticus explained what had happened to Atticus and Alexis's first year at DA. Alexis then took a big breath and knew that it was time to introduce Jaden to her folks.

"Mom, dad. I have something important to tell you." Alexis said.

Carol's face become of fear and Alexis knew what she was thinking about.

"No, I'm not having a child, mom. But I do have a..." Alexis started to tell but was interrupted by shout.

"All aboard! HA HA HA HA HA HA! AY AY AY AY AY AY AY!" a familiar voice screamed.

Alexis looked at her parents who smiled and walked toward the garage area. Curious, Alexis followed after them and Atticus followed after her.


Alexis sat down and saw that her cousin's band was practicing but she was shocked to see Jaden playing a guitar and standing at the mike. He was in the middle of the guitar riff just as the lyrics started up. He walked up to the mike and began to sing;

"Crazy, but that's how it goes. Millions of people living as foes.

Maybe, it's not too late. To learn how to love. And forget how to hate.

Mental wounds not healing. Life's a bitter shame.

I'm going off the rails on a crazy train! I'm going off the rails on a crazy train!

Let's go!

(Guitar riff)

I've listened to preachers. I've listened to fools.

I've watched all the dropouts. Who make their own rules.

One person conditioned to rule and control. The media sells it and you live the role.

Mental wounds still screaming. Driving me insane.

I'm going off the rails on a crazy train. I'm going off the rails on a crazy train.

(Guitar riff)

I know that things are going wrong for me. You gotta listen to my words

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

When Jaden began the guitar solo it was like watching magic. Alexis watched as his hands flew over the fret board. His fingers looked like they were dancing all over the place and he let the guitar go but it was still playing as if it had a life of its own. It came back to him as the solo ended and he went back the mike after it had returned to his hands.

"Heirs of the Cold War, That's what we've become.

Inheriting troubles, I'm mentally numb.

Crazy, I just cannot bear. I'm living with something that just isn't fair!

Mental wounds not healing. Who and what's to blame.

I'm going off the rails on a crazy train! I'm going off the rails on a crazy train!"

As the band stopped playing, Alexis and her family clapped their hands. Well, Max, Carol, and Atticus clapped but Alexis ran ahead and wrapped her arms around Jaden who did the same with her.

"Jaden, I thought I told you to wait outside the front door." Alexis hissed while smiling at the same time.

"I did. But then this guy come out of nowhere and asked me if I could stand in for their singer. I said sure and followed him to the garage. But as soon as we got there, the main guitarist tried to do a jump and ended up hurting his ankle. So I got to do two things at once." Jaden hissed back with a smirk on his face as he pointed at a blue haired boy.

"Hey, man. You're great at guitar and singing. If I hadn't seen you, I would've mistaken you for Ozzy Osbourne himself." A spiky green haired kid said.

"Thank you." Jaden said.

"Hey, Lex." The kid said.

"Hey, Greg." Alexis replied.

"What?!?!?! Cousin, you're here!" The blue haired boy said as he looked up.

The minute he saw Jaden's arms around her, the teen's face went red with rage.

"Hey, Perv! Get your grubby hands off of my cousin!" The boy exclaimed.

"Zack! No! Jaden isn't a pervert!" Alexis exclaimed disgusted by her relative's thinking.

Zack looked at his cousin in surprise as did her mom and dad. Alexis sighed and looked at everyone but Atticus. Alexis took a deep breath and decided it was now or never.

"Mom, Dad, Zack. I want you to meet my boyfriend, Jaden Yuki." Alexis said with smile.

The aforementioned people glanced at Alexis and then at Jaden absorbing the news. Then Carol stepped forward and gave a warm smile.

"Well, Alexis, I must admit that you chose a good-looking one but what's with his eyes? Does he wear contacts?" She asked referring to his golden eyes.

Jaden shook his head and spoke up.

"No, Mrs. Rhodes, the color you see is my real eye color." Jaden said with a smile.

Max then stepped forward and held out his hand.

"Jaden Yuki is it? Are you by chance related to a Brian Yuki?" Max asked as Jaden shook his hand.

Jaden winched at the mention of his father's name but he nodded at the same time. Max wondered why Jaden winched but let it slide.

"Well, I guess its time to cook some supper. Atticus, Alexis come with me please." Carol said with a tone that meant 'lets leave your father alone.'

Both of the siblings left with their mother while Max led Jaden to the den area. Both of them sat down and stared at each other. For five minutes, neither spoke to the other. Jaden knew that this was going to happen. The father was always the protective one of his daughter and Jaden expected it. He relaxed which made Max think a bit.

Huh. I would've thought by now Jaden would be itching to get out of the den but he just relaxed so that means that he knows that this is a test or he just doesn't care. But why did he wince when I mentioned Brian? I better find out. Max thought.

"Jaden." Max said which made Jaden sit up straight and pay attention. "Why did you wince when I mentioned Brian?"

Jaden stared at Max with his eyes showing one emotion. Anger. Max saw this and knew that something had happened but before he could ask Jaden opened his mouth.

"Do you mind if I answer your question with one of my own?" Jaden asked calmly.

Max nodded and Jaden continued.

"How long has Alexis been able to see duel spirits?" Jaden asked.

Max was taken aback. Sure, he had heard of Duelists being able to communicate with spirits but his little girl? Who would've thought it?

"Um, I guess since she started dueling. Why? And how does it tie into the question I asked?" Max asked confused.

"She is not the only one who has a spirit ally. Yubel, you can come out now." Jaden said as his eyes glowed.

There was a flash of light and Yubel was at his side. Max was badly startled at the entrance and fell over in his seat. Jaden helped him up and apologized for the scare.

"Sorry. Yubel's appearance is frightening I'll admit but she can tell you why I winced at my dad's name. Yubel, if you please." Jaden said as he stepped away.

"Thank you, Jaden. Mr. Rhodes, I am Yubel, one of Jaden's spirit allies. Do you remember the card contest set up by Industrial Illusions and Kaiba Corp.?" Yubel asked.

Max nodded and Yubel continued.

"Well, Jaden here won the contest with three other forms of me and a new Elemental Hero called Neos. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Jaden was a young boy when he got me. He had always dueled with me and won a couple of duels. Soon, enemies came after Jaden. They wanted me and thought that he wasn't worthy of me. This is where memories are better suited. Jaden?" Yubel asked.

Jaden nodded once and Yubel's eyes glowed brightly. Max soon saw all of Jaden's memories and understood what had happened to him but it still left his question unanswered. But then he found out in one of Yubel's memories. (A/N: I'm switching from Jaden to Yubel because she was awake when the parents came in.) He saw them take Yubel away from Jaden and then felt overwhelming pain. The pain of loneliness and isolation. When then memories ended, he finally understood why Jaden had winced. His father nearly gave his spirit friend a death sentence and he resented that.

"Well, that answered my question. Smells like my wife is done with supper. Please follow me." Max said as he left the den.

Yubel reverted back to her spirit form and Jaden walked after him. When his eyes saw the table, he had to admit he was impressed. There were ham and turkey as well as caviar drizzled in a sauce he couldn't pronounce. There were also some other things he didn't recognize at all. He sat down with the Rhodes and enjoyed the night with them.

(End Flashback)

Alexis smiled as remembered the first night of the encounter. She had unpacked and walked to where she was to meet Jaden. She then began to think about the duel between him and her uncle.


"Alexis, your favorite Uncle is here to see you!" Carol called up the stairs.

Jaden and Alexis were busy playing a card game called Kingdom Hearts. Alexis was in a pink top and blue jeans while Jaden wore a dark blue t-shirt with black jeans. Alexis jumped up and raced down the hall with a quick 'I forfeit' to Jaden. She ran so fast that the servants believed a hurricane had just ran through them. She skidded to a stop at the top of the stairs and practically leapt down them. She tackled hugged a man with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes and who was wearing a t-shirt and light blue jeans with black tennis shoes.

The man laughed as he hit the ground with a thump.

"Lexi-rama, you are getting too old to be jumping on me you know." The man said with a laugh.

Alexis pulled back and playfully smacked in the chest.

"Uncle, I thought I told you never to call me that!" Alexis whined.

The man laughed again as Alexis got off of him. A white haired woman with blue eyes and three children walked in. The young woman looked down at the now recovering man and shook her head.

"Set, when will you learn?" The woman asked as she helped the man up.

"I don't know, Kisara. Maybe until Yugi beats me again." The man said. (A/N: There's a big hint for ya. If you still don't know who it is, why are you reading this then?)

Kisara turned from her husband to her niece.

"I hear that you have a boyfriend now, Alexis." Kisara said with a look of glee in her eyes.

Alexis nodded uncomfortably before remembering she had left Jaden upstairs. She turned around to yell up for him…

…and ran right into his chest. Alexis jumped back at her boyfriend's sudden appearance. When she looked at him, his eyes were focused on her uncle.

"Seto Kaiba, we meet again." Jaden said coolly.

Seto looked at Jaden and stiffened. Everything was the same about him except that he was taller now and had a look of malice in his eyes. Kisara felt the tension between the two and knew that it was going to get ugly. But whenever she looked at Jaden, she felt like she knew him somewhere. She shook her head and watched the showdown between her husband and Jaden.

"How've you been, Jaden? I see that you haven't change." Seto said calmly and with regret in his voice.

"Yes, I still am. No thanks to my parents trying to get rid of Yubel." Jaden snarled the words 'parents' with biting venom.

"Yubel was a threat. Your parents loved you a lot." Kisara interjected.

Jaden didn't reply but instead his eyes glowed for a brief second and there was a flash of light. When the light died down, a strange sight met the Kaibas. A duel monster was standing with its arms crossed. The three children were happy to see a real spirit and ran over to get a good look at her. Seto stopped them.

"Charles, Noah, Kitten! Stay away from her!" Kaiba said with a commanding authority.

The three stopped and looked at the father with surprise etched on their faces. Kaiba walked and stood between Yubel and his children.

"What are you doing here?" Kaiba snapped at Yubel.

"To show you why I had to harm those children." Yubel said calmly.

Kaiba was confused until images started to fill his head. He saw many children have some kind of weapon in their hand. A gun, a knife, a rusty old pipe flashed by in instant but he saw that the kids holding them were sometimes older, sometimes younger and they were surrounding a young boy. When the images died away, Kaiba shook with grief. Now he knew why Yubel had killed. She was just trying to protect Jaden from harm.

"Yubel, will you ever be able to forgive me?" Kaiba asked uncertain of what the answer would be.

"Of course. Jaden's parents were worried I'll admit. But they had no idea what was happening to him. The parents of the fallen denied the proof. But I was as close as a friend to Jaden. Everyone hated him because of me. Him having my card made a lot of kids jealous. But enough of the past we must live in the present." Yubel said as she became transparent again.

Alexis hadn't known of what Jaden had gone through but Yubel had also sent her the images as well so it made her mad that the kids would try to harm him. But her thoughts were interrupted as Jaden cleared his throat.

"Ahem. Lexi, I believe you owe me something." He said with a wicked smile.

Alexis's eyes shot open at her pet name. She then remembered the agreement between her and Jaden. If she had won at the Kingdom Hearts TCG then she would have him do whatever she wanted within reason. But if he won then she got a kiss, a win-win for her. She had forfeited when her mother had yelled.

Well, least I won something. She thought to her herself before she met Jaden's lips with her own. Most of the younger kids were grossed out but not Kaiba and Kisara. It reminded them when they first met. But then Kaiba remembered that even though Max had talked to Jaden, he wanted to see for himself if he was worthy for Alexis.

"When you two are done, Jaden, I would like to see how you hold your own in a duel against me." Kaiba said.

Jaden broke the kiss and glanced at Kaiba with a smirk on his face.

"Seeing to add another loss to your growing pile? I'm game." Jaden said as his duel disk appeared on his arm.

Kaiba's eyes narrowed as he brought out a blue eyes white dragon duel disk. The two walked out to the lawn and activated their disks. Alexis and her aunt walked out after the two and sat down.

"It's time to duel!" Kaiba shouted as he drew his hand.

"Get your game on Kaiba!" Jaden roared as he drew his hand.

Kaiba: 4000/Jaden: 4000

"I'll start first." Kaiba said as he drew a card.

The 22 year old man looked at before he added it to his hand.

He then chose another and placed it in a monster zone.

"I play Lord of D. (ATK: 1200 DEF: 1000) in attack mode."

A man wearing a long cape and the bones of a dragon rose up from the field. Jaden knew what was coming next and he prepared for it.

"I now play The Flute of Summoning Dragon. I can now special summon two dragon type monsters from my hand. So come forth, Blue Eyes White Dragon!"

Two copies of the legendary beast rose up from when the Spellcaster blew into the trumpet. They both roared which made Alexis jump a bit. Seto then placed two cards facedown and ended his turn.

"My turn. I draw!" Jaden shouted as he drew.

He looked at the card and added it to his hand. He chose another card and played it.

"I activate the spell card Graceful Charity! This spell card allows me to draw three cards then I must discard two."

Jaden drew three cards, looked at them and then chose two cards and sent them to the grave. But a glow came from the grave and then two cards slid out of Jaden's deck which he added them to his hand.

"Because I discarded my Evil Hero Kaiser I can add two cards from my deck to my hand. Next I summon the Evil Hero Infernal Breaker (ATK: 1900 DEF: 0)! When this monster is summoned successfully I can special summon another Evil Hero to the field in attack mode. So come forth Evil Hero Malicious Edge (ATK: 2600 DEF: 1500)."

The dark monster rose onto the field and crossed his arms. Jaden then grabbed a second card and slammed it into his spell and trap card zone.

"I play Dark Fusion. Now I fuse Infernal Breaker with Malicious Edge to form…Evil Hero Malicious Fiend (ATK: 3500 DEF: 2100) in attack mode!"

Kaiba watched as the powerful fiend rose from the black voice behind Jaden. He smirked as he looked at his cards knowing his strategy was full-proof. Jaden placed two cards facedown and ended his turn.

Kaiba didn't say anything as he drew his card. Instead he grabbed the one card needed to form his trump card.

"I play polymerization and fuse the Blue Eyes on the field to one I just drew to form Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (ATK: 4500 DEF: 3800)!"

The three headed dragon rose with a mighty roar and glanced at its master. Kaiba smirked but then Jaden shouted out a card name.

"Go, Level Summon! This trap card allows me to special summon a monster that is equal to or less then the level of the monster you just summoned. So come forth, my old friend, Yubel (ATK: 0/DEF: 0) in attack mode!"

The spirit rose onto the field in a hurricane. She opened her eyes and looked at Kaiba with a smirk on her lips. Kaiba returned the smirk as he declared his attack on Malicious Fiend. Jaden, however, activated another trap card called Armor Up. Jaden could play a equip spell card from his deck and he chose Raregold Armor and placed it on Yubel. Kaiba frowned as he ended his turn.

Jaden drew his card with no comment and looked at it. He smirked as he placed the card facedown and ended his turn, giving up Malicious Fiend to keep Yubel in play.

Kaiba drew his card when Jaden activated his trap card.

"Go Dark Tournament! This trap card forces your monster to attack mode and forces them to attack one of my monsters." Jaden explained.

Kaiba froze when he had heard the effect. No matter what he did, he would lose so he had no other choice.

"Jaden, I'm impressed. You have force me to do the unthinkable. I surrender." Kaiba said as he placed his hand over his deck.

The holograms faded away and Jaden smiled as Alexis ran over and put her arms around him.

(End Flashback)

Alexis smiled but then frowned. Jaden had stayed with her family for a month before he had gone off to his hometown for a tournament. She wondered what he was doing when she felt someone lift her up.

"EEK!" she shouted which was met with a chuckling laugh.

She was spun around to see who assailant was and recognized the lips that met hers. She happily kissed back until her boyfriend pulled away.

"Hey, Lexi. Glad to see me?" Jaden asked with a grin.

"You know it, Jay." She said as she kissed him again.

The two made out for a while before heading to the campus. Yes, it was good to back at DA.

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