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Setting: Pre-Series

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Summary: A deer runs into the road and Dean, desperate to avoid the collision, swerves

to avoid it but swerves right down a deep hill while John is following them.


"Dean? Does dad really have to follow so closely?" twelve-year-old Sam Winchester whined.

"Shut it, Sam!" Dean told him, his voice leaving no room for argument.

"Do you know how hard it was for me to convince him that I can handle havin' you in the car? He just gave me the damn thing two weeks ago after he…."

Dean's voice trailed off as he caught sight of Sam, his mouth open in an "O" of horror.

"Dean!" Sam cried, hoping his brother could sense something was wrong.

Dean caught onto Sam's warning and looked at the road just in time to see the deer dart frantically into the middle of the road and stop.

Dean tried to avoid the almost inevitable collision by swerving around the deer, but the Impala had other plans as the wheels began to spin, finding no traction.

The Impala went nose first down the steep bank and rolled three times before coming to a complete stop.


John saw the deer run into the road. "Just hit it, Dean!" he yelled aloud, although he knew no one could hear him.

John knew that in these rainy conditions the Impala's current tires had no traction and could not withhold the wet pavement.

"Oh, God!" he yelled as he saw the car swerve suddenly and disappear down the ditch.

He stepped on the gas and once he arrived to the approximate place the Impala had gone over, he slammed on the brakes and threw the truck door open before the wheels had come to a complete stop.

He ran through the rain, skidding down the embankment.

The Impala had landed upside down after the crash and John immediately ran to the passenger side which was closest to him, hoping that his youngest was ok.

"Sammy?" he said, hoping for a response of some sort. After receiving none, he ran around to the driver's side.

"DEAN!" he yelled, forcefully prying the door open.

"Dadd…? Uhnnn…" Dean replied back, trying to get his bearings.

"Dean?! You alright? Talk to me, dude...""Sammy... Dad, check on Sammy..."

John took that as Dean's way of saying he was fine and that Sam was more injured, so he ran back to Sammy's side and worked on freeing him from the upturned car.

Dean carefully tested all of his limbs and mentally assessed the rest of his body. He was dismayed to find that he had extreme pain in his stomach.

He reached slowly for the seatbelt clip but was stopped by his dad's voice.

"Dean! Don't move, son. We don't know what kind of injuries we're dealing with yet."

"I'm fine, dad." Dean lied. "Just keep working on gettin' Sammy out."

He again managed to get his hand on the seatbelt clip and unbuckled it. He fell, not so gracefully, onto the Impala's roof.

He just barely managed to conceal the grunt of pain that escaped his lips.

John looked up in alarm. "Dean?" he questioned.

"S'alright dad. Just bumped my knee," Dean lied again, knowing he shouldn't but Sammy was in more trouble then he was… or so he thought.

Dean climbed slowly towards the window and through the broken glass into the chilly night air, ignoring the small stabs of pain as the glass penetrated the skin of his palms and knees.

He stopped just outside of the car to gather his strength.

Dean pulled out his cell phone and, with shaky hands, dialed 911, waited 30 seconds and hung up.

He knew he didn't have the strength to talk and the operator would trace the call anyway.

Dean shakily pulled himself up and, using the car for support, made his way carefully to his dad who now had Sammy out of the car.

"Come on, Sammy. Wake up now," Dean said as he slid gingerly to the ground beside his brother and father.

"Dean, can you call 911?" John asked, glancing worriedly at his youngest while he spoke.

"Already done, dad," Dean told him.

John had tried almost everything he could think of to rouse Sammy from his pain-induced slumber, except there was one thing he hadn't tried…

"Samuel Winchester, Wake up and that's an order!" John demanded in his sternest voice possible.

Again, no response. "Oh come on, dad." Dean joked half-heartedly. "You know Sam never follows your orders."

John smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. He was about to reply with a quip of his own when they both heard a small voice.

"Well if you'd both stop talking, a kid could get some sleep around here," Sam told them through half-lidded eyes.

"You get any more sleep and I'll be cuttin' those curly locks off, girl-wonder," Dean quipped.

"You wouldn't dare!" Sam stated indignantly, now more awake.

"Just try me," Dean replied evenly.

Sam started to laugh but quickly stopped. "Ahh...my head…"

"Take it easy, Sammy," John tells him. "Hear that? The paramedics are on their way, son. It'll be okay."

John's marine instincts took over as he began to assess Sam's injuries as cautiously as possible.

"Dean, hold this cloth over Sam's head wound while I check him out."

Dean took it without a moment's20hesitation and held it to Sam's head, wincing for his brother when he applied pressure.

John knew he needed to check Sam over for additional injuries so he started with Sam's shoulders because that was where the majority of the blood had pooled and he had to be sure it was only from the head wound and not from, say, a compound fracture. He used his shirt sleeve to gently wipe away the excess blood impeding his view and was relieved to find no other open wounds.

He continued down Sam's ribs and across his stomach, looking for internal bleeding and broken bones.

After his preliminary examination, he was relieved to find that, other then the gash20and a swollen wrist, Sam appeared to be okay.

He glanced over to Dean, prepared to do the same whether Dean liked it or not, but at that very moment, the ambulance pulled up to the edge of the drop.

The attendants rushed out and brought their equipment to where the small family was huddled.

"Who are the vics?" the paramedic asked John.

John pointed to his boys. "These two."

One paramedic started to assess Sam and the other headed for Dean who immediately waved him off. "I'm fine. Help my brother."

"Son, your brother is being helped by my partner. Let me help you now."

He reached out to take Dean's wrist but Dean pulled back.

"I said I'm fine!" Dean challenged.

The paramedic was at a loss as to what to do considering he couldn't force Dean to allow him to treat him.

He glanced over at his partner who now had Sam on a gurney.

He looked backed to Dean and saw that the teen was not going to change his mind.

The medic stood up, sighing, "fine, kid." He figured if the boy was that stubborn, he couldn't be too injured. The other kid looked like a mess though.

He jogged over to his partner. "What have you got, Dave?"

"This one is twelve years of age, possible wrist fracture and probable concussion."

Dave looked over to where Dean was sitting now talking quietly with his father.

"What about that one?" he asked.

"Claims he's fine," Joe replied. "Probably just shaken up."

"Alright, then let's get a move one," Dave told him.

"Mr. Winchester?" The paramedic called. "You and your other son can follow us in your truck. The local hospital is about ten miles up the road."

"Alright," John acquiesced, getting up from his crouched position on the ground.

Dean looked up at his father, dreading the walk to the truck.

Suck it up Winchester. Your brother needs you he told himself.

He inhaled deeply, then took his dad's offered hand.

John kept a supportive grip around Dean's shoulder as they walked back up to the road.

Dean almost stumbled a few times but John's arm kept him from hitting the ground.

"You sure you're okay, Dean?" John asked him once they reached the top.

"Yeah, dad," Dean told him, trying to control the pain and his breathing. "Just got the wind knocked outta me."

Dean walked to the passenger side of the truck, opened the door and slid himself in gingerly.

He looked passed the intermittent windshield wipers and saw his dad was talking to the paramedics.

"Maybe I should say something"…. Dean thought aloud.

The pain in his abdomen was becoming un-bearable and it felt like breathing was becoming a chore instead of something he'd done naturally all his life.

He quickly pushed aside thoughts of his own well-being and scolded himself for his weakness

"Winchester, your dad raised you better then this! You don't put yourself before Sam, so stick it up and deal with it!"

He spent the next few minutes trying to push away his pain until his dad returned to the truck.

"Everything ok?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, he's stable," John told him.

The ride back to the hospital seemed to take ages. Dean could feel his father's eyes

burning into him.

He thought his dad was mad at him for Sam getting hurt but in actuality John was worried sick.

He noticed Dean was slouching, something that would normally not be noticed but in this situation it was making John nervous.

He didn't miss the fact that Dean winced every time they hit a bump either. And despite the heat in the truck being on full blast, Dean was shivering.

John slowed the truck as he removed his own coat.

"Here." He handed it to Dean.

Dean tried to give it back but John stunted his move with a glare. "Put it on."

Dean carefully maneuvered the jacket over his own shoulders and turned to face the window.

As they pulled up to the ER entrance, Dean was beginning to think maybe it's not such a bad idea to mention it…


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