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It had took all of Kaiden's strength, but he pulled away from the blonde, "We… can't, Commander."

"Don't give me that bull." Shepard frowned once he got over the initial shock, "You want this. We both know that."

"Not enough to put your whole career on the line, sir." Kaiden shot back, sagging against the wall.

The Commander, with a huge feat of patience, crossed his arms and just stood there. He seemed to be mulling over what his lieutenant had just said.

Looking silently over the raven-haired man, purple eyes finally locked onto brown as the Commander growled softly, "To hell with rules. With regulations. I don't give a shit about 'em."

"But I DO." Alenko replied, pushing himself off the wall as he hardened his gaze.

A silence fell in between them.

Far down the alley, they heard a stray cat hiss and dart away. Laughter.

The lieutenant could see the broad muscles on the bigger man were tense. Almost as if Shepard was barely holding himself back from doing something. On the edge, Alenko felt his slimmer, athletic body go on the defensive.


The Commander's answer threw Alenko off so much that he almost stumbled into the wall in his surprise. But Shepard wasn't laughing. In fact, his gaze seemed stern. Determined.

"If you care so much about these regulations of yours, maybe you should stick around to make sure I stay in line." That said, the Commander hoisted the shotgun over his shoulder and started walking away.

Lieutenant Alenko bristled at the nerve of the man. Did he really think Kaiden was going to turn around, just like that, and follow him back to the Normandy? The Commander should know him better than that.

Besides, he's known the blonde-haired man for many seasons now. He may be tough in mannerisms and exterior, but he would never really cross the line.

Would he…?

Watching the bigger man walking farther away down the alley, Kaiden couldn't help sighing in defeat, his shoulders sagging slightly.

"Damn you, Shepard…" He muttered beneath his breath, lingering in place for a moment in defiance, before taking the first step forward.

The Commander really DID know him better.


The lieutenant slouched against the rail at the ship's bridge, trying in earnest not to sulk. He had tried to get away from the problem and now… now it seemed like he was chained right to it.

For once, the Joker didn't really have anything to say. He was doing some sort of checkup on the Normandy's systems.

"You know… you're kinda creepin' me out with the whole… silent 'I will kill everyone' Alenko vibe, you know?" The pilot finally said after a while.

Kaiden snorted, "What?"

"Hey, dude. We all know it's totally possible. What with you and the whole, L2 implants that could drive you up the wall at any time?" The Joker tossed the raven-haired man a look over his shoulder, shrugging, "I'm just sayin'…"

This time Alenko let out a full out burst of laughter. Joker could be a big douche bag sometimes, but he definitely knew how to cheer someone up.

"Look, Mr. Psycho-Killer, I gotta go take a leak. Watch the Normandy for me?" The pilot said, carefully getting up as he pulled out the crutches he always kept tucked and hidden by his seat.

"Sure, I'll make sure to dent her up real pretty for you." Kaiden retorted, not even attempting to offer assistance. He knew Joker. The guy would be more likely to piss in his own cup and drink it before he'd voluntarily allow Alenko to help him; especially when he's perfectly capable of doing it himself.

"Just try." Joker said snidely as he hobbled slowly out of the bridge, "You'll wake up the next day with a few 'dents' of your own…"

Kaiden snorted once more before sliding into the pilot's seat. Normally, he sat on the right side, where he would keep the pilot company while checking over the stats and logs. But he had always suspected the sarcastic pilot's seat would be more comfortable. And… he was right. Man, even if Joker didn't have that leg problem, Alenko could definitely see why no one would ever want to get up from this chair.

"I see you haven't been back for more than a few hours and already you're enjoying the finer qualities of the Normandy."

Alenko froze, fighting with the desire to jump out of the chair and run from the bridge. But the booted steps stopping right behind his chair put a halt to that notion. Since physical retreat was temporarily suspended, he rested back on good old fashion dry humor.

"Yeah, you know, getting dragged back at gunpoint kinda has that strange effect on people." The lieutenant grated, eyes focused on the vid screen before him.

"As I recall…" The Commander trailed off slowly. Alenko couldn't help stiffening as silence descended on the hold, Shepard's words fermenting in the air between them. Before he could, I dunno, go INSANE, the Commander finally moved.

Stepping beside the chair as he pivoted to lean back casually against the console, Shepard crossed his arms over his broad chest while he shot an amused smirk towards Alenko. As if the lieutenant hadn't been waiting in agonizing silence, John continued where he left off, "My shotgun wasn't pointed at anyone. And you… came willingly."

The last of the Commander's words took a deeper baritone, the suggestive meaning to it sending an involuntary shiver down Alenko's spine.

Kaiden couldn't help the frown that tugged at one side of his mouth. Tearing his eyes away from the console, he swiveled the chair halfway to face the man, glaring at the blonde long enough to inquire sarcastically, "Is that how they're describing blackmail now?"

Unphased, the bigger man laughed. Leaning forward, he swiveled the chair the rest of the way, much to the protest of the seat's occupant. Placing his big hands on either armrests of the chair, Shepard trapped the slender man within it as he leaned closer, "Admit it lieutenant, you came because you wanted to."

Alenko sunk back as far as the chair would allow; which, dishearteningly enough, only gave the raven-haired man a couple inches in distance. His brown eyes glared into smug purple as he replied quietly, his words simmering with underlying heat at having to say it aloud, "I came… because I care."

The Commander let silence fall between them, eyes studying the lieutenant's own. Kaiden couldn't help but squirm. It was as if Shepard was searching for something…

But that didn't help Alenko's growing discomfort at their close physical proximity. Especially considering that what happened in the alley hadn't been so long ago. The lieutenant still remembered the way the Commander's mouth had branded his own. The urgent caresses and tugs. The unrestrained grinding.

With shock, Alenko realized heat was beginning to pool between his legs. The Commander was leaning further in, their faces so close the lieutenant could feel his own, quickened breath rebounding off Shepard's strong jaw. Unconsciously, Kaiden's grip on the armrests tightened considerably. He felt as though he were drowning in Shepard's gaze.

When there was barely a millimeter between them, the Commander finally stopped. A smirk tilted his mouth when he realized the lieutenant's gaze seemed mesmerized.

"That's what I thought…" Shepard's voice was barely above a whisper, the very sound of it sending a deep shiver down Kaiden's spine.

As abruptly as the Commander had come, Alenko found the man's heat and presence gone a moment later, much to his disappointment. Clearing his throat, the lieutenant straightened in his seat, looking around.

How that man managed to dishevel the lieutenant to his very core just by… BEING there was a complete mystery to Alenko. He was straightening his uniform and running a hand through his hair when Joker appeared.

"Well, that's strange." The pilot commented.

"What?" Kaiden asked, a little distracted from the moments before.

"Something's made the Commander's day. He has a grin on bigger than the Cheshire cat's."

Abandoning the comfortable seat, Kaiden shot a heated glance down the hall, "Whatever could have done that…"


Alenko didn't know if he was being paranoid or not, but it seemed that the Commander was always a breath away. A step behind or ahead.

It was hard for the lieutenant to concentrate.

Once, he was even tinkering with the computers, chatting with Ashley when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise. Last time he had checked, they were alone. But when he glanced sideways towards the door, he saw the Commander watching silently in its frame. Immediately, Alenko's back stiffened of its own accord and he dropped a small tool he had been holding.

Kaiden, ever the steady hand, kept botching the project with stupid mistakes. Once even forgetting how to spell his own name when the computer requested it.

Ashley just laughed at him.

Kaiden was too distracted to finish with the Commander standing there, and Shepard knew it. Finally, after a few more fumbles and curses from the lieutenant, the blonde walked off.

And not a moment too soon. The lieutenant caught the fragile bulb before it could shatter on the ground, the Commander's parting smirk fresh in his memory.


In the mess hall, the lieutenant was just leaving to go to his quarters and check up the schematics on one of his little projects, when he stopped with a silent curse.

He had left his ready-made cup of coffee on the counter.

Pivoting on his feet, he took about half a step before he came to a screeching halt. Had he finished that other half, he would have collided against one tightly-outfitted, muscled chest. Not to mention he would've had steaming coffee replacing the shower he took earlier.

One large hand steadied Alenko by the elbow, saving the lieutenant from a rather ungraceful meeting with the floor.

"Thanks," The lieutenant said with relief and partial embarrassment, though when his eyes trailed up to meet those purple orbs, his smile sort of froze on his face.

Placing the cup into Alenko's stiff hands, the Commander brushed his knuckles unnecessarily against the back of them. With a tilted smirk, Shepard commented lightly, "Don't mention it."

The lieutenant was left barely standing as he watched the muscled man walk away, desperately wishing their regulation clothing hadn't been quite so skin-tight. He couldn't tear his eyes away until the Commander was out of sight.

It was only after Shepard had turned the corner that Kaiden let out the breath he didn't realize he had been holding.


After a few days of being cooped up in the Normandy, Alenko finally made his way to the ship's gym. He needed to expel some pent up energy.

After a few dozen laps around the course, Kaiden hit the punching bags hard, imagining a certain blonde's face. Why did the man have to be so difficult? Didn't he see Alenko had the Commander's best interest in hand?

Mopping up the sweat with his towel, Alenko finally called it quits after a few more grueling hours. Time to hit the showers.


The bar of soap slipped from Alenko's hands.

He had frozen when he heard the other man enter the locker room, praying he wouldn't know the lieutenant was there.

The bigger man was about to waltz right past without a second thought, when that bar hit the floor with a muted 'thud'.

A muttered curse slipped through Alenko's lips before he could stop himself. With growing horror and panic, he slowly brought his gaze up from the damned soap on the tiled floor.

With only a towel wrapped around his waist, the Commander halted in front of Kaiden's stall, eyebrow raised.

"Commander," Alenko said quickly, trying to duck past the other, gorgeously half-naked man.

But Shepard immediately seized the opportunity, arms bracing against either side of the stall, penning the raven-haired man in. Alenko had no choice but to halt his steps, about to collide with the muscled torso of the stronger man before him.

"Lieutenant…" The Commander growled, eyes tracing over Kaiden's bare form.

When the other still refused to move, Alenko cleared his throat nervously, "I should… get going now…"

But Shepard merely stepped forward, closing the distance between them as he said, "Nonsense, lieutenant. You still have some soap there…"

Alenko couldn't help backing up as the bigger man advanced, Shepard's features verging on predatory. Kaiden was back in the shower's spray, but didn't stop until his back was pressed against the cold tiles. This, of course, did not halt the Commander's steps. The lieutenant couldn't help as his brown gaze traced the first few droplets trailing down the Commander's naked torso.

"C-commander…" Alenko's voice was lowered considerably, his tone attempting one of warning.

Shepard smirked, "Lieutenant…"

The Commander was so close Kaiden could feel his body heat intermingling with his own. He suddenly found he had difficulty breathing. Confidence was just coming off of Shepard in streams, that very fact making a strange knot tighten within Alenko's gut.

"I wonder, did any of your dreams include this…?" The Commander asked aloud.

If the man only knew…

The lieutenant swallowed heavily, "…No…"

Shepard's grin only grew wider, "Quit the act, lieutenant. Lying doesn't suit you."

Before Kaiden could say otherwise, he suddenly found the Commander's body pressed up against his own. The lieutenant's breath hitched. Naked torso against his own skin made delicious contact. The drenched towel still wrapped around the Commander's waist had wonderful friction against Alenko's wet cock, much to the dismay of Kaiden's muted mind.

Alenko managed to cry out once as a hand wrapped around his stiffened organ, but the sound was stifled as a searing mouth plundered his own.

The towel slipped from the Commander's hips, and the lieutenant couldn't help the moan the spilled forth as he felt Shepard's length rubbing against his inner thigh. His hands were pressed flat against the wall behind him as Shepard continued fisting his cock, drawing strained gasps from the slender man.

Shepard smirked as Kaiden's hands grasped for a handhold, his heated body a quivering bundle of muscles before him. The Commander couldn't help it as his rod fully lengthened, the tip dripping just at the sight of his lieutenant moaning. Biting and nipping down Kaiden's neck and collarbone, Shepard inserted a finger into Alenko's inviting entrance.

Crying out, Alenko arched back against the wall, the Commander's talented finger finding his sweet spot with the first try. He grabbed Shepard's shoulders, trying desperately to keep his own two feet beneath him. Mouth currently on the crook of his neck, Alenko could feel the blonde smiling wider.

"Commander…" Alenko said shakily as Shepard continued repeatedly hitting the spot, the other large hand pressing their hips together so their naked erections could grind against one another, "…shit…"

Without warning, Shepard pulled his fingers out –wait, since when were there more than one digit- as he wrapped both arms around Alenko's waist. The lieutenant gasped as he was bodily lifted from the ground, his back still pressed against the wet walls. Kaiden always knew the other was stronger than him, but he hadn't realized he was THAT strong.

Brown eyes opened to look over at smug purple, as they easily read the admiration at the Commander's incredible physical prowess. Then suddenly Alenko was distracted as he felt the tip of Shepard's head pressing against his entrance.

The lieutenant's loud moan escaped simultaneously as the Commander groaned, burying himself to the hilt in Alenko's ass in one surge.

"Fuck…" The Commander groaned. His lieutenant was so tight…

"This isn't ri…" Kaiden gasped desperately, his head lolling forward into the crook of the Commander's neck, "We shouldn't…"

"Care…" Shepard lifted the other man slightly, grunting, "… to finish your sentence, lieutenant?"

Alenko was fighting a losing battle. His senses were being overloaded with pleasure. Never in his dreams did he believe it could ever be this… good.

Trying to drag himself above the physical turmoil wracking his body, Alenko struggled to make eye contact with the Commander, starting to say, "I-"

But at that moment, Shepard slammed his lieutenant's hips back down, plunging himself back into Kaiden's depths.

The lieutenant interrupted himself with a choked, "…fuck…" as his vision spotted brightly with stars, the Commander's engorged cock hitting the pleasurable bundle of nerves within him.

"We can always stop, lieutenant…" Shepard commented, lifting Alenko a little higher and mostly off of his pulsing shaft.

Kaiden moaned desperately at that, though he wasn't quite sure why.

"What do you want, Alenko?" The Commander asked, driving into the slender man once more.

Kaiden's spine straightened as Shepard hit the same spot, his body tensing as he let out a pleasured cry.

Shepard lifted the raven-haired man once more, spearing into his depths with a tight moan as he demanded, "Tell me, lieutenant."

Alenko's toes curled at the physical, pleasure-filled torture, his head throwing itself back against the tiled wall. His fingers dug into the Commander's broad back as he tried to ground himself with reality. It was very difficult, however, considering he was suspended in the air; the only contact being the firm, heated muscle before him and the cool, wet wall behind.

"…shit…" Alenko moaned as the Commander sheathed his heated cock inside him once more, shooting pleasure along the lieutenant's very nerves. He didn't know when, but somehow his legs had grown a mind of their own and hooked around the Commander's waist, allowing fuller and deeper penetration.

Shepard brought his lips close to Alenko's ear, that smirk very tangible in his voice since the lieutenant's eyes were wrenched shut, "Something tells me you don't wanna stop…"

Eyes snapping open, the lieutenant suddenly found himself grabbing the blonde's head and pulling him towards Alenko for a mind-blowing kiss. Shepard almost lost his grip on the lieutenant's slender hips, he was so taken off-guard. Alenko's lips traced the Commander's lips, teeth, and tongue; battling with Shepard for domination.

When Kaiden finally pulled back for air, he looked Shepard dead in the eye, "Commander, just FUCK me already."

The blonde's eyebrows raised at that. He didn't realize the man would be so easy to convince.

Kaiden leaned back in to nip at the Commander's bottom lip, gaze fiercely staring into those purple orbs as he added, "Hard."

The smirk returned full force as Shepard rumbled, "Gladly…"

Soon, he was pounding in that ass like there was no tomorrow. Kaiden had to dig his fingers into those broad shoulders just so he could keep himself anchored. He shoved his hips downwards with the same amount of force as the Commander was plunging upwards. The shocks of pleasure jolted through his body with such repetition and energy that he almost began to feel numb.

Desiring some sort of release, Kaiden reached down to wrap one hand around his cock. But the Commander growled fiercely at that, swatting away the hand with his own. Alenko didn't know how, but Shepard kept the lieutenant aloft with just one arm around his waist. Kaiden couldn't put much more thought on that, however, since the Commander's fingers immediately wrapped around the lieutenant's heated and coiled cock.

The moment the Commander began pumping his shaft, Kaiden could feel himself unraveling. Breath coming out in ragged gasps, moans filling every other moment he had, the lieutenant couldn't keep his eyes focused.

He could feel the energy inside him winding tighter and tighter in his loins. Those fingers did delicious and wonderful things to his shaft as that hot cock did inside his body.

"Commander… ngh…" Kaiden moaned listlessly, feeling his release coming close.

Shepard sucked the lieutenant's lip, pushing Alenko more against the wall as he shoved up with greater force. In contradiction to his hard, demanding actions, his voice was barely above a whisper as he growled, "Don't hold back, lieutenant. Cum for me…"

Alenko's eyes snapped open briefly to take in this man before him. Those hungry purple eyes. That rock-hard body. Those talented fingers and lips. Even being fucked senseless in the shower, right then, seemed too good to be true. Every fiber of his being focused on the Commander's touch. Their heaving chests. The feel of Shepard's muscles rippling with each thrust as Alenko's hands dug into the Commander's back. Those skilled fingers pumping his cock hard and fast, the thumb running over his slick slit every so often.

The lieutenant shuddered and felt his toes curl. He breathed with a hiss, "…fuck…" For a brief moment, he could feel every inch of Shepard's cock thrusting deep inside, hitting his exact spot as it had every other time. Unable to help it, Alenko's eyes squeezed shut and he felt his whole body go taut.

"Commander!" Alenko's groan of pure pleasure was the only warning Shepard received.

Then the lieutenant's cum was spurting out in bursts, decorating their chests with his huge load. Alenko felt immobilized as waves of pleasure rocked throughout his body, his entrance squeezing tightly against the Commander's cock even as his own gushed his release.

The Commander himself couldn't hold out much longer.

Thrusting with everything he had into the slender man, hand still milking that slick cock for all it was worth, Shepard grunted loudly as he came, "Lieutenant…"

Alenko gasped as he felt the Commander's throbbing cock in him, filling him with Shepards own load. He moaned slightly as Shepard's fingers still danced on his cock, the shaft twitching slightly as it gave out one last spurt. The lieutenant had never felt such bliss. Such… euphoria.

He watched as the muscled man before him released his last bit of cum, pleasure contorting the Commander's features. A long, hard groan slipped past those lips before he could feel Shepard's muscles relax and those purple eyes finally open. The first thing they latched onto was Alenko's, and the lieutenant couldn't help but smile at that.

The Commander gave him an odd look, "You don't think you're still dreaming… do you?"

Alenko shook his head slowly, drawing their heads close enough that their lips almost touched. His breath was whispered, his lips brushing oh-so-slightly against the Commander's own, "No…"

That said, he continued to kiss the man like there was no tomorrow.

It was true, after all.

The man really did know him.