Chapter 3 ½ (because I'm not quite ready for Chapter 4 yet.)

"Our onscreen chemistry is like Bogart— smoking." Jackson Rathbone, on Ashley Greene

Jasper Whitlock was the only true gentleman that Alice had ever met. It must have been the Southern roots coming out. When they'd gotten back to her apartment that evening, they'd shared two passionate kisses, but nothing more.

Alice was sort of happy that he hadn't tried to go farther with her physically. The last guy she'd gone out with tried to sleep with her on their second date and that was the last she'd seen of him. Jasper was different. Their relationship was different; she could already tell. Granted their relationship continued as it was going, they would go further and probably soon, but Alice could never forgive herself if she'd had sex on the first date. And Cynthia would never let her live it down, either.

And so the night continued. After kissing her twice and practically making Alice melt, Jasper pulled back to look at her. He smiled and gave her one more tiny kiss on the lips before returning to their dessert. Tiramisu was one of this favorites and he wasn't about to let it go to waste.

They'd gone back to her living room and shared it from a single plate with two forks. Alice had flipped on the television and they sat in comfortable silence watching Casablanca, one of her favorite movies. Jasper maneuvered her small body so that she was sitting in his lap, leaning against his chest.

"'Well, I was wondering,'" Jasper quoted in Alice's ear, "'Yes?' 'Why I'm so lucky. Why I should find you waiting for me to come along.'" Alice couldn't help but smile. While Humphrey Bogart was quite a charmer, somehow the lines sounded all the more sexy when Jasper said them.


The next few months flew past and Alice and Jasper's love grew. Jasper spent every waking moment with Alice that he wasn't working. Alice's distraction changed to more of an inspiration and her dancing improved greatly. Jasper took Alice on a tour of Wall Street and Alice took Jasper to her home in Brooklyn. They spent their nights dancing in clubs, dining out, going to shows on Broadway, or simply at home on the couch together. It didn't really matter to either of them what they did as long as they did it together. Their physical relationship progressed, also, and Jasper was the perfect gentleman at that, too. He made Alice blissfully happy and she couldn't remember what life had been like without him.

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