This was not what he'd had in mind when he decided to do the garden tonight, it was a simple task, go to the shed, get the trowel, plant some flowers for Esme, instead, he was looking down on a blood-covered, phased werewolf, it was Jacob, he had known about the wolves long enough to recognize the color of each one, even when they were practically red with blood.

He should have left him there, or killed him for breaking the treaty, but he found himself wondering what was so horrible, that the wolf would feel safer in the garden shed of his mortal enemies, than with his pack.

The almost pup was shivering with cold and bloodloss, broken whimpers were the only sounds he was making.

"Jacob, you need to change back, I'm a doctor, I'm not a vet."

The wolf made no attempt to phase back, he just looked at Carlisle, before belly-crawling until he was at the confused vampire's feet, Carlisle was really worried now, the shed was one thing, but now the wolf seemed to think of him as safety, and he still wasn't phasing back, almost like he was stuck, or couldn't concentrate enough to shift.

The young wolf was nuzzling into his ankles like some kind of pet, a beaten animal seeking kindness.

The vampire decided that there was only one way he could figure out what was wrong.

"Alright Jacob, we're going to get you fixed up as best we can, then we'll talk to Edward, try and find out what's going on, ok."

The fact that the cub hadn't even flinched at the mention of Edward, was more telling than all the previous actions he'd done.