It took Carlisle, Edward, Jacob, Esme and Emmett, three hours to drive to Beaconsfield, Jacob was curled up on Emmett's lap while Esme absentmindedly scritched his ears, an act which Carlisle found adorable, in his head, and if Edward said otherwise he'd deny it for eternity, the poor young werewolf had crashed out as soon as they'd started driving, his lightly huffing snores where the only sound in the car.

It was still dark when they pulled over, a fact they where grateful for, gently shaking the still nervous Jacob awake, they waited for him to lead them to the old werewolf lady.

They found themselves on an old farmhouse that, from the outside looked like it hadn't been used in years, if it hadn't been for the quiet shuffleing sounds coming from the doorway, they would have left.

The old lady was smaller in real life than she'd been in Jacob's mind, looking them over with a keen eye, she turned back to the house.

"Well, I suppose you lot better come in then......well come on, these old bones won't stand this cold forever you know."

Jacob whuffed a wolfy chuckle, before lead the four vampires into the old house.

All five visitors stood around the rickety old dining table.

"Sit down, Sit down, I'll make some tea."

"Uhm, we don't really drink tea."

"Don't worry you'll like this one, trust me."

The four vampires wait patiently while the old woman shuffled around the kitchen with an adoring Jacob following her closely.

It didn't take long for them to realise that the young wolf was bringing her all the things she needed for the tea that they where still dreading having to drink, none of the ingredients looked anything like what they had seen to make other tea's, not even Carlisle had seen such herbs.

Shifting around uncomfortably, they watched as she put the small tea cups in front if them, and some more tea into a bowl for the Still Wolfy Jacob, none of them reached for their drinks.

"Come on, Drink up, it won't kill you, well not any more than you already are."

Emmett was the first one to try a sip, the others watched him closely, his eyes widened in surprise, and before they knew it he'd downed the whole cup in one go and held it out for another drink, the old woman poured while the other vampires started drinking their's.

"It's nice, it tastes like....."

"Bear blood."

"I was thinking more mountain lion."

"No it's deer, definitely deer."

"I'm glad you all liked it, I found the herbs when combined properly, tasted like whatever the drinker was craving at the time."

"This wasn't just a friendly cuppa was it?"

"No, if any of you had said that it had tasted like wolf blood, or human blood, the others would have removed you from the premises."


Suddenly nearly twenty werewolves appeared from seemingly nowhere.

"Ok, how did we not smell them?"

"Dr Cullen, I am over three thousand years old, I've learnt more than a few things in that time."

"Ok." Carlisle barely managed to keep the shock out of his voice. "Do you know why we're here though."

"I've heard rumors, Jacob's is not the only Pack that's been attacked by these creatures."

"You mean werewolves."

"They lost the right to call themselves that when they started attacking other wolves, it is an unfortunate truth that we are just as capable of useless violence as Humans and vampires, and don't try denying it Doctor, you know how violent your own kind can be as well as I do."

"I deny nothing, sadly."

"Until we catch and execute these animals, you and yours are going to be taking Jacob here, in."

"Ok, Wait what, we can't do that."

Carlisle's heart nearly broke at the pitiful whine that emerged from the scared werewolf's throat, but it was Esme that spoke up, against him.

"Of course we'll take him in, won't we dear." the look she gave him said everything, there was no way he could say no.

"Ok, we'll take him, but only until those wolves are taken care of, no longer, understood."

"Of course dear."

The smirks on Edward and Emmett's faces both said the same thing, 'pushover'.

It was a couple of hours before they were ready to leave, making their way back to the car, Carlisle watched as Edward paused for a few seconds and looked back at the waving old lady before getting into the car.

Getting in himself, he turned to the man he considered his son.

"What was that about."

"Nothing, I think, never mind, I'll tell you another time."