A Reason to Live


The Birth

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It is known throughout the world that all creatures, no matter how large or how small, have a past. Perhaps portions of the creatures past has been forgotten, but still the fact remains, that living, breathing, and thinking creature has a past. It is said that a creature who has seen the future, can change the future, but nothing can change the past. Like a rock it stands behind you, reminding you of your greatest accomplishments, and at times your greatest failures. The story you are about to hear deals with the past of a great warrior. Despite his terrible deeds, and the countless thousands he slaughtered, he was still regarded as a great warrior. He was so strong a warrior that he was given the name of Bankotsu, meaning great warrior.(A/N) However the story begins before the young warrior was even born into the world.

"Father! Father!," a young black haired boy yelled while running towards a field of corn. As the boy was about to enter into the corn field, an young man in his early thirties stepped through the corn husks. The man's near perfect face was framed by his shoulder length black hair. A slight scar near his left brow was the only mark that was visible on the man's handsome face.

"What is wrong Hakai," the man asked as he bent on one knee to look his son in the eyes. Once the two sets of blue orbs met, the man could see fear in his sons face.

"Mother has gone into labor father, and the doctor does not know if she shall make it through," the boy said as tears threatened to leak from behind his blue orbs. "We must hurry. There must be something we can do father."

"My son," the man said solemnly. He should have told his son sooner, but there was nothing the could do to save her. It had been foretold by the village prophet. He was going to lose his wife, but gain a son who would bring his family glory throughout all of Japan. This would be the price for his name to live on forever. "My Son there is nothing that can be done. Should Kami take your mother, then may she be happy."

"How can you just say that father," Hakai snapped. "She can't go anywhere. Kami can't have her. Even if I must fight back Kami himself."

"Watch your tongue boy," the man exclaimed in anger. "You do not disrespect Kami in such a manner. You bring dishonor to this family, and you shall be punished accordingly."

"Soukatsui, that will not be necessary," a older shaky voice called the the black haired man. The elder man had gray hair and a long gray beard to go with the hair. His once crystal blue eyes were now a dull blue.

"Prophet Kenshin," the black haired man called Soukatsui said as he bowed lightly to the old man. "What brings you here?"

"Young Hakai is going to need some guidance to understand Kami's plan for his mother, and I must see the babe's future," Kenshin said in a regal voice.

"Right this way," Soukatsui exclaimed as he lead the prophet towards his large, but humble hut. Once the trio made it back to the hut, a woman came rushing out of the hut, tears leaking down her face.

"Master Soukatsui, Lady Banryuu is dead," the woman choked out between sobs.

"What of the baby," Soukatsui questioned as he grabbed the crying woman's arms. Before Soukatsui could receive his answer the sounds of a baby crying rang out of the hut. As the crying reached the prophet's ears, a sudden wave of faintness overcame his being.

"Prophet Kenshin, are you ok," Soukatsui asked trying to help sturdy the old man.

"That crying," Kenshin began. The old prophet's eyes rolled back into his head before he began to speak again. "You wife has given birth to what will be the most fearsome fighter in the entire world, and to honor the gods for you good fortune, you shall name him Bankotsu. To help ensure that he will be the greatest warrior ever, you are going to forge him a weapon using the ashes of your fallen wife. With her ashes mixed in with his weapon, her spirit shall watch over him."

"You can't do that to my mother," Hakai's voice interrupted the prophet.

"You're mother will live on as his weapon," Kenshin interjected. "However, you should know that this is also a curse for him. With his greatness shall come his demise. Not only will he die, but he shall die countless deaths, each time coming back stronger then he was before."

"You are truly crazy prophet," Hakai's childish voice snapped, earning him a glare from his father.

"Don't fret young one," the prophet said in a low voice. "You shall become your brother's greatest rival, and in time, you two will have a fight to the death. This as far as Kami will allow me to see."

"So my sons are destined to fight to the death," Soukatsui questioned the prophet.

"Do not fret Soukatsui, for it shall be after your time," Kenshin stated before his body began to convulse. A look of shear pain cross the prophet's wrinkled features.

A/N: Sorry that it is so short, but I every time I try to drag out chapters, I become bored, and end up dropping the story, so I think I am going to start keeping my chapters short, unless I just start to go off on a random night, which could end up happening.

Also I have no clue what Bankotsu really stands for, but for the sake of the story, just go with me. Also the name of the prophet is from the anime/manga Ruronni Kenshin and the name Soukatsui is from he anime/mange Bleach. It is one of the kidou spells used by the Soul Reapers, and it means Way of Destruction. Once again I don't own either of those anime/manga s. Hakai is a name I came up with using a Japanese to English dictionary, and it means Destruction. That will become important for later on in the story for his full name is Hakai Senshi meaning Warrior of Destruction. His weapon will come in to play later on as I may make him the main antagonist for this story, or a story later on. Well Read and Review please. I would like to know how you like the story so far.