A Reason to Live

Chapter Twenty-One

Siblings Reunited

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Bankotsu groaned as they were making their way back to the feudal era. AS the last time, Bankotsu could hear a voice calling to him again, but this time, he focused on Sango. For some reason, she made him feel stronger. Jakotsu would call him such a weakling, but there was just something about that woman that made him feel almost... human. This was a feeling he had not felt since the time he had spent with Amaya.

As they appeared back in the feaudal times, Bankotsu was the first out of the well, and dropped the sacred jewel shard on the ground. "Damn it, I hate that thing," Bankotsu supplied as he glared at the shard.

"You ok Bankotsu," Kagome asked as she pulled herself up out of the well. "You are not looking to good right now."

"You are an idiot," Inuyasha snapped as he grabbed hold of the sacred jewel shard. "You can not just drop this on the ground! No telling what demons are lurking to steal this."

Bankotsu shook his head, clearing the voice from his head. "Speak for yourself half-breed," Bankotsu hissed as he clutched his head in pain. "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

The voice was raging in his mind, taking all focus from everything else that was going on around. "Bankotsu, won't you save me! You can save me with the sacred Jewel shard," the feminine voice called out. "Please Bankotsu, I need you to save me!"

Bankotsu was trying to force the voice from his head, but he was slowly losing the battle. "LEAVE ME ALONE," Bankotsu roared as he slammed his fist into the ground.

"Bankotsu, don't you remember me," the voice called as the image of his long dead friend, Amaya appeared in his mind. She was wearing a white night gown, covered in blood. "Bankotsu, please save me!" As she spoke, she turned from him, and began to run. Chasing her, was the first man Bankotsu had ever killed, Amaya's father.

"AMAYA," Banktosu exclaimed as he tried to get to his feet, only to be kicked back to the ground by his one time master. "You! I killed you!"

"Apparently, you did not do a good enough job the first time around," the man said as he ran a hand over his bald head. "How does it feel Bankotsu, knowing that you failed to save the only person you have ever loved, and soon, you will be unable to save the second person you ever loved or cared about?"

"Fuck you," Bankotsu snapped as he pushed the foot off of him, and quickly scrambled to his feet. "I killed you once, and I can do it again!"

"You are not going to be able to stop me a second time Bankotsu," the man laughed as Naraku appeared behind him, and the two laughed in Bankotsu's face. In Naraku's roots, Amaya was being choked.

"Once again Bankotsu, you have lost to a half-demon," Naraku said before snapping Amaya's neck with a sickening sound. Bankotsu rushed to Amaya's fallen body, and cradled it in his arms.

"I am so sorry Amaya," Bankotsu said as he slowly hugged her head to his chest. He ran a hand through her black hair lightly. "Naraku, I am going to kill you for this!"

"Why would you let this happen Bankotsu," Amaya asked as she tilted her head up to the former mercenary.

"Amaya... how... how are you still alive," Bankotsu asked as he gazed down at her in complete shock.

"I am not alive," she said as she slowly wrestled herself free from his grasp, and kicked him right in the face. "Because of your weakness, I am dead. You are so pathetic Bankotsu! I hate you! Now I am going to make you join me in the afterlife!" Pulling a knife from a wound in her mid-section, she stabbed Bankotsu in the heart.

Bankotsu jumped out of the small sleeping coat. "What the hell was that," he asked as he placed a hand over his heart, and waited for it to slow down some.

"Bankotsu, are you alright," Sango asked as she game to kneel in front of the long haired warrior. She placed a gentle hand on his hand, and gave him a reassuring smile.

"I am not sure if I am alright or not," he supplied as he allowed his breathing to return to normal. "What happened back at the Bone Eater's Well? How did I get here?"

"Well you said something to Inuyasha, and then you clutched your head, and ended up passing out," she explained as she gazed deep into his blue orbs. "Inuyasha carried you here to Lady..."

"Ok I get it." Bankotsu supplied as he got to his feet. 'What was with that dream? Was it a dream, or was it something more? Damn it! I do not like this feeling of dread that is coming over me. What has this woman done to me?' He gazed into Sango's hazel orbs, and sighed lightly. "You are turning me into some soft little goodie goodie."

"Is that such a bad thing," Sango questioned as she stood up, and took Bankotsu's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Only time will tell," Bankotsu supplied as he gazed from her eyes, and out of the window of the hut. "Something is not right. I can sense Kohaku. I thought you said you had killed the little ninja!"

"I did," Sango supplied as she gazed at Bankotsu. "I took his sacred jewel shard from his back."

Kohaku appeared at the front of the hut, and slowly made his way towards Sango. "Sis..," Kohaku asked as he slowly took another step towards her. "I... I... am... s... sor... sorry," he stuttered. Quickly he tackled Sango in a hug, and buried his face into the crook of Sango's neck.

"But how," Sango asked as tears leaked down her face.

"Well since you are with your sister now, I am going to return to Lord Sessy," the young girl known as Rin said with a smile and a wave. "Tell Kagome I said hi!"

Without another word, the young girl was back on Ah-Un, and was flying away. "So you little ninja, how did you survive," Bankotsu asked with a smirk.

"I am not a ninja," Kohaku said through tears as he continued to hug Sango. Inuyasha and Kagome burst into the hut at that time, and were stunned to see Sango embracing a crying Kohaku.

"Hey everyone, the ninja is still alive," Bankotsu supplied.

"Wait what," Inuyasha asked as he gazed at Bankotsu.

"Kohaku. He is a ninja," Bankotsu supplied.

"No you idiot, I am a demon slayer," Kohaku exclaimed as he finally let go of Sango. "I have told you a hundred different times that I am not a ninja! I am a Demon Slayer! Say it with me this time. DE...MON...SLAY...ER! Do you get what I am saying, or do I have to say it again."

"You were saying something ninja," Bankotsu asked as he pretended to clean his ears out.

"I AM A DE...," Kohaku began, but was stopped by Sango.

"Kohaku, how are you alive," Sango asked as she wiped away the remains of her tears.

"Especially without a shard of the sacred jewel," Kagome interjected.

"Well, after the last fight we had, I was dead completely. I want you to know that I did not blame you sis... in fact, I was so happy to be out from under Naraku's influence," Kohaku began.

"Thank you Sango," Kohaku said as his spirit watched as the battle came to a close. "I know you will hate yourself for this, but you have set me free from the grasps of that bastard Naraku."

As Inuyasha's gang left the battlegrounds, Sesshomaru, Jaken, and Rin appeared. "Lord Sesshomaru, Naraku was nearby," Jaken exclaimed as he looked around. Rin gazed around as well, and her eyes landed on Kohaku's corpse.

Quickly the young girl made her way to Kohaku, and knelt beside him. "Lord Sesshomaru, it is Kohaku," Rin called as she took the young man's head into her lap. "Can you help him Lord Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru was about to tell her no, when he felt Tenseiga pulse lightly. "Move away from him," Sesshomaru supplied as he pulled the Tenseiga free from its sheath. Quickly he used the sword to cut the demons of death from his body, which caused his soul to be dragged back into his body.

"What... what happened," Kohaku asked as he slowly gazed up into Rin's eyes. Moving his gaze, he caught Sesshomaru's steel gaze, and slowly began to pick himself up off the ground. "Thank you Lord Sesshomaru."

"Do not thank me," Sesshomaru supplied as he sheathed the Tenseiga. "Thank Rin and the Tenseiga for deeming you worthy of being saved."

"After that, I traveled with Lord Sesshomaru for a while. I told him everything I knew about Naraku, and in exchange, he allowed me to Ah-Un to come to you sis," Kohaku explained as he gazed hard at Sango. "I am sorry for what I have done to our family, and to your friends. I do not expect you to accept my apology, nor do I expect you to trust me..."

"Of course I accept your apology Kohaku," Sango exclaimed as she hugged him tightly. "You are my dear baby brother, and I love you. Besides, you were under Naraku's influence. You could not have stopped yourself even if you wanted to."

Kohaku lowered his head, only to get a pat on the back. "Cheer up ninja. You are with friends now," Bankotsu supplied.

"I am not a ninja," Kohaku supplied as he shook his head. "I knew there was a reason I like Jakotsu better then you."

"What did you say," Bankotsu snapped as he grabbed Kohaku in a headlock, and gave dug his knuckles into the kid's head. "I ought to kick your little ass for that ninja boy."

"Bankotsu sure seems in better spirits," Kagome said as she watched the happy reunion between Sango and Kohaku. "Maybe he and Kohaku really did hit it off while they were on Mount Hakurei."

Kohaku smiled brightlly as he hugged Sango closely. "I am so sorry sister," he said as a tear slipped from his right eye.

"It is alright little brother," Sango stated as she pet his head. "You no longer have to worry about that. We can rebuild our village, and train others to be demon slayers."

Everyone was slightly taken aback by Sango's statement. "Does this mean you are giving up on your quest for revenge," Inuyasha asked as he got in Sango's face.

"Yes," Sango said as she held Kohaku tightly. "I am going to focus on my brother first and foremost."

"You can't just up and qu...," Inuyasha began, but was cut off by Bankotsu clamping a hand over his mouth.

"I am glad everything worked out for you Sango," Bankotsu supplied as he dragged the half-demon out of the hut with him. Once outside, Bankotsu released Inuyasha's mouth, and earned a punch from the half-demon.

"What's the big idea Bankotsu," Inuyasha hissed.

"She just got her brother back," Bankotsu said. "At least give her the night to enjoy it before you start yelling at her. Besides, if she wants to return to her home, that is her right. We have no right to stop her."

"You are an idiot," Inuyasha supplied, but was surprised to see Bankotsu was running through the village towards the forest. "What is his problem?"

Bankotsu was running as fast as his legs would carry him, and soon he allowed his mind to wander on its own. 'So Sango is planning on going home now that Kohaku is back,' he said to himself. 'Well that figures. Even though she is a demon slayer, she is not a true slayer. However, I am. I have killed demons, humans, and anything else that I feel has looked at me wrong. Maybe that is who I really am.'

As he was thinking, he failed to notice a presense following after him. Suddenly, the figure decided to be noticed, and appeared right in front of Bankotsu, causing the mercenary to come to a halt. "You! What do you want now you bastard," Bankotsu snapped as he reached a hand out, calling for the Banryuu.

"I am not here to fight," Hakai said as he took off Soukatsui's sheath, and tossed the sword to Bankotsu, who caught it with ease. "I am simply here to talk for once. "

"Well start talking before I cut you down with your own sword," Bankotsu snapped as he pulled the Soukatsui from its sheath.

"I would not do that son," a voice echoed in Bankotsu's head. "Not if you want to see your little slayer live a long and seemingly happy life."

"Father, shut up," Hakai snapped. "I do not need help from you to get him to listen to what I have to say. Now, as I was about to say before we were so rudely interuppted. There is a danger coming, and as much as I hate to admit it, I am going to need your help in order to defeat it."

"Are you serious," Bankotsu supplied as he dropped the sword, and kicked it to Hakai. "How pathetic do you have to be to come to an enemy for help."

"I did not come to an enemy. I came to my little brother," Hakai supplied, almost choking on the very words as he spoke them. "Look, you can mock me all you want Bankotsu, but the reality of the situation is that without us working together, this world is going to be destroyed."

"So what is this danger you speak of," Bankotsu asked as the Banryuu finally appeared in his hands.

Hakai sighed as he picked up Soukatsui. "They are called Chaos Demons, and the last time they roamed the Earth, they nearly destroyed it. This time, if they are resurrected, there will be no one to stop them," Hakai stated.

"So how are they resurrected? Do they need fragments of the sacred jewel," Bankotsu questioned as he placed Banryuu over his shoulder.

"These things are pure evil, and they require a sacrifice of innocent blood," Hakai stated. "We are talking each demon requires a hundred young children to be killed on an alter built to each one of them."

"Well that is fucked up," Inuyasha said as he dropped from a nearby tree. "But how can we know that you are telling the truth?"

"Look dog boy, I did not come here for you. I came for my brother. You can go get fucked for all I care," Hakai snapped.

"Why you...," Inuyasha hissed, but stopped as Bankotsu placed a hand on his chest.

"No. Inuyasha is an excellent fighter as well, and if these things are as strong as you say they are, we are going to need strong warriors as well," Bankotsu supplied with a smirk. "Maybe your older brother would want to test his strength against these Chaos Demons?"

"Hell NO! We do not need Sesshomaru," Inuyasha snapped.

"Is that because I would make you look bad little brother," Sesshomaru asked as he, Jaken, and Rin appeared from the other side of the forest.

"What are you doing here," Inuyasha exclaimed as he reached for Tetsusaiga.

"But your hand down, or I shall embarrass you once more," Sesshomaru supplied as he came to stand right in front of Hakai. "These Chaos Demons you speak of; where are their alters?"

"That is one of the reasons I am here to ask Bankotsu for help," Hakai supplied. "The little bit of information we have on them gives a vague description of what they look like, not where they are located."

"We could track down a scent," Koga's voice called as a whirlwind stopped right in front of the group. "That is if you have something that belongs to them!"

"I can take you to a place where they were supposedly killed," Hakai stated. "But it is a very dangerous place. Even for an Immortal."

"Then it is settled," Sesshomaru supplied. "We will meet back here tomorrow."

"Once we have settled things with these Chaos Demons, we can all go back to our normal routines," Bankotsu supplied. Bankotsu slowly made his way towards Hakai. "Oh, and big brother," Bankotsu said in a calm voice before punching the Immortal in the groin. "That is for threatening to rape Sango!"

Hakai dropped to his knees, and glared up at Bankotsu. "I swear I am going to kill you the moment we get done with the Chaos Demons," Hakai said as he cradled his injured groin.

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