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"He was ready to die with you, and gave you life again; but you have conspired against him in his sleep, and shall receive your due reward." -The Three Snake Leaves




She ran in her sleep, she ran in her dreams, she ran so far away in hope that everything she remembered would be left in the past. She ran and ran and ran until her legs gave in to her and collapsed beneath her weak body. But even with that strength of determination in her, the past still haunted and the future would not leave her be. In a way, she was still unready to let everything go.




"Move your head pinky, I can't see the board."

"What did you call me jerk?"

"I just said that—Ouch! What was that for?!"

"Watch it baka, or I'll castrate your balls next."

"Such foul words for a gir—OW!"

"Yeah that's what I thought."

"Dobe, leave her alone."

"B—Bu—But I just asked her to move! Teme, stop siding with your new best friend. Oh. Ouch. Okay—okay, I'll just go sit at the front row. God you people are reckless."

Sakura sighed and tapped her pencil mindlessly on her desk. Why she agreed to go to school that morning escaped her mind completely.

Sasuke looked at her through the corner of his eyes. "Bored?"

"No shit Sherlock."

He scoffed and turned to face the board once more where Hatake Kakashi lazily explained his new method in solving algebraic equations. Blah blah and more blahs, he'd done this already—he knew this stuff ever since seventh grade.

"Hey Sasuke," she nudged by kicking his legs under the desk.

He barely turned to look at her and raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Ditch class with me next period?"


"I'll take that as a yes."


"You're so loud Naruto."

"That's the dobe for you."

"No seriously guys, are you guys ditchin—Ow. Okay. I'll shut up now. Oh, crap. I think Kakashi-sensei heard me. Ah, shit."

Sakura glared at him. "Nice work idiot."





Alas school was over, everyone busted out school gates like a stampede of hungry lions chasing the last slab of meat. Naruto and Sasuke sat on the roof of Naruto's car, while Ino and Sakura sat under the huge oak tree by the car park. The biting heat didn't bother them at all as Sakura reached in for a half-empty box of cigarettes. She started to light a new one when Sasuke snatched her wrist.

"What the hell are you doing?" she hissed and retreated her arm away from him.

He snatched the cigarette stick from her lips and tossed it away.

"Sasuke what the fuck—"

"Those things are bad for you Sakura."

She laughed almost sarcastically, "are you for fucking serious? I can always light another one." Her fingers slipped a fresh cigarette out of its white box.

He snarled. "You don't smoke on an empty stomach, Sakura."

"What are you, my mom?"

Naruto chuckled at this but was silenced almost immediately by Sasuke's glare.


"Anyone bored?" Ino yawned and chucked her empty can of diet soda behind her, "'coz honestly, I can do some fun at about now." She got up and slung her backpack over her shoulder. "Saki, my house or yours?"

"Neither. Going over to Sasori's today."

Ino rolled her eyes, "have you not enough play dates with the guy?"

Sakura gave a sultry growl, "that's my way of saying no."

"Pity…" Sasuke folded his arms to his chest and lay against the burning metal of the roof, "the guy is probably sick and tired of you being around."

"You're a jackass, you know that Sasuke?" Sakura narrowed her eyes up at him, which earned an arrogant smirk from the Uchiha.

"Well, how many times have I heard that one already?"

"I'm one of the most desirable girl in school, if I must remind you."

"Ha, with someone as annoying as you? Prove it." He muttered sardonically.

"Oh, I just as well might." Sakura got up from the ground and waved the next passerby over to her, crushing her lips into the stranger's madly. Everyone, save Ino, watched with widened eyes and Sakura dismissed the boy with a push and a cold wave, leaving the flushed boy walking away in great glee. She gave Sasuke the "I-Told-You-So" look.

"So Sasuke—" Sakura purred.

"Shut up. Dobe, get in the car. We're leaving."

She rolled her emerald eyes. "So soon, Mr. I'm-So-Great-And-Up-My-Own-Ass?"

"Seriously, fuck you."

"Oo! I'm sure you want to, Uchiha-san." Sakura growled seductively.

He snarled. "Naruto. In the car. Now."





She just had to be so fucking annoying, Sasuke thought, she just had to shove it into his face what a fucking whore she was. Okay, 'whore' was too harsh of a word. She's just misunderstood; a misunderstood messed up sorry excuse of a teenager.

Oh no, that would be so much as describing himself.

What was with her, trying to prove to him how desirable and wanted she was? He knew tha—uh, got her point. He stomped upstairs to his room and slammed the door shut behind him. Smashing Sakura's former box of cigarettes on his bed, he glanced at it before deciding he would take a smoke.

"Sasuke-kun," his mother called and knocked on his door.

The young Uchiha turned around with a snarl, wafting the acid-filled smoke away from him. "Ah, fuck."

"I know you're in there—Sasuke-kun. Open up, your father wants to talk to you"

"I don't. Tell him I'm not here."

"He heard you slamming your dooror so he said. Please open up, for me?"

Sasuke growled and crushed the burning cigarette stick under the soles of his feet, opening the windows wide so the stench of smoke would waft out.

Mikoto stepped into his bedroom, "You know you can't igno—" she looked at the box of cigarettes lying idly on his mattress—"what are you doing with these?"

"Shit," Sasuke cursed, forgetting entirely to hide those. "They're not mine." He lied.

"I'm not stupid, Sasuke. Why do you have a box of bloody cigarettes in this house?"

"I'm not lying, Okaasan. They're not mine."

Loud footsteps were heard walking upstairs. "Sasuke," his father called, stern and loud.

Mikoto quickly turned to her son, sparing him a mixed look of sympathy and anger. "You know what your father would do to you if he found these—"

"Sasuke." Fugaku called.

"Yes, father." He answered dully.

The man walked in the bedroom's premises, sniffing the mild odor of nicotine. "Have you been smoking?" he asked, voice strict and unforgiving.

Sasuke shook his head with a straight face and felt the burning sting on his right cheek. In a blink of an eye, he was on the floor and his mother's pleading gasps to not hurt her son and father's angered panting whirled in his mind.

"You listen here Sasuke—"

But the young Uchiha just kept quiet, his face unmoving. He got up to his feet and steadied himself.

"—I've just had enough of you. I don't tolerate smokers here. I don't tolerate ignorant people living under the roof of my house. You are lucky enough to even have my attention on someone so useless to the family—"

Mikoto grasped her husband's arm, "that's enough, Fugaku!"

"—don't you remember the ill fate of your own brother?" his glare burned through Sasuke's eyes.

How could he not?

"Yes, father." He mumbled under his breath.

Uchiha Fugaku took a deep breath to calm himself. "Lung cancer is nothing to be taken easily in this family. If a rat like you can't abide and respect my rules—"

"Stop it!"

"—then don't bother coming back."

Sasuke looked away, reluctant to talk, the pain still lingered on his cheek like a pounding drum.

"Do. You. Understand?" Fugaku gnarled the words through his teeth.

"Understood." The young Uchiha replied lifelessly.

His father turned around and left the bedroom before continuing down the stairs. Mikoto looked sympathetically at Sasuke then walked to his aid, touching his harmed cheek.

"I told you—"

"Okaasan, I need to go."

Mikoto looked at him with widened anxious eyes. "Where are you going? You're not taking your father's threat seriously are you? You know how he is—"

"No, Okaasan. I have something to do."

"Oh—okay. I'll see you when you get back, Sasuke-kun." She embraces her son then whispered, "take care of yourself."

It took him a few seconds to reply, "I'll try."





She could walk forever down the endless road, not like there was anything to stop her anyways. The place was empty, empty cans of sodas rolled down the tarred street and the wind just blew at her hair towards west. Her house was exactly the opposite to where she was walking to—which was nowhere. Something made her stop, but as usual it was the unexpected presence of Uchiha Sasuke.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, looking down at the ravenette who sat by a closed store.

He looked up through his dark fringe of hair. "Could ask you the same thing."

Sakura rolled her eyes and sat next to him, tightening her long coat around her. "Thought I should walk around."

"Alone in the dark? You're really asking to be raped, Sakura."

"Like that doesn't apply to you." She muttered sardonically.

He smirked. "I forgot I was that desirable."

She elbowed him at the ribs, "asshole." Then stifled a quiet laugh. "But seriously, what are you doing here?"

Sasuke shrugged and looked ahead.

"Oh—fought with your dad, I'm assuming?"

"How'd you know?"

"You told me once—remember? You said something about him being a self-conceited jackass—much like yourself. Just kidding. Anyways yeah, so what happened?"


Sakura sighed; she knew Sasuke wasn't going to tell her so she contemplated the empty area. Being somewhere remotely vacant felt unnerving somehow—at least it should—but maybe because there was company, she knew she wasn't completely alone.

Sasuke got up and looked over his shoulder. "Hungry?"


"I was thinking of grabbing a bite."

"Wow, I never knew I'd live the day an Uchiha would say 'grabbing a bite,' this is epic." She stuck her tongue out teasingly as Sasuke scoffed. "But sure, what do you have in mind?"

"Don't know. Up to you really."

"So it's like a date?" she teased.

"In your dreams, Sakura." He smirked.

Sakura clung on to his arms childishly, "Oh dear Sasuke—you're wandering in it right now."



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