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Chapter 8

Jane smoothed a hand over her forehead as her eyes softly fluttered open, "How are you feeling beautiful?" He asked her, softly.

She smiled up at him sleepy, but happy, "Like I've been shot," She joked.

"Funny that," he said quietly.

"I'm fine,"

"Are you sure?" He asked, concern tinting his tone.

"Stop worrying, we're both fine," She insisted.

He pressed his lips gently to her forehead, and she smiled at him.

"We should probably invite the team in," he said, "Do you think you're up to it?"

"How long have I been asleep?" She asked confused.

"Only an hour or so," he said, looking at her in that way which made her heart melt and her breathing stop.

"Have you spoken to the team yet?"

"No," he said sheepishly.

She laughed, and then winced, that wasn't a good idea. "You ok?" He jumped to her side.

"I wince, and you're immediately at my side? Stop worrying, I'm fine, well aside for whole I've-been-shot thing." She joked.

He smiled at her, squeezing her hand. "We should probably speak to them," Lisbon said, sighing, "You're right,"

"I tend to be you know, in contrary to your frequently voiced opinions,"

"Shut up and go get everyone." She said, in a demanding tone.

"Yes boss!" He said, fake saluting.

"You know, I am actually your boss!" She called after him,

"Sure honey sure," He called back.

"Don't call me honey!" He didn't answer that time. When he left the room, she sank back into her pillows, and closed her eyes. Despite her pretence, her whole body ached and, to put it in less technical terms than the doctor had, she felt like crap.

Jane came back in, and Cho, Grace and Rigsby filed in after him.

"You ok boss?" Cho asked,

"I've been better," she said, "but I'm fine."

Grace looked nervous, but she spoke, "Your, your baby?"

Lisbon smiled at the younger agent; she was touched she'd worked up the courage to ask, it would be Grace, and not Cho or Risgby, "Fine, thank you,"

Bless her; Grace looked like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders, Cho looked happier… well, you wouldn't think that if you didn't know Cho, but he did, and Rigsby looked slightly relieved.

This wasn't awkward at all.

She felt Jane squeeze her hand gently, and was thankful and comforted by his presence, but this was still embarrassing. Her team, the people who looked up to her for leadership and she liked to think respected her, had just witnessed her breakdown, in her co-worker/secret lovers arms.

"As you have probably gathered," Jane started, and she rolled her eyes (in a very loving, caring way)

"We're together," Lisbon finished, keep it nice an' short…

"How long has this been going on?" Cho dived straight in there,

They might as well be honest, "Three months,"

"How far along are you?" Grace asked,

Lisbon raised an eyebrow, "Three months,"

"Oh," Grace said, blushing.

She had to do everything in her power to not laugh out loud, and she could tell Jane was doing the exact same thing…

"Darling," he said, stressing the word as she glared at him in a 'I-will-get-you-back-for-this-later' way, "You should really get some more rest," He leant in and kissed her on the cheek, and she had to face away from the team, otherwise she would have given away how hard she was trying not to laugh.

"Ok, you want us to go?" Rigsby asked, looking like he was about to go into shock,

"I think it would be best, the doctors say she needs a lot of the rest, for the baby," Jane said, enjoying every second of this.

They said their goodbyes, and left them alone, Lisbon turned to Jane, "You're cruel," she said, and they both started to laugh,

"Shame you had to turn around, Rigsby's face was priceless," he said, laughing.

"Yeah, well if I hadn't they would have seen how much I was laughing," she said, punching him in the arm, "This is your fault,"

"What did I do?"

"You were you," she stated simply.

"It's why you love me," he beamed at her,

"Yeah right, because who wouldn't love an annoying, psychi-" He cut her off with a full on kiss, she responded and when they broke apart, said "Don't think that's stopped me,"

"Well I was hoping," Jane admitted, laughing a little.

"Do you think they mind?" She asked suddenly,

"The team? No. Grace is happy for us, Cho is fine and Rigsby is too interested in Grace to really care, but is fine, and we're all glad you're ok."

She nodded, "Stop worrying," Jane said, brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "You really should get some rest," He said softly, his eyes piercing hers and once again, she couldn't breathe. It was all still so new… it almost took a while to get used to, someone caring about her again… someone being there.

"Come on," he said, and he clambered onto the bed with her, wrapping his arms around her. "Sleep," he whispered, his hot breath tickling her neck.

And it was so easy, to close her eyes, let herself slip away. Because she trusted him. She trusted he would be there when she woke up.

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