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"Abbot, I would have thought by now you learned that it's always the same," greeted Reid Garwin. It was a Friday night at Nicky's just the week after the Fall Fest. "We make a bet, Baby Boy and I win, and you just keep losing money. But if you're just so eager for us to take your money, we're more than happy to oblige."

Aaron Abbot's blue eyes blazed with anger. The famed 'Sons of Ipswich' just always got under his skin since they all started out together their freshman year at Spenser. Not much has changed since then and the boys were now in the final year at the academy.

They thought they were the best and, while he knew they weren't, they always managed to one-up him in everything – in school, in swimming, and even with girls. It would eternally piss him off to no end. No matter what he did he could never top them. And Garwin's little comments always had the knack of rubbing him the wrong way.

Aaron pushed the boy up against the wall behind the pool table and said, "How about you just shut the fuck up, Garwin and I'll reconsider re-arranging your face."

And just as Reid was about to start fighting back, a girl entered the bar and jumped up on the first pool table she saw and screamed, "Aaron Philip Abbot! Where are you? And you better have a good explanation or else I'm kicking your fucking white ass."

Aaron groaned before letting go of Reid. The Son was slightly impressed that a tiny girl like that could do this to the biggest bastard at Spenser; but he wouldn't let anyone know considering Aaron had probably touched that and he wasn't going to get with any of his leftovers.

"Listen, Lauren…"

The girl jumped off the pool table while Nicky heaved a sigh behind the bar. She was in heels and could have ripped the lining on it, an expense he didn't feel like dealing with. Lauren walked right up to Aaron and slapped him across the face and stomped on his foot.

"Shit! Lauren, I'm really, really sor-"

"Sorry? I waited at the damn airport for an hour and a half, Aaron," she seethed. Her dark brown eyes were narrowed so much that they were practically slits. "You know what? I don't care if you have a good explanation – I'm still gonna kick your 'sorry' ass."

"I thought you were coming in tomorrow," Aaron pleaded, still holding his foot. The side of his face was still bright red from the slap.

"Bullshit," Lauren hissed. "I texted you this morning and you replied that would would make sure to meet me at the terminal."

Aaron paled slightly as his mistake. He knew he was in deep shit now.

"And you wanna know how I found you? I had to call Kira," she screamed, disgust clearly present at the redhead's name. "And you know how I feel about that tramp you call a girlfriend."

An "Ooh!" rang through the bar. Everyone had stopped what they were doing to watch this girl rip Abbot a new one. Garwin took their fight as a time to check out this girl.

She was short, maybe half a foot shorter than him, at five foot ten. Her almond eyes led him to believe that her reddish-brown hair was dyed. It was obvious this girl was of Asian descent, but mixed with something else. Saying that Reid Garwin was intrigued would have been an understatement.

"Hey, she is not a tramp," Aaron tried defending. He was sure that if Kira found out that he let Lauren call her that in front of so many people he'd be in deep shit with her, too. And he didn't want two pissed off girls on his back at the same time. That was a hell he'd never wish upon anyone. Well, except for maybe the Sons.

"I call them as I see them," she said, crossing her arms and tapping her foot. She was still glowering, though the effect didn't work as well when she had to crane her neck to look him in the face.

Aaron rolled his eyes and couldn't stop himself from muttering, "Takes one to know one."

The second the words left his mouth he had brief thoughts of killing himself so that she wouldn't be able to. If he thought he was in trouble before he couldn't think of his current standing with her.

"What did you say," she breathed murderously low.

The entire bar was silent as Aaron gulped. You could hear a pin drop and most were holding their breath in anticipation for Lauren's next movements.

Reid Garwin was more than amused at the scene unfolding in front of him – this girl had an attitude about her that was completely seductive. 'Too bad she's with Aaron,' he thought, tapping his fingers to his lips. Even if he couldn't have her, he could still enjoy watching her emasculate Abbot. That would be good enough for him.

"Oh you fucking bastard," she blew up. Her arms were now out and flailing around in crazy motions. "And to think I moved from my happy lil' life in New Orleans to be with my best friend. You're not a best friend, you're just an asshole! God, I thought you'd be there for me. Obviously it's only when you have the time to even think about me! Oh, I fucking hate you."

And then she kicked him in a spot that made every man in the establishment flinch at. Aaron quickly fell to the ground, rasping out a yell and just watched as Lauren left the bar, people clearing a path for her as she went. Some people, including Reid, started clapping at the display. Aaron just kept to the ground while his buddies tried helping him up. He was shaking his head that he couldn't get up when Reid left the pool tables and headed for the foosball tables where he knew the rest of his 'brothers' were sitting.

"Reid, man, that girl was crazy! Was she as hot up close as she was from back here," Tyler said, clapping a hand on his best friend's shoulder when he appeared. Reid just smirked and sat down.

"I never thought I'd see the day when Aaron got put in his place by somebody else but me," he said. Pogue and Tyler laughed while Caleb just shook his head, a grin forming on his face. "Especially a girl."

"She said he was her best friend," Sarah spoke up from beside her boyfriend. They were still going strong even after the whole Chase incident. Kate also knew the Covenant's secret, seeing as the fifth Son had almost killed her. She was shocked at first but she was fine with it now and still as in love with Pogue as before.

"I've never seen her before," Kate said, taking a sip for Pogue's drinking. She munched on a fry as everyone thought of this new girl who definitely had a knack for turning heads.

"I'm assuming she's here to attend Spenser," Caleb shrugged. "I guess we'll get to see much more of this rather dynamic friendship."

The others nodded before Reid, a spark in his eyes, stood up, "I'm counting on it."

He slapped Tyler on the shoulder and led the way to the pool tables only to find that Aaron had already left so they played a friendly game between themselves to see who got to drive home. Both of them knew that even if he lost, Reid would steal Tyler's keys anyway, but they loved playing pool so that was fine with 'Baby Boy'.

Back at the table Kate and Sarah shared a look at what Reid had said. Pogue groaned while Caleb was slightly lost, he hadn't been around his girlfriend long enough to understand what was going on, "What?"

"Baby, don't," Pogue pleaded, completely ignoring Caleb's question.

"Oh, come on," Kate sighed. "Did you see the way Reid said that? He likes her!"

Caleb, finally catching on, just laughed, "Reid doesn't like girls. He lusts after them."

Sarah had to shake he head at this, "No, I think there is something more. But we'll stay out of it. Kate and I'll just sit back and watch – no meddling."

Kate pouted at her friend while the others laughed at her. They laughed more when a French fry bounced off of Pogue's forehead.

Lauren was beyond pissed. After leaving Nicky's she jumped back into the cab that had driven her from the airport and headed over the Spenser Academy. She was slightly proud that she managed to pull her four bags with her up the stairs, but she wasn't too happy that she even had to do that.

"245… 247… 249… Ah, 251," she counted going down the hall. She took the key that had been mailed to her with her schedule and a school map and unlocked the door. She stepped in and heard the soft tapping of computer keys and a slightly muted version of some song she'd heard on the cab ride over here.

Her roommate was working on something on her laptop with her earphones in, so she hadn't even noticed Lauren's arrival. She tried clearing her throat, but that didn't work – the girl just kept nodding her to the beat.

Finally, she just shut the door and that created a loud enough sound to snap the girl out of her intense gaze on the computer. She girl jumped up but wad hindered by the earphones and fell back down in her seat, she pulled them out and wheezed out, "Holy shit. You scared the crap out of me."

"Yeah, your music was pretty loud. Sorry," Lauren apologized as she pushed her stuff to the side of the room that was pretty bare. It was a fair sized bed and work area. And there was door that led to their bathroom, but of course showers were at the end of the hall. She had read about all of this in the pamphlet that Aaron had sent her over the summer. She scowled at the thought of the curly-haired boy and shook him out of her thoughts.

"Lauren Li," she said sticking her hand out. Her roommate was just her height and was her complete opposite with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a really bright smile and Lauren could tell that she was really sweet. Why she was holed up in their dorm on a Friday night was beyond her.

"Kayla Flint," the blonde answered, taking her hand. "So that is your side of the room, do you need any help? It is pretty late and I'm sure you want to get to bed, which is kind of hard to do right now."

Lauren looked over to her bed that only had the basics, white sheets and a pillow that looked rock hard. Talking to the provost he had suggested that she bring her own bed set and she was now appreciative of the old man's advice.

"I'd love the help, but I don't want to keep you from your work," she said, motioning to Kayla's laptop where she could see a paper well on its way to completion.

Kayla just laughed, "Are you kidding me? I welcome distractions. Come on."

She watched with a grin as Kayla grabbed the newly bought sheets and stripped the bed of the old ones. Just as the blonde was pulling the first sheet on the bed, Lauren stepped into help and couldn't help but think, 'Thank God I didn't get stuck with some bitch.'

Waking up the next morning, both girls moaned at the sound of knocking on their door. And it wasn't a soft rap, it was a loud, booming one where they were sure that their door was about to fly off the hinges. Then they heard it, "Lauren! Open up, please!"

"Who the hell could that be?" Kayla as she tried putting her pillow over her head to drown out the sound. It didn't work.

"Damn him," Lauren growled, finally getting out of bed. The pounding grew louder with every step toward the door that she was sure the entire hall was awake. Not to mention the people who lived above and below her. Lauren opened the door and stood back as Aaron stumbled slightly as his fists no longer connected with the door.

She raised both eyebrows at him since he chose to suddenly be quiet. She stuck her head past him and looked around to see various other girls, all still in their pajamas, in the hall, probably wondering who the bastard was that woke them up on a Saturday morning.

Huffing slightly, Lauren asked, "What do you want Aaron that couldn't wait until later?"

"Can I talk to you?"

She gave a hollow laugh before looking at a clock behind her, "Aaron, it is nine o'clock in the morning. You just woke up about forty girls from your incessant knocking, including me and my roommate. Now, get lost. I'll find you later when I actually want to talk to you."

Lauren then stepped out of her room, pushing Aaron out of the doorway and addressed everyone in the hallway, "So sorry about this disturbance. If you can't get back to sleep, feel free to yell at this son of a bitch."

She pushed Aaron down the hall and he was so taken by surprise that he didn't have time to react and fell to the floor. All the girls laughed and slowly started heading back to their rooms. The blue-eyed boy turned to look at her and Lauren simply blew him a kiss before shutting her door.

She fell back into her bed when Kayla asked, "How do you know Aaron Abbot?"

Lauren merely laughed before snuggling back into her bed, "It's a long story. I'll tell it to you sometime."

The dark haired girl had yawned while answering her roommate and the last thing she heard was Kayla's laugh before sleep claimed her for a least a few more hours.

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