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"What the fuck was that about?" Aaron sneered as he took a sit across from Lauren. She winced at his tone but had known to expect that.

If there was one semi-redeeming quality to Aaron it was that he didn't hold back how he was feeling. While it made it exhausting for Lauren to keep track of all the things that pissed him off, she never had to guess what was bugging him.

"I'm sorry," she muttered. She kept her hands on her cup of cocoa. She had agreed to meet him at a coffee shop in town to talk things out. Knowing Aaron, it was easier to calm him down in person than it was over the phone.

"Lauren. It was Reid Garwin," Aaron's voice dripped with contempt as he spat out his enemy's name.

Lauren huffed, mad that she really had to defend herself, "I didn't know that was him. Believe me; I wouldn't have even talked to him if I knew who he was."

Aaron let out a hollow laugh, "Oh, so there was actual talking involved?"

She narrowed her eyes at the accusation that she had gone any further with Reid, "Hey! I did nothing like that with him. We kissed once. When it was over he was gone."

Aaron stared right at her and searched her face for the truth. It took only a moment for his face to relax. He leaned forward and shuffled his hands through his hair, "I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that comment."

"Yeah, I didn't," she answered, leaning back in her sit and crossing her arms.

"I just can't believe you even kissed him!"

Lauren didn't bother saying anything. Aaron was irrational to a point and it was usually best to let him get everything out before trying to have a civilized conversation with him.

"He's made my life Hell. He's cocky, he's spoiled, and he's an asshole!"

Lauren gave a soft snort. She looked over to him and rolled her eyes at his confused expression, "So are you, Aaron."

His face automatically scrunched up into a scowl and Lauren couldn't help but laugh, "I'm sorry Mr. I-got-two-BMWs-because-the-first-one-wasn't-the-co lor-I-wanted."

"The first one was beige and you know that's not a real color," Aaron fought back.

There was a slight pause before they both started laughing. They only stopped once they were shushed by the barista which made them acutely aware of the stares they were garnering from the other patrons.

"Oops," Lauren giggled out as she calmed down. A moment of silence passed between the two.

Aaron looked a lot more relaxed with a smile still graced his lips as he was still getting over all the laughing they had just done. Lauren raised an eyebrow in his direction, so are you done being an asshole to me?"

He sighed and looked at her, as if contemplating whether or not he was done. Lauren pretended to be offended and smacked his hand that was resting on the table, "Well, screw you."

"Ow. You're abusive. I take my forgiveness back," Aaron laughed. It had been a while since he and Lauren had seen each other and he had to admit that he was happier to have her here in Ipswich. Nobody at Spenser seemed to understand him like she did.

Lauren stuck her tongue out and smiled at the thought that her and Aaron's friendship was more like they were a brother and sister. For as much as they fought and picked on each other, they would always love each other enough to not like any fight break up their friendship.

"Do you promise to never do anything with Reid Garwin again?"

Lauren was confused at the hesitation she felt when she was about to answer. This should have been easy, he was Aaron's enemy and Aaron was her best friend. But if all that was true, why did she mentally make a pause? Lauren caught herself and just nodded to Aaron, who was happy enough with that answer. He got up and hugged her, to which she could only muster a tight-lipped smile.

"Well Kira is waiting for me at the movie theater. I'll text you later, Li," he called to her as he walked out the door. Lauren only vaguely felt aware of his leaving and waved slightly as the bell on the door jingled.

As she slowly got up she thought back to Aaron's question and how at the moment he uttered Reid's name all Lauren could think about was his gloved hands in her hair and his mouth on hers. She tried to shake the thought out of her head, dropped a few dollars on the table, and smiled to the barista as so headed for the door.

Once outside she started walking toward the convenient store that Kayla said she would pick her up. Lauren cursed herself for not having her car up in Massachusetts yet. Driving always cleared her head.

As much as she tried, she couldn't help but think back to the night of the party. Dancing and kissing Reid had been a lot more fun than she'd had in a long time. There was something about this boy that Lauren couldn't quite place.

'Oh shit,' she thought, 'this can't be happening. I just made Aaron this promise.'

She bit her lip and she started to approach the store and slumped down into a bench, just hoping Kayla would hurry up and damning herself for even being in this situation.

"This uniform sucks."

Kayla laughed as she turned to see Lauren scrutinizing herself in the floor length mirror they had in the room, "It gets better."


"I'll let you know when it does."

Lauren groaned, shifting around in the blazer. She loosened the red and black striped tie, but it didn't change the fact that she was actually wearing a sweater vest, "I can't do anything to make this cute. This is horrible."

"Oh, it's not that bad."

"I'm wearing knee-high socks. This has to be a joke."

Kayla rolled her eyes before grabbing her books and Lauren's arm, "Come on, we'll be late."

"Okay, okay," Lauren said, stifling a yawn.

Once she had gotten back to her dorm after her meeting with Aaron she immersed herself in looking over the syllabi for all her classes. Having arrived at least a month into the school year meant she was already just a little bit behind. Lauren already had three tests scheduled that week to make sure she was caught up to her peers.

Lauren was signed up for all the AP classes possible and was bound to get into some trouble between catching up and keeping up with the classes. She didn't like being behind and was mentally cursing the hold up on her transfer due to paperwork not being sent from her old school on time, 'Not like those damn women had anything better to do than gossip about students. I swear, they were worse than all the other girls in my class.'

"What time did you end up going to sleep?" Kayla asked as they headed down the stairs.

"I don't know, I fell asleep at my desk and woke up around 4 and moved to my bed," Lauren said. She shrugged at the look Kayla gave her, "It happens a lot when I get really into studying."

Kayla just shook her head and led the way to AP Art History, one of the few classes they shared. Kayla also had a lot of AP classes on her schedule, but she was taking different ones than Lauren was taking. So while they were both on tough schedules, there was only so much studying they could help each other with. But Lauren was at least grateful to have a roommate who was smart and wanted to succeed instead of some airhead who just wanted to talk about boys.

"You're one to talk, I came on a Friday night and you were doing a paper," Lauren shot back.

"Hey, that paper was due soon."

Cocking an eyebrow at her, Lauren knew that was lie. Kayla looked away and said, "Two weeks isn't a lot of time."

"My point exactly, you're just as obsessed with your grades as I am," Lauren said, sticking her tongue out at her roommate. Kayla just laughed and pushed her into the classroom.

They quickly found some seats in the second row and Lauren pulled out a legal pad; she'd always found these easier to take notes on than a notebook or loose-leaf.

Taking a look around the room, she smirked to herself as students filed in and she recognized them from the party. There were boys who had been shot-gunning beers, a couple girls who had been failing at beer pong, and a couple in the corner of the classroom that looked just as cozy as they had been at the party.

As she looked around she realized that some people were also looking at her and whispering to their seatmates, their eyes never leaving her. It was in that moment that Lauren never really knew how Aaron had found out about her and Reid when he wasn't even at the party.

She calmly turned to Kayla, slightly afraid to know the answer, "How many people saw me and Reid at the party?"

Kayla just looked at her for a moment before her eyes shifted quickly around the room. She wasn't sure she should tell Lauren the truth or not. On one hand she was sure Lauren wouldn't really care, but on the other she had a right to know.

"Yeah, a lot of people saw it. You were the new girl and he's a Son of Ipswich, it got a lot of attention."

Lauren just groaned, and lowered her head a little, "Aw, fuck."

Kayla patted her shoulder, just as the teacher came into the room. The lecture started quickly and it wasn't long until Lauren pulled herself out of the pity-party in her own head and started taking as many notes as she possible could.

It was now lunch and Lauren was exhausted. Her hand hurt so much from taking so many notes and her little bit of sleep was catching up to her. She had grabbed some food for lunch, but she didn't really have much of an appetite even if the burger and fries looked a lot better than what she'd be served at her old school.


She looked up from her book to see Aaron heading for her, with Kira not too far behind. She rolled her eyes at the redhead. There was once a time when she and Kira were kind of friends, but that quickly ended once Kira straight up told her to stay away from Aaron before their friendship was "threatening" their relationship.

Since then they kept their distance, which was usually easy. If Lauren was visiting Aaron's family, Kira would stay away. Now that they were at the same school, Lauren wasn't sure how they'd be able to avoid each other. Especially since she knew Kira lived on the same floor as her.

"Hey, Ronny, what's up," she asked as he sat down next to her. Kira had turned directions and went to go sit with her friends a few tables away. Lauren watched her retreating figure before turning to Aaron, "you think I can go an entire year without ever talking to her?"

Aaron shrugged and she decided to drop the subject. As much as Aaron liked Kira, Lauren always thought he could do better. Aaron never brought Kira up and Lauren would never have to hide her distaste for her.

Of course it had happened a few times which led to fights and not talking for a few weeks, but since then they'd learn to just leave that topic alone. Even though Lauren hated her, Aaron and Kira had been on and off for about 2 years. A longer time than she would have ever thought they lasted.

"How'd your classes go?"

"They were fine, the teachers go pretty fast here. I almost couldn't keep up with all their notes," she answered while batting Aaron's hand away from her fries. It didn't work too well and he was able to steal a few and popped them into his mouth before she could grab them back.

She gave him a dirty look before taking a sip of her water, "I have my first test tomorrow in English. I think he said it'd be two essay questions on The Canterbury Tales."

"Oh, that wasn't so bad, but I'm sure Mr. Elliot will give you different questions from us though," Aaron said.

Lauren nodded and was slightly hoping he wouldn't. She needed any kind of edge she could get to keep up with everyone else. And as much as she hated to admit it, Aaron was actually better at writing then she was. She would usually send him her more important papers to edit before turning them it. He would always tweak it enough to still sound like her, but even better.

"Ugh, there they are," Aaron announced. Lauren's head popped up from her notes and saw two girls and four boys enter the lunchroom.

'Ah, this must be the famed Sons of Ipswich,' she thought to herself as she watched them walk toward a table on the other side of the room. They were with two girls, who sat between the two bigger boys, their boyfriends for sure. The couples looked sweet, and Lauren recognized the girls as living across the hall from her.

She saw Tyler, who must have noticed her and waved in her direction. She smiled and waved back and saw that the boy who had been following him had noticed their exchange and turned to see who Tyler had been waving to.

As soon as he did, Lauren sucked in a deep breath and felt a slight tingle in her stomach. Of course Tyler was friends with Reid, there were both Sons of Ipswich after all. When Aaron and Kayla spoke of Tyler she pictured two very different people. To Aaron he was just Reid's monkey boy, who followed his every action while Kayla spoke highly of a mild-mannered, sweet boy.

After the party though, Lauren had to side with Kayla. He did help her and Kayla out when she had passed out and saw that they both made it back to the dorm safely. He seemed nice enough and definitely nothing like the way Aaron described him, not to mention she was still rooting for him and Kayla to get together.

She snapped out of her gaze of Reid and looked at Aaron who was busy looking at something on his phone. He had looked away from the group as soon as they walked in and Lauren was thankful he hadn't seen Reid look her way. She knew it would probably cause another fight and she didn't need more of a headache than the one that was already forming. She shook Reid's face from her mind and went back to reading her notes.

Aaron continued to sit there, occasionally stealing bits of Lauren's untouched food and playing around on his phone. Lauren kept her head down but couldn't focus on a single word. She could feel Reid's eyes on her and fought every urge to look up and see if she was just imagining things.

After about ten minutes of this, she gave in, convinced that she was making all this up in her head. She was glad to see that Reid was engaged in a conversation with his friends, 'I knew it was all in my head. There's no way he'd be looking at me.'

She smiled softly to herself, ignoring the weird tingle she felt in her stomach and reached for a fry. Looking up again she was met with Reid's eyes staring into hers, something she was not expecting. Lauren's mouth opened slightly but shut again as a smirk appeared on the blonde's face. She felt her face grow a little warm at being caught and at the fact that she had been watching him.

Lauren looked away and tried to compose herself. She was flustered for the first time in a long while and didn't like the way it felt. She started collecting all her books, "Hey, I'm going to head to the library. I have study hall next period anyway."

"You want your burger," Aaron simply asked, never looking away from his phone.

She rolled her eyes at him before she got up, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and walked out the lunchroom. She mentally cursed herself for letting Reid see that she was watching him. This wasn't like her.

'Get it together, Li. He is a stupid boy that you danced with for a while when you were drunk. You also happened to make out with him, in front of the whole school,' Lauren cringed as she was reminded that pretty much everyone knew about her escapade. 'Crap, well this is a great way to start off the school year.'

"Dude, Reid, what are you staring at?" Tyler asked when he noticed that Reid was not paying attention to anything he was saying.

Reid stared at the doors that the new girl had just walked through moment ago. He hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. The way she moved against him when they danced and how she looked on top of the pool table at Nicky's was nothing like the other girls at Spenser.

He finally tore his eyes away and took another bite of his burger as if nothing happened. He looked up to see Tyler looking at him, "Wha?"

Tyler just shook his head at his friend, wondering how any girl could ever find him attractive. But that's probably because he had never taken them out to dinner and therefore never had to watch him eat. And thinking of girls, Tyler couldn't help but bring up something he'd heard in his last class.

"So, Reid, I heard something about you and that new girl at my party on Saturday."

Reid stopped mid chew before he swallowed whatever was in his mouth, "What'd you hear?"

"Oh just that you two were dancing," Tyler took a pause, noting that everyone else at the table had stopped to hear what he had to say, "and that you started making out."

Cat calls and squeals rang out from Pogue and the girls while Caleb rolled his eyes at the typical Reid behavior. Reid chose to play it cool, "So?"

"Nothing, man," Tyler shrugged. "Just wondered if it was true or not."

"So what if it is?" Reid asked gruffly. Tyler threw his hands up in defense and just shook his head. Reid looked him over, before grabbing his tray, and waving goodbye to the rest of the group.

"Anyone else think he's just lusting after her now?" Kate asked, wearing a smug look on her face. Sarah also looked very excited. After the whole Chase incident she knew that Reid was a good guy who deserved some happiness.

Caleb and Pogue sighed, knowing full well that there was no way to stop their girlfriends from meddling after Reid's display. Though, they too were a little surprised at how defensive he had gotten.

"Just give it time. Maybe he's pissed about something else," Pogue said, attempting to stall his girlfriend.

Kate just gave him a look, to which he shrugged back. Tyler had been silent. He knew Reid the best of anyone else in the group and knew that Kate and Sarah meant well, but them trying to help wasn't going to do Reid any good. He had to give his friend the chance he deserved, "At least let him figure out that he likes her."

Kate went to say something, but caught sight of the look on Tyler's face. There were few times when he was truly serious, and even Kate knew deep down that she had to not interfere, "Fine, but that doesn't mean Sarah and I can't try befriending her."

The two girls shared a high five as the boys groaned.

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