Zexar stared at Telon for at least a minute before speaking, his eyes changing slowly from red to yellow and back to green for the first time since she had turned. Her amazing blue eyes shone through the darkness, and her long black, elegant hair glimmered in what little light was in the hanger. The blue saber in her hand looked out of place, wrong, but he knew that however he felt was irrelevant; this was the right thing for her to be.

"Thank you for not abandoning me Telon", Zexar said, not taking his eyes off her.

"I never will"

"Darkness is calling your name"

"Don't make this difficult Zex, you have no choice other than joining the light"

"I can't Telon"

"You know you can't stay a Sith forever"

"Who says I want to?"

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"With you at my side we can destroy both sides of the Force, peace at last"

"And peace will last will it?"

"Under my rule"

"Domination. Power. Zex, you had everything you could possibly desire as a Jedi but you destroyed it in a lust for revenge", Telon stated, desperately trying to force him from darkness.

"I never had you"

"You have me now"

"No, I don't. You're fighting with my enemy"
"So I'm your enemy?"

"Never, I love you Telon, more than anything"

"So I'm supposed to destroy my life for you?"

"Not destroy, enrich"

"You're delusional"

"No, it is the order who are delusional", Zexar replied, anger returning in his eyes.

"An order you shall become a part of"

"I shall never join my enemy"

"You've done it before"

"In different circumstances"

"You fell in hate, why not redeem yourself in love?"

"I can't Telon, I can't"

"Can't? Or won't?"

Telon clipped her saber back onto her belt, aware that Zexar wouldn't attack her, and turned away from him.

"Both", Zexar yelled at her, "I can't be a pawn to the light sides will, I will never be a Jedi"

"That is where you are wrong", Telon shouted back.

"What with? A pawn? A Jedi? Experience as both is all yours"

"What are you saying?"

"You are an easily swayed pawn of the universe"

"And what are you then? A Sith? A Dark Lord? No, you are a selfish, brutal, hateful piece of scum"

"At least I am secure of what I am"

"And I'm not?"

"You don't know who you are, you can't stick to what you believe in"

"And you can?"

"I am now"

They were both knocked off their feet by a huge explosion which blew away two of the thick hangar walls. A huge Sith fleet was engaging the large republic fleet, a sky battle little over the high rise buildings.

Zexar leaped to his feet and pulled out his saber, igniting it and attacking Telon to kill, as did she. The flurry of red against blue was cut short by the five members of the Jedi council speeding through the broken walls and shooting at Zexar with their speeder blasters. Zexar Force pushed Telon away and deflected the blaster shots, blowing up Vaandall's speeder and killing him instantly. A Sith strike team consisting of Lord Raxen, Darth Velo, Darth Jonai, and Darth Serra ran through the crumbled wall and engaged the remaining four Masters, leaving Telon to Zexar.

"Zexar, you will pay for this", Telon shouted, remembering her promise to Brunn.

"Just try it", Zexar replied coldly as she engaged him, aiming to kill.

Telon and Zexar attacked each with unreal speed, until Zexar disarmed Telon in a swift move but hesitated. He and Telon stared at each other for a few minutes, Telon accepting her fate, until Zexar beheaded her. Zexar turned to see the bodies of Darth Jonai, Darth Serra, Yux, and Nattang littering the floor, leaving Darth Velo, Lord Raxen, and Carly battling. Darth Jonai looked like she had died in pain, her tortured-looking face open-mouthed in pain, as well as the blood stains. Jared Marx and Carly used the Force to push away Raxen and Velo, and both leaped on a speeder each, speeding away towards the ensuing battle.

"Raxen?", Zexar asked.

"Lord Zexar, we decided to assist you, we shall take Coruscant today"

"We shall, Velo, you're one hell of a fighter"

"Thank you Zex, but now is not the time, we need to finish the other Jedi before they can rally more republic cruisers"

"Take their speeders", Zexar ordered.

Raxen, Zexar, and Velo leaped on the speeders and headed for the temple, Zexar on one with Raxen and Velo on another, where a large scale battle was commencing. Red, blue, green, yellow, and purple flashes was all that could be seen as they approached, the Sith and remaining Jedi battling for control of this once war-free planet. Zexar fired multiple blaster shots into their midst and took down two Jedi padawan's before he reached the group. He swerved around multiple Jedi until he reached the middle and leaped off his speeder, ignited his saber, and engaged he Jedi around him in one move. He attacked with a deadly accuracy, killing thirteen Jedi padawan's and a further three Knight's.

"Zexar you traitorous scum", an old friend shouted, running towards him saber held high.

"It is the Jedi who are traitorous Frank", Zexar shouted back as he and Frank engaged.

"You keep telling yourself that"

"I shall"

"You will never survive this you traitor"

Frank put up a much better fight than Zexar had been expecting, and they dueled viciously moving around the battle field outside the Jedi Temple. His green saber carved lines through the air as he attacked Zexar with a power only given by hatred, a hatred Zexar knew only too well. Hate of a traitor. Zexar felt his anger which in turn fueled his own anger, and he cut down Frank in a powerful yet deadly accurate move.

"Lord, the cruiser", a Sith Warrior shouted, pointing up to the Jedi cruiser falling down to them all.

Zexar turned to face the cruiser and drew the Force from everyone around him, and attempted to hold it up. He strengthened his own input and successfully stopped the cruiser crashing on top of the Jedi and Sith, and pushed it off towards the high rise buildings.


Screams and the smell of burnt flesh filled the air as many Jedi and Sith fell in battle, joining the ranks of the dead. Civilians of Coruscant ran from the tall buildings as they saw cruisers and small fighters being shot down, and took refuge in the small streets below, hoping to survive the Sith attack. A Senator and his family living near the council chambers were attempting to escape the building, but so far their efforts were proving useless: every elevator was full within seconds, and staircases were so full it was difficult to walk down. The father of three kids, Senator Farbree, was trying to get his speeder up and running, but the Sith bombardment had destroyed a wall right next to his speeder, blocking the exit.

"Dad, why aren't we moving anywhere?", the first child, Siobhan, asked him.

"Just a little longer"

"Are you sure this will work?", his wife, Cecelia, quizzed so the children wouldn't hear.

"Yes, I promise you"

"Dad, Herlo won't let me have my-", his second child, Justin, moaned.

"Herlo, give it back to Justin", Farbree shouted, beginning to get annoyed.

"Farbree, don't shout at the kids"

The Senator brought the speeder to life, and took off, heading straight for the small pile of rubble blocking their escape. He sighed with relief as the rubble was shifted by the speeder, but he was soon wishing he hadn't taken off by the conditions outside. Stray blaster fire from Republic cruisers as well as the from the destructive Sith cruisers threatened to destroy the speeder any second, so he piloted the speeder down to the base of the building, where the Sith and Jedi had finished fighting. It was a risky move as there were still Sith everywhere, but it had to be done, all he could do was hope the Jedi had become victorious in the battle.

Landing on the pavement, he could see and smell the destruction of the war: the crumbled buildings, the dead bodies, and the burning ships. He scramble from the speeder and pulled his wife and children with him, then ran towards Coruscant's safer streets, far from the Sith and Jedi.

"Farbree, what's happening?", Cecilia asked him.

"It's too dangerous o fly, we need to get to the upper cantina, it will be safe there"

He pulled Siobhan and Justin up into his arms as Cecilia did with Herlo, and they darted through destroyed streets and bloody bodies. There were dead Jedi everywhere, more than Sith. It frightened Farbree to think that the Jedi traitor Zexar was able to cause this kind of destruction, along with the evil Lord Raxen.

He turned one more corner and stopped abruptly, seeing a cloaked figure in front. The figure turned but Farbree was unable to see their face through the darkness of their hood, but as they removed it he wished they hadn't.

"Senator Farbree?", the cold man asked.

"Y-Yes Lord Z-Zexar"

"What are you doing so far from your accommodation?", he asked, seemingly quite reasonable.

"T-The battle was threatening to k-kill me and my family", Farbree replied, his voice shaky.

"Don't be scared my friend. You were seeking refuge here?"

"T-The cantina"

"I'm afraid the cantina is unavailable"

"Where can w-we go?"

"Back to your home"
"B-But it was destroyed, please m-my Lord"

"Lord Zexar, please, my children need a roof over their heads", Cecilia inputted.

"Then accommodation they shall get"

"And us?", she asked, not feeling pressured by Zexar.

Zexar smiled a sick smile before replying, and a red glimmer in his eyes made them shudder in fear. He ignited his saber and watched Farbree and Cecilia back away in fear, quivering madly at the prospect of their premature deaths.

"Anger, hate, and fear will be needed in your children", Zexar spat out as he stabbed Cecilia in the heart in front of her children and Farbree.

"You mon-", Farbree started shouting, before having his head removed.

"Kill the children", Zexar ordered a Sith Warrior next to him.


Having murdered countless civilians and acquiring countless young children for training, Zexar got back on his speeder and headed for the Jedi Temple, where he intended to start building his empire. His head was buzzing with what had happened, and he was extremely happy Jared Marx and Carly were able to survive the battle to be captured by him, they would make good Sith once converted. A hologram of Lord Raxen appeared at the front of his speeder, and he nodded in acknowledgement.

"Lord Zexar, Masters Carly and Jared have been brought to the temple entrance for your entertainment"

"I will be less than a minute", Zexar replied before cutting transmission.

Zexar arrived at the Temple to roaring and cheering from the gathered Sith. He got off his speeder and climbed the steps to the Templed entrance, with a plan that he, Raxen, and Velo had developed. The Sith were standing under two statues of The Four Masters, with Raxen and Velo standing next to him. Zexar nodded to them both to initiate the plan, but they hesitated whilst Zexar began speaking to them.

"Mighty Sith of this new empire, the Jedi order is dead, we are the supreme rulers of the galaxy: Lord Raxen, Lord Velo, and I. Bow down to us"

The entire crowd of Sith got down to their knees and bowed low, whilst Raxen and Velo removed the support beams of the two statues, which subsequently fell down to where the Sith were crouching. A quick wave of screams and shouts were abruptly ended with two loud thuds and many crunching noises of bones smashing, which left only Zexar, Raxen, and Velo alive.

"Very good Lord Zexar", Carly mocked.

"Very good indeed", Jared jumped in.

Zexar, Raxen and Velo turned to face the surviving Masters, intending to make their last moments in this existence difficult at best.

"The offer is still there", Raxen stated.

"Aaron, you have my congratulations for taking the core worlds capital", Carly mocked once more.

"Don't test me C", Zexar replied calmly

"Oh I know never to do that again"

"You have that right. As a Jedi you won't do anything again"

"And a Jedi I am", Carly said.

"Then suffer the fate of a Jedi"

Zexar, Raxen, and Velo used Force lightening on Carly and Jared, shocking them into a premature death, two more added to the millions of lives already lost.

"You know, for a fallen Jedi, you really pulled through", Raxen said to Zexar.

"I consider myself less of a fallen Jedi"

"Zex, do you recall me saying it ironic that you followed Anakin Skywalker's foot steps?", Velo asked him.

"I do"

"It is no longer ironic"

"Why's that?"

"Skywalker killed Sidious, ending the Sith's rule over the galaxy. He destroyed his beliefs for love. I thought it ironic as I believed you would do the same, and re-join Telon", Velo said, causing Zexar to re adjust his gaze to the dead Sith.

"The love had gone, I found it elsewhere", Zexar stated, looking back at Velo.

"Love ultimately destroyed the Jedi", Raxen said slowly, taking a manner Jared used to use.

"The Jedi were too closed minded to see it coming", Velo finished.

"The universe is ours, the Sith rule the galaxy once more", Raxen replied, before turning away and walking down the large staircase, collecting up the light sabers was his aim.

"And you are mine", Velo said to Zexar, pulling him into a kiss which he returned.

"And you are mine, and mine alone", Zexar finished.

They Jedi may be dead, but this will never be the end. This is but a chapter in my book, and we shall continue to hunt the remaining Jedi in the universe. I may have lost love, but I have found it once again in Velo. I may have lost friendship but I have found it in Raxen. For now, I am happy.