Those devilish red eyes. They glare out on the empty face. Every inch of them is dark armour, no skin, no hair, nothing is shown. They sweep the grounds flashing their weapons fearlessly. Following them are men in dark shades and raven suits muttering into their headsets. You can tell their job has hardened them because their facesare fixed firmly like they are restraining their consciences. The suits make them feel much higher than everyone else, they are feared and they love it. We fighters huddle into a close group fearing that any move could mean a bullet might blast a hole in their body. And then you arrive, striding arrogantly towards us, your swagger is confident. You take your sleek shades off and those eyes strike me. They are not empty like I thought they would be. The Devil's hold on you reflects off those swirls of red. I watch you glare at a spot in our group, looking at the rest I see your target. Kazuya Mishima, head of G Corporation, smirks and then returns your glare. Electricity sends ripples in the distance between you before you decide to turn your attention to us. A tall blonde woman comes to your aid. Her leather shiny trench coat revealing nothing but her chest. A pang of jealousy in my stomach when I see her move in towards you, but it quickly disappears when he mutters something to her. I presume it's an order. She leaves wearing the same swagger as you only not as proud. You come back to studying us and my pulse begins to pound my head because you're looking at me.

Oh Jin. What have you done? You have caused misery to others and you feel nothing but satisfaction. I should feel sympathetic towards you because of your Devil Gene-yes I know your secret. However, I don't, because you gave in to the Devil after trying to fight it. My heart beats so fast I feel like it's going to drop. Nausea swirls round and round in my stomach. Oh God I feel so sick. And the worst part is I don't know whether it's good or bad. Our eyes lock and suddenly his rock hard eyes soften just a tiny bit and I can see his annoyance with my participation of the Tekken tournament. He warned me it was dangerous. I didn't know he would be the danger. I return to now, where he is still eying me. Everyone's attention is on me and I can hear their whispers wondering what our story is. Your stare is so intimidating and dark I start to feel uncomfortable and the ground begins to move. My heart is now going into an adrenaline and my breathing becomes rapid. I can't breathe. My eyelidsdescend and my body goes limp. I hit the cold, hard, heartless concrete and I become one with it. Through my miniscule vision I see you running towards me and the group surrounds me. If only your mother were alive Jin, then you wouldn't be this way.


The time has begun to meet the tournament participants. I can't be bothered to give a speech to them all I just want to see if he's there. The thought of him makes me burn into a raging inferno. My fists yearn to crush him, crush all the Mishimas. Then I'll enjoy life. Oh it feels good, everything feels good. My soldiers and men lead theway in front, an accomplishment when you own the dominant company in the world. When you own the world. The world is mine and the satisfaction fills every part of me. There they are standing in a small circle. But one confident figure remains slightly away and he sticks out like a sore thumb. I hate him and I make it known when we acknowledge one another. He stands undeterred with an annoying smirk which won't be there for long…… I spend hours wondering what my pure mother saw in this dirty being. He didn't deserve her love. Well now the King of Iron Fist 6 would be the very last thing he'll ever do. Nina responds to my call and I inform her of my plans for him. She obeys and disappears. Now, time to check the rest of this pathetic group. Nothing new, the regulars who still haven't given up on losing and receiving concussions. I chuckle a little at their stupidity. But then I notice you Xiaoyu, and suddenly the hatred I love, live on and crave is washed away. Your innocent face greets me with hurt and it begins to chip away at the wall I built when I was fifteen. You have been left as prey for those scavengers you trust the most and I apologize. I should have protected you better but you see, I…..can't attach myself to you. Xiao, you deserve a loving husband and beautiful children, I can't give you that. I'm sorry.

There's only one companion I'll ever need and that's power. I need it and sometimes it scares me how much I want it. The Devil is urging me to do all of this and I welcome it. I want people to fear me and I want Kazuya Mishima dead! You stand out in the crowd, your hair is now cropped making you look so much more prettier. It curves and clings to your pale cheeks just touching your jaw line. I see an air of maturity around you but then I see pain. Your expression is hurt and I can see you breaking. Those oval eyes are struck with fear. Little Xiao fears me? I have to turn myself off now Xiao because I near closer and you might change me. Your eyes are wide and I can feel something is wrong. You clutch your chest and bend over. Coming back up you look at me one last time before you collapse to the ground. Before I even think I'm running towards you and my men follow. The crowd immediately scatters and I bend down. One of my men asks me if he should lift you up but I decline. Instead I gently pull you up and carry you towards my helicopter. It's the least I can do.

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