The thug gripped his two Uzis and opened fire. the bullets bit into the massive pillar, filling the air with dust.

The pair of 'girls' huddled behind the pillar, knew that they would have to move soon. The larger snapped a fresh clip into the desert eagle, thumbed the slide release, and grabbed its twin, already reloaded. "Okay Red, lets do this." She kicked into a twisting roll that brought her facing the thug, her 'pets' barking as they spit round after round at the thug.

The redhead rolled the other way, and as the thug fired on her partner, she flipped a small knife at his face...

Sixteen slugs sank in to the goon's chest, ripping through his cheap 'bullet proof' armor, only to get lodged in his chest cavity.

Both girls stood, feeling the surge slowly fade into the background. Sliding both handguns home, the larger gal picked up the two Uzis. "Score! Now today was not a complete waste."

'Red' just shook her head and retrieved her knife. "Hey 'Kong', We still got a job to do."


In a layout of a basement mold, four Yakuza looked towards the sound of gunfire.

"Any bets on who it is that is coming? I got 300 yen on DSA."

One guy tilted his head listening. "No, it would be the 'Dirty Pair.' it is in the twin barking, the DSA use only single gun firing. That, and nothing has been blown up." he rummaged in a pocket, pulling out three 100 yen coin. "You are on."

The other two exchanged a look, and as one, "lets get this over with." they traded briefcases and split, leaving the two bettors standing in the center of the room.

"Any bets on them getting out?"

"Alive? or With the briefcases?"

Both looked at the other, then both started chuckling, only to be interrupted buy Uzi fire from the direction of one 'boss' followed shortly by a scream from the other direction.

In walked two gals in shorts. the heavier dark haired one wore crossed belts about her waist, loaded with ammo clips for the two heavy hand cannons strapped to her thighs. In one hand she held an Uzi, the other held one of the briefcases.

The busty redhead wore crossed belts, loaded with knives, with a pair of longer blades strapped across her back. she too carried one of the briefcases.

"The 'Dirty Pair'. Pay up." the passing of coins, brought a frown to the redhead's cute face. Turning to the two gals, the winner asked "Are we free to go? you already have the items and the cash."

'Red' shrugged, "What was that 'Dirty Pair' comment?"

The loser, keeping his hands in sight, "A reference to an old OVA. we use to watch it as children. No Offence intended. "

'Kong' lifted her new gun, pointing it at the guys in nice suits, "Kill 'em 'Red'?"

'Red' looked them over, "Nah, a waste of good ammo. Besides the 'Boss' said quick and clean."

The girls turned and walked away.

Once they were gone, the guys let out a collective sigh of relief. On their way out they fund one of the couriers with his arm and legs broken. one guy picked up the gun laying close by.

In badly accented english, "Good night, 'Bobby'."

the gunshot echoed into the night.