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Roxas pulled the fridge open and felt the cool air waft on his face, it was nice considering it was about a million degrees outside and Xemnas was too cheap to put on the air conditioning. He reached in and grabbed his favorite drink, a Mr. orange from the fridge in his blindingly white room.

"OH! Can I have some Roxy?" The blond jumped with a start. How did Axel get inside his room? Oh yeah, Roxas thought, we can portal into each others rooms. What ever happened to privacy in this castle? Roxas was pulled from his train of thought when Axel grabbed his shoulder.

"So about that Mr. Orange?"" Axel said with a faint smile. It seemed too kind for Axel to ask for his things, usually the spiky redhead just up and stole it, apologizing after Roxas delivered a beat-down. He was up to something, and Roxas knew.

"Get your own. besides," Roxas said," this is my last one."

"Oh really?" Axel said with an all too familiar air of I'm going to steal your last Mr. Orange anyways about him.

"I swear Axel. If so much as touch my-" But it was too late. The redhead made a dash for the fizzy Orange liquid and succeeded in portaling out with Roxas's last Mr, Orange.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Roxas portaled right after the thief.

The blond succeeded in capturing the fiery thief, but in doing so, they both were caught in a compromising situation.

"AXEL GET BACK HERE!!!" The blond said in between breaths.

"NO WAY! you're going to ki-" He was cutoff as a Keyblade embedded itself in the wall next to where Axel was running. "SEE!" The redhead yelled frantically as he dashed for a couch behind Zexion. The chase had led them to the library.

"Where is he?" Roxas asked out of breath. "I'm going to kill him."

The periwinkle haired boy looked up with his one visible eye and gave Roxas an expressionless glance, then returned to what looked like a dictionary.

"He's behind the couch. And don't touch any of my books. Or I swear, it will be the end of you both." Zexion said coldly as he walked off supposedly to another quiet place to read his book dictionary thing. Roxas always wondered what Zexion liked so much about books. Yes, there were good ones about Ox's attacking Horned Goats in a battle of the ages over the special scepter of life. But what he read was boring stuff, like classical plays and scientific studies of anything.


"You can't hide anymore Axel. I have you cornered. Now, give me back my Mr. Orange and I may not kill you."

The redhead rose with a devilish smirk on his face.

"Well you see.....I already drank it."

Roxas was enraged that this buffoon drank his last beautiful container of Mr. Orange. His favorite drink. The blond leaped clear over the couch, surprised as much as Axel was at his athleticism, and landed on top of Axel.

"Any last words?" The blond asked as he summoned his Keyblade.

"Aww. C'mon Roxy. Is it really worth killing me for it?" Axel asked pleadingly.

Axel started to panic when the small blond didn't reply. He did notice, however, that Roxas was very close to him, and sitting on top of his nether region. He couldn't help but flash back to those fantasies he had of the younger boy getting into- oh god. not now. Axel thought. please not now! The blond felt something getting harder around his legs when he realised what it was.

"OH MY GOD AXEL WHAT THE HELL?!?!?" Roxas yanked himself off of the lanky teen and portaled back into his room. Trying his best to hide the large splotches of red covering his face. Unfortunately for little Roxas, Axel noticed this as well.

"He totally wants my body."

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