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Roxas had avoided Axel and the horrid dress for about a day now, hiding in Demyx's room. But to be honest, he was missing his annoying and moronic boyfriend.

"So when are you going to do Axel?" Demyx said, stroking Zexion's chest as he lay on his lap.

Roxas rose his head from the book he was reading.

"heh?" He mumbled, having not listened.

"When are you going to do him? Since you claim to have not had sex with him." Demyx said again, moving his hand to stroke Zexion's shaggy and periwinkle hair.

"I'm not going to do him." Roxas said, temper rising.

"That's not a complete lie or anything." Zexion said with his same bored expression.

Roxas threw the book at Zexion who only expertly caught it, surprising even Demyx with his speed.

"I'm not doing him!" Roxas said.

Demyx giggled and sat up.

"That's not what I heard."

Roxas smacked his forehead in frustrated.

"Namine' told you didn't she?"

"I didn't have to. I heard things that I didn't need to hear."

Roxas's face grew five shades more red.

"SO YOU DID HAVE SEX!!!!!" Demyx said, pointing a finger at the blushing teen sitting in the chair.

"WE. DIDN'T. HAVE. SEX. DEMYX." Roxas said.

Demyx only smiled and shook his head in disagreement. Roxas groaned and slouched in his chair, defeated, knowing he couldn't convince Demyx otherwise.

"So if you didn't have sex, what did you do then?" Zexion said, a smirk creeping up on the half of his face that wasn't covered by hair. He had Roxas there, they didn't have sex, but they did do other......things.


"Roxas, you know that if you don't tell me I'm going ot have to hug/attack you." Demyx said, preparing to launch at Roxas.

"We didn't have sex. That's all you need to know." Roxas said, lifting his arms up for the assault.

"Wrong answer."

By now, Axel had basically moved into Roxas's room. So he wasn't the least bit surprised when his brooding boyfriend stormed in. He was surprised, though, to see that he was rubbing his arm. He rose to inspect his lovers arm more closely. Roxas only slapped his hand away.

"What happened to you Roxy?"

"Demyx didn't believe me when I said we didn't have sex the other night. So he tackle/hugged me with intent to kill." Roxas said bitterly.

Axel tried to hug Roxas, but he only darted toward the comfort of his bed.

"Everyone thinks we're doing it now." Roxas said, giving an exasperated sigh.

Axel sat down next to him and put his arm around Roxas's small shoulders.

"Well......There is a way that we can fix that." He said, looking at the ground.

Luckily (or unluckily) for him, Roxas didn't catch on right away. Instead he brightened up and looked into Axel's emerald green eyes.

"Really?" He said, hope filling his ocean blue orbs.

"Yeah....." Axel said, moving his arm to Roxas's lower back.

Immediately Roxas smacked his hand away, and grabbing the other one moving up his leg.

"Axel, unless you wanna lose both of your hands, I'd move them." Roxas said, threateningly.

Axel sighed in defeat.

"Awww c'mon Roxy! Everyone's saying we're doing it anyways. We might as well end the suspicion and prove them right!"

"No Axel."

Roxas had played right in to Axel's hands. A smile made itself clear on his face.

"Good." Axel said.

Roxas looked at him in surprise.


"I said good." Axel said, smiling broader.

"Yeah I know. How is that good?"


"But I thought you wanted to do me just a few seconds ago?" Roxas asked, confused.

"Well.....Either way, I win." Axel said, grinning maniacally.

"Buh.....wha?" Roxas asked again.

"Remember the other day?"

"Yeah, what about it?" He asked, afraid of what may be coming down this path of conversation.

"And remember when you came back becasue you forgot your book?"


"And what you said?"

"What I sai-" He cut himself off. Oh god. Oh sweet mother of Jesus. I just had to say I'd rather have sex with him than wear that dress. DAMN YOU VILE DRESS!!!

Axel was now pulling out the god forsaken dress. Horror filled Roxas's eyes as glee filled Axel's.

"No......Axel.....You can't do this......." Roxas had backed into the corner of his bed while Axel lifted the dress up and looked at Roxas, sadistic glee in his eyes.

"Then I guess you know what you must do." Axel said, slowing crawling on the bed up to Roxas hudled in the corner next to the bedpost.

Roxas tried to escape, but Axel had successfully grabbed both of his wrists with one hand and began to undress him with the other.

"Roxy. The more you squirm, the harder it will be to put this thing on." Axel said, holding the wriggling teen in place. He liked having this sort of control over Roxas, knowing that he could make the oh-so innocent Roxas do what he wanted.

"Axel, I'm going to kill-" roxas was cutoff by Axel brushing his hand over Roxas's bare chest, causing him to giggle.

"Then who's gonna wear this dress for me?" The smile he had never left his face. Axel removed Roxas's pants expertly (he had become quite good at removing Roxas's clothes).

"You know I'm going to take this off when you're done, right?" Roxas said, still wriggling and staring daggers at the stupid redhead smiling like an idiot.

"Shh....No you won't." Axel said, placing a finger on Roxas's tender pink lips.

After much struggling and groaning (of anger, not pleasure), Axel had finally put the terrible dress on Roxas.

"IT'S PERFECT!!!!!" Axel squeled.

Roxas glared at Axel with all the hate he could muster. He was wearing the dress. The ugly, horrible, girly dress. The pink dress with frills coming from the bottom with Roxas's name on the front and Axel's orginization number on the back. Both written almost illegibly in black paint.

"Axel. This is disturbing." A voice came from Roxas's open door. It was Luxord, standing there in his usual black cloak, staring at them in awe, his blue eyes focusing on the abomination Roxas was forced to wear.

Roxas's face turned bright red; he began to clench his fists in anger.

"I agree. He forced me to." Roxas said, hoping that Luxord would feel pity for him and murder Axel so he didn't have to get his hands dirty.

"You know you love it!" Axel said, hugging Roxas, who in turn elbowed him hard in the ribs.

"How did it feel?"

Roxas looked up at Namine' miserably.

"It was the worst thing ever! I felt so exposed, plus the fact that I was wearing that particular dress. It was so uncomfortable, and ugly!"

Namine' only smiled.

"What are you smiling about? It sucked! Then Luxord, of all people, walked in on us!"

She giggled. "Doing what?"

"Namine', if you so much as suggest that, I will murder you." He said, pointing an ominous finger at her.

"Well now you know how it feels to wear a dress." She said with a smirk.

"It was humiliating." Roxs said, hitting his head down on the kitchen table, staring at the too close to focus on white wood.

"Cheer up, at least no one saw it. Well, besides you, Axel, and Luxord." She said, shrugging.

"Yeah, but everyone's heard about it though. Now they all think that either A) I like to wear dresses or B) Axel wants to molest me or secret option C) both of them." He said, not bothering to lift his head off of the table.

"And?" Namine' said.

"And now everyone in the castle thinks we like to do it with me wearing a dress."

"So you have done it." Larxene said, appearing at the kitchen doorway and proceeded to walk over to Namine', taking a seat next to her beaming lover.

Roxas's head bolted up and he glared at her.

"No. We haven't done it. And it's none of your business." He said.

"I heard you liked to play dress up." Larxene said, sneering.

Roxas smacked his forehead on the table once again and let out a dramatic wail.

"OK Axel, I'm only going to say this once and only once. Got it?"

"Sure." Axel mumbled, most of his attention on the Goat game again (which he was losing miserably at. Again).

"Axel. Look at me." The anger in Roxas rising.

"Hol' on. I'm almos' done."

Roxas walked up to the laptop and closed it on Axel's hands.

"AHH! Roxy I was almost done! I was about to win! (not really)" He said, cradling his injured hands.

"No you weren't. And this is important."

Axel heaved a heavy sigh and concentrated on his pint-sized boyfriend (who would totally kill Axel if he heard that).

"OK. I'm all ears. Shoot."

Roxas pulled up a particular article of clothing. The pink dress type with words written on it in black. Axel looked at it and smiled, admiring his own 'fantastic' handy-work.

"I will never wear it again. And if you force me to wear this ghastly thing you call a dress, so help me God I will castrate you." He said, pointing a finger at Axel, who began to whimper.

"Buh-buh Roxy....."

"No. It goes or I go." Roxas said, throwing the dress on his bed and crossing his arms. Knowing that he was going to be the victor. Or at least, he thought that was the case.

But Axel put his hand up to his chin and concentrated hard on the dress.....And continued to look at the dress.......And not look at Roxas. He began to fear that Axel would be stupid enough to choose a dress over his own boyfriend. He began to tap his foot loudly to gain attention, but Axel seemed determined to look at the unattractive pink dress placed sideways on Roxas's own bed. He couldn't take the silence and Axel not paying attention to him any longer.


The hard thinker was pulled from his trance and looked up at Roxas innocently.


"You're seriously considering the dress over me?!!?!?!?" He screamed.

Axel only chuckled lightly, lifted himself out of the desk chair, and placed a gentle kiss upon Roxas's enraged lips.

"Of course I'm going to choose you silly." He said while ruffling the blonde's hair, "I'll choose you over everything and anything."

Roxas's anger immediately left him and in place, a warm feeling. He mumbled a thanks while blushing. Axel stroked Roxas's back and pulled him closer into a more passionate kiss. His ruby red lips pressing against Roxas's pink ones. His tongue was able to expertly maneuver into the smaller boy's mouth, tackling Roxas's tongue with his own. Axel slid his hand under Roxas's shirt and moved it up his smooth back, then going to the front and caressing his light outlines of abs. Roxas placed on of his own hands along Axel's belt line, more of support than anything else while his other hand went down south to grope Axel's backside. When the need to continue life by breathing became too powerful, the two pulled their lips apart. Though Axel and Roxas maintained the close proximity.

The next morning Roxas decided to eat breakfast in the kitchen instead of in his room like usual, Axel was still asleep. And of course he wasn't alone. Demyx smiled dopily at Roxas as he entered the kitchen.

"YOU DID IT!!!!" Demyx squealed into Roxas's tender ear.

Roxas only rolled his eyes as he leaned against the kitchen counter top, sipping on some Orange juice.

"So that explains why you're not sitting down." Larxene said, laughing at Roxas's bright red face.

"The first time always hurts the most Roxas. It's OK." Namine' said, trying hard to suppress the laughter, and failing.

"What was it like to be de-flowered?" Zexion said, smirking.

"You guys all suck." Roxas said angrily.

"Did you?" Larxene asked, laughing herself to tears (and so did Demyx) at Roxas's face of utter humiliation.

When Larxene and Zexion left to do either a mission or be bitchy somewhere else (*cough* Larxene *cough*); Demyx, Roxas, and Namine' sat down (Demyx and Namine' sat down, while Roxas stayed standing, glaring daggers into the still laughing Demyx) to discuss what had happened.

"So....." Namine' said awkwardly, looking around the white kitchen.

"Yes.......We did it."

"FINALLY!!" Namine' and Demyx both chirped in unison.

"Now you've completed step THREE!" Demyx said, actually throwing glitter into the air (how he acquired such a thing, no one knows).

Roxas slapped his forehead and sighed.

"Guys. Enough with this 'relationship steps' crap." Roxas said, throwing up some air quotes.

"No way buster. You've completed three out of four. You can't quit on us now!" Demyx said, deflating.

"OK fine. Then what's step four oh mighty ruler of relationships." Roxas said, brushing glitter off of his shirt.

"Well step four is the best one." Demyx said gleefully.

"It's the one we look forward to the most." Namine' piped in.

"And it would be....?" Roxas asked.

"HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!!!" Both said, Demyx produced more glitter from God knows where into the air.

Roxas burst out laughing, almost to the brink of tears.

"What's so funny?" Namine' asked.

"Yeah, we worked hard on the last one. It took us days to get it right." Demyx said.

Roxas doubled over, tears streaming down his face.

"What is so damn funny Roxas?" Demyx asked.

When he could breathe normally again, Roxas rose up and giggled a bit before speaking.

"It took you guys days to come up with 'Happily Ever After'?" Roxas questioned, trying hard not to relapse into a fit of giggles.

"Yeah, and?" Demyx said.


"So you love him Roxas?" Namine' asked seriously.

Roxas paused to think.

Roxas entered the room with a purpose, it was written all over his eyes. Axel was on the computer yet again, and failing at the Goat game for the umpteenth time. Axel noticed Roxas standing in the doorway ominously, fearing he had done something bad, he began to apologize. Roxas crept toward his paranoid lover while he talked.

"Look Roxy, I'm sorry for whatever I did. It'll never happen again, I was stupid-" Axel was cutoff by Roxas's lips. Pressing themselves roughly against his own. Roxas pulled away, leaning on the chair with both arms creating a cage of no to arched his head up to try and get some more of those innocent Roxy-lips.

"For once, you're not in trouble." He said.

"Really. Then what was that for? Because I totally meant to do that if it was good." Axel said.

Roxas smirked at his boyfriends obliviousness.

"I just wanted to tell you something." Roxas said, backing off of the chair.

Axel rose out of his seat and came close to Roxas.

"And what would that be my little Roxy?" Axel asked, stroking his lover's blond spikes.

Roxas looked deeply into Axel's green orbs of beauty and smiled lightly.

"I.......Love you." He said, looking away, for fear of rejection.

Axel only hugged the blond with static elation.

"I love you too Roxas." He said.

Roxas smiled, relishing in Axel's warmth. He looked up and kissed Axel on the lips, putting his arms around the lanky teens shoulders. Roxas nipped Axel's bottom lip to gain access to the depths of his mouth. Axel darted his slim tongue at Roxas's own. They lathered and massaged each other. Both moaned into each others mouth while their hands began to take routes southward. Roxas had Axel's shirt off in seconds and began to fumble with his belt. Axel went straight for Roxas's pants and began to undo the buttons. Axel forced Roxas up against the bedroom wall and held Roxas's hands up with one hand and began to grope him with the other.

The two broke apart to breathe and Axel said in between pants, "So about that dress......"

"I will murder you." He said, then lunged forward to kiss the idiot again.

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