Long Summary: While Riku and Sora are kids (around 8 and 9 years old) Riku has to tell Sora some bad news. He's moving. Trying to make the best of it they share a paopu fruit, make cute promises, hug & Riku shares a small kiss with Sora. 8 years go by, and somewhere between those years, Sora had forgotten Riku. Why? No one knows. Although recently Sora has begun to have flashbacks- he can't see or hear who the other person is clearly, but to him it's something. Something at first he may brush off, but later on he'll begin to realize what it could mean. Sora's small world then comes crashing down when a new 'sexy' kid comes to school. They aren't exactly the best of pals, and the dispute is not only not Sora's fault, but it's for no apparent reason. Sora hates it. All he wants is his long lost love back- or rather, the seemingly good friend he longs for in his flashbacks/memories.

Notes: The pairings in this story will be… My business xD I've told you guys some before, but I'm deciding to hide that now. Lol might not matter, buuuut all well! There is yaoi, so do us all a favour, (and yourself one too) and not read if it's something you can't handle. Hmm...what else... Because I just finished writing this chapter, it may be a few days (lol more like months or more xD) before the next one updates. If it sounds kinda bad or if there's spelling mistakes, that's my bad. Oh, and sorry if this one is kind of short, I needed something to start with.

WARNINGS: Yaoi, and bad spelling.

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* . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * A New Life * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . *. . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . *

The hot summer heat beat down on a tiny island located in the middle of a cool, breezy ocean. Tropical flowers, trees, and coconuts where found all over, along with the beautiful exotic birds and fish. The fresh smell of waterfalls and fruit wavered around the place which could cause anyone's mouth water. The bright sky and rustling grass had a certain inviting edge to it. Two little children were running on the perfect island having the time of their lives. Their running stopped, the younger of the two needing a break. Now innocent sapphire eyes childishly glared into sharp aqua ones. A smirk made its way onto pale lips of the silverette as he stared down at the puny tanned brunette in an affectionate manner. The glare vanished off of the younger boy as he grinned at his friend.

"So, you wanna play again?" A bubbly voice asked cheerfully, breaking the slight silence. One silver brow rose at his questioning friend. The silver haired boy quickly ruffled the brunette's gravity defying hair in a friendly gesture, and then gave a thumbs up. The boys were off again as they raced past the scenery, enjoying the wind whipping on their faces' and absorbing the feeling of freedom. Their feet crashed swiftly against the sand, sending it flying backward. They were neck in neck, until the silverette toke lead and raced in front of his younger friend. When the brunette made it to the finish line, he plopped back down to the ground and laid back. "Awwwwwe!...Why do you always win Riku?" A pout formed on the boy's lips, causing the other to chuckle.

"Because, Sora, I'm too fast for you. Maybe you should practice more." He grinned in a confident way at Sora, who just 'hmphed' at Riku in reply. Riku decided to let Sora rest for a while. His pale fingers went through Sora's brown hair, slowly, carefully. Riku smiled lightly down at Sora and watched as he relaxed into Riku's touch, and closed his eyes. Calm breathing could be heard from Sora, which made Riku stop before he fell asleep. "Hey Sora...?"

"Yea Riku..." Sora replied and fluttered his extravagant blue eyes up at him. Riku stared in amazement. Sora was so damn cute. It was just so unbelievable. Riku has never-ever seen anyone more incredibly adorable than Sora.

"I gotta tell you something...Please don't get mad okay...?" His voice wavered, as he chooses to lay down with Sora. Not like they're going to race again. Riku's hand caressed Sora's cheek in a caring way. He was going to miss Sora...His bright smile, pretty eyes, cute face, his laughter, everything...

"Ok, I promise. What is it?" Sora said while trying hard not to fall asleep. Riku's hand is so nice and warm. He gazed at Riku, and he noticed the boy was frowning. Sora frowned a bit and held a concerned look. Why was Riku sad? Was what he was going to tell him that bad? Sora's eyes widened. What if he doesn't wanna be his friend anymore...?

"Sora... I'm moving, far away from here..." Riku turned away, not wanting to see Sora's big, sad eyes, knowing what was about to happen.

A silence was heard. Did he just hear what Riku said clearly? Were his ears lying to him? Did he not understand what Riku was trying to say to him?

"Aren't you going to come back, Riku?" A disappointed voice asked quietly. The silverette turned his attention to Sora, and seen tears falling down his cheeks. He wiped his friend's wet face dry, and then kissed both of his cheeks gently. He laid there staring at Sora for a moment trying to memorize his tan face.

"I would be stupid to never come back to you Sora." He stated honestly, and brought Sora into an embrace holding him tight.

Sora squeezed Riku and let out a small whimper. He wished Riku didn't have to leave him. He wished Riku could stay with him forever and ever.

Riku sighed into Sora's neck and unwillingly let go. Although, Sora wouldn't let go. And it was clear he never wanted to. "Sora, I need to go get something..." A whisper came from Riku's lips and slowly, tiny arms unwrapped themselves from elder. The silverette got up and made his way over to a tree, and grabbed something. Something yellow and strangely shaped. Riku strided back towards his friend once again, and as he did so Sora sat up gave him a strange look. "You know what this is, right?" Riku pointed at the yellow star object that he held in one hand.

Sora narrowed his brows. "Of course I know what it is. It's a paopu fruit. What are you gonna do with it?" Cocking his head to the side, Sora studied the fruit. It was a really good one, it looked really big and tasty.

"We're going to share it." Riku murmured, taking a seat beside Sora.

Sora gapped in disbelief. Riku was kidding, wasn't he? He stared wide eyed at Riku. "You know what happens when people share that, don't you? Isn't it meant for… lovers?" Sora mumbled to him.

Even though it was a sad time, Sora's adorableness made him chuckle. A little smile stayed on Riku's face as he broke the paopu in half. "When two people share this fruit, their destinies become entwine. I wanna share one with you so we'll always be together in the end." He stated with a genuine smile. Sora couldn't help but smile back. "So, you up for it?"

"Anything that can keep us together is something that I need to do." He grinned at Riku and took his piece of the paopu. They bit it at the same time, both having surprised expressions on their faces. "This tastes really yummy Riku!" Sora chomped another huge piece off, as Riku laughed at Sora's reaction.

Riku munched on it some more, and loved the feeling of the sweet juice running down his throat. It tastes so...so... different. Nothing could or would ever taste this good. Ever. Finishing his quickly, Riku gulped the last of it down. "Mmm...That was really good."

"So uhm, Riku…" Sora paused a moment, "Where are you going then?" Sora licked his finger, longing for the unique fruit again. The brunette glued his eyes to Riku. An unfamiliar look took over Riku's expression. And it was definitely not one that Sora enjoyed to see on his friend. His sapphire eyes narrowed and he moved to sit closer next to Riku. Close enough that he had decided to hug him around his waist.

One of Riku's arms found itself around Sora's shoulder, the other rested atop Sora's arm. He rested his head on Sora's. "Somewhere that's much farther away from here." His lips curved into a disappointed frown. Life is never going to be the same after this, isn't it? It's just going to be unnatural without Sora... He'll wake up tomorrow morning, probably thinking about seeing Sora, but have his thoughts crushed by the fact that he'll be going on a plane to his new home. Along with every other day, but instead of boarding a plane he'd be in a different place. Riku shakily breathed out. He looked out towards the sun. His mother told him that he had to be back before it was about to set. And it was getting close. Riku's sights took in Sora's shinning eyes and tan face. "I'll come back for you someday Sora. I promise." And with that vow, Riku kissed Sora's pink lips and pushed a bit. He pulled back and stared at Sora's now bright red cheeks, shocked eyes, slightly gaping lips. He kissed him one last time and got up.

"What...Where are you going?" The brunette stood up in a hurry and latched back onto Riku, and seemed as if he was on the urge of crying. Riku tried hard to smile for Sora, but failed miserably. The silverette hugged the brunette one last time, and slowly let go. "Will you forget me?" Sora's voice cracked and inevitable tears scrolled down his baby like face. Riku's heart ached, guilt eating at him.

"I would never forget you Sora. Only a fool would." He wiped away all of his friend's tears one last time. Riku squeezed Sora's hands, then took one step back, letting his hands slip from Sora's. Two blue, big eyes were glued to Riku's icy, aqua ones. "I lo-…I have to go now. Bye, Sora. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too Riku! Bye..." Sora smiled, but it never reached his eyes. Riku waved, walking down the long beach, towards the boat. When he got in the boat and started rowing, he hesitated a moment, but just kept on going. By the time that he was half way home, he started to cry a bit. He couldn't help but feel as if he missed out doing something meaningful. Why didn't he just say it? The three words that could've described everything, and showed Sora how much he cared.

"I love you. I even practiced saying to earlier in the mirror, and to Sora's picture." Riku huffed and dried his face with his shirt. He continued to row his way home, regret getting the best of him. "Maybe I am too young to say it." Riku pondered, "I wonder if I'll get the chance to say it when I come back..."

* . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * RxS * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . *


"Hey Sora, wait up!"

Sora turned to his caller and grinned. He was always happy to see Tidus. "Hey Tidus, where have you been?" Sora greeted his friend, then waited for him to catch up. Tidus ran like a mad man towards Sora, and slapped his hand on his shoulder once he caught up while gasping for some air. Sora raised his brows at his friend. "Were you running a marathon or something?"

"What? No, I was – ohhhh, it was a joke...I was just looking for you. Which, might I add was not as easy as people make it out to be." A sigh was exchanged when he spoke in a matter - of - fact tone. Sora just shook his head and laughed at his odd friend. Tidus got up in a slow motion, his legs aching. "Sora, next time please stay in one spot. I'm never gonna wanna run again! And given how hard I looked for you, I'd swear you're hiding from me..." Tidus used an over dramatic 'suspicious' voice, while rubbing his jaw trying his hardest to look like a detective.

Sora grinned widely, and held in his laughter. The last thing he needed was Tidus to say something like "AH HUH! You're the THIEF! I got you NOW! Muwahaha!"...It has happened. Many times.

Hanging out with Tidus always made Sora feel like a kid again. They're constantly playing video games, tag, watching random children shows, and just being random in general. Even though Sora's now 16. Pretty old to be a fool, ain't it?

"Are you coming to my house for some games?" Sora asked, as he continued walking. He glanced over his shoulder, and sure enough, Tidus was in high spirits. Amusement brimmed within the brunette. Tidus was so easy to make happy. Almost too easy. Sora laughed to himself at the thought.

The dirty blonde jogged up beside Sora. "Of course I am! What kind of friend would I be if I didn't?" A pause, "...You wanna race?" Tidus grinned at Sora.

Slight surprise was written on Sora's face. "I thought you said you're 'never gonna wanna run again'?" Tidus flicked his wrist and made a 'psssht' sound' "Last one's player two!" As quickly as Sora ended his sentence, he was dashing down the long lane, with Tidus on his heels. Sapphire eyes widened. How could he run so fast after being exhausted? Trying harder Sora picked up his speed, determined to not be the loser of the race. His friend caught up to him, now neck in neck with him. Sora made little screaming sounds and laughed, all the while out of breath. Tidus huffed and laughed, imitating Sora. Their running slowed as they cracked up and tried to getting their breathing under control at the same time. As soon as Sora and Tidus both reached the brunette's lawn, they collapsed easily on the ground. For a few long minutes, the two friends just laid there side by side panting like crazy, tired giggles still being created. "I never wanna run again..." Sora exclaimed, moving his hands behind his head.

Tidus laughed in response, "No doubt."

Sora glances over at Tidus and notices his relaxed expression, with closed eyes. Sora lets out one last little laugh and closes his eyes also.

* . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * RxS * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . *

"Hey _, wait up! Hahaha!" A bubbly laugh could be heard across the island. A blurry figure raced ahead of Sora, coming to a slow pace and turning around. The blurred out person advanced toward Sora. Whatever they had done caused the brunette to grin.

The figure never seemed to do or say anything. If they had their words were muted. After what they had done, the figure and Sora were at it again. Running up and down the island having the time of their lives…


Sora gasped in fright and sat up completely straight. "What just happened?" Sora's brows narrowed as he questioned himself. Sora quickly pondered as to what that was. A strange dream? But it was so realistic, and it had given him… Nostalgia? Perhaps it was something more. A memory? Yet he has never been able to recall it or even know of its existence before now. Sora shook his head, as if to get rid of the 'dream-thingy' he had.

Rubbing his chin, Tidus studied Sora. "What happened man?"

"Huh?" Sora looked at Tidus, and sheepishly laughed, "Oh, nothing really."

"But man, you fell asleep for like literally two second, and then… BAM you're up and hardly breathing." Tidus stated bluntly.

Sora smiled, finding humour in his friend's description of the events that happened. "Hmmm… Well Mister Tidus, shall I bombard you with a question or two which may help you and I both understand the series of events that unravelled after I got a moments slumber?"

Tidus' mouth dropped, although a grin was still clear. The blonde raised a finger as if to make a retort, but dropped it and laughed. "Did that sleep change your IQ level too?"

"Hahah, I wish. That's probably the most intelligent thing I'll ever say in my entire life."

"I second that." Tidus teased, gaining a fake pout from Sora. "Naw, but man I'll definitely listen. I've got some interest facts up in this brain here." He lightly tapped his head and gave Sora a determined and helpful grin.

"Thanks man." Sora smiled, and tried to begin to explain. "I don't know, it's just…" Sora stared at the sky hoping it'll help him collect his thoughts, "I had a very quick and short dream that a younger version of me, probably a few years younger than 10, was playing on the island with someone. But they were all blurred out; I couldn't see or hear anything they said. And once I woke up I was left with the feeling of crippling nostalgia. It wasn't a dream, but almost a memory…"

Tidus hummed in response. He crossed his legs and rested his elbows on his thighs and his chin in his hands. "Why isn't it a memory?" He asked, taking this all seriously.

"I haven't known of it before this. Like, if I tried I would've never known this was a memory to be thought of." Sora explained, leaning back on his hands.

"Then how isn't it a dream?" Tidus questioned, a bit confused.

"The nostalgia and how realistic it seemed." Sora responded. "Maybe it's like a forgotten memory? Or one I supressed?"

"Ahhhh, could be!" Tidus straightened his posture and his face lite up, "Like a flashback maybe?"

Sora laughed, "Is that how flashbacks work?"

"Why not?" Tidus grinned, obviously proud of being helpful.

Sora nodded, satisfied with the results he and Tidus came up with. "Thanks man." Tidus responded with a calm no problem, and the two stood. "Ready for some games?"

"Should that even be a question?"

Sora and Tidus bolted inside, the weird little experience behind them for now. At this time, games were far more important.

* . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * RxS * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . *