Long Summary: While Riku and Sora are kids (around 8 and 9 years old) Riku has to tell Sora some bad news. He's moving. Trying to make the best of it they share a paopu fruit, make cute promises, hug & Riku shares a small kiss with Sora. 8 years go by, and somewhere between those years, Sora had forgotten Riku. Why? No one knows. Although recently Sora has begun to have flashbacks- he can't see or hear who the other person is clearly, but to him it's something. Something at first he may brush off, but later on he'll begin to realize what it could mean. Sora's small world then comes crashing down when a new 'sexy' kid comes to school. They aren't exactly the best of pals, and the dispute is not only not Sora's fault, but it's for no apparent reason. Sora hates it. All he wants is his long lost love back- or rather, the seemingly good friend he longs for in his flashbacks/memories.

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"Holy shit, this guy's GOOD." Sora could be heard tapping furiously, his mind set on a high goal. "You're going down man, YOU'RE GOIN DOWN!" The brunette shouted eagerly, as he leaned in closer and continued to get more enthusiastically involved in his activity.

A girl like chime went off saying 'Tetris'. Sora yelled, obviously way too into the game. "DAMN RIGHT THAT'S A TETRIS, K.O.!" The game ends, Sora being the victor. Leaning back he laughs evilly, his hands supporting his head. "34 victories today..." Sora spoke aloud to himself, proud of his achievements.

Sora hummed quietly, struggling to think of what to do next. Since earlier that evening when his mother arrived home and interrupted him watching the discovery channel, then helped Sora eat half the food in the house, all he's been doing is playing video games –mainly Tetris- and watching YouTube videos.

"Ugh, I have nothing to do..." Sora complained, rocking back and forth in his chair. "I wonder when supper will be." Peeking over at the clock, Sora was surprised to find it was 6:45 pm. "But...But I usually eat at 6, not almost 7." Sora pouted, and lazily got off his chair. Following his statement, Sora trotted down the stairs and halted at the bottom. Peering left into the kitchen, and right into the living area, there appeared to be no sign of Skyra. Sora rolled his bright eyes, and entered the kitchen to make some supper himself. In no time at all, Sora somehow managed to create some Ramen Noodles. Half paying attention to eating and half paying attention to travelling up the stairs, Sora went back to his room and plopped his inactive butt back in his comfy chair. The brunette scarfed down the meal, and exhaled gratefully. While sitting there all content – like, Sora noticed his backpack on the floor. "Aw, no." Sora murmured, "I've got homework, don't I?" Looking back from his computer to his back pack, Sora regretfully decided to do his homework.

As Sora half-heartedly worked on his homework, he wondered where his mom could be at this time of day. "She's left out of the blue tons of times, but hasn't left this late in the day since I was young..." Sora commented aloud to himself, scribbling down an equation. Starting the next question, Sora growled. "I really don't feel like doing this right now, arggh."

Putting the fact that his mother was momentarily missing again aside, Sora spent the next hour-or-so rushing through his schoolwork. When finally finished the brunette shoved it back where it belonged, his backpack, and grumbled meaningless curses at it. Sora rested there for a while, thinking of what to do. He really wanted to know where his mom ran off to. Where could she have possibly gone? Should he go try looking for her? Maybe she got lost? The last one happens more frequently than it should...

Sora trampled down the stairs once more, halting at the house entrance. Sora thought to look to see if his mother's shoes were there, but decided against it, remembering all the times she ran off without any footwear. Instead he searched for something she could never live without having...

Her little girly-golden clutch purse.

Of course it's something strange. Though it makes sense, without it she wouldn't be able to buy any food. Or whatever else it was that she needed money for.

Sora opened the small hallway closet, reached to the top shelf inside to see if he could feel the purse. His tan hand patted around moving slowly from one end to the other. Just as he was about to give up, he felt something. Getting on his tiptoes, Sora struggled to retrieve the item. After some effort he obtained it. The brunette brought it down to eye level and studied it for a moment.

"Well," He spoke aloud, setting the golden clutch back on the shelf, "This means she's here..." Sora sketchily surveyed his surroundings, aware that his mother could pounce out of nowhere. Gradually Sora roamed into the living room area, creeping in stealthily.

Sora moved to the coach, crouching behind it. Peering around the one corner, Sora tried to pick any oddities in the room. After concluding that the coast was clear, Sora made a swift crawl like action to the kitchen. Again, Sora went behind a chair -though this wouldn't do much help- and scouted out the area. For a second time, he saw no sign of her. "That's weird..." Murmuring, Sora got up and went to the hallway between the kitchen and living room. The stairs are to his right and a study is to the end of the hall also to the right, and a single china cabinet like thing in the hall, very close to him. Sora glanced down at the study, considering it, but shaking it off. That room hasn't been used for years since his dad left. "Maybe she's upstairs in her room...?"

"THINK AGAIN CUTIE PIE!" Skyra came out of nowhere, and leapt towards Sora.

"AHHH! WAIT NO, NO, NOO!" Sora cried out, but got tackled to the ground anyway.

Sora fell to the ground, laughing and play fighting. As the wrestling continued, Skyra eventually had Sora in a lock, where Sora was on his stomach and his body flat against the ground, while Skyra positioned herself on top. Sora struggled wildly to try to get out of his situation, but failed miserably. Sora moved his head from side to side, resting his cheek on the cold floor.

Sora huffed and vainly attempted to get out of the hold, "Ugh.. I'm not through with you..! Arghhh..." Sora squirmed relentlessly, kicking his legs in a fury.

"Hah! I don't think you're going anywhere my dear boston cream puff ball."

Sora laughed, though it sounded tired "Whaat? Boston cream puff ball? Mom those nicknames are so weird!" Sora exhaled, a few laughs following. By now Sora has stopped struggling and is laying in the floor in a peaceful manner. "Alright, alright, I get it. Now get off me you crazy ol' coot." Sora gave a few exhausted chuckles, but couldn't do more than that.

"Not so fast, buddy! I got to countdown from ten and that'll prove that I'M THE ULTIMATE VICTOR! MUHAHAHA!" Skyra explained, going a bit crazy at the end.

Sora pouted, not wanting his mother to win, but too worn out from attempting to overpower her to care. Sora huffed, "Fine. Just don't take your sweet time."

Skyra giggled happily like a small child would. "Okay! Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven..."

Sora grumbled, the ten long seconds appearing to be an eternity. Sora moved his head so his opposite cheek was on the ground now. His sights faced the china cabinet, which was directly in his line of sight. The brunette noted how much of a different perspective he got from the cabinet from the floors view. It resembled a skyscraper in a way.


Just as Sora was about to move and place his opposite cheek against the cold floor, something caught Sora's eye. It gave the appearance of a... book? Like a scrapbook, or...

"Three... Two..."

A photo album..?

"...ONE! I win! Yaaay!" Skyra rose to her feet, grinning from ear to ear. "I'm going to bed now son, have fun lying on the floor!" Dashing hurriedly up to her bedroom, Skyra bid her son good night and went to her room.

Sora, whose body has not moved an inch, still lay in the same spot. His eyes too, have not moved off that book that lay hidden in the slight dark underneath the china cabinet. The teen rolled over to it, his face now inches from the cabinets 'under side'. Sora outstretched his hand to the book, reaching for the book. With some effort, Sora grasped the dusty and dirty book in his hand. Eagerly he pulled it toward himself and in awe took in its cover.

Sora seated him on the ground and admiring the cover of the book was the words 'Family Photo Album'. Sora couldn't help but grin at this. "I knew it. Maybe I can get something to assist me with the flashbacks I've been having." He whispered aloud to himself, carefully brushing some dust from the book. As Sora was about to get up and head towards his room, he heard one of the bedrooms doors upstairs open.

Completely frozen, Sora sat there awkwardly, listening attentively. Footsteps rang in his ears and out of fear and confusion, Sora shoved the book back under the cabinet.

"Sora?" His mother called, her steps getting closer.

"Yeah mom?" Sora replied, fidgeting on the floor.

"Oh, you haven't moved yet?" Inquired Sora's mom at the top of the stairs. Before Sora could answer, she continued, "I forgot to tell you that you need to have a shower and do the dishes tonight."

"Ahh, what? Are you serious?" Sora frowned sullenly, curious about what is in that book rather than the amount of dishes there were.

Skyra cracked up and added, "There's not that much, don't worry. Good night my baby boy!"

"Good night..." Sora grumbled before she returned to her room.

Getting up the teen gave a long glance at the hiding place of the photo album and sighed. He would have to get it after he finished cleaning and having his shower.

Upon entering the kitchen Sora took note that his mother was indeed correct, there were minimal dishes to be done. Nonetheless, Sora still hated them. Filling up the sink Sora got started and speedily went through the dishes. All the while his mind was somewhere else, mostly on that book. Never has he ever seen any pictures or anything like that of himself or his family since he was very, very young.

"Uggh, I want to go look through it so badly! God, this sucks." Sora complained, finishing up the last few plates, two pans, and a pot. Once this was accomplished Sora left the kitchen, the clean dishes set to dry on a rack. Sora stopped at the bottom of the stairs wondering if he should take the book with him.

"I am going into my room.. I could just slid it under my bed in case mom decides to be a weirdo. With me it goes then." Concluding with that, Sora quietly retrieved it, and swiftly advanced to his bedroom, doing as he planned.

Thereafter hiding the book and fetching a washed pair of boxers, Sora head for the bathroom. Jumping in the shower, Sora wasted no time and briskly cleaned his hair and body. Once out, Sora let impatiently dried off. With boxers on and anticipation rising, Sora nearly ran from room to room, which would almost seem useless because of their close proximity. When inside his room, Sora grabbed the photo album from under his bed. Sitting there on his bed with the mysterious book on his lap, he was ready to read.

"I hope there's something useful in here." Sora muttered, carefully nibbling on his lip. Gently but hurriedly the young teen opened the album, revealing the first page of photos.

The first page had a few pictures of his mother and father when they were young, before Sora was born, and most likely when they had just began dating. The second and third pages also had the same theme of pictures, though on the fourth there was a torn picture. It's not that Skyra had torn her husband out, they were together in the photo, but it looked as if a third party was torn out of the photograph. Sora wondered slightly as to who it would be, but couldn't think of anyone. Turning the next page, there was a photo of his mother and father after they were engaged, and the many pages (like 10 pages) after that were their wedding photos. Again, one or two of those were torn as well. "Oh come on," Sora commented, "Who would tear their wedding pictures just because they don't like the person anymore? Gezz..." Shaking his head, Sora continued through the book and quickly came across pictures of his mother pregnant. Then of course, the ultrasound pictures, after he was first born, and so on. But once Sora passed all his toddler pictures and started on the ones when he was about five or six, that's when it got a little... abnormal. Besides the pictures of Roxas and himself or Sora by himself, there were a bunch of pictures were it looked as if Sora were standing there next to someone, but they were either ripped, cut, or even burned out. "Okay. This is so not cool." Sora flipped through the pages, getting angry that most of them were ruined. "Why the hell are they like that?!" Sora growled, studying them intently. Then randomly, the torn pictures ceased, a new 'pattern' starting. Sora observed that in the photographs he appeared upset or not as beaming. There were only about five or six pictures of him looking a bit down, and then they carried on with Sora looking happy. That's when something caught his eye. "Oh my god..." Sora whispered, his eyes wide and his mind turning. In one of the pictures that had him looking a bit down, Sora seen nothing other than his beautiful locket. In the picture of his younger self, Sora was at some small family get together, but instead of smiling at the camera, Sora was holding his locket and staring sadly at it. Sora frowned, feeling confused. Pulling his locket from his underside of his shirt Sora took it off and checked it over, running his thumb over the smooth surface. "I'm guessing I must have missed the person who gave this to me." The brunette established, this answer being the most reasonable. Giving it a last look and touch, Sora put his necklace back on and progressed further into the book. Studying the 'sad' photos once more, Sora noted that the necklace was worn in each and every one of them, most with it under his shirt. Goose bumpers crawled over his skin quickly, the feelings he got from these pictures getting to him.

As he went on, the necklace wasn't seen with him wearing it again, and the photos over the years grew far and few between. The latest one was when he was fourteen and his father came home to visit. The rest of the albums pages were clear and unused.

Breathing deeply and letting out a long exhale, Sora felt disappointment that his small adventure ended.

Placing the photo album under the bed once more, the teen decided to put it in its rightful home sometime tomorrow.

Sora got comfy in his bed, curling up under the sheets and playing the music from his locket. Sora shut his eyes, thoughts and dreams of the days to come invading his head.

* . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * RxS * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . *

"Maybe he forgot…" Whispering, Sora stood, and was about to turn and go inside.

That was, until he heard a vehicle coming from down the street.

With blue eyes wide, Sora's grin came back full force and watched as the black car stopped in front of his house. And from that car came out Sora's friend, a gift and all.

Sora couldn't help himself and sprinted to the figure, tackling them to the ground, not giving a second thought about the tiny gift wrapped up beautifully in its hand.

"_! You're here! I'm so happy you made it! Ahh!" Sora grinned and giggled, holding tightly onto his friend, "I thought you weren't going to make it!"

The colorful blur appeared to smile, holding Sora tightly back. "I … woul..dn't mi..s it for... the.. world." The figure gave a laughing sound, and then seemed to have shaken its head.


Sora jolted upright in his bed, causing him to nearly tumble off the edge. He gripped the bed sheets, his head pounding and emotions running ramped. Clips of the dream filtered through his mind, leaving him helpless to the ache of his head.

Slowly Sora took deep, long breaths, and calmed his nerves. To his surprise his body relaxed. He hadn't even realized he was tense in the first place.

Bringing his hands to his face, the teen rested his head on his hands, his elbows resting on his legs. He continued to breathe deeply, secretly wanting to forget the dream entirely. Sure he was one step closer to figuring out what this person looks like, but the pain of remembering and flush of random emotions was a little much at times, especially lately.

And at that moment, for some reason, Sora knew that today was going to be a bad one. Which is strange, because the brunette usually likes to keep a positive outlook on every day, though deep down he knew it wasn't going to be good.

Sora's door burst open, and in came Skyra who nearly tripped over... Well, technically nothing. She let out a screeched and tumbled to Sora's bed and fell on him. Because of this, Skyra sent Sora onto his back, and Skyra was half on and half off of him. Sora's mother continued to do this little high pitched yell, even though she had already fallen. Somewhere in the house Sora could hear an alarm go off, most likely in his mother's room. Then out of nowhere, one went off in his room.

Sora felt as if he were in the middle of pure chaos.

Sora's headache grew worse from all the noise and pressure of his mother's body. A strong need to escape boiled up within him and he somehow gathered enough strength to shove his mother off of himself and bolt out his door, going to the main level of the house.

When down there, Sora could hear the two blaring alarms, and Skyra's crazy laughter. He couldn't help but shiver. It was horrible.

Sora tried to ignore the chaos and instead got himself a bowl of cereal. Quietly Sora sat at the kitchen table, munching on his breakfast. Now it was basically set in stone that his day was going to be terrible. When has his alarm ever gone off, anyway?

Finishing up his food, the teen set his dishes in the sink and quickly washed them off. Sighing, Sora went to the stairs and began trekking up them, "I guess it's up to me to do everything around here..."

Sora ended up turning off both alarms (one which was very difficult to find) and somehow getting his mom to calm from her hysteria. After all this he still had gotten ready in time to reach school before the first warning bell went.

Because of being later than he usually would be, none of his friends were there to meet up with him to go to school. The brunette of course chalked this up to be another symptom of having a bad day. And in the school, he nearly tripped five times. This, too, was a 'bad day' trait.

Sora huffed and roughly sat in his seat. Sparing a glance at the board, he knew today HAD to be the worst day ever. "Going in depth about WW1..." Sora couldn't help but groan. History class was bad enough by itself, but learning about WW1 was the worst for him.

The door swung open, and in came Riku with a pile of teenage girls... And maybe a teacher too?

As if it were the first day that Riku had arrived, he was talked (praised) about, and flirted with. Also like the first day, he swiftly glared over his shoulder at Sora. Of course, this time Sora glared just as darkly back. He was not going to put up with that any longer.

That's when he remembered about what Mr. Magasano. "I wonder if he'll actually be able to help me..." Whispering very quietly, Sora daydreamed of ending the school year perfectly; having Kairi by his side, with no Riku in sight.

Sora smiled to himself, thoroughly enjoying the thought.

Unexpectedly the office called into the classroom. Everyone hushed and the teacher answered. Sora curiously listened, thrown off by it. It's unusual for someone to be called out this early in the school day.

"Is Riku Namora there?" The woman over the intercom questioned.


"Would you please send him down to the office? Thank you."

The class lit up with "Ohhh, someone's in trouble," and a few girls who were trying to flirt and make conversation with him whined stupidly and complained.

Riku stood without a word and gracefully left the classroom. "Maybe Mr. Magasano's going to talk with him?" Sora mumbled.

Neglecting the topic of the infamous Riku, Sora made an effort to do his work and take up the enormous history note.

* . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * RxS * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . * . . *

Sora sat in Science, loneliness entering his mind. Roxas was MIA, and for Sora it wasn't that hard to guess where he was, either. "Damn that Axel..." Sora whispered as he filled out one of the many class assignment sheets. As he sat there completing his work, Sora thought of how much things have changed in so little time. Whoever thought that it was impossible to turn one's world upside down in so little time is wrong. How long has it been since Riku came? Maybe a week? In that time he had gained a very horrible enemy. Riku was cruel, mean, and acted vengeful for no reason.

Sora pushed his paper away, to the corner of his desk. Huffing he slid lower in his seat, knowing he needed to get up to hand it in but not wanting to. So... He just sat there, kind of looking around the room, bored.

"Shit!" Sora exclaimed, sitting up right. Some students gave a few glances, and in return Sora blushed lightly. Sora's focus then went back to the board that had final exam written across the top of it. "I had completely forgotten." Sora quietly noted to himself, dread setting in. "I haven't even thought of it at all, I was so caught up in everything happening..." He frowned, a feeling a fear rising. "I don't want to deal with that at all."

Abruptly Sora stood, sheet now in hand, and handed it to his teacher. "May I use the restroom?"

His teacher took his assignment studying it for a second, and then nodded. Sora smiled a bit and left for his destination.

Sora didn't take his time leaving the classroom, wishing he could run from it. As he swiftly walked the halls, all he could think of is the three exams he would have to do. The fact that Sora had to study and concentrate on exams, try to spend time with Kairi, try and be with Roxas, and desperately try to avoid Riku while doing the second and third option drove him crazy. Sure, he could spend some of his time in his friend's houses and his own and still hang with them, but most of the time they run out of things to do much too quickly. This leads to Sora and his partner (or partners) in crime to flee their homes to go and wreak havoc elsewhere.

"I have way too much on my plate right now." Sora stated, becoming overpowered by the realization of it all. "How am I going to spend time with Kairi when she comes back, when I have exams to study for..?" Sora pondered, still briskly walking down the school halls. The brunette mindlessly travelled, his brain elsewhere.

As Sora rounded a corner, he walked straight into someone.

The teen feel back onto the floor, the impact surprisingly bad. "Ouch…" He grumbled, as he slowly stood, using one hand to support himself on the wall, the other holding his now aching head. "Sorry…" He mumbled. Sora blinked a few times, his vision out of whack from the sudden fall.

"You." He heard the opposite growl.

Sora flinched, as his eyes focused on the student he ran into. "You've got to be kidding me…" Sora whispered, his heart leaping.

Riku stood there, utterly pissed. Sora's seen some pretty bad glares before, but if this one were lethal, he would definitely be dead right now.

With jaw fixed, fist clenched, and glare full on, Riku took a few steps toward Sora backing the brunette against the wall. "Are you asking for it?" Riku questioned darkly.

Sora's heart pounded "Asking for it? What?" Confused, Sora's eye brows knotted together.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about! Don't play dumb!" Riku shouted, now moving a bit closer to Sora.

Fear galloped around in Sora's head. "What?! What are you talking about?!" He yelled back, his arms going up defensively.

Riku filled the space between himself and Sora. He grabbed him by the collar, stating, "Do you really believe that the people around here will help you?" His tone was sinister like; something Sora would picture a killer to possess.

Sora's anger boiled instantly, and out of nowhere. How could this asshole think it was okay to just bitch at him about something that he has no idea about? How could he just come up to him and pretty much physically harass him like it's no big deal?!

Suddenly out of rage and pure hatred, Sora spat on Riku, then with all the strength he could muster shoved him away.

Riku of course was taken aback by the sudden saliva attack, and was off guard when Sora shoved him. Riku stumbled back, nearly falling. Once composed, the silvette's jaw dropped, and stared at the spit on his shirt.

At that moment, Sora regretted what he had done.

Riku's gaze found its way up to Sora. The expression on his face and eyes made the glare earlier look like a friendly gesture.

Unfortunately, the maneuver Sora did to get Riku away from him created so much of an adrenaline burst that it left Sora's legs feel like jelly. In which case is causing him to be off balance a bit. Riku was quick to recover from the swift move that Sora did, and caught the brunette. Not in a way of help, but to get a hold of his arm. And without warning, Sora was basically thrown into the lockers.

Sora fell harshly into them, then to the ground. A whimper escaped his lips, his body aching everywhere.

"Do you really think Mr. Magasano out of all the people here would help you?! You're asking for it! I swear!" Riku roared. It was clear to see that Riku had a handful of contempt and hostility towards Sora, not to mention pure hatred.

The words processed through Sora's mind, and all he could think was 'what is that even supposed to mean?' Sora couldn't figure out what he was angry about. Something about Mr. Magasano though…

-"It's fine Sora, you don't have to worry." Sora met Mr. Magasano's gaze, curious of what he had to say. "We can talk to Riku and sort this entire thing out."-

A small gasped slipped out of Sora.

Sora locked his eyes with Riku's cold aqua ones, and just as he had done so, the silver haired teen ran at him. Sora flinched, hid his face, and at the same time let out a yelp. He waited for the impact of either Riku's body or fist, but nothing came. Slowly, Sora opened his eyes, half- surprised and half-relieved to what he could see. There stood Riku, struggling with two teachers. Thank God.

"Sora? Do you hurt anywhere?"

Sora glanced upward to find Mr. Magasano standing above him. Sora glanced from the principle to Riku, who was still being roughly dragged away from Sora, most likely to the office. Without saying a word Sora stood, his head down. "Yeah, I'm fine… But I'm guessing I'm suspended." Although it's a question, Sora stated it, almost certain of his demise.

Mr. Magasano sighed, his large hand coming to his face and stroking his chin in thought. "Technically speaking, you should be suspended, but I see no point. The years that you've been here you've caused no trouble of any sort like this. Not only that, but it's just about the end of the school year." He explained, his hand dropped from his chin to his side elegantly. "For Riku on the other hand, he's only been here for about a week and has done several counts of physical and verbal abuse. This, of course is the farthest it has went thus far, and because of that he will be suspended."

Sora gulped harshly, and then bit his lip. "I don't know if that's such a great idea…"

"Don't be foolish." Mr. Magasano commented, while guiding Sora down the hall, "It'll be fine. We are going to inform his parents personally and make sure they talk to him about it. Besides, he'll only be suspended for three days."

Sora spaced out for a few fleeting moments, imagining Riku getting a stern talking to his by parents and the school officials. He couldn't imagine it going over that entirely well.

Sora continued with the principle till they ended up back at Sora's class. Sora stayed silent as did Mr. Magasano until they reached the door. "Don't worry Sora. We will effectively sort everything out this time around."

Sora bit his tongue before he let out a smart remark about how his previous help made things worse. Instead Sora nodded and turned to go into the class.

"Oh, and Sora," Mr. Magasano started, as if he remembered something.

Sora turned his head to the side to show he was listening.

"I would suggest you head for home now."

Completely moving so he could face the principle, Sora gave off a confused look. "Uh… Why?"

The corner of Mr. Magasano's lips curled into a small smile. "Actually, it's school policy. It's best to send home the student – or students - who have been assaulted to consult with their parents, not their peers. It helps with preventing more fights flaring up."

Sora thought about it and slowly nodded. "I guess I'll just go grab my stuff from this class…" He concluded quietly, mostly to himself. The brunette entered into the class without another word to the principle.

Once inside, Sora found that the class acted like nothing happened. No one was peering over at him in curiosity, no one was murmuring behind his back. Nothing. This did in fact hurt Sora in a way; it made him feel as if no one cared. But he knew he shouldn't have been expecting a reaction. This is high school, not some movie drama. Besides that, no one was around and probably didn't hear anything.

Sora let out a small sigh and picked up his things. For a moment he wondered if he should've told the teacher he was leaving, but they were in the middle of a lesson and Sora didn't want to interrupt. The teen left the classroom, gaining him a stare or two of confusion.

Once off of the school grounds, the fear from earlier was beginning to dissipate. And the more it did the more weak Sora felt. As if it drained him. Not only that, but Riku tossed him around like a rag doll. "God, I hope I don't get bruises…" Sora mumbled, staring at the ground as he walked on. Kicking a stray rock, Sora let the scenario replay in his head over and over. "When did he find out that Mr. Magasano knew?"

Sora couldn't think of a time when Riku could've been told- "Oh." Sora whispered, realization seeping in. "It was when he was pulled out of class. I totally forgot"


"What?" Sora's attention was stolen to the present time, and as he looked up and locked blue eyes with his mothers, his foot caught on something. "AH!" Sora caught himself before he fell face first onto doorstep.

Skyra giggled, loving how clumsy her son could be. Sora narrowed his brown brows at her, not finding it exactly 'amusing' that he tripped and nearly smashed his tan face. "Mom," He growled, playfully of course, "What the frick."

Sora's mother smiled, and helped Sora up. "What are we five?" Skyra questioned him while she continued back into the house, "Who says 'frick' now a days?" Skyra closed the door behind Sora as soon as he was in.

Sora couldn't help but have a small blush rush to his cheeks. He supposed it was a bit childish sounding. "Oh, so now you're judging me on my choice of vocabulary?" He slipped off his shoes and made his way for the stairs. "You shouldn't even be the one talking mom. You say some weird shit."

"There we go! Some real teenager talk!" Skyra clapped her hands together and grinned at Sora as he went up the staircase.

Sora rolled his blue eyes and laughed lightly, "Whatever mom."

Sora was about to enter his room when his mother shouted at him, "Wait, why're you home so early?"

The teen stopped, and gave it a quick thought. "Uh…" He stalled, thinking of what to say. Without turning around to give a 'face to face' reply, he said, "I'll tell you at dinner."

"Okay..?" Skyra gave off a confused expression. "What is this, a soap opera?" She mumbled to herself.

Sora went into his room, tossed his school stuff thoughtlessly , and slammed onto his bed.

"Ugh… I knew today was going to be a bad one. I just knew it."

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