Dare to Obey

Okay...I made a promise...and I'm trying to fufill it...a sequeal to Dare to Kiss! Dare to Obey! Three chapters plus this one where Jazz has been dared to obey Soundwave! How will this work out? Warnings! Mech on mech action! Mature action! I recommend you not to read this! Smut and slave and master routines! Enjoy!

Two months. It had been two months since that incredible experience in that small cave. Two months after fulfilling a dare given to him by the twins. Two months since that wonderful but unexpected thing happened to him. Two months since he felt alive and excited. Two months since he slept with Soundwave. Jazz, the special ops Bot and the third in command was now both hungry and in need and the only way to satify them both was that dam Decepticon Officer Soundwave. Sitting back in his chair whilst watching the computer terminals he whined and moaned as he thought about that stunning Con. His broad chest, his dark body and that hidden treasure of a face was enough to make, even, Prime's knees wobble. However it had been two months and not even one dam e-mail.

'Typical Decepticon!' grumbled Jazz.

It was strange for a Bot like Jazz to be so interested in a Con like Soundwave but Jazz had many interfaces in the past but none of them matched the Soundwave expirience. He had tried to get him out of his head. he fooled around with Blaster, slept with Prowl and even tried to convince the Twins to give him another dare. However Blaster reminded Jazz of Soundwave, Prowl was too interested in work and the Twins had given up on giving him any more dares.

'Jazz we've had it! You just don't know when to quit!' grumbled Sideswipe.

'Yeah! You always see the dam dare right through to the end and never regret anything! Seriously...we're out!' snapped Sunstreaker.

'Aw c'mon you guys! Not even one little dare?' teased Jazz.

The Twins grumbled away and left Jazz on his own. The third in command was quite the dare devil as far as his reputation went. Give him a dare and he'd do it without question. he had done all crazy things like scribble on Prime's battle mask, steal Ratchet's tools and kick Tracks up the aft. Heck he even kissed a Decepticon and what happened to him? Heaven, that's what! However the Twins had finally admitted defeat for they were out of dares and Jazz was now seriously bored and when he was bored he'd be thinking about Soundwave. Now here he was in the command room...alone...with nothing to do.

'SLAGGIT ALL!' he wailed suddenly.

He was bored out of his mind and he so wanted to do something. however he couldn't really since he was covering for Blaster who was getting his audio system checked out by Ratchet. Until then he had to watch an empty screen. He wondered how could Blaster keep himself entertained if he had to sit here all day? Then again he was an Intel Bot who could pick up radio waves and frequency's with no problem so he guessed he listened to music all day long. But Jazz couldn't listen to music. In fact he didn't want to listen to music for it also reminded him of Soundwave. Slag to the pit he wanted that Con.

'Man what i wouldn't give for...'

Before Jazz could finish what he had to think out loud there was a sudden flash on the screen and a small icon appeared with a question right above it. Although Jazz couldn't give a dam about the job he was doing right now to look at some silly message it was what the message said that suddenly got him interested.

'Fancy a dare?'

Jazz looked round. It couldn't had been the twins for the message had originated from the outside. Time passed before an idea popped into his head as to who it might be from. Feeling a little excited and giddy Jazz replied back asking,

'Depends what it is.'

He waited for a second until he got a reply.

'I thought you lived for dares? That you don't care what they are.'

Jazz smirked.

'True but I would like to know what it is,' he replied.

The answer came back quick.

'Tell you what. If you win the dare I will do ANYTHING you want.'

The fact that it had "anything" written in bold capitals got Jazz very, very excited. So excited he forgot how to think as he replied quite quickly.

'When you say anything do you mean ANYTHING?'

he waited for the reply and it came.

'Just accept the dare and I promise you that if you succeed I will do anything your Spark desires!'

Jazz leaned back in his chair getting all flustered and hot just by typing away at a terminal. He knew that it was Soundwave. Soundwave could hack into anything he wanted to with his skills and it wouldn't surprise him if the Decepticon managed to dig up Jazz's e-mail address. Plus to have Soundwave do anything his Spark desired was like a dream come true. Of course he had to do the dare to get it but where was the harm in that? He had done tons of dares in the past and regretted none. Besides he might dare him to run around the Decepticon base screaming "Decepticons rule" or something like that. Without even thinking he replied,

'Fine. Sure. I accept the dare!'

At fisrt nothing happened when he sent it through. The reply was taking longer than predicted and for a moment Jazz thought something had gone wrong. However a reply came back and to Jazz's surprise it was a rather long one.

'Tomorrow you will be sent out on a three day patrol period. I altered Prowl's little roster. Meet me at these coordinates the moment you leave the base. Oh Jazz...if you loose you will have to do something you might not like...see you tomorrow!'

Jazz studied the message carefully. It almost sounded like a warning but Jazz was too excited to see what Soundwave had in store for him. Did he want him to run round the Decepticon base whilst trying to avoid capture? Did he want him to plant a bomb on Megatron's throne? Or maybe he wanted him to sing a song to the Decepticons over their intercom system? Whatever it was he couldn't wait for if he did this simple dare, which he presumed would be simple, Soundwave would do anything he wanted and that was something to look forward to. Relaxing back in the chair he dreamed up ideas of what to do with Soundwave.

As Soundwave had predicted Prowl found Jazz's name on the three day patrol list. Although he was confused to see Jazz's name there he just shrugged it off and gave the third in command the brief. Jazz knew the routine anyway, call in three times a day to report any findings or anything like that. he packed up some Energon rations and saluted Prowl as he walked out the base, transformed and drove off into the desert. To be honest that whole morning Jazz had been more excited than Grimlock was when he came home with a Decepticon trophy. All he had to do was preform some simple dare from Soundwave and then Soundwave would do anything he wanted.

'Man oh man the things I'm gonna make him do!' he cackled to himself as he drove off into the desert.

His imagination ran while he drove across the sand. Maybe he could have Soundwave sing him a song whilst dancing with a top hat and everything. Or better yet he could wait on Jazz on hand and foot. Clean for him, feed him...oh the endless possibilities. The coordinates were leading him to a remote area in the desert and he now began to wonder what on Earth was Soundwave planning for him? This dare better be good for the prize was something he was now craving for. He was getting nearer now and he could detect a Spark signature. Looking up he could see in the distance a dark blue figure leaning against some rocks.

'Hello Soundwave,' he purred.

There he was. tall, dark and handsome as always. Jazz was already excited with getting this dare over and done with so he could boss that hot Con around. But the thought of why did Soundwave call him out here still borthered him. What did he want him to do all the way out here? What could this dare be? The worst part was he already agreeded to do it and if he backed out now his pride would be dented badly. Plus he would be backing out on a dare the Decepticon would be giving him and that would be bad. very bad. Speeding up to the Decepticon he transformed and skidded to a halt right in front of Soundwave.

'Why hello there Soundwave. I have to admit it's been a while,' chuckled Jazz.

Soundwave didn't move. He just looked at Jazz as the smaller Bot looked rather proud of himself. He chuckled a little and stood up staright.

'I didn't think you were coming,' chuckled Soundwave.

Jazz smirked and gave Soundwave a dirty look.

'Oh c'mon Soundwave. After our last meeting you don't think I wouldn't pass up a chance to see you again.'

Soundwave made a low chuckle.

'So you think you can handle this dare I'm about to tell you? You accepted it and didn't even ask what it was. Are you sure you don't want to back out now?'

Jazz smirked. he had done things he never regretted. He was a daredevil who didn't believe in limits and he loved to break the rules. Giving Jazz his signiture smirk and relaxing against a rock he replied,

'I'll take your dare on and after it's over you have to do what I say! So bring it on!'

Soundwave didn't say anything. For a while there was silence and Jazz felt a little uncomfortable for a moment. What was the dare? Why was he hesitating? Jazz waited until at long last Soundwave walked over to him. He was almost like he was smirking as he approached Jazz with a desirable glint in his red visor. He then leaned down until his head was level with Jazz's and almost whispered into his audios what the dare was.

'I dare you to be my slave for three days staright. You have to obey my every command and if you compalin about it you offically lost the dare. if you win I'll do whatever you want.'

For a moment nothing happened. Nothing was said. the desert winds howled around them and the sun burned down. Then, with his voice echoing around the desert area Jazz howled,


Yup...that's right! Jazz is Soundwave's slave for three days straight! He has to obey his every command! So you will be expecting quite a lot of dirty slave and master smut and all that mech on mech action! If you have any suggestions do please write them in the reviews! Bye bye!