Dare to Obey: Day Three

Jazz mumbled as he shifted around on the berth. It was a little hard for him to sleep after spending two days serving as Soundwave's sex slave and his aft was starting to get sore. At least it was the final day so all he had to was get over it quick and hopefully the day would go by quickly. It was early in the morning and Jazz was just stirring slightly. It was the final day. Thank Primus. Th first day was kinda rough but yesterday he just hulmilated him and almost reveled his secret to the Autobots. The worst part was he wanted to do this so he could win this dam dare. Why did he have to be like this? Trying to impress everyone by accomplishing almost impossble dares? In fact who was he trying to impress here? None of the Autobots knew he was doing this. Was he trying to impress Soundwave then? After what he put him through all he could think about was the hulmilation he was going to put him through after he won this dare.

'I'm going to strap him to a slagging chair and whip the scrap off of him!' he mumbled.

He shuffled around on the berth some more and suddenly noticed something. Opening his otics he looked around the berth and realized Soundwave wasn't there. That was odd. Was he off preparing what he had planned for the Autobot or was he just having an Energon breakfast without him? At fisrt he was a little concerned but then again, if he was lucky, Soundwave was going to let him have the morning to himself. Relaxing slightly he sighed as the sheets seemed so warm and cosy. When he tried to twist over he suddenly found himself unable to move. Opening his optics again he looked round...and noticed his hands were cuffed to either side of of the berth.

'W-what!?' he wailed, sitting up and looking at his chained wrists.

What was this? What was Soundwave planning for him now? He looked around trying to guess where the Decepticon was when at long last the Decepticon entered the room. He was carring a container of Energon and he had tht dam smirk on his face. Jazz growled but said nothing as Soundwave sat next to him.

'You like them Jazz? Sorry but what I have planned for you this morning might make you back out of the dare.'

Jazz sneered.

'I doubt it!' he spat.

Soundwave chuckled and suddenly poured a cube of Energon. Jazz was a little hungry so he sat up and little and silently pleaded with his optics. Soundwave noticed and laughed a little. He waved the cube infront of him just to tease the chained Autobot before dowing thew whole thing. Jazz made a small whine as Soundwave continued to tease him with cubes of Energon. What was the Decepticon planning for him? Soundwave smirked wickedly as he downed his third cube. Then he grabbed the fourth cube but he didn't bring it to his lips. Instead he leaned over Jazz and the Autobot suddenly gasped when the Decepticon poured the Energon all over his lower half.


Soundwave suddenly glared at Jazz.

'Now, now Jazz...remeber what we agreed on? You have to address me as master or you lose the dare.'

The Autobot growled suddenly but held his glossa.

'Sorry...m-master...' he muttered.

'Better,' snickered Soundwave.

With that out of the way Soundwave poured the remaining drops of the Energon cube all over Jazz's lower body. The Autobot whimpered slightly when he felt some trickle down and neared his port. He tugged at the cuffs and tried to suppress this sensation as the cool liquid trickled round the rim of his vavle. Soundwave smirked and then he bent down and started to lap up the spilt Energon. Feeling the Decepticon's glossa now run all over his waist and groin area made Jazz cry out. The warm slick glossa was activating Jazz's sensitive body and making the poor thing cry out. The cuffs rattled against the bed frame as Jazz bucked and twicthed as Soundwave continued to lap up the Energon and pleasure him with his glossa. After he was all cleaned up Soundwave pulled away and licked his lips.

'That was a tasty it's your turn.'

Jazz gasped as the sensation left him and watched as Soundwave began to pull up some equiment. A long tube, a strange little pumping device and a funel. It didn't take him that long to figure it out and he looked to Soundwave almsot horrified but the Decepticon just laughed.

'Oh come're gagging for this! I can see it in your optics!'

That was a lie...but in a way it was the truth. Jazz was already feeling hot and his vavle was quivering for more. However he wasn't really keen on have Energon pumped into him via his aft. He struggled a little, the cuffs continued to rattle and he continued to whimper. Soundwave watched his little slave struggle and his arousel only increased. Once he had set up his little device he took the end of the tube and waved it around Jazz's face which was already red and flustered. He knew where that tube was going and he whined as Soundwave smirked down at him. He then placed the tube at the front of Jazz's vavle and nudged it against it slightly.

'AH! ....oh Primus...w-wait...'

Soundwave ignored Jazz and forced the tube deep into Jazz's body. The Autobot wailed and his hips bucked upwards violently. The cuffs were biting at his wrists and he moaned as Soundwave's fingers prodded him slightly. Once he was sure the tube was in deep enough he switched on the pumping device and placed the funnel within it. He then held up a cube of Energon and waved it in front of the cuffed Autobot.

'Hungry?' he asked.

Jazz gulped and suppressed a whine. He twitched slightly and looked to Soundwave with pleading optics. He tried to say something but all that came out was a needy moan. How could he be reduced to this? Was this all about the dare? About trying to get Soundwave to be his? To be some sort of pleasure bot for his enjoyment? Whatever it was Jazz was now here with his legs spread apart, a tube shoved up his aft, covered in frilly frocks and cuffed to a berth. He had just lower himself to a complete whore. He took his dares with pride but here he was throwing it away! And for what? A few mere moments of pleasure? Making a small whine he looked to Soundwave again with a needy look. The Decepticon grinned.

'I'll take that as a yes.'

He then poured the cube into the funel, the pumping device pumped the Energon through the tube and up into Jazz's vavle. Jazz suddenly wailed and thrashed his waist as he felt the cool liquid being pumped into him. Some of it dribbled out but most of it remained deep within him. Moaning like crazy and bucking wildly against the cuffs he cried out in ecstasy as the Energon continued to fill him. Soundwave smirked and he picked up another cube once the other one was emptied.

'You want some more?' he purred.

Jazz twitched and bucked a little.


Pleased to hear it Soundwave poured the second cube down the funel and watched as it was pumped into Jazz's body. The Autobot wailed as he felt more of the cold liquid pumped into him and bucked his hips so much Soundwave had to hold him still to make sure the tube wouldn't fall out. It felt so heavy, so full...he felt ready to burst. Jazz couldn't think straight as he felt more and more of the Energon filling him up. Once Soundwave had finished with the cube he then gently pulled out the tube from Jazz's body. Some Energon was still spilling out but not all of it. Now came the fun part.

'Are you full Jazz?' asked Soundwave.

Jazz couldn't reply but he nodded. Soundwave then began to slip his fingers into Jazz's Energon soaked vavle and his reward was the beautiful sound of Jazz crying out. His insides were still wet and as he continued to slide his fingers in and out. Stroking the inner walls and sensitive wires within made Jazz cry and buck his hips. The Autobot continued to buck his hips and cried out every time he felt one of those fingers rub against his insides. Energon continued to spill out of him but not all of it. He felt really bloated and he knew that if he overloaded every last drop of it would burst out along with it.

'I-I'm...I'm...I'm g-gonna come!' he whimpered.

Soundwave layed down next to him, his arm reaching over his body so he could continue to slide his fingers in and out of his valve. He purred into Soundwave's audios and nuzzled into his neck. Jazz moaned and once again starined against the cuffs. He was trying to hold it in but what Soundwave was doing to him was making it harder to control. The Decepticon chuckled as Jazz made desperate moans and tried to bring his legs closer together in some vain hope to stop the sudden burst.

'It's OK can come anytime you want,' he purred.

Jazz whimpered and looked to Soundwave. His face was all red and flustered and his vents were puffing out the hot air that was building up within him.. His wrists were bleeding slightly but nothing to worry about. His legs were twitching as he fought between his mind and body to try and keep them open or closed. A small pool of Energon along with his own fluids was gathering just between his legs. He continued to make small noises and pitiful wails that was pleasing to the audios.

'I-I...I can't!' he whimpered.

'Yes you can,' chuckled Soundwave, using his other horn to stroke Jazz's horn.

Jazz's moans got louder and his bucking got rapid. It was almost time but he wasn't sure if he could handle this. It was like having a ticking time bomb within him and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He gritted his dentas and trembled violently. Soundwave continued to shove his fingers into him and he could tell that Jazz was nearing his climax. Stroking his sensitive horns and nuzzling his neck the Decepticon purred again.

'Come on Jazz...for me?'

Jazz gasped and bucked again.

'Ah..I...I''s gonna...oh Primus...ah!'

It was like a floodgate was about to open. A dam that was about to blow. That ticking bomb was on the verge of blowing. Jazz was now crying out and trying to keep it all in but it was no use. He was almost there. He was on the verge of blowing and he could no longer keep it in. Clentching his fists, pulling against the cuffs until they almost snapped and crying out as loud as he could he overloaded.

'SOUNDWAVE!' he screamed.

It all came out. Soundwave sat up a little to watch it. Jazz overloaded so hard his body shook violently as his fluids and Energon exploded out of his vavle. It was like having an electric bomb go off within and it had cleared the room. It was a sensation he couldn't describe. Screaming out so loud he was sure some glass had cracked nearby. His body bucked violently as Energon and bonding fluid continued to pour from his port non stop. With Soundwave's fingers still in there the fluids bursted out in different directions until almost all of the lower end of the berth was covered in it.

'O-OH..OH PRImuuus...' gasped Jazz as he returned to his senses.

His vents were still puffing out hot air as his body relaxed. He shivered slightly as Soundwave retracted his fingers but sighed as he nestled against the sheets. The cuffs became slack and his legs finally collapsed against each other. Soundwave sat up and looked down at his exhausted pet with a smirk.

'The day hasn't even began Jazz,' he chuckled as he leaned over to uncuff him.

Once Jazz's hands were free he was able to turn over onto his side and gasped. He looked over to see the mess he had made and moaned as he slumped against the sheets. He knew Soundwave was going to make him clean it up once he had recovered. He couldn't even begin to imagine what Soundwave had planned for him for the remander of the day. All he could do was pray it would be over quick...the reward was right around the corner.

The afternoon had finally come but Jazz could now only think about the evening. After cleaning the sheets and cleaning himself up Jazz was now back in the old rec. Thankfully he wasn't strapped to the floor but he was ordered to lie down with his aft sticking up in the air. Soundwave had presented him with some Energon but he put in a small bowl and placed it in front of the Autobot. He was ordered to act like a Earth feline and lap it up with his glossa. At first it didn't seem so bad but Soundwave started to whip his aft with a long cane.

'Enjoying your treat my little kitty?' purred the Decepticon.

Jazz was about to say something but yelped suddenly when Soundwave whipped him.

'It's fine...master,' goaned Jazz.

His aft was now very, very sore. Soundwave had been whipping him non stop. He told him he would stop once the Energon had all gone but Jazz was finding it very hard since Soundwave continued to whip him between licks. Jazz wanted to finish it quick but no slurpping was allowed. He had to act like a cat with his aft sticking up in the air whilst Soundwave whipped it.

'I-I'm almost done master,' gasped Jazz once he noticed he had only a few drops left.

He cried out when Soundwave whipped him again.

'Primus dammit!' he snarled in a low tone.

Even though there were only a few droplets left it took him ten minutes to lap it all up. Once the bowl was empty Soundwave allowed him to sit back up whilst he put the bowl away but Jazz found that a little hard with his numb aft. Trying to get comfortable he wonder what Soundwave had planned for him next. Was he going to make him do something very hulmilating or was he going to do something that invloved pain? This was the afternoon of the third day so all he had to do was get through this, get through the evening and tomorrow Soundwave would be his! A few dirty thoughts entered his mind at the very thought of making Soundwave do whatever he wanted. He smirked at the thought of making the Decepticon beg and apoligize over and over for what he did.

'What are you smiling about?'

Jazz was pulled away from his dream world when Soundwave called out to him when he noticed his smirking face.

'N-nothing,' he muttered.

The Decepticon wasn't convinced and he smirked as he walked over to where Jazz was sitting. He knelt down next to him and smirked, his dark red optics looking deep into Jazz's blue ones. He knew what he was thinking.

'You want to see me tied up?'

Jazz went a little red but said nothing. Soundwave's face suddenly neared his until he could feel the hot air puffing from his vents. It was slightly arousing espically with these thoughts on his mind.

'You want to see me all helpless? Chained? Whipped? Begging you for more?'

The very thought made Jazz tremble slightly as he tried to imagine the very scene in his head. The fact that Soundwave's body was right next to his and he was able to detect some of Soundwave's energy field pulses was enough to make his body quiver. Soundwave's face was right up near his and he couldn't help but gaze into his red optics, almost hidden behind his red visor. He looked deep into those dark, ruby red optics. It was like he had fallen under a spell...he felt that he was falling...falling into those optics. Soundwave cupped his chin and purred.

'You want me to be all helpless...lying on the floor...with no way to escape...while you have your dirty little way with me?'

Jazz gasped when he felt Soundwave place a hand on his thigh and whimpered as he started to stroke. Every stroke neared his groin area. Those dam fingers sent small pulses of electricity into his thighs sensitive areas. He trembled on the spot as Soundwave continued to stroke his thigh and fill his mind with dirty thoughts. Soundwave smirked and petted Jazz on the head.

'You getting turned on Jazz?'

The Autobot whimpered and nodded.

'Show me.'

Soundwave then stood up and stepped back. He sat down on a nearby chair and looked down to Jazz who looked back to him. He knew what he meant and that meant it was an order and he had to obey. Sitting back he streched his legs wide open until Soundwave was able to see his vavle. He knew the Decepticon wanted a good show so he planned to give him one. Sliding his hands down his waist he traced them down past his hips and down to where his vavle was. His fingers either side of his quivering vavle. He looked to Soundwave with flustered cheeks and a teasing look in his optics. The Decepticon was sitting cross legged on the chair with that same smirk on his face.

'Come on then,' he purred.

The command given Jazz slowly inserted his fingers into his port, uttering a low, shuddering moan. He inserted his two index fingers in and massaged his inner walls. He gasped as he touched sensitive nerves and stroked the wires deep within him. His hips twitched slighty and he whimpered when he made a rather violently buck forward. He was already starting to produce some fluids whuch pooled around the rim of his vavle. He uttered a low moan.

'Very good Jazz,' chuckled Soundwave.

'T-thank you...' groaned Jazz.

He kept his optics on Soundwave as he instered his middle fingers. He cried out loudly as he now had four fingers deep in his ports. The fluids were now pouring out and dribbling down his hands. Jazz arched his head back slightly and maoned again but he continued to keep his optics on Soundwave. Those red, ruby optics of his. They were like jewels and were something to admire. The very thought of them looking at him, pleading to him, begging him was enough to fuel his lust. As he shoved his fingers even deeper he tried to imagine having Soundwave tied up to a chair. Slapping his face until he moaned like a pleasure bot. Tease him until he begged for it. Slipping in a little finger quite suddenly he arched back and cried out again. The Decepticon smirked.

'What are you thinking about Jazz?'

Jazz gasped as he tried to focus. His mind darting back between the delicious thoughts of a helpless Soundwave and listening to him. Once he had regained it he looked to him and whimpered.

'Y-you,' was his reply.

Soundwave smirked and rested his chin on a folded hand. The sight before him would make all the Decepticons evnvious of him for being the only one to witness it. His little Autobot slave with his legs wide open and fingering himself with both hands. Fluids dripped out of him and his cries of pleasure sounded so beautiful. He wanted more.

'What am I doing?' he asked.

The Autobot gasped and moaned slightly. He was trying so hard not to loose himself in the ecstasy he had created but it was getting harder and harder. However he had to reply. He had to obey.

'Y-you're tied up...on a-a chair...b-begging...'

'I'm begging? What am I begging for?'

Jazz whimpered when he inserted the small finger again which caused some fluids to dribble out and onto the floor. He was now finding it hard to keep his balence since he was kneeling with his aft off the floor. It was still numb after the little whipping Soundwave had given him earlier. His was drooling a little and his optics appeared hazy but he replied all the same.

'B-begging...f-for w-want me!'

Soundwave chuckled in an almost dark way. He sat forward a bit and looked deep into Jazz's optics.

'Make me Jazz...make me want you!'

Jazz gasped and arched back as he started to slip his small fingers in again. His moans became louder and he bucked his hips forward like crazy. He started to thrust his fingers into his body so hard and so fast he almost lost control with what he was doing. He was nearing the big climax but he wasn't sure he'd be able to pull it off after the one he had this morning. However his mind continuied to drift back to where he had Soundwave chained to the wall. He was begging for him. Begging for more. Unable to move. Completely helpless and his. The very thought was enough to send Jazz into an overload.


His fluids burst from his vavle and he cried out so loud. His body jerked forward and he fell to his knees. The fluids poured from his vavle and onto the floor. He moaned as he slumped forward and tried to relax after the expirience. Soundwave watched as Jazz arched his back and cried out as his fluids burst from his vavle. It was like he had been shocked with a strong pulse of electricity that had caused him to overload. The fluids trickled to the floor and Jazz almost fell forward after the enteraiment he had provided. Once he was sure Jazz was relaxed and able to think for himself again he clapped his hands and stood up.

'That was a wonderful preformance Jazz...I'm very touched.'

Jazz looked up from the corner of his optics to see the Decepticon standing over him. His vents were puffing out hot air as he tried to keep himself cool and his legs were twitching slightly. Pulling himself together he was able to sit back onto his aft even though it was still a little sore after the treatment he had recieved ealier. He looked up to Soundwave and awaited another command. the Decepticon looked down to Jazz and then down at the small puddle of interfacing fluids on the floor.

'Clean that up,' ordered Soundwave.

Jazz nodded and was about to get up to get the tools he would need when the Decepticon halted him.

'With your glossa.'

That made Jazz gasp slightly and his optics widened with a bit of shock and a bit of disgust. Looking down at the small pool of his interfacing liquids he knew it wouldn't take that long to lick that all up. Shifting back a little and getting down on all fours he lowered his head and stuck out his glossa. Soundwave uttered a deep throat purring noise as he watched Jazz lap up his split fluids. Jazz was doing his best to lap it up quickly to get this embarressing task over and done with. His fluids tasted bittersweet with an after taste of dirt and grit. It made him gag slightly but he was able to lap up all of it. Once it was all gone he looked up to Soundwave and awaited futher commands. The Decepticon smirked down at his pet and placed his foot just above his head.

'Now lick my feet...until the time comes you are not worthy to even think of me in such a way. I mean you haven't even earned the right yet.'

Jazz made a tired sigh and didn't even try to fight back. Trying to forget about the desirable thoughts of having Soundwave begging for him he focused on licking Soundwave's feet clean...knowing very soon Soundwave would be doing this for him.

As Jazz headed towards his room where he was looking forward to a good night sleep after the hulmilliation he went through that day he suddenly yeped when he found himself being whisked off his feet. Looking up he found Soundwave looking down at him with that same wicked grin and that meant only one thing and one thing only. It was the eveing of the final day so it didn't really surprise him that the Decepticon was now carrying him to the berth with an excited pulse in his Spark. Even though having Soundwave who was down right gorgeuos carry him to the berth with the intent of screwing with him sounded very pleasing Jazz was exhausted. His valeve ached, his jaw ached...every where ached. He was tired and ready to shut down for the day. However if he protested it would mean that he would be disobeying Soundwave and the dare was to obey him for three days straight.

Soon the Autobot found himself thrown onto the large berth and watched, almost excited, as Soundwave crawled onto the berth to straddle him. Jazz was amazed that the Decepticon had so much energy to do all this. Was he drinking some sort of powerful batch of Energon? Well whatever the reason Soundwave was already nuzzling Jazz's neck.

'Sound-...I mean...Master aren't you tired?' asked Jazz, hoping to put the Decepticon off.

Soundwave pulled back and looked down at his little slave with hungry optics.

'Do you know how special this evening is Jazz? Do you understand how important it is for both you and me?'

Jazz blinked in confusion as Soundwave carressed his cheek and continued to stare down at him with a hungry and almost scary look. A special evening? Was this because this was the evening of the third day, his final day, and it was the only chance Soundwave had to break him? He shifted a little uneasy as Soundwave drew in closer.

'I know this the last time you get to treat me like your personel slave but...enough with the creeping-me-out attitude OK?'

Soundwave smirked and whipped out his glossa so fast Jazz didn't see it and the Autobot gasped as he felt it suddenly flick across his face. Soundwave's hands started to stroke his chest, his fingers slipping into the seams and activating sensitive nodes. Jazz gasped and uttered a few moans but he was still a little freaked out with Soundwave's scary attitude. It was like he was determined to break Jazz...or was he just going to have one more moment of pleasure before he lost the dare? Before Jazz could figure it out he suddenly yelped when he felt a hand slip onto his exposed port and a finger tracing the rim.

'My dear have done so well these past three days and I just thought that...since this is the last time I get to order you around...I thought I'd make this evening a little special.'

A little special? That got Jazz a little worried for some reason. What did Soundwave have planned for him? The Decepticon drew back a little and looked down at his little slave. This was their last eveing of master and servant before the roles swapped round so Soundwave must have planned something. Soundwave drew back and marveled down at Jazz who layed before him.

'Now then Jazz...I want the whole workout...get to work.'

Soundwave then sat back a little and removed his cod piece to revel his extended spike. Jazz would of sighed with frustration right about now and pout about it but if he did he wasn't sure it Soundwave would spank him or not. This just sounded so very routine and even though he was going to have a mouthful of Soundwave it wasn't what he was expecting. However before he could even start Soundwave suddenly forced him to look up.

'There are a couple of rules my dear Jazz...first off I don't want to hear anything from screams! You are to drink every last drop of what I give you and I want you to little frown and I'll be unhappy...'

Jazz frowned a little. The last three days here it was hard for him not to scream. Plus even though he was good at a blowjob he couldn't swallow that fast. He had tried but it ended up flowing out of his mouth closed or not. And COULD he smile throughout the whole ordeal? Soundwave had a habit of doing things that would piss him off and he wasn't good at faking a smile during a bond. However this was a command from his master and the dare was to obey him for three days and if he didn't obey then these last three days were for nothing...except seeing the rather interesting side of Soundwave. Plus he really wanted to show that dam Decepticon a thing or two. Checking his Chronos-meter it stated that he only had one more hour until the three days were up so he was just going to have to make do and try his best.

'You can do this Jazz,' he told himself.

Then, as best he could, he cracked a small smile that would melt any Decepticon's cold Spark into a puddle of gooey love however Soundwave remained emotionless. Getting into a comfortable postion between Soundwave's legs and gently holding the large spike in one hand Jazz got to work. To start with he whipped out his glossa and slowly licked round the head whilst puffing warm air from his vents onto the large member in his hand. His glossa had enough mositure on it and as he licked and slithered it around the head of the Decepticon's spike. He used his fingers to slowly massage the lower part of the spike, petting it gently as if it were a small organic pet. It earned Jazz a deep throated moan from Soundwave but he wasn't done yet. Kissing the spike he suddenly opened his mouth and wrapped his lips round the tip. His glossa continued to lick and he gently sucked away. His fingers continued to massage the remander of the spike whilst his other hand stroke Soundwave's inner thighs all the while he was still able to crack a small smile and keep noise to a minimen.

'Very good Jazz,' moaned Soundwave as he started to pet Jazz's horns.

Jazz winced since his sensitive horns usally made him moan and whine but he held them in as best he could and focued on the spike in his mouth. His glossa wrapped round it and massaged it while he gently sucked and even grazed it with his denta. When he felt the thing jerk in his mouth slightly he suddenly took the whole thing in, holding in a muffled moan as the spike took up nearly all the space in his mouth. Soundwave reacted with a loud moan and thrusted slitghly into Jazz's mouth. Trying to relax and reminding himself that he only had less than a hour before he won the dare Jazz began to suck away again. He moved his head up and down slowly whilst his glossa continued to lick away. He now used both hands to stroke Soundwave's inner thighs. He felt the electric static in his mouth and the sensation caused his hips to swivel a bit but he made no noise.

It didn't surprise the Autobot when Soundwave suddenly pinched and squeezed his horns. He was trying to make him cry out or moan but Jazz wasn't going to give up...not now. He pulled back a bit and licked the tip of the spike with his glossa before diving back in. That made the Decepticon shudder and Jazz tried to suppress a smirk. As he sucked and licked the spike Jazz continued to massage Soundwave's inner thighs, his fingers almost clawing the metal skin in an arousing way. Soundwave groaned a little louder and his thrusts began to speed up and, from the heat his spike was emitting, Jazz guessed he was about to come. Preparing himself he retracted until his lips were wrapped round the tip of the spike and almost choked when he felt the expolsion of bonding fluids erupt in his mouth.

'...Ahhhhh...vey good my little slut...'

Soundwave growled when he suddenly came and he watched as Jazz quickly swallowed it. Once it was all over Jazz sat up and licked his lips, making sure none of it was trickling down his chin. He was still smiling and he hadn't allowed one drop to escape. He was also very careful not to cry out when he was suddenly pushed over onto his back with Soundwave towering over him.

'New rules Jazz,' he purred.

The Autobot braced himself for what was to come.

'I am now going to fuck you until you can't walk...however I now want you to talk...about me...I want to hear you talk about how great I am and how lucky you are that I am taking you...stop talking about me and I'll get begging allowed.'

Jazz looked a little horrified but when Soundwave started to finger him he cried out and blurted out some nonsense about Soundwave, the first thing that popped into his head.

'AH...S-Soundwave is...ah...the greatest...ah..ahhh...Decepticon....I-I ever...ah...ah...m-met!'

Soundwave grinned and started to jerk and twist his fingers within his slave. Jazz was trying his best to form sentences in his head about how wonderful Soundwave was but it was so hard to concentrate with those fingers moving around inside him. He just began to blurt out random things in order to keep the Decepticon happy.

'He...ah...he is truly a wonder....ah....wonderful c-con...and the other's...ah...aahhhh...would be- AH! ...Would b-be....lost without him...I'm...I'm so lucky such a m-machine...ah...'

This did seem to be pleasing Soundwave but that didn't mean he could stop. As Soundwave twisted and added fingers to the Autobot's now soaking wet vavle Jazz continued to cry out words that best described Soundwave. The worst part was that Soundwave would pause every now and then to listen which made Jazz's hips buck a little as a silent plea for him to continue. He couldn't beg and he was already craving the Decepticon's spike which seemed to be teasing him as Soundwave continued to finger him. He didn't want the fingers anymore...he wanted Soundwave.

'...he...he is s-s-so....ah...big...and strong....ah....ahhhh...and I...ah...want him so bad....every time...I-I see him...ah....aaahh...oh Primus....b-be blessed f-for m-making such...a wonderful...ah...ah...creature....'

Soundwave's optics were visable from under his visor and Jazz could see that teasing...almost mocking look he was giving him. He knew what the little Autobot wanted but that dam bastard was waiting it out hoping that it would break him. Although Jazz really wanted the Decepticon right now he was not going to submit. After spending three days of hulmilation all he had left to gain from this was a little bit of pride and a chance to show Soundwae who's boss. He knew if he waited it out, played the game Soundwave would be the one who wouldn't be able to hold back. Even he had his limits. So gritting his denta plates and suppressing the need he needed he continued to speak words of praise about the Decepticon.

'...I would give anything...t-t-to be him for...ah...he...ah...he is....ahh...ahh...he is a god among machines...'

The Decepticon made a low growl. Jazz's vavles were now soaking wet in lubricants and the sight of the hot, sexy and oh-so-ready-to-take Autobot was somthing even Soundwave was having a problem resisting. Even though he was thrusting his fingers in and out until wet fluids began to seep out Jazz was still ranting on how great he was and in the non-sexaul way. When he jerked his fingers within him he made a loud arousing cry but still continued to speak words of praise about him and Soundwave was now lusting for him. He couldn't take it any longer and he almost forgot about the whole dare when he he retracted his fingers and grabbed both of Jazz's legs, spreading them wide and postioning himself. Since he had not given any new commands Jazz still presumed he had to continue praising him although he did yelp in surprise when Soundwave forced his legs apart.

'...he is sooo amazing and...ah...the Autobots both fear and respet him and...AH....he..ah...what I wouldn' have him as my....ah...oh....comrade...'

Jazz knew he didn't have much longer till midnight but that didn't mean he could relax although he was excited to finally have Soundwave take him. Bracing himself and trying to keep a clear mind Jazz continued to talk about Soundwave but he made a small whimper when he flet the heated spike prod his entrance.

'...I-I...wish I...ah...I was more like...ah...him...and I...I...AH!'

Soundwave entered him in one quick thrust. It surprised Jazz so much it made him cry out and almost forget what he was supposed to do. Feeling the huge mass within him made the small Autobot shudder and he almost bucked his hips but he wasn't about to loose now. Gripping the sheets on the berth and trying to relax as best he could he allowed Soundwave to thrust into him.

'I...ohhh...I...uh...think his...uh...uh...ability...oh...his ability many his...uh...AH...ah...AH...c-chest....oh Primus...b-b-bless him...ah...ah...our universe...our uinverse...ah...ah...w-would be lost without him...ah...ah...I-I cannot...ah..AH...imagine a universe...w-without him...oh...OH...ah...'

Soundwave wasn't even listening to him as he thrusted into him wildly and growled like a wild animal as he took Jazz. Even though it was slightly arousing to listen to him talk, moan and scream Soundwave could care less. The warmth he could feel within the Autobot was driving him over the urge. He gripped Jazz's waist in a death like grip and he snarled when he bucked wildly against Jazz's hips. It made Jazz cry out suddenly but he continued talking. It had to be one of the strangest sex scenes in exsistance but they still kept going.

'...I c-can't...ah...ah...AH...even imagine...ah....oohhh...ah...w-what...m-my life w-would be...ah...ah...ah...without him...ah...uh...P-Primus...b-be blessed!'

It was almost midnight...Soundwave was almost at his peck and Jazz was running out of things to say. All he could do was grip the sheets, wrap his legs round Soundwave's hips and scream out the last sentence he could think of as Soundwave came within him.


Jazz howled it out as he felt that liquid explosion erupt within him, Soundwave moaning out his name as he collapsed against him. The pair of them relaxed on the berth as they fell into reacharge, the pair of them forgetting about the dare. Jazz sighed as he fell into a slumber, his vavle sore but it didn't bother him. It was a minute past midnight but Jazz took no notice as he slept next to Soundwave unware that he had won the dare.

JAZZ WON! YAAAAY! So sorry it took so long but I have been sick lately. In fact I have a talented friend who has offered to write the final chapter for me. Thanks for reading!