AN: This is written purely for enjoyment. I am not making any money from this. I also do not own any characters from Psych or Stargate: Atlantis. Spoilers through season 4 of Atlantis, but as with most of my fics Beckett isn't dead nor is Weir just for the sake of she is easier to write than Carter. As for Psych this is sometime after season 2.


"We have an incoming transmission from Stargate Command" Chuck the gate technician said. "It's for Col. Sheppard" he gave the Colonel a questioning look. Sheppard quickly read the message displayed on the screen and then reread it twice.

"I didn't know you had a cousin sir" Chuck said not even realizing he was reading the colonel's email.

"Thank you for prying" Sheppard said rolling his eyes at Chuck. He sighed "Well looks like I'll be taking that vacation sooner than I thought" he said running his hand through his already messy hair.


"I still don't understand why I need to go with you" Rodney McKay snapped while walking around the room of John Sheppard. He paused at various objects and picked them up to look at them.

"Because" Sheppard drawled taking the picture Rodney was holding away from him and setting it gently on the table. "You wanted to come with me, and Elizabeth said you needed a vacation"

"I never said I wanted to come see your family with you" Rodney complained crossing his arms over his chest.

"Sure you did, that one time when my dad died" Sheppard said throwing various articles of clothing into the open suitcase on his bed.

"That was over a year ago" Rodney said

"So now you're saying you don't want to meet my family?" Sheppard asked not because he wanted to know the answer but because he knew if he didn't keep his end of the conversation going it would turn into one of Rodney's rants.

"I never said that either" McKay pouted. "I just don't know if I want to use my vacation time to go see your family"

"As opposed to your family?" Sheppard asked "Besides this isn't coming out of your normal vacation time. McKay you haven't had a day off in almost a year, Elizabeth is practically going to shove you through the gate to get you to leave."

"Well…." McKay said running out of things to argue about. "I'm not even packed yet" he got a smug look on his face "I can't go if I don't have any clothes" Sheppard smirked.

"Why do you think I've kept you busy for the past three hours?" he asked still smirking. McKay's look of smugness turned into one of panic. Just then John's door chimed. On the other side was Dr. Zalenka holding a large duffle bag.

"Here are your clothes Rodney" Zalenka said smiling broadly. "Have fun on the beach." With that he left, but behind him he could hear Rodney's protests

"The beach? Do you know what they have at the beach? Sand and salt water and octopuses and whales and more sand…….." Sheppard just smiled and carried his duffle bag as well as McKay's out to the gateroom.

"Have fun" Dr. Elizabeth Weir said smiling a little at the grumpy look on Rodney's face.

"Oh, we will" Sheppard said "See you in a couple of weeks" he waved and then pulled McKay through the gate with him. McKay was still listing all the dangers the beach held for them.


It was a beautiful morning in Santa Barbara California. The sun was just above the trees and shone brightly through the windows of the police station. It splayed across the desk of Head Detective Carlton Lassiter giving Shawn Spencer a perfect place to bask in the sun.

"What the Hell are you doing Spencer?" Lassiter's voice complained when he saw the department's psychic laying across his desk. Without bothering to open his eyes Shawn answered his question.

"The psychic forces are being very mysterious today Lassie" He yawned "They told me I should either take a nap on your desk or I should rap about pineapples" he shrugged his shoulders "This one seemed more enjoyable." He motioned to his lounging position.

"Just get off my desk Spencer" Lassiter growled. Shawn got up and stretched. He turned to say something to Lassiter probably a smart remark and then paused.

Lassiter looked over to the entrance to the police station to see what Shawn was looking at and saw his partner Juliet O'Hara talking to two men. One was tall and cocky with messy hair, while the other clearly hadn't seen the light of day in a while and looked incredibly bored.

"Who's that over with O'Hara" Lassiter said "Not that I care" he added. His voice sounded bored but he kept glancing up in curiosity at the three of them. Shawn smiled

"but Lassie Face you do care"

"Shouldn't you know who they are anyways Spencer? You're the one who's psychic" He shuffled some papers around on his desk.

"Possibly, but I will admit I did not see a tall dark stranger with amazing hair visiting Jules today" Shawn kept starring at the man's hair "Especially not the one who is my cousin." He added distractedly walking over. As he got closer he could hear snippets of their conversation.

"I'll find Shawn right away but I need you to sign in first" Juliet was saying her voice flustered and stressed.

"It's okay Jules you don't have to find me" Shawn said sticking himself into the middle of the three of them.

"Shawn there you are" Juliet said her voice relieved

"Shawn, about time you showed up. You said to meet you here." the one with the amazing hair said.

"Right…." Shawn said trailing off. "Funny thing, I don't really remember ever telling you to meet me here. Especially since we haven't talked in like eight years"

"So we came all the way here for nothing? We could have gone to the beach on Atl- " The other man complained. He was cut off by the first man who shoved his foot into his shin. "Ow Sheppard watch the feet"

"I'm sorry John, but I have no clue where that letter came from." Shawn reiterated. Sheppard shrugged.

"No problem. I needed the time off anyway. We'll just have to entertain ourselves while you're at work and then get dinner tonight." He gave Juliet a lopsided smile. Juliet smiled back but still had a puzzled look on her face. At this point Lassiter could take it no more and came over to see what was going on.

"What's going on O'Hara?" he said his voice gruff and serious

"Oh Carlton, this is Shawn's cousin Lt. Col. John Sheppard and his friend…"

"Dr. Rodney McKay" McKay said cutting her off. "John can I talk to you for a second" he grabbed Sheppard's arm and pulled him over to the potted plant by a pillar. Shawn watched them go. They both looked exhausted, what time zone could they have come from.

"John's a test pilot for the airforce" Juliet was saying to Lassiter.

Test pilot? Shawn thought to himself. That's not what he was doing last time I heard and that Dr. McKay is no test pilot. There's got to be more to this than meets the eye.

"What's the problem McKay?" Sheppard said once they were out of ear shot. "Who cares about the email being a mistake? We're in California" he gave McKay a friendly punch in the arm "Relax a little bit"

"Well I'm sorry, I've just been in fear of my life from alien vampires for the past four years" Sheppard shushed him.

"The walls have ears. Besides you were napping on the ride from the airport so you missed the giant billboard, there's a Sci-Fi con this weekend." Sheppard smirked. "I thought we could go check out the Wormhole X-Treme table. I hear they've got a new alien this season." McKay snorted in laughter.

"and by check out the table you mean make fun of it because we live it on a daily basis." Sheppard smiled

"Something like that. I bet that Juliet has a friend or two she could introduce you too."

"I wouldn't mind being introduced to Juliet" McKay said giving a glance over John's shoulder. Sheppard punched him in the arm this time with the intent to hurt. "Ow hey!" McKay said rubbing his arm. Sheppard turned and went back to where Lassiter, Juliet and Shawn were standing staring at the two men talking. Sheppard plastered a big smile on his face.

"Looks like we're staying in California for a few days" Shawn gave a half hearted smile as well.

"Yeah, I was just about to go meet up with Gus and then head out to work on that big case" McKay rolled his eyes

"Super, police work"

"Well you could come for that stuff. Or!" His eyes lit up like he just had a great idea. "Johnny why don't you and Robert"

"Rodney" McKay said correcting him

"I've heard it both ways" Shawn said. Sheppard could practically hear McKay's eyes rolling upward behind him. "Why don't you guys go see my dad?" Sheppard held up his hands.

"I don't think that's such a great idea" he said protesting as Shawn started pushing him out the door. "The last time I talked to your dad was when he pulled me over for speeding right after I graduated high school."

"All the more reason" Shawn said "You guys have a lot of catching up to do"

"It was nice to meet you" Sheppard called back to O'Hara and Lassiter, but mostly to O'Hara.

"Nice to meet you too!" Juliet called after them. Carlton gave her an exasperated look. "What?" she protested. He shrugged and went back to straighten his desk.