My Girl's a Cyborg, but that's Okay

Chapter One

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I was about twenty when I first met her.

It started off as a normal day really. It was the first of April in the year 2009, and I was walking back to my apartment. I was studying physics at Tokyo University, so I was called a serious student. I lived alone in a small apartment in Japan, away from my family who still lived in Hong Kong. At age twenty, I was single; the lifestyle which I was used to. I was also a virgin; something I rather detested. I didn't date because I felt nothing special with girls whom I had met, or had tried to approach me. At age twenty, I was serious, meticulous, and rather boring.

To sum it up, at age twenty, I was plain.


It started off normal, until I went to the bookstore. I wanted to buy a manga. Then I saw her. She was a girl wearing some sort of suit that you see on anime robotic women. She smiled at me, and I had to turn away. When I peered at her through my peripheral vision, I could see that she was still looking at her. Her green eyes sparkled with mirth, and she grinned as if she were happy to see me. This girl was crazy; I didn't know her. So why did she look like she knew me?

I turned to face her, but she was gone. In a way, I was disappointed because if I was truthful, she was rather cute. After buying the manga, I went outside.

"Hi!" she greeted me, wearing a sailorfuku uniform. My cheeks blushed; she was so cute! Now that I got to see her up close, she was borderline gorgeous. Clear, porcelain skin, big, green eyes, full, pink lips...she was the perfect woman. She smiled at me again, tilting her head to the side. "What's your name?"

"Syaoran," I responded almost automatically. She giggled. "What's yours?"

"Do you want to eat dinner with me today?" she asked very suddenly. Though she asked, she never gave me time to respond, because she took my hand and began to lead me away.

I did see that a mannequin from the cosplay shop next to the bookstore was naked. I knew it had on clothes before...

She ended up taking me to a McDonald's. I didn't mind very much, because my heart was beating very fast, and I did not want to displease her.

"Order whatever you like," she told me, still smiling widely.

I ordered something very basic. I don't really recall. However, she ordered two of everything off the menu. It was rather impressive, and we needed two tables to hold all the food. She had even bought happy meals, which she loved the most. She told the cashier she would pay for it all after she ate, because she was not sure if she would order more. The cashier was a young boy who thought she was pretty, so he let her have her way.

"Do you know it's my birthday today?" she revealed to me while she was chewing. She didn't talk in any Japanese dialect I've come across. "I've decided to celebrate it this way. When's your birthday, Syaoran?"

She did not care for honorifics. "Mine is not until the summer."

"Oh, I see." She went back to her French fries. Swallowing, she took out the little toy keychain that came with one of her happy meals. "Ponyo is so cute!"

I had to agree that the little fish toy was adorable, but held no candle to her.

"Even though it's not your birthday today, you can have this. A gift from me." Her hand grabbed one of mine and gently placed her toy inside. I felt my hand heat up with her touch.

I don't remember how long we stayed there, but she finally finished all her food. She told me to wait outside while she paid, so I did. A few moments later, she took my hand again, yelled out, "Disappear!" and the manager and a couple of employees were chasing us.

Though it should have mattered to me that she was dining and ditching, I could not get rid of the smile from my face.

It took a lot out of us both to outrun our chasers, but we did. My sides were hurting, and I could see she was sweating.

"Let's go in here!" she declared, pointing to a movie theatre. I sighed, a little, because she wanted to see a sad movie. I submitted to her whims anyway.

Naturally, we snuck in. Either she had no money, or was more entertained this way. No matter, because I felt myself slowly liking this strange and perfect girl. She started crying at some parts of the movie, and I found myself holding her close to me. My hand was patting the top of her to comfort her, all while she cried her big tears.

I still could not wipe the smile from my face.

We walked outside, hand in hand. The night was dark and a little chilly, but neither one of us cared. She was so small compared to me, and her hand was so soft. My legs were starting to cramp from all of that day's activities, but I kept quiet about it.

"Wait here!" she said to me when we were outside a convenience store. A few moments, she came out with unbagged items, yelled for me to "Disappear!" and suddenly, I found myself chased by the store manager. She threw something at me, and we ran, laughing happily, even though the man was yelled threats and curses at us.

I don't know how it happened, but we were in front of my apartment building. "Let's go!" She took my hand again and led me all the way to the rooftop. She began to set up what she bought, which ended up being fireworks. "Open that for me, will you?"

I looked down. It was takoyaki.

"One...two...three..."she lighted them all with her stolen matched, her hands were covering her ears. "Blast!"

The fireworks went off, my ears ringing because I didn't expect them. I had a feeling my landlord was going to yell at me for them later, but again, I could care less.

We stayed up there, looking at the fireworks and eating takoyaki. I looked at her at one point, shocked to see her crying.

"You know, it was this spot where he kissed me." She said this all in a very sad voice. My heart hurt with hers.

"Oh, did he?" Did this man live in my building?

"But then he said he didn't want to see me anymore!" she declared, her tears flowing down her cheeks. "He said I was too weird! Can you believe that? He said I ate too much, and I was heavy, and cold and my punches were too hard! Then he said he didn't even want to see me walk or blink anymore!"

She got in front of my face, we were only centimeters apart. She blinked. "Do you think I blink funny?"

I shook my head. Then she punched me in the stomach. I keeled over slightly.

"Was my punch too hard?" she asked me, just as desperately as before.

"Well...only a little..."I stammered out.

She began to walk back and forth, her feet lightly skipping as she did so. "Do I walk funny?"

"No, not at all," I assured her. She smiled very weakly at me.

"You're very kind."

My face blushed, and my heart beat. I knew it then that she was my dream girl.

"What's your name?" I wanted to know more than anything my entire life.

"Oh, no! I must go!" she exclaimed, after looking at her watch. She looked at me, biting her lip. She must have noticed that I was crestfallen at her declaration; I did not want to see her go away. That strange girl walked until she was just centimeters away from my face. On her tippy toes, she stretched up to kiss my cheek. That was it, nothing more.

"Close your eyes."

"Why?" I didn't want to stop seeing her.

"Because I am going to disappear, and I don't want you to see me cry," she explained. Her eyes were watery. "I want you to remember me smiling."

She smiled her very best smile, her green orbs ready to unleash even more tears.

I sighed dejectedly, but closed my eyes, feeling ready to cry with her. I smiled. "Okay, they're closed."

I heard her voice break. "You know...I'm actually from the future—100 years from now. I came using a time travel device. You're surprised, aren't you?"

I felt my smile get bigger. "Yep! I'm really surprised."

She laughed; it was a very nice sound. "Count to 100. When you do, you can open your eyes."

My smile got bigger and bigger. "One...two...three...four...five...six..."

True to my word and her request, I counted to 100. When I opened my eyes, she was already gone. All that was left was the debris from the fireworks, and the little Ponyo keychain she gave me.

Time had passed, and my life had gotten back to how it was before: average. That strange girl, whose name I didn't even know, left a huge impression on me. I couldn't stop thinking about her, no matter how hard I tried. Because of that, I felt normal life was a bit more painful and longer. I wanted nothing more than to see her. I wanted nothing more than to know her name.

I wanted nothing more than to kiss her.

It was July the thirteenth of the year 2010, my twenty-first birthday. It was over a year since I saw her last. No one celebrated my birthday with me, so I went to that bookstore next to the cosplay shop again. I can't really say for sure, nor can I explain it well, but I had some sort of feeling that I would see her again. As long as I was in that bookstore, I would see her again.

I was right. For something terrible happened again.

"Everyone, I am the god of death, and today, everyone will die!"

A crazy man, no more than forty years old, came in with a gun, drunk, and started shooting. Everyone ducked and took cover, and there were screams. I, myself, was scared and losing any sense of calm. The man laughed, and continued to shoot. I could hear him adding more bullets as he let loose.

Suddenly, he was right in front of me, towering over my body as I was ducked down. With a crazed smile, he pointed the gun right at me, and I felt an urgent sense of wanting to live.

"The god of death will send you to hell first," he declared with a gruff, and then I was eye to eye with the gun's mouth.

All I could think was I want to see her!

The man was knocked sideways by an invisible force. He crashed into a shelf and tumbled over along with some books. Looking up at my savior, my jaw dropped. It was her! It was her. She was wearing a strange outfit, the kind that robot, anime girls wear. However this time, she didn't smile at me. Her green eyes were narrowed, and she glared at the gunman. With great strength, she picked him up by the collar of his shirt, and flung him through the window. He coughed up blood as tiny glass pieces were all over him. Nearly everyone had gotten out of the store, and there were more pedestrians watching. She scanned the room before setting her eyes on me. With little care, she picked me up and started walking.

She walked without anyone caring on her appearance. Though I was embarrassed, I was too happy to see her again to care. Police had arrived, and had noted that no one had been killed or injured. It was a miracle.

I didn't know how she knew, but we were in front of my door. I had the thought that she would want to go to the roof, but I didn't complain. More than excited, I unlocked the door and invited her in.

"My room is a bit of a mess, but it's not so bad," I said, picking up clothes and other things. At one point, I sprayed something in the air to make the room smell nicer. Meanwhile, she was looking at everything in my small apartment with an indifference that was unfamiliar to me.

"Today is the thirteenth of July, 2010," she said in a monotone voice. I smiled and nodded.

"Yes, yes it is!"

"Happy birthday, Syaoran." Hey eyes began to glow. "I am Sakura, and I am a cyborg from the future."

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