My Girl's a Cyborg, but that's Okay

Chapter Six

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I was about seventeen when I first met her.

When I first saw her, she was on display at the National Technology Museum in the Cybortonics Exhibit. I was in my second year of high school when my class took a field trip to see all the cyborgs from the past. I was just wandering around when one of my friends called me over to see something amazing.

"You have to see this! It looks exactly like you!" My friend had pulled me by the wrist, my body moving forward until I reached the destination. I was standing in front of a hundred year old cyborg model and a picture of her human maker. Cyborg Model 001, Sakura + Human Creator, Syaoran Li, circa 21st century.

She looked like me. Her hair was shorter than mine (mine was past my shoulder, where hers was just above them), but other than that, we were the same. She even had the color of my eyes perfectly imitated. Not just that, she even had my name.

Her creator looked old, but I could see he must have been very kind. Most of the cyborgs from the previous century looked worn out, and used. She, on the other hand, looked treasured and cherished. He treated her like a human; that I could tell. There was also something else—his eyes. They were deep and amber, and filled with adoration in this picture. Though he was quite elderly in this old picture, I could see that he was very handsome when he was young.

I could not tell you why, but he left a huge impression on me as I left the museum.

I have a feeling it was his eyes.

Two years later, I went to the auction with my brother and his friend, Yukito. The museum was going out of business, so they were selling a lot of the old relics. When I had heard that she was going to be sold, I had to go and get her. The feeling inside me grew, and I begged Touya-nii to let me buy her. At first he did not agree nor understand, but we went anyway. It was strange to see this cyborg with my face being on that stage while everyone around her was ready to raise their hands to give their highest bidding.

"This is the 21st century Cyborg model 001, named Sakura—the only one of her kind! Her creator was the Li Syaoran, who became the true father of cyborg, went on to create the top 100 models humans use today! Interestingly enough, this cyborg was with him during the Great Tokyo Earthquake, which took the lives of millions. Though she no longer functions, her memory chip has remained intact and has a bonus Ponyo toy (a popular Japanese toy from that time). Let us start the bid at 10 million munny."

It cost us a fortune, but we got her. When I won the bid, I was so happy. With my brother's help, we carried her to my room. The first thing I did was extract her memory chip, and plug it into my computer program. With it, I had the opportunity to live through her memories.

And I did live...

Through her memories, I lived more in the few days I immersed myself in the past than I ever have in my entire life. Through her eyes, I saw how she was born, in the spring when the cherry blossoms were born; coincidentally, on my birthday.

"Good morning, Sakura," her creator, a very old but disabled Li Syaoran smiled happily. He had the kindest eyes and the warmest smile. I couldn't explain it, because through her, I felt a sense of loyalty. "Happy Birthday."

He explained to her how she was programmed, but she was not a limited being. He treated her like a precious being—a living being.

"Sakura, there was a dream girl—the one I loved. I built you in her memory, because that was all she became. I need you to save the past me.

The past me not only became disabled due to the gunshot wound on my birthday, but the past me also did not know much about love. The past me was still very immature and needs to live life fully."

He looked at her with such wonder. "Please allow him to love, even f it is painful. Love is always painful."

He gave her many warnings and instructions, and then when he passed away, she mourned him without tears.

"I will save you, master," I said it through her lips, nodding to him. Then she left and traveled through time.

When she landed, she went off to find him. She seemed to know where he was—in a bookstore. My breath was caught in my throat; he was beautiful. He was average really, but I found him to be very beautiful. Those eyes were still so very kind and full of naïve kindness.

No wonder she saved him without hesitation.

His happiness was contagious, and even though she did not know him very well, she felt a surge of pleasure when he smiled. He made her angry, frustrated, proud, and happy. And also apologetic after she ended up cooking his parrot. He was patient with her, and she sensed that he too was frustrated, but he hid it well. Despite all this, she felt happy to be "his girl." Little by little, she grew to love him even more, but was careful to hide it.

She worked for him, saved lives for him, and stayed by him. She learned of his past, his dreams, his fears, even if they were childish. She never judged him, and he became much more precious, especially to me.

I was there when he kissed her, and he left before he could see that her fingers subconsciously went to her lips and lingered there. I was there when he was at his limit, and yelled cruel words to her. He didn't see how they hurt her, but she obeyed him anyway, and continued to look after him.

I was also there when she died.

She died loving him to the core.

When I finished, I woke up crying, her memories becoming one with mine. It was as if we were one person, and then I knew that I needed to meet him. I needed to see him for myself. I did not want to foolishly love a dead man who lived in a different century because of this cyborg.

I cut my hair and matched my appearance to hers and took the little Ponyo toy she had. Then I went to ask permission to ask if I could travel back in time—to his time. I received an approval for one day. If I disobeyed, I could not return to my time.

I decided to see him one year before she got to him—it was important to me that I meet him before he met her.

It was selfish, but I wanted him to be mine first. I wanted to create as many memories with him as I possibly could. I was very mischievous, and caused trouble, but it made him smile. When we went to eat, and the little Ponyo toy became my prize from the Happy Meal, I understood something very crucial; I was the girl he based the cyborg off of. It was me.

This knowledge made me happy, that it was because of me that he treasured that lovely cyborg. I wanted to celebrate. So I caused more trouble, but he didn't seem to mind. He seemed to enjoy my company, his kindness and patience moving me deeply. When we finished off with the fireworks, I could not help but cry. The day was ending and soon, we would part. Looking around, I realized this was the very spot he kissed her. Tears overflowed without me wanting them, and her vivid memories were mine.

"You know, it was this spot where he kissed me." The words spilled out. "But then he said he didn't want to see me anymore! He said I was too weird! Can you believe that? He said I ate too much, and I was heavy and cold and my punches were too hard! Then he said he didn't even want to see me walk or blink anymore!"

Despite the fact that I was irrational (and rather violent), he was still trying to comfort me. He was really very kind; it broke my heart that our time together would end soon. Then, she would have him all to herself. I had to leave. I had to.

I loved him too much stay.

"Close your eyes"

Because I was going to disappear, and I didn't want him to see me cry.

He smiled.

"You know...I'm actually from the future—100 years from now. I came using a time travel device. You're surprised, aren't you?" I had broken the most important rule in time travel, but I didn't care. He didn't really believe me anyway.

"One...two...three..." I ran away as he counted with that silly smile on his face. As I ran, tears were flying from my face. My breath was caught, and I clutched my heart. It was not fair. It was not fair at all. How was it possible that I loved this human being so much in only a matter of hours?

The old man in her memories was right; love was painful. And it felt that pain more than anything.

I knew there was only one thing left to do as I set the time on the machine.

"Onii-chan...forgive me."

In saw him holding on to the beloved cyborg, picking up the rest of the pieces so that he may repair his heart along with her body. But when he saw me, he knew it was no longer necessary.

"Syaoran..."I called to him. He looked at me like I were a goddess.

I came back to this time to stay.

And to be with him.


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