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Adventures in Kanto

Waking up in a Strange World


The first thing Monkey D. Luffy noticed was that it was warm. The sun above was beating down on him as a light breeze was rustling his hair, tickling his forehead. He felt as if he were laying on grass; strange, he didn't remember there being grass on the Going Merry. Or had the Mikan Grove grown grass since he'd last played hide and seek in it with Usopp and Chopper yesterday? Could he have possibly fallen asleep?

He stretched and opened his mouth wide in a loud yawn. A little more sleep wouldn't hurt. He wasn't hungry, and as far as he could tell, everything was peaceful.

Until he felt something strange tickling his nose. He wrinkled his nose and waved it away, then settled into a relaxed state once again. The thing returned and he mumbled incoherently and again waved it away. When it returned a third time, he pushed himself up quickly with a, "Oi! I'm sleeping here!"

But Luffy blinked in confusion when he heard a frightened shout of, "Bulbasaur, Tackle attack!", and looked toward the source. A strange little green creature was charging toward him and as he stared at it, it rammed into him, surprisingly enough knocking him back a few feet as his hat drifted to the floor.

Luffy quickly recovered, stretching his arms back, "Gomu gomu no…"

However, before he could initiate the attack, the voice from before screamed, terrified, and his behind the strange little creature. "Wait, don't!" It was at that moment that Luffy realized that the person was a young girl, no older then ten, with short blond hair tied in pig-tails in a little black hat atop her head.

He let his arms snap back into place and stared at her, a bit confused. She was shaking, and the creature in front of her was growling defensively, almost cutely. What in the world was it?

"What are you?" The girl asked Luffy. "Are you some kind of Pokemon or something?"

Now that word was new. Luffy tilted his head to one side, "Poke-what?" he asked her.

"I've never seen a human that can stretch like that! You have to be a Pokemon! Or are you some kind of illusion? Where's the Pokemon casting it though?" the girl looked from side to side, searching for it.

Luffy's lips suddenly spread into a wide grin, "Oh, I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi. I'm a rubber man," he said, and to emphasize, he hooked a finger in his cheek and stretched it out. "See?" he looked toward the strange little creature with the bulb on its back. Its red eyes were watching Luffy closely. "What's that thing? Your pet? I've never seen anything like it,"

The girl looked down at the creature. "He's not my pet, he's my friend. He's a Bulbasaur,"

"Bulbasaur…?" Luffy asked. "What's a Bulbasaur."

"Don't you know anything?" the girl asked. "He's a Pokemon." She heaved an exasperated sigh and stepped toward Luffy, her fear forgotten as she grabbed his hand. "Come on, I know just the person who can explain it to you!"

Luffy staggered slightly as she started to pull him, running, toward a town nearby, and hastily, he stretched his free arm back and picked his hat up off the grass.


"What is this place?" Luffy asked as the girl led him through the door of a large building. He was surprised when the door slid open by themselves and took a moment to marvel at them before the girl with her Bulbasaur had managed to usher him onward, through another set of automatic doors and into a laboratory.

"Awesome!" Luffy exclaimed as he looked around at all the hi-tech objects and machines throughout the lab. He immediately set to touching and looking at everything, pressing random buttons to see how they worked. Normally, Nami would have gotten mad at him for doing things like this.

As that thought crossed his mind, he realized that the reason Nami wasn't getting mad was because she wasn't around. Neither was Zoro, or Usopp, or Sanji, or Chopper of even Vivi. A sudden seriousness washed over the usually aloof pirate captain and he racked his mind searching for any memory of whether or not his nakama had been in that field with him.

He knew right away that they hadn't, and he couldn't remember how he'd even gotten there. Now, Luffy forgot things often, but he always knew where his Nakama were. Well, most of the time. And now that he didn't, it unsettled him.

"Leanne? What are you doing here?" a different voice, an old man's voice, asked. "And who's your friend?" Luffy turned his head to look at the man. He had graying, almost white hair, and black eyes, and looked rather serious. He'd said Leanne. That must have been the girl's name.

"Professor Oak!" The girl said. "This is…" she trailed off, realizing she didn't know her new friend's name. She turned to look at him, "What's your name, anyway?"

"Me? I'm Monkey D. Luffy," he said, pointing to himself. "Hey, Old Man, could you tell me what island this is?"

"Old man?" Professor Oak grumbled. "Well, you're in Kanto, in Pallet Town,"

"Kanto?" Luffy repeated. He'd never heard of a place like that. "How far is that from Alabasta?"

Now it was the Professor's turn to look confused. "Alabasta?" he asked. He looked at Leanne and the girl shrugged and shook her head. "Young man, where do you think you are?"

Luffy frowned, "You mean this isn't the Grand Line?" he asked. He watched as the Professor stared at him levelly, his eyes betraying nothing if he knew anything. Calmly, the Professor put a hand on Leanne's shoulder.

"Leanne, your Bulbasaur looks like it could use some fresh air. Why don't you take it outside in the sun for a while?" he suggested with a smile.

"Ok!" Leanne said, turning and running toward the door. Bulbasaur followed her and as soon as the sliding door closed behind them, Oak turned back to Luffy.

"Young Man, you are not from this dimension, are you?" he asked. Luffy shrugged.

"Don't know," he said honestly, "Nami would know, but I don't know where she is, or the rest of my Nakama for that matter. Have you seen any of them, old man? One of them has green hair, another has orange… then there's a blond, and a reindeer, and a black haired one, and a blue haired princess,"

Oak shook his head. "I haven't seen any of them, " he admitted. "But I'm certain that if you're in this world, your friends are as well,"

"So then how did I get here?" Luffy asked.

"I can't tell you that," Oak said, shaking his head, because I don't know. But there is another man who may be able to help you. And while searching for him, you can find your friends along the way," he turned away from Luffy toward a table where there was a strange red object and handed it to him, "This is a Pokedex, it's got a map of the region, and a database of Pokemon. To use it, just point it at the Pokemon and you'll be able to identify it." He pressed a button on the small device and a map came up, then he pointed to one o f the dots, "you'll find who you're looking for here. His name's Bill, he should be able to help you,"

Luffy looked at the device for a few seconds. Nami was better at these things then he was, he'd have to find her. "Thanks, old man!" he said, closing it and stuffing it into his pocket. He turned and ran toward the door, only to be stopped by the Professor calling his name.

"Wait, Luffy!" he called. Luffy stopped in his tracks and turned to face him, "You can't just leave without a Pokemon. It's dangerous out there," Oak pointed to three balls displayed on yet another table. "And take these," he in his hand, he had a handful of similar, smaller balls. Luffy looked at them briefly, then stretched his arm out to them, grabbing the one in the center, and the other arm took the smaller balls from the Professor. Oak stared at the arms, dumbfounded for several moments.

"Thanks a bunch, Old Professor," Luffy said again, looking at the strange balls. He placed the smaller ones in his empty pocket and turned back toward the door. "Now it's time to find Zoro and the others and get back home!" he declared.

"It's Professor…" Oak began, then stopped with a sigh as Luffy left. "Professor Oak. But I guess he tried to get it right in the end," he heaved a sigh and turned to his computers.

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