Adventures in Kanto

Pewter City Gym

Luffy Vs. the Rock-Solid Pokemon Trainer Part 2 – A Rival is Made!

"If your little Eevee can beat my Geodude, then I'll give you the Boulder Badge without facing Onix."

Luffy stared at the badge Brock displayed – it was so simple, an gray octogon that looked much too small for Brock's large callused hands. Part of him wanted to stretch his arm across the arena to snatch it and run like a true pirate, bu he reminded himself that his was a necessary competition. If he just stole the badges, then he'd never encounter that Pokemon – what was it called? Palkia?

Brock put the badge back into the pocket of his vest and pointed his finger at Eevee, "Geodude!" he said firmly, "Go! Use Tackle attack and take down that Eevee!" Geodude seemed to raise its extended fists higher as it flew toward Eevee at full speed.

"Eevee! Dodge it!" Luffy shouted immediately. However, Eevee wasn't quite fast enough. The rock Pokemon slammed into her head on, sending her sprawling back with a startled cry.

"Don't let up, Geodude!" Brock continued, "Keep going until you defeat it!"

"Geodude!" Geodude responded. It chased after the fallen Eevee, hitting it again and this time throwing it in the other direction. Eevee struggled to regain her footing as the Geodude hit her again and again, ever once letting up even after she was unable to rise.

"Enough," Brock called, raising a hand. Geodude returned to his own side of the arena and Brock observed the fallen Pokemon in the center skeptically. The bruised Eevee wasn't moving. "I think this is a match," Brock decided, "It was a worthy effort, but Eevee's are weak. You didn't stand-"

"Shut up!" Luffy shouted immediately. Brock's eyes widened in surprise by the boy's sudden outburst and his jaw dropped. Luffy's brow was furrowed, obviously angry as he raised a rubber finger to point at Eevee, "Eevee! Get up!" he ordered, "You can do this! Just get up!"

Brocks'e eyes narrowed slightly when Eevee's ear twitched and Luffy grinned proudly, "Don't talk down on my Nakama before you know their strength," he said to Brock. Narrowed eyes widened as Eevee began to rise to her feet, her small legs shaking under the strain of even her own light body weight. She was breathless, but determined.

"Eevee!" she said to Geodude. The rock Pokemon scowled deeper then usual, obviously irritated, but waited patiently for an order from Brock. The Gym Leader himself seemed irritated now as he clenched a fist and pointed again at Eevee.

"Geodude! Do it right this time! Make sure she can't get up!" Brock ordered. Geodude noded and flew forward once again, prepared to slam its rock hard body into Eevee's more fragile, soft one.

"Eevee," Luffy said to the little fox Pokemon. Eevee looked obediently up at her owner curiously, her ears twitching slightly at the mention of her name, "I want you to use your strongest attack against this guy, ok? We've gotta take it down and win that badge!" He pointed to Geodude and Eevee turned her gaze to the opposing team.

Her determination seemed to intensify as she nodded with a powerful, "Eevee!" She braced herself, lowering into a slight crouch as a white glow outlined her small body. Then, with surprising speed, she ran straight at the oncoming Geodude.

"No way..." Brock muttered in disbelief as he watched the Evolution Pokemon's rapid movement toward his Geodude. "Such a small Pokemon knows Take Down? So she must be higher leveled then I thought..." He cupped his hands around his mouth to amplify his voice as he shouted to his Pokemon, "Geodude! Don't let her hit you!"

Geodude heard the order and tried to stop his own assault on Eevee to attempt to dodge but failed, his own momentum pushing him forward even as he attempted to readjust his course. Eevee hit him head on, sending him spinning away. But she didn't let up there. She jumped after him, hitting him again and sending him to the right, then to the left with another take down tackle before finally stopping, landing elegantly on her feet as the Geodude crashed into the floor, his body embedding into the hard rock surface. He attempted to pull himself out, but weakened by his fight with Little Ace, he found that he didn't have the strength and instead collapsed.

The glow surrounding Eevee faded and Luffy, though surprised by the sudden display of strength, pumped a fist into the air proudly, "Yahoo! Way to go, Eevee! I knew you could do it!" he exclaimed. Eevee turned to Luffy, then ran toward him, jumping into his arms excitedly.

Brock held out a Pokeball, "Guess two of them is too much for you, huh, Geodude?" he asked with a frown, "Good attempt, but looks like you'll need to get stronger." He looked toward Luffy and Eevee, the boy hugging the Pokemon tightly and Eevee nuzzling her head against his face. But that Eevee was surprisingly strong...

He walked toward Luffy and Eevee and as soon as he was a few feet away, the two stopped their celebration and Eevee jumped out of Luffy's arms to sit beside him. "That Eevee," Brock said cautiously, "Where did you get her?"

"Eevee?" Luffy asked, kneeling down and patting Eevee's head, "Some Moss-head gave her to me. I knew she was cool, but I didn't know she was this cool, shishishi!"

Moss Head...?Brock asked, confused. "Oh, you mean Bill," he recalled.

"Yeah, that's right!" Luffy said. He stood up, pressing a hand to his Strawhat and standing tall as he looked at Brock, "So? Do I get the badge thing?"

Brock heaved a sigh and reached into his vest pocket, taking out the octoganal badge and holding it out to Luffy. The older teen held out his hand and Brock dropped the badge into it, explaining as Luffy examanined it, "That Boulder Badge is a symbol that you defeated the Pewter City Gym Leader fair and square," he said, "And it'll make your Pokemon respect you. Keep in mind that if you don't win Gym Battles, at a certain point, your Pokemon may not listen to you, so you've gotta keep winning these badges if you want them to have any respect for you,"

"Yosh, I understand," Luffy said with a nod, absently putting the badge into the pocket of his blue shorts, "Thanks, Spiky-hair! Now I'm one step closer to getting my friends and I home! I can't wait to tell Chopper!" he said, nearly bursting with excitement. He returned Eevee to her Pokeball and turned away, "See ya, Spiky!"

"My name's Brock!" the gym-leader called after the older teen running out of the Gym. With a sigh, he shook his head, self-consciously pressing a hand to his hair, "Is it... really that spiky?" he found himself wondering.


"Are you serious?" Leanne asked in obvious amazement at the sight of the gray octagonal badge between Luffy's thumb and index finger. The young man was sitting on the grass outside the Pokemon Center with his legs crossed, enjoying a piece of meat that Leanne had managed to retrieve for him after his Pokemon had been fully healed. "Your new Eevee really beat Brock? With what attack? How?"

Luffy's grin spanned from ear to ear, splitting his face in two, "I think Spiky-hair Brock called it Take Down or something, but either way it was really cool! Just goes to show you how strong my friends are!" he said proudly. He pinned the badge to the front of his shirt, displaying it for all to see as a sign of his strength.

"Take Down... that's an incredibly advanced attack! To think Eevee knows something like that..."

"Totally awesome, right?" Luffy asked, taking a huge bite out of the meat before him. He stuffed the rest into his mouth before standing up and dusting himself off. Chopper seemed confused by Leanne's shock, his brow furrowing as he tilted his head to one side.

"I don't understand. What's the big surprise?" Chopper asked her, "I know she's small and everything, but is it really such a big deal?"

"Well, not really," Leanne said, "It's just, I never expected Bill the Pokemaniac to give some newbie like him a trained high-level Eevee. That little girl is probably stronger then Little Ace," she explained. Chopper thought she seemed a bit insecure about it all. Or was she jealous?

"So, where do we have to go to get the next badge thing?" Luffy asked Leanne. The younger girl looked up at him as if seeing him for the first time before she shook her head and rummaged through her backpack.

"Not we," She said briskly. She extracted a folded map from a pocket in the backpack and held it out to Luffy, "You're gonna want to go through Mount Moon. The mountain is impossibly dangerous to climb, so the only way to get through and out is to go through the caves. The other side opens near Cerulean City, where you'll meet Misty: the next Gym Leader,"

"Wait, you're not coming with us?" Chopper asked with a hint of panic in his voice. Neither he nor Luffy were familiar with this world and already, Luffy had a horrible sense of direction. Chopper could navigate with his nose, but how was he supposed to do that when he had no clue what he was sniffing for?

"I'm not going anywhere until I get that badge too," Leanne said, pointing at the badge pinned to Luffy's chest, "But my Bulbasaur isn't ready to face Brock's Pokemon. I'm gonna hang out here and train for a little bit." She looked up at Luffy confidently with a smile not unlike his, "But next time we meet, Luffy, will be the Pokemon League. Then we'll see who's got the stronger Pokemon. From this day forth, we're rivals, okay?" She asked, holding out his hand.

Luffy looked at her seriously for a moment, obviously unhappy about separating, however, that frown flipped in to a smile as he slapped his hand into the younger girl's grasping it firmly. "Yosh, rivals it is, then," he decided. For a moment, the two stared at each other with mutual understanding, that one day, either Leanne of Luffy would win the Pokemon League, and then, Luffy released her hand and turned on his heel to walk down the street.

"Let's go, Chopper," he said over his shoulder, opening up the map and gazing at it. Chopper hesitated, watching Leanne cautiously for a moment, then with a quiet 'goodbye' he turned and trotted after Luffy.

When he'd caught up to his captain, he steadied his stride to a liesurly walk to match Luffy's, looking over his shoulder at the waving Leanne as he asked, "Are you sure it's ok to leave her? She's really young..."

"It's her decision not to come," Luffy said simply, tilting the map sideways, then upside down, then turning his head upside down in an attempt to decipher it, "She'll be fine. She has her friends to help her and I know that they're strong enough to protect her." His face contorted into a frustrated pout as he twisted his head rightside up again, holding the map at arms length even as he walked. "If only Nami were here, she'd understand it..." he said.

"Let me see," Chopper said. He climbed onto Luffy's shoulders, looking over his head at the large map. It was simple enough, though maybe a bit too simple. He looked at the compass rose in the bottom corner, then looked up at the sky to check the position of the sun. It was setting in the west directly behind them. He looked back at the map, then nodded, "Well, we're going the right direction," he said, "According to this, there should be a path just outside the city. If we follow that, we'll reach this Mount Moon place in no time!"

Luffy folded the map messily and handed it back to Chopper, who put it in an easily accessible pocket in his blue backpack. "Yosh," Luffy said, raising his arms into the air to stretch, "Then let's hurry up! The sooner we find our Nakama and get these badges, the sooner we can get back to the Grand Line!" Without warning, he started to run, and Chopper nearly fell from his perch atop his shoulders. The little reindeer grabbed Luffy's head tightly to regain his balance as Luffy took off toward Mount Moon.

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