Okay I already got a pokemon story I need to finish called Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald but I felt the urge to write the sequel a bit earlier so here's DPP.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl's Platinum Destiny

Chapter One: VS Bidoof


I strentched as I yawned away the drowsy feeling. "It's my time," I thought to myself. I got up and hit the showers afterward I took the outfit I've been waiting a whole 3 months to wear.

"Finally, my twelfth birthday!" I told myself while slipping into the white tee, and black vest then finishing with a pink skirt. I wasn't a big fan of the short skirt but whatever gets my 'glamourous' mother to let me out without hearing her constant chatter made me wear anything she gave me.

I walked down the stairs and before I could even get into the kitchen my mom started.

"Dawn!" she called from the kitchen sink. "I thought you weren't gonna wear the skirt until you got your first pokemon!"

"I know mom but I wanted to wear it today." I sighed while putting strudels in the toaster.

"Why would you honestly want to wear it today?" She ranted on. "You'll just get it dirty playing with Jun."

"I heard that." I told her referring to the emphasis on Jun.

"Well, sorry honey if I don't approve on that boy," She continued speaking in sarcasm. "Honestly he gets it from that father of his."

"You just don't understand," The toaster rang I took the strudels and thought. 3- 2- 1 sure enough Jun was face pressed at my window with his orange colored eyes and blonde hair screaming.

"Dawn hurry up!" I heard through the glass. "If your late I'm charging you one million dollars!" He ran off after the warning.

I laughed at the thought of me getting one million dollars and raced for the door. "Bye mom!" I quickly yelled before stepping on the grey cat's twisted tail.


"Sorry, Glameow!" I appoligized, running to Jun's house knowing he forgot something.

Jun Platinum, I read the mailbox like I always did when I came to the house. "Hello, Mrs. Platinum!"

"Hey, Dawn" She replied delighted from my visit as usual. "Jun's upstairs again."

"Thanks, Mrs. Platinum!" I said while running up the other half of stairs.

"Hey Dawn, Joann got you wearing the skirt again?" He asked but before I answered. "Come on, to the lake! One billion dollars if you're late!"

He ran down the stairs while I tried to keep up.

"Bye Mrs. Platinum!"

A minute later while failing to keep up with Jun, I found him on the floor while a tall and husky man in a blue vest and white hair walked away followed by a young boy wearing an outfit similar to mine except with jeans.

I ran up to Jun. "What happened?"

"Oh I kind of bumped into that old dude," Jun said getting up and dusting off his pants. "But who cares, about that, to the lake."

"Right, I'll lead this time." I offered and he nodded.

While walking up to the lake I was curious as to why so I asked Jun, "Why are we going to the lake?"

"I heard about pokemon mutations going on in the Jhoto region and it made me think about the lake guardian." Jun confessed.

"That's all?" I asked thinking we usual do more than look at invisible guardians.

"I'm gonna catch it." He grinned and I laughed.

"How, you have no pokemon." I reminded him.

"You'll see," He said when we enter the lake entry through the forest and the place just lit up to our eyes.

"Wow!" We both said in unison of amazement, I don't know why since we've been here before but it was always different.

Jun started walking into the grassy areas, "Jun, wait!"

"Don't worry Dawn, we'll run if any pokemon attack." He assured me then kicked a rock but as I watched that rock fly into the air and land on the Bidoof dam, I thought to myself 'please don't' but it did. The dam broke apart and drifted farther into the lake.

"Jun…" Before I could warn him a dozen small, angry, brown, puffy-tailed pokemon ran out of the broken dam and surrounded Jun and me.


-To Be Continued-

Okay not much going on but an introduction but it will get interesting soon. I was planning on doing the story from Lucas' point of view as the main character and Dawn as the Professor's lacky but as I thought more of it, Dawn would end up as the damsel in distress like May kind of is in Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald. So this time Dawn is taking the main role. And Jun/Barry's role in the story didn't change much.

Also this time I'm doing first person point of view for the 3 main game characters so enjoy Jun's morning this time.

Don't worry I will continue Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald.