Chapter one: Sesshoumaru is not a stalker.

The scent of hot earth and coming rain filled the air as the sun beat down through the greenery to try and catch Sesshoumaru's pale ivory skin. The quiet buzz of his school's pupils filled the air and everything was as it should be.

Well almost everything.

They were at it again. Those girls from the public school behind the fence were gossiping under his tree. Not that the tree actually belonged to Sesshoumaru per say, it was more like in the private school that he attended everyone knew not to go near Sesshoumaru Taisho's, the most fear Daiyokai's tree.

Apparently someone had forgotten to tell those girls. They seemed to think that sitting against the fence under the shade of a tree that wasn't even in their school was heaven or something. Or that it was away from eavesdroppers. But from his perch in the tree Sesshoumaru could hear every word spoken.

Not that he wanted to; in fact they were giving him a headache. He tried to block them out but it was futile as the squealing cut into his mind. So instead he watched and listened like a television viewer who had selected a show at random that didn't really hold their interest but was watched for want of something more constructive to do.

"Jeez, he is such a Hentai" a girl with long brown hair, brown eyes and a swimmers body proclaimed.

"Aw, come on Sango-chan you know you love it!" a girl with red hair and green eyes goaded Sango, she was obviously a wolf demon if her pointed ears and fangs were anything to go on.

"Miroku is a Hentai" Sango said and the third girl nodded her agreement "Why Ayame-chan would I love that?"

"Because you and everyone else knows he pays more attention to your ass than anyone else's" the third girl spoke at last. She had long midnight hair that waved to her waist and long bangs that hid her eyes because she was sat with her legs bent and her head resting on her knees whilst her hands pulled grass up absentmindedly. She had a curvy figure with a somewhat waspish waist.

Ayame grinned mischievously at the girl "Says you!" she pointed at the girl in an accusatory sort of way "the girl who has the entire male population of the school begging at her feet"

"She even had female contenders" Sango chipped in giggling

Was this girl really that sought after? He wondered as he also tried to recall the reason he knew the name Miroku.

"Yeah right" the girl's voice was laden with sarcasm

"Shall I read you the list?" Ayame enquired as she pretended to dig in her bag for the imaginary list.

"No thanks" the way she said the last made it sound like she had been through the same ridicule many times before and was sick of it but put up with it out of compassion for her friends.

Ayame ignored the girl's answer "Hojo"

"Just a friend" the girl sighed

"More like a puppy" Ayame giggled Sesshoumaru bit back a snarl at the unintended insult to his race of Inu Yokai, he didn't know who this Hojo was but it was obvious that the comment was not meant as a compliment.

"Kouga" Sango put in "even though he should totally go out with Ayame-chan instead"

"I agree" Ayame concurred "Naraku"

"He's creepy" the girl shuddered slightly

"And of course" Sango gave a dramatic pause "Inuyasha"

Sesshoumaru would have fallen out of the tree if her were one to do such an ungraceful act. They were speaking about his baka half brother who had managed to get kicked out of the private school and promptly moved next door to the public school. That was how he knew the name Miroku; he had come over to their house on more than one occasion.

His half brother wanted this onna?

The girl scoffed "Inuyasha won't even call me by my name it's always 'wench' or 'bitch' or if he's feeling really generous he calls me Kikyo after his ex"

"Do you really think she looks that much like you?" Ayame asked

The girl shrugged her delicate shoulders "I have no idea and I don't care. He isn't my type anyway"

"So come on" Ayame said conspiratorially "Who is your type?"

"No one in this school" she scoffed as she looked up into the boughs of the tree above her. Sesshoumaru nearly had a heart attack but then he realised that he was hidden in the foliage. He could see her perfectly on the other hand. Her eyes were bottomless sapphires surrounded by thick black lashes. She had haughty cheekbones, porcelain skin and a full kissable pout. She looked heavenly.

He tried to quash the errant thought as it popped into his head but it refused to be flattened. It seemed the thought was stubborn.

"Ye gods I need caffeine" said Ayame massaging her temples with her agile fingers

"How late did you stay awake last night anyway?" Kagome jumped upon the excuse to direct the conversation away from herself.

"Actually it was more like the early hours of this morning" Ayame was sheepish and got hit with a trig book courtesy of Sango who was wearing a disapproving expression.

"The saddest thing is what you do until the early hours of the morning" Sango snickered

"Watching that much anime has to be bad for you" Kagome giggled at Ayame's obstinate expression

"Yeah well Sango-chan does too much karate" Ayame pouted

"Only so when she hits Miroku it actually hurts" Kagome smiled at Sango who giggled.

"Karate isn't unhealthy either" Sango made another dig at Ayame who rolled her eyes

"The point still stands, I need caffeine" Ayame stood and dusted the blades of grass from her school skirt.

"I'll come too" Sango stood "I have karate club after school so I could do with something to eat round about now"

"You coming?" Ayame asked Kagome tilting her head to one side as she awaited her answer.

"No" Kagome smiled "I think I'll stay here for a while"

Sango shrugged "Bye"

"See you in Trig" Ayame nodded before following Sango across the school field to the canteen

Kagome smiled as she watched her friends disappear as Sesshoumaru watched her and her soft smile his heart felt a little lighter and his lips twitched into an almost invisible smile that never would have crossed his perfect features in public.

She sat in the soft autumnal sunshine as the slight breeze tangled her long tresses and smiled, basking in the warm sensation of caressing sunshine across her face.

He watched her peaceful expression curiously, was it really possible to look that serene in real life? He had only seen that kind of expression in murals of angels and her peacefulness was rubbing off on him somehow.

As the bell rang signalling that her classes had started again she stood up and her long hair fanned out and entangled with the fence unbeknownst to her.

She began to walk away and stopped sharply as she was yanked back to the fence by her hair.

"Ah!" she exclaimed in confusion and she still struggled to walk forward even though it was obvious she was stuck.

She reminded him momentarily of a caged animal who knew they were captured but didn't go to the cause of the problem and instead struggled fruitlessly.

He jumped from the tree with lithe grace and landed with a muted thump on the plush grass of the private schools lawns.

She jumped in shock as the gorgeous silver haired male landed from the tree to stand on the opposite side of the fence and stare at her.

His golden orbs flickered as he gazed at her and she looked at the young man with a kind of stupefied awe that made her mouth hang open slightly.

He was porcelain pale, but surprisingly this suited him down to the ground and contrasted harshly with the fact that he was beautifully sculpted like a marble statue. His eyes smouldered and his long silver hair reached his waist but was tied into a loose braid and draped over his left shoulder. He had two magenta stripes over each cheek and a crescent moon adorned his forehead.

He was wearing the uniform for the private school and it looked good on him.

"Stop moving" his voice was cold and commanding; impassive like his entire demeanour

"What?" she was baffled by his command

"Stop struggling, you will rip your hair from your head" he told her coldly but with a hint of annoyance at her stupidity

She blushed red and he found that this complimented her and made her look more alluring, not that he allowed his thoughts to be portrayed across his features.

He reached the fence and with nimble fingers worked her hair loose from the fence without snagging a single strand, as he did this she noticed that there were two more magenta stripes on the inside of each wrist. She knew that the markings meant he was a powerful Daiyokai, what she didn't know was why he was helping a human such as her.

He was wondering the same thing.

"There" he said dropping the strand of her hair before turning on his heel and attempting to walk off.

"Wait!" she yelped panicking as the perfection walked away

He winced as the level of noise she emitted hurt his sensitive ears and turned slowly back to face the young girl and raised an eyebrow in question.

"Um..." she lost her train of thought as her eyes met his smouldering gold ones and fidgeted nervously with the hem of her shirt.

"Speak" he commanded to attempt to put her thoughts back on track

"Thank you" she said sincerely with more strength in her voice

"Hn" he wasn't good at receiving thanks, due to the fact he rarely received them.

"I'm Kagome" she said nervously toeing the ground with her school shoes

"I know" he stated

"How?" she asked in surprise. Why would he, in all his perfection, know her name?

"I heard the conversation you were having with your friends" although he was admitting to eavesdropping his expression made it seem like he was reading a shopping list; there was no remorse or embarrassment.

"Why?" she gasped in horror as she realised that the topic of their conversation had been about her and her merry band of admirers.

"It was not from want" he told her coldly "your squealing grated on my nerves and I was subjected to your trivial babbling"

She had to stop her mouth from dropping open in astonishment at his blatant hostility.





She let out a low growl that shocked the Inu Yokai slightly; humans did not growl... at least not as far as he knew.

"Well I'm sorry, asshole, that we were too loud for your sensitive little ears, maybe you should have moved away from us if we bothered you that much, but then again stalkers don't tend to leave their victims too soon do they?"

He raised an eyebrow as her emotions rocketed from nervous to livid. She was truly something; he wasn't sure what exactly but something about her tugged at his attention.

"I am not a stalker" he stated "I merely like to sit in that tree"

She rolled her eyes scathingly "I didn't know dogs climbed trees" she snapped

"Hold your tongue onna, you should show respect to those above you" he snapped back at her slowly losing his temper

"Respect is earned not taught" she goaded him and then frowned when instead of getting more annoyed at her he simply smiled in an evil fashion. It made him look scary as it was a smile not filled with humour but with gloating.

"I do believe your class has started" he pointed over her shoulder at the empty school yard and the filled classrooms.

"Ah shit" she swore "Why didn't you tell me?"

"You were too busy yelling at me" he told her stoically

"Baka Inu" she tossed the insult over her shoulder as she ran across the field without remembering to retrieve her fallen phone which leant against the wire fence in a forlorn way.

He watched her leave smirking to himself as he bent to retrieve the phone before pocketing it to make sure some idiot didn't steal it.

What a baka onna.

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