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Chapter 17

"So, you finally decided to show your face, huh?" Hermione hugged Harry as he arrived at Longbottom manor where she and her parents were hiding ever since the arrest attempt.

"I hurried back the moment I heard about the fall of the Ministry. It seems Dumbledore's absence made Voldemort confident enough his attack would work." Harry sighed.

"You better be careful saying his name outside of here. He placed a taboo on it. We're safe here with the amount of explosives and traps we've placed all over the grounds, but outside of here, they can track us by it." Hermione replied.

"I see. That does complicate things a bit. And to make things even more frustrating, I still don't know where the damn Horcrux is." Harry sighed as he collapsed in a chair.

Ever since the Ministry fell, he had spent most of his time as Dumbledore, getting Muggleborn students safely to Hogwarts and improving the defenses of the castle. It was tiring, and Harry often wondered how the old man managed to do everything he did considering his age and health.

"About that, we found it in the RoR." Hermione grinned lightly.

"Of all the damn places…" Harry let out a long string of curses.

"Are we going back to Hogwarts this year?" Hermione asked when Neville arrived.

"Yes. With both Dumbledore and me there, he'll attack the castle sooner or later." Harry replied.

"What's the plan for the attack?" Neville asked.

"We take out Nagini first. Then, you two handle his forces while I take care of Voldemort." Harry replied.

"…and finally, I wish to remind you that there will be no tolerance for those acting against the Muggleborn students. In the interest of convincing those that do not care about detention or House points, any action against Muggleborn for reason of their heritage will earn you twenty lashes from Mr. Filch, who I daresay is most eager to perform this duty." Harry gave the students before him a sharp gaze as he stood before them as Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore sure seems serious about this. Still I wouldn't mind seeing Draco getting whipped." Neville shrugged.

"So, you didn't notice it?" Hermione asked.

"Notice what?" Neville was confused at the question.

"Seriously, you should train your chakra senses more often. I sensed something from Dumbledore during his speech. He was suppressing chakra." Hermione shocked him.

"But Dumbledore can't use chakra. And it was him, I could tell." Neville protested.

"Well, who do we know who does have chakra and can disguise himself so well?" Hermione turned towards him now.

"You mean…? But why would he…?" Neville was shocked. He knew what Harry needed to complete that particular technique.

"Probably something they cooked up." Hermione replied.

"By Ministry order, we demand you release all muggleborn in the castle to our custody." A group of Aurors were standing on the Hogwarts grounds, facing Dumbledore.

"I will not allow you to harm any of my students while I still draw breath." Harry snapped.

"You can't beat us all, Dumbledore." One Auror growled.

"We shall see." Harry smirked as a dozen stunners flew at him. A wide silver shield appeared before him and blocked the spells.

"Damn, the old goat can move." One Auror growled as Dumbledore weaved out of the paths of their spells with incredible grace for a man of his age.

Just then, two Aurors fell down, tripped by hands coming out of the ground. As they fell, more hands grabbed them and held them down.

"Shit." The commander moved to free them, only for a flaming whip to stop him inches from his face.

Dumbledore weaved around, waving the whip around, herding the Aurors closer together.

"Allow me to introduce you to my guardians." Harry grinned as he waved his wand in a complicated pattern. The earth around the Aurors rose up in large mounds and formed four ten foot tall figures.

Surrounded by the golems and facing Dumbledore's wand, the Aurors had no choice but to surrender.

"This is not over, Dumbledore. We will return." The Auror leader snapped.

"You know Voldemort will come here eventually?" Hermione faced Harry as they finished their training session.

"I know. Our priority is to kill his snake when he does. I have something special planned for him." Harry grinned.

"You're playing a dangerous game, Harry. What if they get inside the castle? Or if the Slytherin students decide to help them?" Neville asked.

"Hermione will remain close to the castle here. This way, she can stop anyone getting to the gates, and the lake is close enough so she can use her techniques effectively." Harry pointed to the large map of the castle grounds they had on the table before them.

"You will use your C-3 mines on this part of the grounds and then attack from above. I will keep watch over this part. I believe this is where Voldemort will come from." Harry continued.

"You're not going to involve the teachers or the Order?" Hermione asked.

"If we follow the plan, we won't need them. I have already left instructions to them to keep guard inside the castle. This way, the Slytherins won't cause any trouble." Harry replied.

"I still can't get over the fact Dumbledore is dead. And to think he wanted you to replace him." Hermione whispered.

"I wasn't thrilled with the idea either, Hermione, but it had to be done." Harry sighed.

Voldemort did not concern himself with Hogwarts until the school year was almost over. He decided to finally rid himself of the thorn that was Dumbledore, kill his nemesis Harry Potter, and also, kill off the largest group of mudbloods in Britain. It would be a glorious victory for the man, and he gathered all of his forces together.

Over two hundred wizards, several giants and over fifty vampires stood eager for the slaughter.

"Here they come." Neville reported in his mirror as he took off on his C-3 dragon. The large amount of mines were already spread around the grounds.

"I'm in position." Hermione replied. She did not expect to see too much action, but, she might get lucky.

"Target the snake if you see it." Harry commanded as he gripped his sword tighter. This was it. They had reached the big fork in the road of destiny.

Andrew was leading his group of Death Eaters towards the castle when his foot stepped on a soft patch of soil.

"What the…" His words were cut off by the large explosion coming from beneath him.

"It begins." Harry grinned as he heard the sound of the blast.

Twenty vampires rushed from the tree line and charged Harry, eager to spill blood.

Harry moved swiftly, decapitating two of them with a single swing of the Kusanagi, and pressing into the rest with zeal.

In ten minutes, the vampires were no more, but this time, a more challenging fight approached.

Voldemort himself marched towards him, escorted by fifty of his men and a towering giant.

And just there behind the serpentine man slithered Nagini. Harry grinned widely as he readied a kunai. Acheron would be pleased to know his venom aided his victory.

Voldemort stopped as he heard the pain filled hissing behind him and saw his familiar writhing in agony from the knife in her side.

A minute later, she was dead.

"You'll pay for that, Potter." Voldemort growled.

"Let's end this, Voldemort. Today it ends one way or another." Harry stepped closer.

"Today is the day I kill you, Potter." Voldemort sneered.

"You have too many men for me to tie myself fighting with you. Fortunately, I have a solution, and I daresay, I cannot think of a more fitting end for you." Harry grinned as he began forming hand signs.

"Summoning: Edo Tensei." Harry finished and two dark rifts formed before him. Voldemort paused at the sight of the strange magic, and watched curiously as two coffins rose up.

His crimson eyes widened as the lids fell down, and he saw the bodies of James and Lily Potter, just as they looked the night he killed them.

The Death Eaters gasped and took a step back as the two dead people stepped out of their coffins and looked curiously around them.

"Where are we?" James frowned as he looked at himself and his wife. They looked pale and covered in dust.

"Hogwarts, dad. I need your help to fight Voldemort." The pair turned in shock as Harry approached them.

"Harry? You've grown so much." His mother smiled.

"I need to complete the spell." Harry took out two kunai with red seal tags and slipped them inside their heads, making everyone's widen even further.

In seconds, color began to return to the pair and in moments, they looked completely normal.

"I am eager for a rematch." James gripped his wand as he stared at Voldemort.

"You'll pay for trying to harm our son, you bastard." Lily grinned evilly.

"Go get him." Harry whispered sadly. It pained him to do this to his parents, but he could not occupy himself with Voldemort when his forces could slip past them and attack the castle.

"Today is the day you all die." Harry shouted and rushed the group of wizards, sword held in his hand and eyes blazing with bloodlust.

"Hermione, I took out one of the giants, but the damn thing landed right on my minefield and made a path right through it. I don't think I can stop them all from getting through." Neville reported as he was forced to abandon his dragon thanks to the over dozen hits it took from spells from the ground.

"Understood. I'll be on my guard." Hermione replied back.

"You are no match for me. I've beaten you before and I can do it again." Voldemort didn't know how the boy brought his parents back, but it didn't matter. They would fall.

"Even if we fall, so shall you." Lily grinned as she sent a slashing curse at the man.

"You are nothing before me." Voldemort managed to hit her with the killing curse. He was surprised when the curse blasted her arm off instead of the curse's usual effect.

"Lily." James yelled in shock, but to the surprise of them both, there was no blood coming from the wound. Instead, the now severed arm burst apart and gathered back where it belonged. Ten seconds later, it was as if Lily wasn't harmed at all.

"This is interesting." Lily pressed her attack even more eagerly now that she knew she could not be killed.

"Potter." Narcissa Malfoy sneered at the brat that made her a widow.

"Let's see if you're as good as your husband." Harry grinned as he rushed the blond woman.

"Avada Kedavra." Narcissa managed to cast at almost point blank range, hitting Harry right in the chest.

Her moment of triumph was cut short as the body fell down and burst into smoke, revealing a large log with a bad burn on it.

"You're better than your husband was." Narcissa gasped as she felt the blade on her neck.

"Suiton: Giant Vortex." Hermione moved through hand signs quickly as she faced over two dozen wizards. The water in the lake rose up in a massive wave that crashed over them, splitting their ranks and scattering them all over the grounds.

"Water Clones." Hermione formed a dozen clones and rushed out to hunt down the survivors.

Meanwhile, Neville was stuck with the rest of the vampires, who had changed into bats and were pursuing him through the air.

"You won't get me that easily." Neville growled as he sent out two more of his birds against the bats.

With a large explosion, a few more bats were vaporized in the inferno of the blast, but many more still remained.

'This won't be easy.' Neville sighed as he felt his hands scrape the bottom of his pouches.

"Doton: Swamp of the Underworld." Harry was facing the remaining giant, and was forced to use the only technique that wouldn't cause massive collateral damage to the area. However, to sink something so big required a lot of chakra, and he didn't have too much to spare if he wanted to maintain the Edo Tensei.

The wizards wizened up that letting him get close was suicide, so they had dug in and took potshots at him whenever they had the opportunity.

"Things are getting difficult." Harry hid behind a small hill and began preparing kunai with explosive tags.

"Time to flush out the rats." He grinned and rushed out, sending explosive kunai at the two closest groups of Death Eaters. The explosions flushed them out, allowing him to finish them off with normal kunai.

"Shuriken Kage Bunshin." He threw three shuriken at the next group, his technique making them turn into fifty shuriken.

The shuriken forced them to duck, losing him from sight.

"Doton: Headhunter." One of the Death Eaters gasped in shock as he was pulled down into the ground.

As the other two turned, Harry burst out of the ground and embedded a pair of kunai into their throats before he killed the one he had buried to his neck in the dirt.

He now had only one last group to take care of.

"Doton: Earth Fissure." He slammed his hand on the ground, forcing the earth to split along a line and swallowing the last group. When he raised his hand, the ground closed up again, crushing the Death Eaters trapped beneath.

Neville stood on the ground, out of clay, panting hard as he faced a dozen vampires.

"You will pay for slaying our kin." The leader of the bunch growled.

"I don't think so. Katon: Dragon Missile." Neville smirked and released a massive burst of fire that engulfed the vampires before they could flee.

"All clear on my end. I'm out of the fight, though." The panting boy collapsed against a tree.

"We'll take care of the rest, Neville. Stay safe." Hermione grinned as she pressed on, cutting through her enemies with savage ferocity.

Voldemort barely managed to dodge the sword swipe from behind, only to land into the path of a bone-breaking curse that hit his right arm.

"Potter. I see my worthless followers didn't keep you busy for long." Voldemort growled.

He could already feel his body getting tired, and to make things worse, he was now losing blood. He could see that he had no chance of victory, but, he was not afraid. His Horcruxes would keep him alive, even if he fell this day, he would return and destroy Potter and his friends.

"Oh, I forgot to mention. Nagini was your last Horcrux. You're mortal." This revelation shocked Voldemort to his core.

"You lie." Voldemort growled.

"Your diary, your grandfather's ring, Slytherin's locket, Hufflepuff's Cup, Ravenclaw's diadem and Nagini. Oh, there was also a small fragment in my scar, but I got rid of that as well. Like I said, you're mortal now, and you won't be coming back this time." Harry grinned as Voldemort froze for a moment, allowing his father to hit him with a Killing Curse.

"Thanks for your help. It's time for you to go back." Harry smiled sadly at his parents.

"We should be thanking you. You've grown into a fine young man, Harry. We're proud of you." His father hugged him tightly.

"Thanks dad. I'm happy I got to speak with you at least this once." Harry's eyes misted over.

"You'll see us again, son. Just, not too soon, alright?" His mother joined the hug.

"You got it. Until we meet again." Harry stepped back from them and with a single hand sign, released the technique.

His parents collapsed and as the ash and dirt fell off them, it revealed the pair of Death Eaters Harry had captured and used as the sacrifices for the technique.

"Is it over?" Hermione asked as Harry dragged his tired body back towards the castle.

"Yeah. He's dead. What about you two?" Neville looked like death warmed over, and Hermione was practically drenched in blood.

"We took out all who fought us. There were some who surrendered." Hermione replied.

"We'll hand them over to the Ministry, then. Right now, I need a nice long shower." Harry yawned.

"Maybe a nice hot meal too." Neville agreed.

Twenty years had passed since that day, and the magical world had enjoyed the peace and prosperity the victory brought them ever since.

Harry married Luna right after she graduated, and had four children, their oldest were twins named James and Lily, a second son named Albus and a daughter named Athena after Luna's mother.

Harry started a shinobi training class in Hogwarts and taught select students the arts ever since. Luna joined him at Hogwarts as the Ancient Runes professor.

Neville married Susan Bones after the pair got close during Auror training and had two children named Frank and Amelia. Rising quickly through the ranks, Neville became Head of the Auror department, while Susan took over her aunt's old position as head of the DMLE.

While legally married to Fred Weasley, Hermione ended up with both of the Weasley twins, and had one child from each of them. Fred's son was named Arthur while George's was named Chris.

While Fred and George worked in their joke shop, which was the most popular joke shop in the country, allowing them to open stores all over the country, Hermione replaced McGonagall as the Transfiguration teacher when she became Headmistress.