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Chapter Three

The Negaverse was now attacking the Moon Kingdom. They had once joined forces with Queen Nemesis at attacking the Universal Kingdom so long ago though at the time their plan had failed. King Zoran had sent the Golden Eternal Crystal to Earth with Krystallia without her knowing.

The Negaverse and Queen Nemesis had thought the crystal and Princess Krystallia to have been destroyed, causing their plan to fail.

Queen Serenity gasped, "Serena!" She turned to face the other princesses. "I must go find Serena and protect her!" Serenity turned back to Krystal. "Krystallia keep Serena safe and try not to become injured. I love both of you." Afterwards, she fled to join the battle.

Krystallia turned to look at her new teammates. "I know we just met and you probably don't like that Serenity made me leader so soon, but I promise you, I had did not plan this. I did not know she was going to make me leader. I hope that none of you are against me because of this."

Amy smiled and lightly layed her hand on Krystallia's shoulder. "We are not angry with you Earth Princess. We all agree that Serenity made the right decision."

Krystal looked at Amy and smiled back. "Thank you Princess Mercury." Princess Krystallia turned so she could face all of her team. "You do not know how much this means to me." The girls smiled. Krystal looked at them with a leader like quality shining through. "The Moon Kingdom is under attack and we must find the Moon Princess. If anything happens, just know that I was very honored to be your friend and teammate."

Krystal closed all of her fingers into a fist except her index and middle fingers. She placed the tips of those two fingers on her forehead where her symbol would be. The others did the same.

The Earth Princess straightened her arm out and opened her hand palm down, spreading her fingers wide. "Sailor Earth!" she cried.

"Sailor Mercury!," Amy place her hand on top of Krystal's.

"Sailor Mars!" Raye said with an edge as she placed her hand on Amy's.

"Sailor Jupiter!" As Lita spoke, you felt electricity in the air. She put her hand on top of Raye's.

"Sailor Venus!" Mina beamed as she placed her hand on Lita's.

"Sailor Soldiers!" They all called out in unison.

Krystal put her hand in front of her chest to draw her broach out. A bright aqua light appeared from her chest as her broach appeared. She grabbed her transformation gadget and straightened her right arm out. "EARTH!" She then crossed the same arm over her body, keeping it straight. "QUANTUM!" Krystal drew her arm back and tossed her broach into the air. "POWER!"

When finishing her transformation, she catches her newly formed staff, originally her broach, and bends backward, spinning the staff over her body a total of three times before striking her final pose.

Sailor Earth's uniform is mostly aqua. The scarf, bows, skirt, jewel on tiara, the rings at the end of her gloves, and the tops of her boots are aqua. Her gloves and main section of her boots are white. The gloves are fingerless, showing her aqua colored nails. Her hair is in a ponytail. It falls to her waist. The broach on her front bow looks like the planet Earth.

Sailor Earth's staff is very similar to her princess staff. The only difference is the eight-pointed golden star in the middle of the Earth sign, white wings below the Earth symbol, and the twelve diamonds are now on the pole of the staff instead of on the Earth symbol.

Amy took out her transformation pen. The others did the same.





Once outside, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus went to fight while Earth looked for Princess Serenity.

When she found her, her eyes teared up. "Endymion," Sailor Earth said.

"He's out there somewhere. He told me that he loved us both," Serena told Earth.

Sailor Earth nodded before grabbing Serena's wrist and pulling her behind her body so it acted like a shield to any oncoming attacks.

A moment later, they heard a (fe)male laughing to their left. They both turned toward the noise to see Zoisite standing a few yards away.

"You two won't have to worry about your precious Prince Endymion much longer since you'll be joining him." Zoisite laughed again.

"Not if I can help it! EARTH ATMOSPHERIC SMASH!" The Soldier of Earth cried, thinking the worst about her brother.

"Ugh, you little brat!! You're powerful but not powerful enough to defeat the Negaverse!" Zoisite replied.

"Hasn't anyone ever taught you to never say never? EARTH ELEMENTS SURROUND!!" Sailor Earth glanced at the Moon Princess, standing behind her, to make sure she was okay.

"I'm fine. Thank you."

"EARTH ELLIPTICAL STAFF PIERCE!" Earth shouted when she turned back to Zoisite.

Zoisite gasped, "You scratched my face! My beautiful face!" (Yes, it's the same place Tuxedo Mask scratches him/her in their present lives with the red rose. :D )

Moon ran up to Sailor Earth. "Serenity says she knows a way to take care of everything! We're going to be fine! We are going to win!"

"I'm so sorry to disappoint you Kitty, but you will not win." Zoisite was smirking now though he/she was covering his/her fresh scratch with his/her left hand.

The Soldier of Earth did not take her eyes off Zoisite. She held her staff diagnally across her body for protection. Earth was very talented when using her staff, so if anybody attacked from any direction, Sailor Earth could block it. "What do you mean Moon?"

Moonlight shook her head. "I don't know. That's all I heard."

Earth stood motionless until the realization hit her. She grabbed Serena's wrist again. "We have to find your mother!"

Princess Serenity's eyes were filled with confusion. "But why? What is going to happen Sailor Earth?"

"Your mother is going to do what I always, deep in my mind and heart, thought I would do when it came to protecting my kingdom." Sailor Earth turned slightly to where she could see Serena but watch Zoisite as well. "Princess, Queen Serenity is going to use all of her power to protect us and destroy the Negaverse though she will more than likely die in the process." Serena's eyes teared up as Moon gasped and Zoisite laughed.

It was right then that Queen Serenity did almost exactly what Earth had said she would. The only thing Sailor Earth did not get correct with her theory was the Negaverse. Queen Serenity only had enough power to seal them away, not destroy them.

The Queen of the Moon had used the last of her powers to cast her people into bubbles and send them to Earth to be reborn in the future. None of them would remember anything about this life, not until it was time for them to remember.