Title: Handlers
Author: ILB (an_ardent_rain)
Character(s)/Pairing: Casey/Chuck/Sarah
Rating: M (PG-15, really)
Disclaimer: Not mine!

-Author Notes: Written 13 November 2008. I love these three together, I really do. I don't write much in the Chuck fandom, so I hope this is all right. Enjoy, everyone!


Chuck gasps and wonders again if this is somehow going to cause him to die.

This is not new; and he wonders, again, how he, out of all the people in the world, out of all the people Bryce Larkin could have chosen, he got stuck with the Intersect in his brain - and how the fuck Sarah and Casey are going to explain away the situation in front of him.

"Um..." He clears his throat and turns around, trying - vainly, oh God, why? - to blink the image out of his eyes. "Right, so I..." He laughs nervously. "This is some new mission, right? Because I think I - "

"Shut it, Bartowski." He hears the rustling of fabric and then a zipper and does not know how to feel when he realizes he just heard Casey pull on his jeans.

"Look, Chuck..." Sarah sounds stilted and possibly embarrassed and he wants to make her feel better. Though first, he desperately wants someone to make him feel better.

And suddenly there's a soft hand on his right shoulder and the hard, imposing darkness of a large body to his left. And he tries not to tremble but he knows that he's shaking like a leaf.

"You know..." Casey says contemplatively, and his voice is not like Chuck has ever heard it before. The hard edge has been dulled and the gruff purr rolls across the back of Chuck's neck like a humid wind.

Sarah takes in a sharp, little breath and nails bite into his shoulder. "Chuck," she says, and he can hear her swallow.

And then Casey's hands are on his back and Chuck lets himself think that no, he's not going to die, this is no mission, and maybe the sight of Casey and Sarah naked and tangled did a little more than just shock him - and Morgan said that good relationships were based on trust and sex and didn't they already have trust down?

When he turned around Sarah let the unbuttoned shirt she wore fall off her body and Casey put large hands to round, pale breasts and his eyes met Chuck's and didn't let go. And he was a little ashamed at how quickly he undressed, but the four capable hands that beckoned him forward were too deadly to disobey.

His breath left his body and he wasn't sure if it because of Sarah's mouth, Casey's hands, or the cringing thought that he'd never see them as "handlers" in the same way ever again.

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