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Pete and Myka headed towards the main building. They wanted answers and they were going to get them. They walked up to the front door and headed in. As they walked up to the security desk, the guard seemed to be waiting for them.

"Can I help you?" The guard seemed to grow bigger as they walked up to him. Pete swallowed, but Myka was undaunted.

"Yes, answers," she leaned closer, "and if you don't have any, I will get them from someone else."

Myka was beginning to scare Pete. Apparently she was getting to the guard too. The man had grabbed the phone and was now talking to someone. Pete swallowed and grabbed Myka by the arm.

"Do you really want to antagonize the man? We are supposed to be under the radar."

Myka glared at Pete. "If someone is playing games with us, I want to know who it is. Then," and she took a step closer to Pete, "I want to kill them." She looked back at the guard and smiled sweetly.

"Well, what have you found out?"

He took a deep breath and spoke. "Someone is coming to talk to you. They asked to have you wait here."

Myka glared at the guard and sat down and Pete took a seat next to her. They only had to wait a few minutes before Sheriff Carter showed up.

"Come with me please. Doctor Blake needs to see you."

Pete and Myka looked at each other. That was and odd choice of words for the situation. They followed him quietly hoping that their questions would soon be answered. They followed him into an elevator. He hit a button and it began to move. When it the doors opened Carter hurried them out and into an office. Allison Blake sat behind her desk. She had a somber look on her face. She stood and motioned them into seats.

Pete and Myka took their seats. Allison then opened a drawer and pulled a strange looking item out and set it on the desk. She took a deep breath.

"We took a look at what every incident had in common and this was all we could find. We are hoping that you will take it with you and get rid of it."

Pete thought Allison was going to cry. Myka shifted in her seat towards Allison as if she was going to to comfort her. Pete reached out and picked up the object. It didn't look like something that could cause problems, but the stuff in the Warehouse generally didn't.

"Thank you, Dr. Blake." He grabbed Myka by the arm and pulled her to her feet. "We will go now." the two agents ducked out of the room and down the hall. Pete just wanted to get back to some good cookies.

After they disappeared around the corner, Allison sighed and leaned back. Carter grinned.

"They are gone. Do you think we fooled them?"

Allison was concerned. "I don't know Carter. I certainly hope so."

Allison pulled out her own Farnsworth. She pressed the button and after a few minutes, Artie's face appeared.

He looked concerned. "What happened? Did they figure it out?"

"They didn't but we had to end the whole thing, they were getting too suspicious. We gave them something harmless and sent them back. They just left."

"Ok. Thank you."

With that, Artie cut the connection. Allison sat back. It was all in Artie's hands now.


As Pete and Myka walked down the street the Farnsworth went off. Myka opened it, and Leena's tear stained face appeared. Myka's heart leapt into her throat.

"How soon can you get back?" Myka had a hard time understanding what was being said through the tears.

Pete leaned over. "We are headed back now. What happened?"

"Artie was heading out to grab something. He said he would only be a few minutes, but when he didn't come back I got worried and went out looking for him. He was hit by another car and is in the hospital. The doctors don't think he will live long."

Pete felt cold inside. Artie was a nice guy, a little short on social skills, but nice. They ran to get in their car and head out. They didn't even stop to pick up their stuff from the Inn. The drive felt like an eternity. They hoped that Artie would live long enough for them to see him. After what felt like forever, they pulled into the hospital parking lot. Myka jumped out of the car before Pete had brought it to a complete stop, which wasn't in a parking spot. They raced inside and ran up to the nurses station.

"Excuse me ma'am. We are looking for the room of Arthur Nielsen."

The nurse stared at them for just a minute before turning around.

"Let me see if anyone knows." She turned and called out to another nurse. "Do we have an Arthur Nielsen here?"

The nurse looked at a chart. "Yes, he is in room 3555. You are just in time. He doesn't have much time left."

"Thank you!" Pete called out as they ran down the hall. They hit the button for the elevator and after what felt like an eternity, it showed up. The moment the door opened, they were inside and Pete hit the button for the third floor. Myka kept hitting the button until the door opened. They hurried out and down the hall.

As they ran around the corner, they could hear someone crying. They slowed down and looked at each other. They slowly walked into the room and saw Leena sitting in a chair next to a bed with a man swathed with bandages in it. It took them a few minutes to realized that the man in the bed was Artie. They could barely recognize him. He was covered in bandages and tubes came out of him and machinery was beeping. Myka walked up to the bed and put a hand on his knee.

"Artie?" Myka sounded like her heart was breaking. Pete knew she didn't handle losing people very well, and someone that she knew, liked and worked with like Artie would be even harder. He hoped, for Myka's sake, that everything would work out. After they had been there for a few minutes, the doctor came in. He took them aside.

"Are you family of Mr. Nielsen?"

"No," Pete said, "We are friends of his."

"Do you know of any family we could get a hold of?"

Again Pete answered. "Sorry, we don't know of any."

Myka broke in at this time. "Will he live?

The doctor sighed and shook his head. "I'm sorry."

Pete was trying not to cry. He wanted to be strong for Myka. "How much time does he have?"

"Less than an hour. Listen," the doctor said, "I am going to let you see him. Don't upset him."

And with that, the doctor walked away. Pete and Myka slowly walked back into the room. Myka walked over to stand next to the head of the bed. She kissed Artie on the forehead. He stirred and opened his eyes. He seemed to be saying something, so Pete and Myka moved in a little closer. They still couldn't hear him, so they got a little closer.

"I got you!"

Pete and Myka stood up straight and looked at each other. Then they took a step back from the bed as Artie sat up, took the air off and started removing the tubes and lines. Leena was laughing, as was Artie.

"I can't believe you fell for it," said Artie between gasps. "The looks on your faces are priceless! I wish I'd had a camera."

Leena couldn't respond, she was laughing too hard. Myka was standing there, her mouth open. Pete couldn't bring himself to say anything as Artie got out of bed. It took Pete a few minutes before he could start clapping.

"Well done, Artie." Pete was impressed. He didn't think Artie had it in him to do this sort of thing. Artie bowed and smiled. Leena handed Artie's clothing to him and he went into the bathroom to change.

"How did you plan this whole thing?"

Artie came out of the bathroom, dressed.

"I made a call, and they were willing to help."

Pete looked at Artie and gave a slight smile. "You know those people?"

Artie's eyebrows went up. "Yes, I have worked with a few of them. They are just as top secret as the Warehouse is."

Myka came over at Artie's words. "Do you mean that they were in on the whole thing?"

Artie smiled. "Yes, Myka. They knew what was going on. I asked and they were happy to help. I think it has been a little quiet for them."

That is when the doctor came in, looking somber. Artie turned to him.

"They know now."

"That's good. We need the room."

Artie shook the doctor's hand on the way out. "Thanks Jim. See you next week?"

"For your cookies? You bet."

The four of them walked out of the room and down the hall. They all piled into Pete's car. Artie looked at Leena. "Ice cream?"

Leena rolled her eyes and sighed. "Ok, we can do ice cream."

A shout of glee went up from all of the people in the car. They drove off in the direction of the ice cream parlor.


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