My humble contribution to you Brandon and Andrea shippers, because these two just don't get enough love. I just had to make this drabble a little more special. Thank you so much for reading!


"MOM!" A young girl sprinted through the bustling hallways of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Heads turned as a grown man quickly followed after the bundle of energy, calling her name.

"Hannah!" Brandon tried to get the little girl's attention, but failed to do so.

The eight-year-old dashed around a corner and disappeared, much to Brandon's dismay.

"Hannah!" he repeated, this time without much effort.

Several meters away, a pediatrician noticed a small child rushing straight for her.

"Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez!" she scolded as her daughter skidded to a halt in front of her. "How many times have I told you not to cause a commotion in the hospital?" She frowned. "Someone could have a heart attack," she added dryly.

"Sorry," Hannah replied, out of breath.

"Andrea, I'm sorry. She sort of just took off," Brandon said sheepishly.

Andrea shot a disapproving glance at her daughter and set down the charts she was carrying.

"Brandon, I don't get off for another two hours. Was there some sort of emergency?"

"Tell her! Tell her!" Hannah exclaimed, looking excitedly at Brandon.

Andrea raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I might have gotten three tickets for a week-long cruise in the Caribbean." He grinned.

Her mouth dropped. "What? How did you manage that? And why?"

"All I can say is that it pays to be employee of the year. As for why..."

"What? You never told me that! Congratulations!" She smiled. "That's amazing, really, Brandon."

"Mom!" Hannah interjected. "Cruise! Caribbean! Swimming!" She was practically bouncing up and down.

"I heard, honey." Her mother beamed.

* * *

Andrea rested her neck against the edge of the hot tub, hair tied up, allowing the heat to wash over her in the nip of the night air. Thankfully, most of the other party goers had either retired to the lower deck or to their rooms.

"Ah, and why did I expect to find you here?" Brandon's voice caused her to open her eyes.

Andrea simply smiled and rested her gaze on the stars.

"Hannah's asleep. Went out like a light," Brandon said as he slipped off his shirt and stepped in to join her.

"Thanks, Brandon," she said as he settled down beside her.

"No problem."

"I mean, thank you for everything you've done for us. I'm not sure I would have pulled through all those double shifts this past year without your help." She turned to look at him.

He held her gaze, warmth filling him. "Anytime."

She turned back. "You know, ever since Jesse and I separated, I've had this feeling of guilt, as if I'm keeping Hannah from having the family that she really deserves. Just because I... Jesse and I couldn't make it work, she shouldn't have to be punished."

Brandon watched as her face fell slightly. "She seems pretty happy to me," he said gently, slowly moving closer. "I enjoy spending time with her."

Andrea smiled to herself. "You are probably the only guy who hasn't made up some excuse just so you won't have to deal with her anymore."

"I could stick around if you want."

This got Andrea's attention. She looked at him.

"What are you saying? You would want to keep spending time with her?"

"And you. I like spending time with you." He didn't blink.

Was he saying what she thought he was saying?

Her eyes flicked to his lips as she noticed him leaning closer. Slowly. Patiently.

The mind inside her said it was the wrong thing to do. But listening to her head wasn't what brought Hannah, the joy of her life, around in the first place. Without realizing it, she found herself leaning towards him as well.

Their lips met, tentatively at first, but more powerfully as they each released a longing of which neither had been fully aware until now.

Brandon reached a hand around her waist and cradled the back of her neck with the other, pulling her closer. Andrea placed her hands on his chest and felt white-hot sensations running freely through every vein in her body, as if something there had lain dormant for who knew how long. The swirling hot water around them only intensified the heat.

Finally, they broke apart, if only to catch their breath.

Andrea wanted to speak, to acknowledge what they'd just done, but decided at last to let the words be spoken with their eyes. As she rested her head against Brandon's shoulder and felt his lips brush over her hair, she allowed her mind to be carried, for once, by the endless, intoxicating currents in which her very life and passion were now submerged.