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(Stephenie Meyer created Twilight and all credit for the characters goes to her and all relevant parties.)

Chapter 1: Stolen


Today was the day of our big adventure, I was going on a road trip with my mom and her new husband Phil and I was actually pretty excited. I had no idea how they had pulled it off but Phil had been offered a chance to play amateur baseball and my mom had arranged for me to be home schooled so I could go with them. My first road trip with my mom and Phil and I was actually looking forward to it.

"Bella you ready, we gotta go!" Phil called from outside as I pulled my bag down the stairs behind me.

"I'm coming Phil." I called back but instantly regretting it as I lost concentration and almost fell down the stairs.

"Bella come on!" My mom called, she was now buckled into the front seat and they were both waiting for me.

I hurried down the last few steps and dragged my bag to the door where Phil came and took it out of my hands to place into the car. I locked the door and took one last look at my home in Phoenix before joining Mom and Phil in the vehicle.

The air con blew a welcoming stream of cool air into the car making the blistering heat bearable as we set off on our random journey, the start of our new life on the road.

I must have fallen asleep because when I woke it was dark and we were on a road I didn't recognise. My mom was staring reaching under her seat for something when I saw it. A pair of bright headlights steaming towards our car.

"PHIL!" I screamed but I knew that it was too late, the other vehicle was going to crash into us and there was nothing we could do but try and swerve out of the way. I saw Phil turn the wheel and heard a loud screech, then everything went black.


I woke up to the sound of beeping, I could feel something down my throat and when I tried to call out all I managed was a cough, whatever was in my mouth was really hurting. Then I heard a man's voice, he was talking to me and I knew that I recognised it but I just couldn't place him. My thoughts were all jumbled and I couldn't see straight.

"Bella honey it's alright I'm going to get a doctor." The man said urgently and I assumed he left to get someone because when I managed to sort out my vision there was no one in the room.

I knew I was in hospital because I had been in enough accidents as a child that they had become second nature to me, but I couldn't remember why I was in the hospital. I tried to call out but again the tube in my throat stopped me and I coughed erratically this time. Damn it, where was mom and Phil, surely if I was ill then they would be by my side, she would never leave me.

I was pondering this fact and working myself up into quite a panic then a doctor came into the room followed by Charlie. Dad. Why was he here and where was mom? I started to cry, I could hear the doctor trying to clam me in her best soothing voice but it wasn't going to work not now I was on the verge of hysterical. My memory was starting to come back, I remembered the road trip, the cars, the light and then black. Oh God.

"Bella everything is going to be okay, I need you to calm down so I can remove the tube from your throat and you can speak." The female doctor said, normally I would have been compliant, I hated to be a burden on people but I was freaking out.

She removed the tube anyway and I coughed again but it subsided and I decided to try and convey my thoughts to the people in the room but I just couldn't seem to stop crying.

"W-where's m-m-mom?" I sobbed trying to choke back the tears.

Charlie looked increasingly uncomfortable, either he didn't know the answer to my question or he didn't know how to answer my question and both options didn't give me a lot of confidence.

"Bella- your mom, she.. she didn't make it honey." He choked out, I could tell he wanted to cry but was trying to be strong. Neither of us were very good at expressing our emotions.

"W..what, n.o. She to be al..right." I cried even more hysterical than before. Charlie didn't know what to do and the doctor started to look a little uneasy.

"Bella you need to calm down, you're heart rate is too high and it's not healthy in your current condition." The woman said. I could hear the machine beeping erratically and I probably should have cared more but my mom was dead and more than likely Phil was too. I should have died with them, why did I get to live when they were gone?

I'm not sure what happened next, my chest tightened and all of a sudden the dark haired doctor was stood over me talking. I felt her grab my arm then I was asleep once more.



I felt so helpless as I saw my Bella lying in that bed all battered and bruised and losing her mother, Renee, beautiful Renee gone. It was unimaginable, how was I supposed to help her with this, she would never be able to get over it.

The doctor had sedated Bella for her best interest, her heart rate was dangerously high when she had found out about her mom and they didn't want her to hurt herself any more. She was going to be alright though, I had waited 3 days for her to wake but they told me that she was going to be alright.

Her arms were badly bruised, he had a few broken ribs and a black eye. One of her legs had been broken on impact and she had a very minute fracture to her skull. The doctor had said it would have been much worse if Phil hadn't swerved the car so she was away from the impact and even though he was gone, Phil was a hero in my eyes.

I snapped out of my daze when the young doctor came over to talk to me, she had been very helpful when Bella had been in the coma.

"Mr Swan can I speak with you a moment?" She asked professionally.

"Of course." I replied politely and listened tentatively.

"Now Bella will recover from her physical injuries just fine but I wanted to talk to you about her mental stability." I cut her off right there, my Bella was no nut, how dare she imply such a thing.

"Miss are you suggesting that Bells is mentally unstable?" I asked rather icily.

"No-no it's just she has been through a lot, she has lost her mother in such a dramatic fashion that it has probably scared her for life. I think it might help her come to terms with things if she speaks to someone." The doctor said.

I didn't want to commit Bella to anything that she didn't feel comfortable doing, she was 17 years old and I wasn't going to run her life for her.

"I want to ask Bella about it first, if she doesn't want to talk to anyone then I won't make her." I replied.

"Very well Mr. Swan I will leave you two alone now, let me know what she says when she wakes." The young woman said as she made her way out of the room.



This time when I awoke I knew what had happened and I felt calmer, I wasn't going to start thrashing about and crying like last time but I did want to know what exactly happened and how long I had been in the hospital.

"Dad." I whispered so that he knew I was awake.

"Bella, oh I'm so happy to hear your voice again." He replied.

"Dad how long ago- how long has mom been dead?" My voice strained as I uttered the last word, I still couldn't bring myself to say it.

"3 days honey, you were unconscious for 3 days." Charlie replied sadly.

I paused to take this first piece of information in and then I thought of another question that I badly needed to ask but I wasn't sure if Charlie would be able to answer or if her would need to call back that controlling doctor.

"Did it hurt, I mean did she feel anything when she died?" I asked with tears in my voice.

Charlie shook his head and I felt relieved that she hadn't had to go through any pain. Apparently her and Phil had died on impact, I was lucky. I didn't feel lucky.


I was in the hospital for another week until they allowed me to leave. Charlie had asked me about seeing a therapist but I had no desire to spill my guts out to a random stranger, I could handle it on my own. I was going to go to the funeral, say my last goodbyes and move to Forks with my dad. Of course I would never ever forget my wonderful, hare-brained mother. Never, but I knew that she would want me to get on with my life and I had to at least try.

After the funeral Charlie and I had drove to the house in Phoenix to collect some of the things I had left behind and some photos of Renee. I didn't want to go inside, I wasn't ready to face that yet. My other belongings had been retrieved from the trunk of the car in the accident. I decided to keep my stuff as most of the items were clothes and I knew that I would need them, even if they did remind me of that horrific day. The bag they were in was tossed out though, I didn't want or need to keep that.

Once everything was packed and loaded into the hire car Charlie and I drove to the Phoenix airport and prepared ourselves for the journey ahead. I was about to start a new life in Forks, WA. The wettest place in the Olympic peninsula. A small town with a population of only Three thousand One hundred and Twenty people. Life was certainly going to be different.


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