What Are Brothers For?

Chapter One

"Is this really happening?" I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror.

Here I was in my best friends bathroom. Let me explain something first; I had always fancied my best friend Edward Cullen (but then again so did 99.9% of the female population here). However before tonight I thought that he had only seen me as Isabella, or Bella/Bells, his best mate. But after what just happened I think that he might just like me a little but more. I mean sure Edward was a player and he has slept with tonnes of other girls but I was almost certain he wouldn't sleep with me unless I meant something to him...or would he?

As I gathered my thoughts I walked back into his bedroom. As I walked up to his bed and saw his amazing body I couldn't help replaying what we had just done; and a little smile came to my lips. He smiled back up at me, but something was wrong. He smile didn't reach his eyes and this worried me immediately. He patted the bed beside where he was lying and I sat down. He took my hand in his and said "Bella..."

It was then that the full realisation hit me. Edward didn't fancy me at all! Of course he didn't; I was just his best mate and now another notch on his bedpost.

"Yea?" I answered like it was a question.

"There's something you need to know" He looked around the room, never once making eye contact with me. Another Bad Sign.

"Whats Up?" I questioned, still holding onto the slightest bit of hope that he actually wanted me.

"Bells, after tonight you will never see me again" He said solemly. I tried to keep my face as serious as before, I couldn't let him see that I wanted more than a one night stand thing.

"Don't worry about it Eddie. I never thought you wanted a relationship with me; we both know that you just don't do relationships" I faked a small smile.

"Huh?" Was all he managed to get out. He had a look of confusion about him. Then reality hit him and his face became serious once again.

"I didn't mean it like that. I would love to have a relationship with you" I looked at him skeptically.

"But..." I said knowingly.

"But I'm moving to America next week" Now that line knocked me for six!

"I-I d-d-don't understand" I spluttered. Sure enought he had been over there a few weeks ago but I thought that was just a holiday.

"Well when I was on holiday over there a few weeks ago I auditioned for a small part in a major movie and I got it; this could really be my big break bells" He finally looked at me, just as tears were falling down my face.

"Who do you think you are Edward 'I Love Myself' Cullen?!" Anger suddenly flooded me. He suddenly looked shocked.


"You have known me 12 years and you suddenly sleep with me a week before you go to America??" He tried to calm me down by rubbing the back of my hand, this usually worked but not now, I pulled my hand away and started to hastily redress myself.

"I couldn't leave without letting you know how I felt" He replied stunned.

"Whatever Edward. As always you were only thinking of yourself. How the hell is us sleeping together going to show how you feel? You sleep with anything with big boobs and a pulse! All I am is your last conquest before you leave. Nothing more and nothing less" I was now dressed. I turned and started making my way to the door, I knew he was going to say something but I just held my hand up.

"Save it for someone who cares" was all I said before storming out of his room.

Two Months Later

Well I hadn't talked to Edward since that night. Looking back now I feel a bit ashamed of how I reacted to his news. Ever since I had met Edward, when we were bout 8, he had always wanted to be a famous actor. He used to be in all the school plays and I always knew that one day he would have to leave to follow his dream. I never imagined that day would come when we were only 20; and I certainly never imagined that he would sleep with me right before he left.

However at the minute I had bigger things to worry about. For the second month in a row I was late. Normally I can tell the exact date, and nearly the time, when it will come. Last month I had just put it down to the stress of having Edward leave; however this month I had no excuse. So here I am sitting in the bathroom of my apartment with the tiny, yet so significant, stick in my hands.

"10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1" I took a deep breath as I looked down at the test....Positive.

Edward was the only guy I slept with; but we had used protection and I was on the pill. I took the second test out of the box.

3 minutes later I looked down again and I couldn't hide my fear when I once again realised that the test read positive.

It was official, I was pregnant with Edward Cullens baby.