*Note: Mikan and friends are all 13. AKA everyone is 3 years older than in the manga.

Summary: Mikan Sakura is a cheerful and sweet, bubby and optimistic girl who is always smiling and could not tell a good lie to save her life. She's a normal 13-year-old girl! Or at least, that's what everyone thinks… the truth is, Mikan is a spy for Gakuen Alice. Ever since she was 2, she has been trained to be emotionless, ruthless, lethal, and unbeatable. Gifted with brains, beauty, strength, and speed, she is the ultimate weapon.

Character stats:

Mikan Sakura-


Alice(s): Nullification and stealing. Stolen Alice's: Fire, electricity, water/ice, earth, metal, mind reading, speed, strength, doppelganger, human pheromone, and animal pheromone

Profile: 5'4. Long auburn hair usually tied back into pigtails and a single ponytail during missions. Hazel eyes.

Extras: Mikan acts cheerful bubbly and optimistic but she is really emotionless and cold. Mikan grew up in Kyoto (?) and has a fake persona of being happy towards everyone except for a few select higher ups in the Academy. She goes on missions at night that usually only takes one night but occasionally longer. She is the Academy's top spy. Her alias is Hell's Angel.

Natsume Hyuuga


Alice(s): Fire

Profile: 5'9. He has messy black hair and bright crimson eyes.

Extras: Natsume is a cold character. He is best friends with Ruka and eventually Mikan. Natsume is also a spy for the academy, but is not as good as Mikan. His alias is Kuro-Neko (Black Cat)

Ruka Nogi


Alice(s): Animal Pheromone

Profile: 5'9. Blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Extras: He is Natsume's best friend. He is the nicer of the two and is always with Natsume.

Hotaru Imai


Alice(s): Invention

Profile: 5'5. Short black hair and Purple eyes.

Extras: Hotaru is Mikan's child hood friend. She loves money and black mailing people with embarrassing photos, (Ruka mostly) and selling them to make profit.