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Well on to the story:

Chapter 1

The guitars played flawlessly with the base and drums. The lead singer closed his eyes his eyes, playing the cords he's memorized and loosing himself in the music.

"Your just a sad song
With nothing to say
About a life long
Wait for a hospital stay
Well if you think that I'm wrong
This never meant anything to you-"

A phone rang.

All music stopped and the phone was answered.

"Hello?.... Huh?.. Why?" A sigh. "Fine."

"Uchiha, how many times do I have to tell you to keep your damn phone on vibrate." the lead singer growled.

"Calm down Sabuku. I've gotta go. We're still on for practice Friday at 5:30?" Sasuke asked, packing up his guitar.

"Yeah." Gaara said grabbing a bottle of water.

"Later!" Sasuke called, putting his guitar case strap over his shoulder.

Gaara sighed, "Let's see if we can't try this from the beginning"


"You've got to be kidding....?"

"I don't kid."

"Uncle, I'm only 17. don't you think that's a little early for me to looking for somebody to marry?"

"Your parents meet when they were 18 and they got married when they were 21." The stoic man said.

Sasuke sighed, "There's no way of me getting out of this is there?"

"We need to persevere the Uchiha name. "

The doorbell rang.

"She's here, no down and greet her."

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke put his hands in his pocket and followed his uncle out of his room, down the hall and stairs to the front door.

"Hello there and welcome. You must be Mizani." The older Uchiha said bowing

"Yeah" was muttered in a feminine voice said.

"Sasuke come over her and meet Mizani." he said stepping aside.

The first thing that stood out to Sasuke was her bright blue eyes. They stood out against her shoulder length black hair and black dress.

Her arms were crossed over her chest and she glared at Sasuke.

"Hi." she grumbled.

"Hey." Sasuke said.

"Well, I'll leave you two be. I've got to go out of town." the uncle said bowing once again and walking up stairs.

"Wanna go out to eat?" Sasuke asked

Mizani shrugged, "Sure. I know just the place."


"Don't you think we're a little over dressed?" Sasuke said taking off his jacket and sitting on the booth beside him.

"It's okey. I've come here in pajamas. They don't care." Mizani said sitting in the booth opposite him.

A young women came up and handed menus to them then took their drink orders.

Mizani's phone vibrated on the table from a text message..

Sliding her phone open, she typed in her code. Reading the message she typed back a reply, closed the phone and sat it back on the table.

"Sorry about that." she said.

"It's okey."

The phone vibrated again.

"Idiot. I swear.." Mizani said upon reading the message and typing back a reply.

Their drinks came and the young women, Ayame, took their orders,

"So...." Sasuke said.

"I can't believe that women got me into a dress..."

Sasuke rose an eyebrow.

."I don't like dresses"

"I'm not a big fan of suits either." he said pulling at his collar.

Mizani smirked and glanced at her phone as it vibrated.

Reading the message she rolled her eyes.

"Hey Ayame!" she called

"What do you need Miz?"

"Tell that idiot to bring me my food before he gets hurt."

Ayame shook her head, "I swear you would think you two hated each other." and walked off.

"You come here offend?"

"Psh, I practically live here" she glanced around Sasuke. "About time Blondie." Mizani said hands on her hips.

"There are other customers you know." the voice said.

Sasuke turned to his right as Mizani said, "And?" his eyes widening

The blonde shook his head, his bangs flying into his face as he glared his bright ocean blue eyes at Mizani.

"Here you go." the blonde said sitting the bowl on the table.

"Hmmm!" Mizani said, "Good as usual Naruto." eating her ramen.

"Thanks Miz, well I got other people to serve. See you later" he turned to walk away then called over his shoulder, "Enjoy!"

Sasuke watched him as he walked away to another table.

"Oi, quite staring and eat before it gets cold." Mizani said throwing her straw paper at him.

He blinked and turned to her smirking face.


"You haven't taken your eyes off Naru since he walked away."

"I don't know what your talking about." Sasuke said eating his ramen.

"Sure you don't."

The two sat in silence, Sasuke sneaking glances at Naruto.

"You gay aren't you?"

Sasuke almost spit out the drink he was currently drinking. Almost

"What made you ask?"

"You've got that vibe about you."

He raised an eyebrow.

"Don't ask" she said holding up her hands, "And you still haven't stopped looking at Naru," she said resting her head on her fist.

"What's it to you?" he grumbled.

"I was going to put in a good word for you,. But your gonna act like this, then I just won't bother. " she said leaning back and crossing her arms.

"Sorry about that.... Do you think you could still put in a good word for me?" Sasuke asked.

"I'll think about it." Mizani said picking up her phone and walking away.

Sasuke sighed, took out his wallet and put some money on the table. Walking out the door, he went to her car that was parked right beside hers. "So?"

"I thought about it." She smirked, put the car into gear and drove away.

"The bitch.." he muttered smirking and getting into his own car to drive home.

The Next Day:

"Alright everybody! Welcome back to STEM! I see we have a few new faces so we'll get some introductions out of the way. I'm ms. Jean, I'll be your music instructor. I'll give you time to introduce yourselves to each other in a little while. But right now were going to have our in house group, [Our Band Name Here]!"

The room busted out clapping except for Mizani.

'Of course he had to be gay. I can't find a straight guy anywhere...'

The band started playing and she heard,

"I had a dream last night
We drove out to see Las Vegas..." the red head sang.

Mizani turned to the band and her jaw dropped.

"What?" Naruto asked beside her. Turning to the stage his own jaw dropped.

"Ohmigod..." they both said.

"We lost ourselves in the bright lights
I wish you could've seen us.." Sasuke sang

"Begging for change to get home
Or at least San Fransisco.." the lead sing sang.

Mizani watched him throughout the song. His baggy jeans almost falling off of him and a black shirt with random red writing on it.

Naruto kept Sasuke. His black jeans fitting him snuggly along with his black and blue shirt.

They finished the song and the room busted out in a round of applause and cheers.

"There's [Our Band Name Here]. With Gaara as the lead singer and guitar." Ms. Jean said pointing at the red head.

'Hm. Gaara, very nice name.' Mizani thought looking at him.

"Sasuke on the back up vocals band guitar."

Naruto stared at the raven haired as he pulled his guitar strap from around his shoulder.

'Well hello Sasuke..'

The two friends vaguely heard the other to introduced as Kiba and Neji.

Me. Jean walked onto the stage. "Okey, we'll get the important things done tomorrow. Now you all go mingle and get to know each other."

Mizani glanced at Naruto was looking at Sasuke then went back to looking at Gaara. Naruto did the same to Mizani.

"Okey us just staring at them is going to get nothing done." Naruto said.

"Your right. Come on." Mizani asked dragging him over to where the band was stepping of the stage.

"Hello Sasuke" Mizani said, Naruto giving her a mean look.

"Hey Mizani" he said glancing at Naruto who looked away.

Mizani saw this and said, "I would like you to meet my best friend Naruto"

"Nice to meet you Naruto." Sasuke said.

"Nice to meet you too.." Naruto grumbled glaring at Mizani who was sneaking glances at Gaara, "Could you do me a favor?" he said grinning.

"Um, sure."

"Can you introduce Mizani to your red headed friend."

Mizani's eyes widen then narrowed, "You don't have to do-"

"Yo Gaara! Come here!" Sasuke called.

"I hate you." Mizani muttered to Naruto.

"You started it." he said with a grin.

"Gaara this is Mizani, Mizani this is Gaara." Sasuke said as the red head came over to them.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Gaara said smiling a bit and holding his hand out.

"You too." she said taking his hand.

"I could be mean, I could be angry I could me just like you.."

Mizani rolled her eyes, "Excuse me." she said to Gaara. "Yeah?... I'm in class... yes. School started today.. I didn't go home last night.. yes I went on that date." she said smirking at Sasuke. "No, he's defiantly not my type. I've got to go mother. Bye."

'I like her. Pretty, sure of herself, sarcastic manner, what's not to like.' Gaara thought.

"So when did you move here?" Sasuke asked Naruto.

"A month before school let out. My dad transferred to the elementary school around here."

"What about you?" Gaara asked Mizani, leaning back against the stage.

'Mmmm!' "I moved here with him." she said pointing at Naruto over her shoulder. "I use to go to a private school, but I hated it so I never went. So my parents said I could live with him as long as I went to school."

"How do you two know each other?" Sasuke asked.

The two friends busted out laughing.

"Now that's a funny story." Naruto said.

"Well it all started back in kindergarten. We were out at recess and I was in the sand box. And I see this little kid getting pick om. So I go over there and see what the problem is." Mizani stared.

"The kids were picking on me because my dad gave the detention. What that has to do with me I'll never know but anyway."

"So I march up to them thinking I'm big and bad and start yelling at them. Well they left Naru alone.. but they start picking on me because my parents have like a whole bunch of money."

"So I couldn't just let her save me and not help her. We both start fussing and yelling at them. But the thing is we were the smallest kids on the playground. So you think were goners right?" Naruto asked

"Wrong. Somehow we get into this cool synchronized thing and start kicking their asses. It took about four people to drag Naruto off them."

"It took about six to drag Mizani off and we were taken to my dad's office. Oh man he went off on us. We got suspended for a week. But from then on we were feared by all." Naruto said grinning

"Somewhere in there we became the best of friends. I practically lived with them.. I didn't want to me at my house.":

"Why not?" Gaara asked.

"Because it was just that. A house. With Naruto and them it felt like home." Mizani said shrugging

"So it didn't bother your parents that you weren't home?" Sasuke asked.

"Oh yeah, it bothered the hell out of them. But they were hardly home so it wasn't like it mattered.

The bell rung.

"Have a nice rest of the day everybody!" Ms. Jean called to the class.

"She's an odd one.." Mizani said picking up her bag.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Sasuke and Gaara said.


"This women is crazy!" Mizani muttered to Naruto

"I know." he muttered back.

"Now were going to get everybody paired up." the lady said.

"Sasuke and Naruto, Kiba and Hinata, Neji and Ten- Ten, Sakura and Rock Lee, Ino and Choji, Shino and Sai, finally we have Gaara and Mizani." she sat the clipboard down, "Now everybody get with your partners."

Mizani rolled back to where Sasuke and Gaara were sitting.

"Up Up Sasuke."

"Why do I have to get up?" he asked.

"Because I'm already here."

Sasuke rolled his eyes but nonetheless rolled over to where Naruto was.

"Hi again." Mizani said smiling at Gaara.

"Hi." he said giving her a small smile.

"Alright since your going to be working with this person all semester, take a little while to get to know each other." the teacher said.

"Soo.." Mizani said.

"What's your favorite color?" Gaara asked.

"Hm... silver and dark blue What about you?"

"Red and Aquamarine."

"Weird color combination but cool."

"What's your favorite band?"

"I can't pick just one! That's murder!"

Gaara chuckled, "Alright, top 5."

"Okey, Boys Like Girls, My Chemical Romance, Hollywood Undead, The Maine, and Mayday Parade."

"All of them awesome bands. And I think I have to say they are all my favorites too."




"Soo.." Naruto said leaning back in his chair.

"Soo.. what's your favorite song?" Sasuke asked, not able to think of anything else.

"Awake by Secondhand Serenade."

"Why that one?"

"You'll think it's stupid."

"Come on, I won't. I promise."

Blue met onyx.

Naruto sighed, "Because I want someone that will stay awake so I don't miss anytime I have them. And hopefully I can find that one person that I can give my heart to. I've always been a bit of a romantic. Mizani and my dad use to pick on me all the time."

Sasuke just stared at Naruto.

"See, I knew you'd think it's stupid!"

"No it's not stupid. It's kind've .. well romantic and sweet."

"Yeah..." Naruto said blushing slightly. "So what's your favorite song?"

"Yours to Hold by Skillet."

"Why?" the blonde asked sitting his arms crossed on the table with his head resting on top of them.

"Kind've the same reason as you. I want to find that someone and let them know I'm always there when they need them." Sasuke said leaning back and staring at the ceiling.

"Okey on to a less serious question, what's your favorite color?" Naruto asked.

"Your going to laugh."

"No I won't you didn't think I was stupid so I won't laugh."

Sasuke glanced at Naruto's serious face. "The color of rain."

"That's your favorite color?"

"Yep. I don't know why I do."

"What do you like about the rain?"


"Expand a little more.." Naruto said making a weird face that caused Sasuke to chuckle.

"I love how it looks, how it smells more and after. How it can always calm me down and puts me into the best sleep I can ever have."

"Music does the same thing for me. You know calms me down or gets me to sleep." Naruto laughed, "Mizani use to joke that I wore my emotions on my iPod."

Sasuke chuckled, "How so?"

"I had a bad habit of hiding how I was really feeling. So to see what kind've mood I was in she would look at my play list. If I had Blink182 and Sum 41 I was in a good mood, Three Days Grace and Linkin park I was pissed, and Evanescence and AFI I was depressed."

"Wow. You know your living proof of that 'Don't judge a book my it's cover' thing. "

Naruto gave him a funny look and busted out laughing.

"Okey class, now I want you to get into groups of four."

Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and rolled backwards.

Mizani was laughing as Gaara had just finished telling her something.

"What're you laughing at so hard?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at.." she couldn't finish the sentence as she glanced over at Sasuke and busted out laughing again.

"Sabuku, what did you tell her?" Sasuke asked narrowing his eyes at Gaara.

"Oh nothing, just a little story of how someone found out their preferences."

This caused Mizani to laugh even harder. "Ow! My stomach hurts." she whined.

"Then stop laughing" Sasuke growled.

"I'm trying.." she took a couple of deep breaths. "Man I haven't laughed that hard in a long time."

"What'd you mean? You were falling off the couch laughing the other night" Naruto said.

"Yeah, but I meant people who weren't family."

"In groups I want you to discuss what you leaned."

Naruto and Sasuke went on talking among there selves.

"I wonder when their gonna figure out the others preferences." Gaara asked.

"You can tell Naru is?" Mizani asked smirking.

"Oh yeah."

"I have to step out for a minute. You all mingle among yourselves." the teacher said closing the door.

Instantly a pink haired girl was standing between Gaara and Sasuke.

"Hi Gaara. Hi Sasuke." she said.

They both rolled their eyes, "Hi Sakura."

Mizani and Naruto's eyes narrowed instantly.

"I heard your band was playing this Friday."

"Yeah, just like we have every other Friday." Sasuke said.

"Well I guess I'll have to be there" she said trying to act all cute.

"Yeah, you do that." Gaara said.

'Stupid twot...' "Hi, I'm Mizani." Mizani interjected.

"Sakura, nice to meet you." she said, in a snotty tone that only Mizani caught.

'Oh hell no..' "Gaara, I didn't know your band played anywhere." Mizani said to Gaara.

"Yep. There's this place Sasuke 's brother's friend owns: The Akauski"

"Sounds like a cool place"

"It is." Gaara said leaning back in his chair and giving her a small smile.

"What songs are you going to do?" Sakura asked

Gaara's eye twitched slightly as he glared at the pink haired girl.

"We haven't decided yet."

"You know, you should do-"

"Something of Mayday Parade's." Mizani finished for her.

"We have been practicing some of their songs." Sasuke said.

"Sounds good. You should come watch us practice and tell us what you think." Gaara told Mizani.

"Would be cool if you came too." Sasuke told Naruto.

"I just we'll be there." Naruto said smiling.

The bell rung.

"Oh Sasuke, Gaara, do you want to go somewhere for lunch?" Sakura asked.

"We're already heading out with Mizani and Naruto." Sasuke asked gathering his things.

"I can meet you where ever your going."

"We don't know where were going Mizani's deciding." Gaara said placing his hands on her shoulder. "Isn't that right?"

"O-Of course. Come on guys let's go get some lunch." she said leading Gaara out of the room followed by Naruto and Sasuke.

"Who the fuck is that twot?" Mizani asked arms crossed eyebrow raised.

"She's our friggin' stalker fan-girl." Sasuke said.

"So where are we going for lunch?" Naruto asked

"Where do you think?" Mizani asked.

"The Ramen Stand." Naruto and Sasuke said.

"Yep! Come on Gaara." she said taking his hand and leading him to the parking lot.


"Alright! I hope you had a goo lunch. I'm you English teacher Mr. L. I know for some some English is a difficult subject but I've heard great things about this class, so we should have no problems."

"Great more expectations." Mizani muttered.

"So while your in here, I want you to only speak English or as much as you can. Your journal topic is on the broad, I want a page.."

With that he went to his desk and sat down.

'And...' the topic read.

The class grew quiet as everybody wrote on the topic.

About thirty minutes later, Mr. L comes to the front of the classroom.

"Let's see.. um, Mizani could you come up and read your's for us?" he said gesturing to the podium.

"I have to go up there?"

"Yeah, don't be shy were all friends here."

Mizani sighed, picked up her notebook and walked up the the podium.

"Okey, so I'm going to sing a song because it's the only think that could pop in my head. So here it goes." she took a deep breath,

"And then we both go down together

We may stay there forever

I'll just try to get up

And I'm sorry

This wasn't easy

When i asked you, believe me

You never let go

But i let go"

The class clapped.

"That was fantastic!" Mr. K said clapping the loudest.

"Uh, thanks." she said tucking her hair behind her ear and walking back over to her desk.

"Mizani that was amazing." Gaara said.


Naruto gave her a weird look, 'Did she just stutter?'

The bell rang for Study Hall.

"Can we go home now?" Mizani asked. "I'd love to go get a shower."

"That's what we usually do" Sasuke said.

"So do you guys want to come hang out at our house?" Naruto asked

"Sure." Sasuke said.

"We've got nothing better to do." Gaara said shrugging.

"Gaara, Sasuke, do you want to come hang out at my house?" Sakura asked walking up to them.

"Oohh. Sorry they're already heading to my house." Mizani said putting an arm on Gaara and Sasuke's shoulders.

"That's to bad, I had so much planned."

"I'm sure they'll mange." Mizani said through gritted teeth.

Sakura turned to Gaara, "Well if you change your mind you know where I am." she winked and walked away.

Mizani growled, Gaara and Sasuke glanced at her, Sakura looked at bit scared while Naruto sighed.

"Come on Miz, let's get home." Naruto said pushing her out the door and geasutring for Sasuke and Gaara to follow.

As Mizani got outside she started grumbling to herself as she dug her keys out of her bag.

"Is she alright?" Gaara asked

"Just give her a few minutes, she'll be fine."

"What the hell happened back there?" Sasuke asked getting his own car keys out.

"She gets a little over protective of her friends."

"Who does that pink headed she devil think she is??" Mizani shouted.

"Or she just doesn't like her." Gaara stated.

"Ye, yes that could be it.." Naruto said a bit frightened.. he pushed Gaara towards her, "See if you can calm her down."

Gaara rolled his eyes and walked up to Mizani.

"Why don't you try to calm her down?" Sasuke asked.

"Because she has no problem beating the shit outta me."

"Oh" Sasuke said nodding.

"Hey Mizani, you okey?" Gaara asked as he caught up to her placing a head on her shoulder.

"Y-Yeah. I'm okey. I just don't like her" she said off handily.

"Of course, it wasn't as if you were getting.. jealous." he said with a smirk.

Mizani stopped and turned towards him. "Me?" pointing at herself, "Jealous of that pink headed bimbo? I think not."

"Well from what I've been seeing it sure looked-"

"Well you need to get your eyes checked because I was not jealous."

"Well since you weren't jealous you wouldn't mind going out with me tomorrow night."

"Sounds good to me- wait, what?" the black haired girl asked confused.

"See you at your house." he called getting into the passengers side of Sasuke's car.

"That sneaky, under-handed, egotistical-"

"Sounds like just your type." Naruto said grinning.

"Oh shut up and get in the car." Mizani said. She turned to Sasuke, "Follow me." and climbed into her car.

Sasuke nodded and climbed into his own car to find a smirking Gaara.

"Was that really necessary?"

"Maybe." the red head said reaching into the glove box and grabbing a pack of cigarettes. He then picked up the lighter that was sitting in the cup holder. As Sasuke pulled out and followed Mizani out of the parking lot, Gaara lit a cigarette and took a drag.