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Chapter 15

Naruto walked from the counter, bowl of cereal in hand, to the table. He sat down and happily began to eat his sugary breakfast. Since he was still in his half-asleep dazed, he did not notice Mizani skipping into the kitchen before she was only a few inches from his face asking, "So, are you and Sasuke dating now?"

The cereal that was in his mouth came flying out and the blonde couched trying to recover while Mizani sat beside him not at all fazed by his almost choking state.

"Iruka! Tell Mizani to stay outta my love life!" he called once he could breath once again.

"Ha! So you DO have a love life huh?" the raven grin asked with a grin at her best friend.

"Alright Zani, leave him alone." Iruka said walking into the kitchen still in what he slept in as he pressed the start button on the coffee maker.

"Awh, You're no fun." She whined. Her eyes lit up and she called for Kakashi, "I know he wants to know."

The silver haired man came walking in, he opened his mouth to begin interrogating his adopted son. "You might want to think twice before you say anything." the brunette man commented crossing his arms over his chest and leaning agianst the counter. The couple seemed to have some sort of silent argument before Kakashi slumped away to get him and Iruka coffee cups.

"Everyone's against me today." Mizani muttered standing up, "I'll badger Sasuke at school." she said with a shrug before walking back upstairs.

Naruto sighed and continued to eat his cereal. Iruka came over and sat beside him, opposite to where Mizani was sitting before. "How are things between you and Sasuke?" he asked in a tone that told Naruto he didn't have to answer, but if he wanted to talk the brunette man was there to listen.

"Good? I think... Oh I don't know. We haven't talked since Friday." Naruto said throwing his hands up.

"Just talk to him at school. Ask Gaara to distract Zani fr you." Iruka advised.

"Ohh! You should casually invite him to the movies as a sort of unspoken date." Kakashi said walking over Iruka handing him his cup of coffee while taking the seat beside him.

Iruka smirked, "And how many times have you tried that?" he asked sipping is coffee.

"Actually none. I kinda just came up with it."

"Of course you did." the tanned man said kissing the pale man on the cheek.

As much as he loved both of his fathers, Naruto was really one for being around them when they were in their cute lovely- dovey mood. He stood up saying, "I'll try that. Thanks Dad." Walking over to the sink he dropped his bowl in right as Mizani came down the stairs calling out if he was ready. After the blonde picked up his bag from the living and slipped on his shoes, they were off to school calling good-byes to the older men.

Ms. Jean's class was as hectic as ever. With various people working on set designs, costumes, a few costumes here and there and of course the actors working on their lines. Gaara and Mizani were currently on staged with the teacher going over a few of the scenes where it was just to two of them.

Naruto looked over to where Sasuke was watching the scenes, "So, how was your weekend?" he asked.

The raven sighed, but also let out a laugh, "It was okey, would've been better had Itachi and Deidara together the whole weekend."

He nodded understandingly, "Are you busy tomorrow night?" 'Oh my god, that was way too forward.. what was I thinking?'

"Umm.. I don't believe I am."

'Okey here it goes.' Naruto took a deep breath, "Want to go to the movies?"

Sasuke smirks, "Naruto Uzumaki, did you just ask me on a date?"

"What? No! Of course not!" the blonde said quickly as the raven stared at him, "Or if you want it to be one then... sure."

"I guess we have a date tomorrow night." Sasuke said before standing up and walking away.

"Hey! What time?" Naruto called out.

The raven shrugged with a smirk before walking back stage.

'This has turned out to be a very good day.' Sasuke thought humming to himself as he walked into the house. He slipped his shoes off and dropped his book bag beside the couch where Itachi laid in Deidara's lap as they both watched TV. Ignoring his brother's raised eyebrow, he went to the kitchen, grabbed a couple of tomatoes, walked back to the living room and fell back into the chair, his feet dangling over the arm of the chair.

There was a squeal and Deidara jumped up from the couch, Itachi's head falling from his lap, and over to Sasuke, "It happened!" he said a grin on his face. The Uchihas stared at the blonde. With a roll of his eyes he explained, "Naruto ask you on a date~!"

"What? Deidara your crazy. Of course he didn't!" Sasuke quickly denied. 'Please don't blush, please don't blush..'

"Awh! He's blushing!" Deidara cooed.


"My little brother has a date. This really is a great moment." Itachi said, still not bothered to sit up from laying on the couch.

"Hey! Maybe we could go on a double date! That'd be so cute!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. 'I should have just gone straight to my room.' he though ignoring their pickings and heading up the stairs to his room.

After closing the door, he fell back on to his bed. 'Nap sounds good right about now..' His plans for a nap were torn by his phone ringing. Pulling it out and looking It at the caller I.D., her rolled his eyes, "Hello Uncle Madara."

"Good evening Sasuke. I apologize for not having called sooner, I have had pressing matters to. How was your date with the young woman before?" he asked.

He barked out a laugh, "Oh yeah, that went great." he said, voice full of sarcasm.

"I do not approve of this tone. I will have to set up another date for you. I have-"

"No! I don't want to go on anymore of these stupid dates! I will find somebody on my own." 'I might have already..'

"Sasuke, you have to think about what is best to preserve the Uchiha bloodline. After your brother failed to do it."

"Leave Itachi out of this. He is happy with Deidara and you should be happy about that." Sasuke said his fist clenching, knuckles turning white.

"How can I be happy by something as disgusting as what he's doing?"

"You are not going to talk about my brother like this to me." The raven had begun pacing the room, "Dating Deidara was the first time I saw him happy since our parents death. Since you are the only family we have left, you should be happy."

"As the only family you have left, I have to do what is right for you all. Your brother has made his decision I would advise you not to make the same." He said before hanging up.

Sasuke stared at the phone in his hand before throwing it at the wall. He took a minute to get his anger in check before falling face first onto the bed. Lifting his head, he looked at a picture on his night stand. The raven reached over to the picture and picked it up, "I wish you were here.." he whispered to the picture of him, Itachi, his mother and his father.

Despite his sour mood, Sasuke let out a laugh remembering that he had a date with Naruto tomorrow night.

Sasuke glanced into the mirror in the hall for the hundredth time fixing a spike before resuming his pacing. There was an amused chuckle from the living room before Itachi said, "Calm down Sasuke." he stood up and placed his hands on his little brother's shoulders. "You two went on a date before. This is no different."

The younger raven let out a breath and relax, but it was short lived. As soon as the door bell rung, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He walked to the door and opened it. At seeing Naruto's grinning face, his nerves were curved slightly and a small smile placed on his face. "Ready to go?" the blonde asked to which Sasuke nodded.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Itachi called out behind him as he closed the door.

Naruto let out a laugh at Sasuke's eye roll and they climbed into the car. It was a pretty quiet drive, only noise was the radio playing. They pulled up to the theater, finding a park not far from the entrance. Walking to the showing list, the stared at the movies. "Alright so what do you want to see?"

'Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides, Kung-Fu Panda 2 or X-Men: First Class.. I can't chose just one of them.' A look of indecision passed his face that made the blonde laugh. The raven looked over to the blonde with a raised eye brow. "Just pick one. We can always come back and see another one." he explained with a grin.

The Uchiha decided he liked the sound of that. "Let's watch X-Men: First Class." Naruto nodded and they got their tickets and popcorn, that the blonde bought.

"That movie was fantastic. I can't believe that's how everything went down!" Naruto said as they were driving home. "The bromances were great!" he added with a laugh.

"Except between Charles and Erik. That wasn't a bromance, they were just full out together." Sasuke said. "Not to mention Charles' voice. That British accent was b-e-a-utiful."

"Well I'm sorry I don't have a British accent." Naruto said with a pout.

"No, it's okey. I like your voice." Sasuke said waving him off. It took him a minute to realize what he said, 'I can't believe I just said that..' he thought covering his face with his hands. They pulled up to Sasuke's house and he looked at the blonde who was grinning. "Well, this was fun."

"Yeah! We'll have to do it again sometime." Naruto said nodding, missing the sarcasm in the raven's voice.

"I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"I guess sooo." the blonde nodded.

Sasuke gave him a small smile before leaving the car and walking up the walk way to his steps. He didn't notice a car door open until Naruto was standing in front of him with a grin. The blonde lightly kissed the raven before jogging back to his car and driving away. The raven entered the house, ignored Itachi's questions, ran up to his room blasted some music and let out a squeal.

"Is everything set?"

"Only a few more things are needed."

"Be sure to get them. I want this done right. Certain people got in the way the previous time. I do not want anything to jeopardize this."

"What about them? They seem to be a pretty tight knit bunch."

There was a cold silence.

"Tear them apart."

'I hate science.' Gaara thought darkly looking at the homework on the table before him. Temari was muttering curses in the kitchen as prepared dinner while Kankuro sat on the couch watching some TV show or another.

The front door opened and closed, "I'm home." A voice called out.

Everyone's eyes widened. The sound of a pan dropping was heard and Kankuro froze. Gaara stood up at glared at the doorway, "Hello Father." he greeted darkly.

"Evening children. How are you all doing?" the man before them said. He looked like an exact copy of Gaara except he was older and had brown hair instead of red.

Gaara ignored his question and took a step closer, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"So hostile." Their father said. "I'm visiting my children of course."

"You are not welcomed here. In facet, according to the courts, you're not suppose to be within 500 feet of us."

The brunette man waved him off, "Oh, law is such a fickle thing."

If it was possible, Gaara's glare turned colder, "Yeah. Ask mother."

The father glowered, "Just thought I'd let you all know that I was in town." he said before walking to the door, "You'll be seeing me." were his parting words.

This seemed to snapped out of the daze they were in.

Temari walked into the living room, "Kankuro call the please and tell them-"

"No. There's no need to call them unless it becomes a pressing problem." Gaara said as he gathered his books and walked upstairs. He placed everything on his bed and sat in the middle of the floor trying to compose himself. After taking many deep breaths, he grabbed his phone and called Mizani.

She picked up after a few rings, "Hello?"

"Hey, Zani." he greeted her.

"Hey Gaara. What's wrong..?"

"Do you think you could meet me at the end of the street?" he asked, ignoring her previous question, "I'll talk to you then."

"Okey, I'll be there soon."

"Please hurry." he muttered before ending the call. Standing up, he slipped the phone in his pocket, grabbed his pack of pack of cigarettes from the night stand and walked downstairs. "I'm going to head out for a while." he said walking out the door and down to the end of the street, waiting for Mizani to show up.

Mizani, fresh out of the shower, was standing int the living room with a game of Just Dance 2 playing. She was currently dancing to The Ting Tongs' "That's Not My Name" when Naruto walked into the house. He joined her in dancing even though he had no controller. She didn't think this odd, but there was something about the smile the blonde had on his face.

Once the song was finished, the raven girl picked up her water bottle from the table and took a couple of gulps before falling down beside her blonde best friends on the couch. "Spill." she stated, though it sounded like a demand.

"Well, me and Sasuke's date went amazingly. We went to the movies, watched the movie, talked about the movies then I took him home." Naruto stated, but there was something he wasn't telling her she knew.

"You know if you don't want to tell me what happened I perfectly understand but," she began tickling him, "I won't take no for an answer!"

"Alright! Alright! I kissed him!" he finally confessed.

The young girl squealed and hugged the blonde. "Iruka! Kakashi!" she called. Once both men were in the room she told them the good news, "He kissed him!" she said.

Iruka gave him a warm smile while Kakashi enveloped him in a bear hug. He then began talking to the blonde a mile a minute, despite Naruto's attempts to quiet him.

Her phone ringing brought her attention from Naruto to her phone. Flipping it open she answered it, "Hello?"

"Hey, Zani." she heard him say. His voice sounded as though he were trying extremely hard to hold something back and tired all at the same time.

"Hey Gaara. What's wrong..?" She questioned, worry filling her own voice.

"Do you think you could meet me at the end of the street?" he asked, completely ignoring her previous question, "I'll talk to you then."

She was already slipping on her shoes , "Okey, I'll be there soon."

"Please hurry." she heard him mutter before the call was ended.

"Guys, I need to go." she said reaching for her keys on the table. "Something's up with Gaara."

"Be careful." Iruka tells her with a worried look.

Nodding she was out the door and on her way to the redhead's street. It didn't take her long to arrive, park and walk to where Gaara was leaning against the street sign. He look just how he sounded on the phone and she grew even more worried.

He takes her hand and they walk down the opposite street where there was a dead end. It was only a dead end to cars. To those walking it led to a small forest where a river ran and to a section where there were a couple of large boulders and sat down.

It was quiet for a while before Gaara sighed and took out a pack of cigarettes, asking if she mind. She shook her head and lit one and took a deep drag. 'I didn't know he smoked.. Though I guess it explains his views from the first day of school..' "Care to hear a story?" he asked breaking the silence that fell.

Really not knowing what else to say, she nodded and he begun.

"Once upon a time there was a young boy who's mother got real sick after he was born. When she was pregnant with him, the doctors said they weren't sure how long she would live, but she didn't care. She wanted to be there to watch her kids grow up so they gave her medicine to help her. Unfortunately, the medication made her extremely out of it. It was because of this that she couldn't really raise her new born son, the task falling to her older twin brother."

He took a deep breath, "The little boy had two older siblings that were years older then him and there for closer to their mother. They tried not to treat him like what happen to their mother way his fault, but at times you can't hide everything. The father was in charge of taking care of the mother, making sure she sleep and got medications and what have you. When day he had to go out of town. That's when it all happened.

"The mother and her brother just went the the grocery store for food to prepare dinner with when the got into a car accident. The mother was driving, so they blamed it on the medication. It wasn't until later that all the details came to light. The father was actually drugging the mother, slowly killing her and the car accident wasn't a actual accident it was a hit and run, but none of the facts held up in court. The father went semi-crazy and the courts ordered a restraining order for the children against him.

"Despite his brother and sister telling him that their mother's death and their father's craziness wasn't his fault, it didn't stop the neighbor hood from talking and blaming them. The parents telling their children not to play with him and the boy growing up pretty much friendless, only having his older siblings to hold him together." Gaara dropped him third cigarette to the ground and stomped it out with his feet before he was tackled in a hug by Miazni who just began to cry into his shoulder.

'I can't believe he went through all that. And by himself? How is he the sweet person he is today?' She thought her mind at a lost. The raven noticed her boyfriend's lack of response and she pulled back, tears rolling down her cheeks, "What's wrong?"

"This isn't the normal reaction I get from people.." he said quietly.

"I thought I had it bad with having a mother who wish I wasn't born and a father that I hardly ever get to see and family members pushing me to be what I don't want to be, but you have it way worst. I can't believe you went through it all alone.." She shook her head and wiped her eyes, "And when have I ever been normal?" she said with a smile, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Never." Gaara said with a smile of his own, "Though I was wrong about the friendless part. There was this one little girl that would always talk to me at the playground. Every time I would go to the park when I needed someone to talk to, it seemed like she was always there sitting on the swings." While the redhead was reminiscing, memories began to surface in her mind. "Though she was only around for a few months.. they meant a lot to me.."

"Gaara.." he looked up at the sound of her voice, "Did the little girl always where some sort of hat no matter the weather..?" she asked, wondering if her suspicions were true. "And did you carry around a small teddy bear..?"

"Yeah.. How did you..?"

Both of their eyes widen as realization struck, "That was you!" they said at the same time then began laughing, Gaara chuckling.

"Well I guess we did know each other before.. but it was so long ago." Mizani said with a sigh.

"I know.. why did you end up leaving?" he asked her.

Mizani's mood darkened, "Dad had just got a job at the Japan branch of his company, but since mother dearest," she said the name as if it were a sort of poison in her mouth, "didn't like it here in Japan, he asked to get transferred back to America. Even though she's a bitch with a awful personality, Dad loves her for some reason."

"Well I'm just glad you came back." Gaara said putting his arm around her waist and pulling her close.

"Me too." she said, smiling brightly as she leaned into the redhead head. They both of them stayed out here watching the stars and the river.

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