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New Start, New Home

It was just another ordinary sunny day with the sun beaming down on the black truck diving down the road with the Uzumaki family inside anticipating the new house Mr. Uzumaki had just bought for his loving wife, and loving son.

"It's beautiful baby" Ino smiled, getting out the big black truck and spotting the house with the For Sale sign out on the lawn.

The house was a two storage house with a big porch that had a mailbox next to the steps, it was a light brown with a shade of darkness added to it. The windows were freshly put in and the glass was sparkling off the suns ray. From where Ino stood, she would have to take a a path with bushes of well-smelled red roses around the walkway.

"Bought it for you didnt I?" Naruto took the key's out his ignition and stepped out onto the drivway's concrete floor, "Let's go in" Naruto walked around the truck to Ino and kissed her on the lip before opening the back door to let out a small giggle from the blond child behind squeezing a small brown teddy bear.

"Come here Naruto Jr" Ino unstrapped her two year old son off the baby seat he was sitting in, "Look at your new home" Ino put her child in her arms and directed him at the wonderful house, after kissing her little boy on the cheek and making him let out a cry of joy, the blond family walked through the path of roses and stepped to the three inch porch and stood in front of a white door made of glass in the middle while the rest was made of wood.

"Its so beautiful in here Naruto" Ino looked around at the wooden floor that seemed that have been waxed recently. As they walked in they stepped in front of a stairway that was next to the door and curved around the the second floor.

Ino walked over to the ginormous space that was a living room while rocking Naruto Jr in her arms, "Wow" is all she could think as she looked around more and spotted a chandelier very high up above the living room where it seemed that it couldn't go any higher with golden handles keeping up the light bulbs and diamond that hung along the handle bars.

"Nice sofas, good choice Naruto" Ino felt the leather brown couch with her right hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Naruto was already making himself home by taking off his black suit jacket and hanging it on a wooden holder on the right of the entrance door.

"I had some guys fix this place up real good for a pricey amount" Naruto motioned it by rubbing his thump and pointing finger together, "But it was worth it for my wife and son" Naruto chuckled and walked over to Ino and gave her a kiss to the cheek then threw himself on the large leather couch.

"And the carpets nice as well" Ino slipped off her silver high heels and placed her foot on the warm fuzzy white carpet, the whole house had colors the mix of whip cream and chocolate syrup. The living room they were in was connected to two hallways, one small hallway leading to the kitchen, while the other lead to a bathroom.

"I'm going to see the kitchen, here hold him" Ino handed over their son to Naruto and he placed him on his chest while tickling his belly. As the blond walked into the kitchen she saw the white marble floor to be sparkling with the suns light. Their were a row of cabinets that were similar to the color of a fresh new peach, they were as well made of marble. A glass table stood in the middle of the huge kitchen with six seats around its rectangular shape. The sink that stood in front of a small window was completely new and Ino's reflection looked back at her as she looked into the metallic sink.

Plates, bowls, food accessories, you name it, Nauto bought it and it was all in their kitchen on a large stand on the marble counter that Ino ran her fingers through. "I need to see the rooms" Ino ran out the kitchen and ran passed her husband to the stairs that whipped around in a spiral. Once at the top she saw a long runway walk from the ending of the stairs, to a wooden door that was creeped open just a bit to make a squeak.

The runway walk walk was surounded by a black balcony and just like down stairs, the floo had white carpet. Making a right, Ino walked a couple of seconds before ending up at a door that was completey white and had a golden door knob attached to it, she turened it and her jaw dropped when she saw all the fine decor in what looked to be their room.

A large king sized bed was at the very center of the room with its black medal headboard up against the wall and in between two large windows that the suns beam was coming in. The walls were blood red with stripes of black coming down from the ceiling. The bed sheets were the same color as the walls with the pillows being the same color red, in a shape of hearts. Rose pedals covered the sheets and a sliver stand held a silver plate with a bottle of champagne and two glass cups with cubes of ice in them.

"Oh Naurto" Ino smiled and rolled her eyes, walking over to a dresser that had many types of perfume on it. She looked at herself in the mirror ontop of the dresser and noticed that her thight gray dress that lead to above her thighs had a small feather on it and quickly brushed off and looked to the right, the corner of the room.

"A closet?" Ino looked over at the same door that was outside the room and turned the knob to find a toilet and a standing shower on the other side with a small dark red carpet in front of the toilet and two tooth brushes; one yellow, the other purple, in a little red container next to the white marble sink.

"Naruto's going to get it tonight" Ino smiled devilishly at her naughty thoughts and walked out the bed room after getting startled by Naruto at the door waiting on her, "You scared me" She took deep breaths and walked back to where she started at the end of the stairs.

"Wheres Naruto Jr?" Ino asked, noticing that he didn't have their son in his hands.

"I put him in his room down over there" Naruto pointed at the door right at the end of the runway walk like floor. Ino took a look down the balcony and noticed that she could see the living room along with everything in it.

"Alright, what's up here?" Ino walked to the door right down the balcony where the stairs were. The platinum blond looked at the door that seemed to be old and opened it, leading her to a flight of stairs into the dark. When she reached the top of the stairs she noticed it was completely empty with wooden floor that looked unstable and a ceiling in the shape of a triangle.

"The attic" Naruto made her jump again, he watched as she walked down the wooden floor and noticed her high heels began to shake, "Ino come back, the floors up here are still a little shaky, one bad move and it can all come down" Naruto warned his wife who was now walking back to him slowly afraid to fall three floors down.

"Let me check out Naruto Jr's room" Ino smiled at her man and placed a hand on his face and kissed him and made her way down the steps with Naruto behind. Both blonds were now back from where they started, the end of the stairs. Ino turned a right and noticed that the balcony and floor were in a shape of a cross.

"Hopefull hes sleeping so we can hav-" Naruto stopped once he saw the look on his wife who hit him playfully on the chest before walking into her sons room.

"You outdone it in this room to Naruto, I'm impressed" Ino kissed him again and looked around at the small room that was the color orange with a dark tint mixture. A baby crib was at the corner of the room with orange sheets and a sleeping boy in it holding on to a pillow and his teddy bear he gripped while his eyes were shut closed, he always did looked a lot like his father with the full set of blond hair and baby blue eyes.

"Thank you for everything baby" Ino hugged her husband and made her way around the toys sitting on the white clean carpet, before leaving she closed the orange curtains on the one window next to his crib so the beam of light would escape in.

Mrs. and Mr. Uzumaki walked down the hall with their fingers interlocked, "Why don't we try out new bed out?" Ino said seductively as they stopped in front of their room.

"You read my mind" Naruto pined her up against the door and began kissing her passionately, exploring each others mouth with their tongues.

"Wait, wait" Ino said through moans as she opened the door and leached back on to Naruto with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Naruto pushed himself on top of her as he began taking off his dress shoes and socks and going back to locked lips with Ino and began sliding up her dress with his hands, he squeezed her ass cheeks and slapped the right cheek making her jump and moan with pleasure.

"Naughty boy" Ino rolled her body on top of his and began to unbuckle his belt that was attached to his dress pants and slid them off, leaving him in his dress shirt and black tie, "Lets test out this bed" Ino smiled at him seductively and for the rest of the night, the married couple made love in their brand new home.

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