Sorry it has been forever. I'm having trouble writing lately.

*Ashton's POV*

I hated the sight before me. James was not a person to show emotion. At least emotion that was not angry or drunk. Kat was the one person who really got him to be happy and now she is the one person who got him to cry. He held the note in his hand. All I could do was watch him read it over and over again. I heard the door open.

"Why is James crying?" AJ had stopped dead in his tracks.

"She left. She left a note saying goodbye." I said all of this while not taking my eyes off of James. "I would tell you to read it but James has it and I'm guessing he is not about to let go of it." AJ knew who wrote it without me having to say a name. Kat was the only one capable of breaking James. She has. I wish I could say that when I see her next I'm going to hurt her for hurting him. But that would be a lie.

"She doesn't want any of us getting hurt again?" We knew her too well. I nodded at AJ. We could not blame her for running. She was terrified. We all were. This is her way of protecting us. "What are we going to do about him?"

"Bobby is coming back in a little bit to take him home." I finally looked at AJ. "When you get to your apartment, check to see if she has anything still there. Anything that might suggest she will be stopping by again." AJ nodded at me.

*AJ's POV*

I had watch as Ajay and Bobby finally convince James to go home. It was a horrible sight. I may not approve of her dating him but I was not expecting her to be the one to hurt him. Daniels and I walked into our apartment.

I went straight to Kat's room. Nothing was in there but a piece of paper.


I'm guessing you didn't get my other letter. I'm sorry. I can't watch more people get hurt because of me. Please forgive me. Goodbye but hopefully not forever.


Of course I would forgive her. I just wish she did not choose this way. We can protect her when she is near us. What will happen now?

*James POV*

There was a note on my bed. I have no idea how it got there. Bobby was with me the whole time and the only person with a spare key is… Kat. I was torn. I wanted to run to the note and read it and keep it. At the same time I wanted to throw it away. How could she leave me?

I choose to read it.


I'm sorry. I had to say goodbye. But this is not forever. I couldn't leave you if I wanted. I hope you still love me. I have to disappear for a little bit. I will continue to leave you letters. You can leave them for me. Eventually I will tell you where I am. I'm hoping you will still want to be with me then. I love you, cowboy.


I love you too, my goth girl.

I hope you liked it. I'm sorry it is short. This is probably the end of this story. I can write another story if people want with Kat. Let me know!