Ch 1

It had been almost a year since she had seen him last. It had been the 12 months of her life. She turned 23 years old this year and Giles had told her that she was gaining on the longest living slayer. She had one more year left and then she would match the oldest living slayer. She was now the same age as Nikki Wood was when she died.

She was amazed every time she thought about when she was called. It had been nine years since she had been called to be the slayer, and nine years of fighting demons, and now she was pretty much able to retire. She had more reasons now in her life than ever to get her to set aside her calling, and to help Giles rebuild the Watcher's Council. Buffy was Giles' right hand woman now, as Giles was now head of the Watcher's Council.

Xander and Andrew were being trained as watchers in London too. Giles believed Xander and Andrew both had it in them to make excellent watchers. Xander especially because of all the things that Xander had done in the 6 and a half years that Buffy had been in Sunnydale. Xander was one of the easier ones to train. Andrew would be easy too only if he grew up a little more.

Willow was living in London with them too, but she went back and forth between London and the coven in Bath. She was also with the help of the coven training some of the potentials that also had signatures to be Wicca. Willow wanted to make sure that none of these girls were overwhelmed by their powers and have a psychotic melt down. The Scoobies all understood this from experience. Giles and Buffy agreed with Willow and the coven that this methodology would be the best course of action to take with these girls.

Buffy was proud of what these girls were becoming. A lot of the potentials had come a long way from what they had been. Faith and Robin were living in Cleveland protecting the hellmouth there. Robin was Faith and Kennedy's watcher as well as a principal at one of the high schools in Cleveland. Kennedy ended up there because Kennedy got so jealous of the time Willow spent training other potentials that Willow broke up with her, so she moved to be with Robin and Faith.

Dawn was enrolled in a school in London, and she was almost finished, she was being trained as a potential, a watcher and even had a signature to be a Wicca. Buffy thought that maybe all this had to do with her being the key, but then realized that it probably came with being special to the Guardian Slayer. She had just turned 18 years old and was with a vampire who fought the good fight. His name was Liam Kincade, and he reminded Buffy that there was a whole lot more to life, and that she needed to live for the now. He was kind to Dawn and he loved her, and he was instantly taken in by the Scoobies.

They had met Liam in Greece, Buffy and Giles had traveled there to bring a potential back to London with them. Buffy and Giles had gone out one night to take a walk and they stumbled across a vampire staking his own kind, the next night he killed a snake demon, and when he looked up from his kill, he saw Buffy and Giles staring at him. He walked up to Buffy and kissed her hand and said "It is an honor to be serving the Powers that Be with someone as great as you."

They brought him back to London with them also. Liam was always amazed that he got to serve in the presence of the Guardian Slayer, and that led him and Buffy to have a very close bond, but not like what she knew she'd had with Spike.

Buffy remembered the night before the big fight that closed the hell mouth and the passion that her and Spike shared. It was different than anything that they had gone through before and they were so gentle and affectionate with each other. Buffy had believed that Spike was going to make it through and he had told he believed that he was too. Buffy later thought that he knew he wasn't going to make it through the fight that night, but only told her as they were lying there only to ease her mind. After the fight in the hell mouth, Buffy shed so many tears for her lost love; she was upset that he had denied their love, even after they had claimed each other the night before.

None of the other Scoobies knew that Spike and Buffy had mated but Liam did, Buffy told him not to tell the others. Liam had once admired the necklace Buffy always wore and when he got a good look at the symbol, Liam was amazed that her mate was a member of the clan of Aurelius, the master's line, the most revered clan of vampires in the vampire world.

When they spent three weeks in LA with Angel she was surprised that he hadn't picked up the fact that she and Spike had mated. He did try to tell her that she didn't need to spend her tears over Spike and that he wasn't worth it. Angel was surprised that Buffy was wearing a necklace that Spike had given her. It was the one he'd had made out of thick pure silver before Angel had been cursed. Spike never parted with that necklace, it was the symbol of the order of Aurelius, the clan that they belonged to. Angel finally gave up trying to get her to forget Spike, he knew that something had happened between them and Buffy refused to tell Angel what it was.

Buffy and Giles had moved to London shortly after their stay in LA. She was given a big surprise a few months after. It was one of the best surprises of her life, too bad her mother was not around to be here with her.

Buffy was brought out of her thoughts by her brother in law Liam. "Buffy, my sweet sister, the plane is about ready to take off. Let us go now Rupert is waiting for us." Liam said in his beautiful Irish Brogue that reminded her of Angel every now and then. Liam lifted a pair of carriers and looked down at the precious cargo inside, and smiled at Buffy. Buffy looked down at the precious cargo in the carriers and said "We are about to go and see grandpa!" Buffy walked out toward the private jet that the Watcher's Council had in its possession.

Buffy was about to make her way back to California, and back to LA and her former lover Angel. She had butterflies the size of bats flying in her stomach. She was nervous about seeing him again. She no longer loved him the way she used to, but he had a different place in her heart now. Spike had taken his place in her heart and he was gone for good now, but she would carry on without him for the sake of one of them had 'to go on living'. She smiled as she remembered his singing that phrase to her two years ago. Buffy decided while she looked down at her precious cargo she could do this; she had to do it, if not for her then for them.

CH 2

He loved the way the sun shone in the window of his office through the specially treated glass. It reminded him of a time when he could actually step out in the sun and feel the warmth, but that was almost 246 years ago with two recent exceptions to that rule.

Angel sighed, sometimes he actually wished that he had trusted his instinct in that alleyway in Galway and ran away from Darla. It probably would have made his life a little simpler if he had, but no he had to let his manhood do the thinking for him. If he had run away he wouldn't have met the love of his life, his other half, his slayer, his lovely Buffy Anne.

Angel let out another sigh and turned his chair around to his deck, opening the top drawer, he pulled out a picture of his beautiful slayer. It was taken a few days before the master rose; she was in a beautiful red dress that really showed off her physique. Sometimes Angel wished that he could go back to that time, when she was still pure and things hadn't turned difficult for her yet.

Angel was also regretting that he actually deprived Buffy of the things that he had wanted for her so badly. He wanted to kick himself everyday for taking back the day that he had been human. If he hadn't, they could have still been together and the things that had happened to her could have possibly been avoided. He could have taken her on picnics, walks out in the sunlight, and given her children. He knew in his heart that she would never have the chance again for all that stuff.

Angel was also feeling a little guilty for not letting Buffy know that Spike was back, but as he saw it the guilt was cancelled out by the fact that she was his. He knew that in the three weeks Buffy had been in LA after the big fight she thought that she really had loved Spike. She had insisted on it when she told Angel about what happened down in the hellmouth. He knew that there were things that she wasn't telling him, but he figured it was too painful for her to talk about.

He figured that maybe she had come around and would want to be with him now. He decided when he saw her this time he wasn't going to let her go again. If she found out Spike was back she'd kick his ass for not telling her but he figured she would forgive and forget. She would, he assured himself because she was always his girl.

Angel was brought out of his thoughts by the slamming of his office door and a voice that asked

"What ya up ta, Peaches?"

Angel hurriedly shoved the picture back in the drawer before Spike got close enough to see who it was in the photo.

"What do you want Spike?" Angel asked not really wanting to deal with Spike right now. Angel just wanted to just sit there and brood, and to think about Buffy. Angel knew that she was on her way to LA, only because Giles had contacted Wesley, and Wesley in turn had told Angel. He really wanted to see her again.

"I thought I'd stop by an' see what my bloody poof 'f a sire was doin'" Spike replied with his signature smirk, enjoying Angel's displeasure of seeing him. Spike had always enjoyed being an annoying factor in Angel's life, especially now that Angel had kept him from telling Buffy when they were in Rome. Spike was a little curious about the thing he had seen Angel shove in his desk, he wondered what it was. Angel had the deer in the headlights look on his face and Spike knew that he had caught Angel in a moment he didn't want anyone to know about. He was going to try and play his sire on this very delicious discovery of his.

"You interrupted my train of thought on a very important 'client', if you are not in serious need of anything, I suggest you leave my office, Spike" Angel snapped at his annoying childe, trying to keep Spike from knowing what was really going on. Sometimes he hated the fact that Dru had created Spike, and the fact that as Angelus he had taken Spike under his wing and taught the fledgling everything he needed to know to be a master vampire.

"Well, what 'n bloody hell about this importan' 'client' do ya not wan' me ta know? Why ya shovin' me away so quickly? I know there's somethin' ya not tellin' me. What do ya not wanna share with me?" Spike asked curiously in hopes that maybe he would piss off his sire enough to make him accidentally slip his answer to him. If that didn't work Spike knew that he could be really confrontational about this subject which Angel was keeping secret.

"It's none of your business Spike, it doesn't concern you and if I have my way it never will. Just leave, Spike, and let me back to my contemplations on this 'case'. Angel answered angrily, he knew that Spike was trying to get to him and get an answer out of him that way. He was not going to let that happen. Angel glared at his childe and looked down at the file on his desk, acting like he was busy, in hopes that Spike's vampire ADD would get to him and he'd get bored. He reached for his cup of blood and realized it wasn't there, so he got up to yell at Harmony for not bringing it in.

Spike decided that he was going to use Angel's current distraction to his advantage. He walked over to the desk and opened the drawer that he had seen Angel shove that item in to. He opened the drawer and lifted his eyes to make sure the great poof was still busy. Satisfied that he was still distracted Spike grabbed the item that was on top of everything in that drawer, it felt like a photo. Spike turned it over and he felt his heart sink a little when he saw who was in the photo.

It was his love, his soul mate, the 'one', his sweet slayer, Buffy Anne Summers. He could tell that the photo was taken before he had come to Sunnyhell. He sighed a little, he studied the girl in the picture, she had always been lovely, and she looked completely stunning in that dress. He missed her so much it hurt. He wanted to let her know so bad that he was back. He wanted to go back to her and live their happily ever after, but no 'Captain Forehead' forbid him from contacting her.

Spike had gotten so lost in the picture that he forgot to keep a watch on the poof, he was startled when Angel cleared his throat. Spike looked up and Angel was glaring at him, so Spike glared back.

"Did anyone tell you childe that it was rude to go through someone's personal things?" Angel asked with a bite to his voice.

"Did anyone tell you that it was impolite to keep a picture of someone else's girl in your desk, to ogle at and wish that you were still her everything? You Git!" Spike countered his voice dripping with venom. He was angered that the poof was still pining over his girl. She was his, his mate, they had claimed one another the night before the fight, so she was his.

"Oh yeah if she was still your girl, then why did we see her dancing with the Immortal? Hmmm….Spike maybe you can explain that to me?" Angel threw back at him, knowing he had pissed off the other vampire watching his reaction.

Spike's deep blue eyes widened in anger when Angel had mentioned the 'bleedin' Immortal. "OI!" Spike screamed at Angel "She wouldn't be with the bleedin' Immortal if you had let me contact her, she loves me she told me so herself, in the bleedin' hellmouth, Git!"

"Oh yeah really shows me that she loves you, childe, she was just using you until she could get back to her real man. You know who that would be? That would happen to be me." Angel smirked at Spike.

That was the last straw for Spike, he turned around and stormed out. "This isn't over yet you stupid git" he yelled slamming the door behind him.

Angel smiled proudly for ridding himself of Spike for a while. If he knew Spike the vampire would go to his apartment and sulk for a while. If he played his cards right, Angel would get to Buffy and convince her to come back, before Spike could make an appearance and ruin it for him.

Angel looked at the clock on his desk and realized that Buffy would be to LA in a matter of three hours, he had to prepare himself to see her. So he rushed off to get ready for her arrival.

Spike watched as Angel left his office, he turned to walk on to the elevator, and he vowed that he wasn't going to let Angel control him. He was going home to make up a plan to go and see her. Buffy Anne Summers was going to get her 'big bad' back.

Ch. 3

"Buffy, don't be so nervous, I don't even think that we will be around Angel that long anyway. I mean we are going to be there to check on Dana, and to seek out our newest additions to our slayer school. That is the main focus of our trip." Giles said trying to reassure Buffy, and ease her fears of having to see her past love again.

"I'm sorry Giles, it just feels like with us going to LA, and the fact that I will see Angel makes me feel guilty. I feel like I am cheating on Spike even though he is gone. Another thing, Angel doesn't know about these two yet." Buffy said, as she motioned to the two carriers. "I am just really sure that they would go over real well with Angel. He'll go nuts when he finds out that they are Spike's. You know that Angel hated Spike with a passion."

"Well if that prat so much as touches a hair on my grandchildren's heads, out of anger, he will bloody well regret it. Mark my words, I mean it, Buffy." Giles roared at the thought of it.

This made both Buffy and Liam jump in their seats, they were a little surprised that usually calm Giles, let his anger show like that. It had been a long time since Ripper had made an appearance. The last time she really remembered him doing so, it was when the Mayor decided to walk in to the library during one of their meetings. He told Giles that he was going to kill her; Ripper appeared and stabbed the mayor with his sword. Of course, the mayor was invincible, but Ripper let him know he meant business.

"Wow, look at Grandpa Ripper making an appearance." Buffy said smirking at Giles, now that she was over her shock. Buffy was interrupted, and before she could say anything else, one of the bundles in the carriers had started to cry. Buffy got up out of her seat, and picked up the bundle wrapped in a pink blanket.

"Shhh…mommy's got you, I know, grandpa let out a noise that scared you, didn't it?" Buffy asked the bundle, not really expecting an answer. She shot Giles a glance, and saw him duck his head in embarrassment.

"Buffy, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to make my sweet girl cry. Here give her to her grandpa, he always makes her happy." Giles said smiling, reaching for the little girl. Tara had stopped crying as soon as she entered Giles' arms. It always surprised Buffy that she calmed down as soon as she heard Giles or, was touched by him.

Buffy sat down in her seat, and let out a deep sigh, and closed her eyes, she was tired. The twins seemed to be more of a drain on her energy than long nights of patrolling, or the nights of research when they were in high school had been. She wouldn't give up her wonderful twins for anything, they were her life, her everything, her precious gift from Spike and she loved them.

Buffy was starting to fall asleep in her seat, when she heard William start to fuss, a groaning Buffy got up to tend to him. Liam got to William before she did putting a stop to her.

"My sweet sister, go lay down on the bed back there, Rupert and I will take care of Tara and William. You look like you could use the little rest." Liam said glancing at Buffy, walking back to his seat.

"No, Liam I couldn't leave you two to take care of the twins, I am fine really." Buffy lied, she could feel the energy draining.

Liam gave Buffy his no nonsense look. "Sister, I know that you are going to need your energy, because in three hours we will be in LA. You need your strength when you go to see Angelus. I will be with you when you go, but you need to be rested. So go now before I have to drag you in there!" Liam said dismissing her, looking back at William.

Buffy's body was screaming at her to rest, but her mind wasn't paying any attention. Her mind drifted off to her children, and how Spike wasn't ever going to get to see his children grow up. Buffy had shed tears several times over this fact. She was constantly reminded of Spike when she looked at William. He was going to look exactly like his father; Buffy knew this in her heart. William had Spike's deep ocean blue eyes, and the sandy brown hair that Spike had told her he'd had. Tara was going to look like her with the exception to the eyes; they were the same color as her father's. She remembered the day that she found out she was pregnant.

Flashback August 23, 2003

She had cut herself while they were moving boxes around; she blamed her clumsiness on lack of sleep, and nausea she had been experiencing. Liam had taken her upstairs to help her take care of her cut, he walked away to get the kit, and when he came back he had a smile on his face. Buffy looked at him and wondered what he was smiling about.

"My dear Buffy, I am so happy for you, why did you not tell anyone?" Liam asked the smile on his face growing as he spoke.

"Liam, what the hell are you talking about?" Buffy asked puzzled, she had no idea what he was talking about.

"Buffy, you being pregnant, is what the hell I am talking about!" Liam exclaimed, his smile faltering a little.

"Pregnant? What do you mean pregnant, Liam?" Buffy was starting to freak out, how could she be pregnant? She hadn't been with anyone since that wonderful night with Spike.

"Seriously, you didn't know?" Liam asked, he didn't believe her, she could tell by the look on his face.

"No, I didn't, but it would explain how I've been feeling lately. How did you know? It's got to be wrong, it's impossible." Buffy was trying to reassure herself, that it was indeed impossible.

"Buffy, I know you are, because I can smell the hormones in your blood. I smelled it before, but I didn't know what exactly it was. Now I do." Liam said, laughing at the look on Buffy's face, she was cute when she wrinkled her nose like that.

"Liam, has anyone told you the whole vampire smelling thing is gross? I can't believe that I am pregnant; the only person I know could be the father was Spike. He couldn't have children, because he was one of you." Buffy said, she was on the verge of tears. She knew that they had to be Spike's, she was sad that he would be missing their entire lives. The tears she was trying to hold back were falling now.

Liam had finished bandaging her up, when she started crying, he drew her into his arms and held her tight. He wanted to cry with her. He knew that he had a closer bond with her than the others, except for Dawn, whom he was enamored with. He and Buffy had bonded instantly. He felt all of her emotions, and he was often the one she came to now.

"Shhh… my dear heart, it will be okay, I know you are sad that he is gone, but think he gave you a wonderful gift. You won't be alone, you have us, and I will not leave you, not ever. I love you too much to, and I love this unborn baby, I am here to protect you." Liam said, rocking her, rubbing her back.

"Thank you, Liam that means a lot to me. I love you too, you are such a sweet man, and how did I end up with a great friend like you? I am sad that Spike is not here to share in this joy with me. I am so happy, really I am shocked too." sighing, she continued. " I am just sad; I get to enjoy a child in my life, and he doesn't." Buffy was leaning in to his hug; they always comforted her, but not as much as Spike's had.

Buffy and Liam pulled apart, Liam handed her a tissue. He tenderly used one to wipe away her tears. It hurt him to see her cry like this, which she had done with him so many times in the last month and a half. She couldn't tell Willow, Xander, and Giles about how she was feeling. Liam knew that she was still upset about what they had done to her. She was still trying to forgive them, it was coming, but she still needed time.

"Liam, I am sad, because Spike and I had a conversation once, he told me that he really wanted to have a child. He knew that he couldn't but he was going to find a way for it to happen. It happened and now he's gone. I feel like I am keeping his child from him. I know I am not, but I just feel really guilty for it." She said, as the tears started flowing again, uncontrollably.

"Shhh… don't feel that way, he would want you to raise his child, keep his memory alive for the child, and tell the child all about him. You know that, Buffy. We'll do that, I have an idea, sweet Buffy; we will take pictures from those boxes downstairs, and create a scrapbook for the child. In the mean time we will get through this, all right?" Liam smiled as Buffy nodded. "Now let us, go and see Dr. Brady to get you checked out."

Buffy nodded, Liam placed his arm over her shoulder, and they walked toward Dr. Brady's office, down the hall. He was the doctor they kept on staff; Giles had known him for a long time. She agreed with what Liam said, they were going to tell the child about Spike, and create a scrapbook for the child.

She had gotten her confirmation later that afternoon. She was pregnant, and she couldn't be happier.

She had gone through her pregnancy, and on the day before her 23rd birthday, she went into labor. Liam was there by her side like he promised, and on January 19, 2004, Buffy gave birth to Tara Anyanka Hartley and William Alexander Hartley, and on the birth certificate, the parents were Elizabeth Anne Hartley and William Gabriel Hartley.

Back to Present

Buffy had changed her name to Buffy Anne Hartley; she figured that he wouldn't mind. She also thought that it would be easier for the sake of the children when they grew up.

Buffy thought about the time she found out his last name.

Spike had left Buffy a box of his stuff, he'd been sneaky, he had put in a box that Buffy had sent to LA, for Angel to hold in case something happened. The box that it had been put in to was a box of photos, and mementos of Buffy's life. Liam had brought the box upstairs, when he and Buffy were going to start on the scrapbook. Liam opened the box and got a surprise.

On the top of the box the initials W.G.H, were written in a fancy cursive, and gold paint. Inside the box, the first thing on top was a wedding invitation. It was from when Willow had done that 'will be done spell', it had caused problems for everyone. She and Spike had been engaged. The invitation was written on in beautiful cursive:

You are cordially invited to the marriage of

Elizabeth Anne Summers


William Gabriel Hartley

At the home of Joyce Summers

The Twenty Fourth of June Two Thousand

Nine o' clock in the evening

It brought tears to her eyes, looking at the invitation, when she moved it; she found a ring box underneath. Buffy pulled it out of the box, she opened the box, and nestled inside was a 24 karat white gold ring with a heart shaped diamond. Buffy pulled the ring out of the box, on the inside of the ring she read:

Buffy and Spike Forever June 24, 2000

It made her cry even more, but once she put it on her finger, it wasn't removed, ever.

Buffy was brought out of her train of thought by Liam.

"Sister, we've landed, let us go and see Angelus, I will be there with you so don't worry. I am your support; I love you, my dear sweet sister. Rupert has taken Tara and Will, to the limo; he is waiting on us, sister." Liam smiled at Buffy taking her hand in his.

Buffy smiled back at him, took his hand, letting him lead her.

"Thank you, Liam, I appreciate this, I love you too, dear brother. I guess I need to get my courage to see him, it is now or never." She said looking at him.

He felt her anxiety, and gave her a hug to assure her. "Buffy, it will be fine, I promise you."

Buffy sighed, in his arms, accepting his assurance. "I just feel that there is something going on, something he's hiding from me."

"For your sake, sister, and his, I hope he is not. Come let's not keep Rupert waiting."

Ch. 4

In this chapter it will jump to three places at first and then everyone maybe in for a surprise.

In his office a whining voice came over his phone, drawing his attention away from book he was reading.

"Angel, Rupert is on line one, he wishes to talk to you." Harmony said, popping a bubble from her gum, in the intercom. This made Angel cringe, he had told her over and over not to do that, but she never listened to him.

"Thank you, Harm." Angel said, picking up the phone, and cleared his throat. "This is Angel, how may I help you? Oh, hello Rupert, you're here already? So you will be here soon? Ok, I will see you in a few minutes then."Angel hung up the phone, looked around, and did a little jig. His Buffy was going to be back in his arms soon. He was very happy, but not too happy.

Angel decided that he was going to play it cool; he had to get his girl back. He figured that she was close to 'cookies', as she had implied last year. That must be why she was coming to LA, he got to enjoy 'cookie' Buffy. There was only one person who could steal his 'cookies'; he had to make sure the thief stayed away.

Liam sat next to Buffy in the limo; he put his arm around her shoulder, rubbing little small circles to try and keep her calm. He could feel the tension fading a little, but not much. Liam looked out the window and was guessing from the looks of the buildings it wouldn't be long, Buffy and Angel would come face to face again.

Giles was on the phone with Angel, Liam was observing. His hearing picked up the other male vampire's voice, and Liam decided just from that voice, he didn't like Angel. He had meant every word he had said to her, he was always going to be there for her and the twins. That even meant keeping Angel at bay; Liam vowed to himself right then and there, Angelus would never have another chance to hurt her.

"Erm… yes hello Angel, its Rupert. Yes, we made it to LA already; we are a few blocks from the office. Yes, see you in a few moments." Giles said, hanging up the phone, he looked at his slayer, and could see the tension on her face. "It will be alright Buffy; I will be there with you." Giles said, grabbing her hand, and gave it a pat.

Buffy gave Giles a watery smile, she was just too nervous about this meeting. She felt love and warmth from Liam's affections, which eased her tensions more than Giles had. She could feel how much he loved her, and how much she meant to him. She tensed as she felt the car coming to a stop. Buffy looked out the window, and all her stress came rushing back. They were here at Wolfram and Hart, about to see Angel.

Liam felt her tense even more as the car came to a stop. Giles was the first one to make a move to get out of the car. Buffy was sitting there, like she was frozen in time, and Liam knew what would snap her out of it. He reached for the backpack; once it was open he withdrew a jacket and a velvet box.

"Buffy, look at me, please." Liam pleaded with her. He was satisfied when Buffy did so, so he continued. "Dear heart put on the jacket, and his necklace. You know they help calm you, and you need this calm. You can't let Angelus smell and feel your fear."

Buffy put on Spike's denim jacket, and placed Spike's Aurelius necklace. The jacket smelled so good. It smelled like him, the tobacco, alcohol, the musky scent of his skin, and his Boss cologne. It made her feel safe, like he was right there with her. These were items of his that let her feel their connection, they really gave her comfort. It was an instantaneous thing, but this time something made the connection stronger. Buffy didn't know what it was, but her senses felt something. She looked at Liam and by the look on his face; she knew he felt it too. It was another thing about their bond, which everyone, except her, Liam, and Dawn thought was weird.

"Thank you, dear Liam, I needed these." Buffy threw her arms around him. She moved out of the car to be followed by Liam.

"Sweet, you and Rupert go on in. I will grab Will and Tara, and follow." Buffy started to open her mouth to object, but Liam stopped her. "Buffy, I can find you, through our bond and your scent. I fear that if you don't go in now you will continue with the stress. Now go sis!" Liam making himself understood, added "I will be there in a minute, dear, I keep my promise to you"

Giles and Buffy walked in to the building, he had his arm around her. They stepped on the elevator. "Buffy, both Liam and I will be with you today, so don't worry." Giles gave her a hug, pulling back when the doors opened. They stepped off and walked to the door that they knew led to Angel's office.

Giles knocked on the door, they heard Angel respond. "Come in." Buffy and Giles stepped in to the office.

He was angry at his bloody poof of a sire. Spike was furious that Angel tried to tell him that she didn't love him. He felt a connection to his slayer, which told him that she still loved him. He wanted to go to Rome to go and see her, to let her know that her big bad was back.

Spike's only problem with that was trying to get to her. He knew that the great poof was going to prevent him from going any way he could. What could he tell him to keep him unsuspicious? That was going to be a problem, he knew it. Spike was so desperate to see his mate, to hold her in his arms, and be with her forever. Spike knew that since they were mated, there was a connection between them, but right now it was very faint.

He needed to get to his girl, but how? Spike was suddenly struck with an idea. He would tell the poof that he was going away for a few days; that he was going to Colorado to take a little time for himself. He was going to use this excuse, tell him it had to do with the soul. Peaches had to understand what he was going to be saying.

Spike grabbed up his duster, and headed out the door, he had a poof to get off his back, and a girl to get back.

He heard a knock on the door, and knew that his Buffy Anne was outside the door. If his heart could beat it would be pounding. He was finally going to get to see her face to face again after almost a year.

"Come in, please." Angel answered turning around in his chair, facing the door. He sat up straighter as the door open, revealing his love on the other side. He grimaced a little when he saw Giles with her. He wanted to get her alone, without the watcher, but how? Then it struck him, send him to Wesley.

"Giles, Buffy, hello. How are you doing?" Angel asked, as he got up to give Buffy a hug and shake Giles's hand. He ran his eyes over Buffy, she was radiant, and she was looking better than the last time she was here in LA. She had gotten more curves on her body, and all in the right places, Angel wanted to run his hands over her new curves. Her hair was longer than ever, she was wearing it down; it looked like it ran in waves down to her lower back. She was wearing a sky blue sundress, under a denim jacket, and sandals without heels. She seemed to have grown up since she was last here. It amazed him, and he wanted her even more.

Buffy looked at Angel and smiled at him nervously, as he moved to embrace her. Spike's jacket and pendant were making her feel better, giving her strength. It was making her feel safe to smell him on her. Angel pulled her into an embrace; she fought against the stiffness trying to come out. Her body was screaming at her that it was wrong; ignoring it she gave him a hug back.

Angel inhaled the scent of Buffy, she smelled like a baby now, instead of the vanilla he had been used to, he smelled Spike on the jacket, so it must have been his, and then there was another unfamiliar scent that was all over her. It was another male, and he sure as hell knew it wasn't the immortal, or anyone in the Scoobies. He knew all of their scents. He stepped back, looking at her with a glint of jealousy in his eyes.

"So, Buffy who's the new man? How long have you two been together?" Angel ground out, trying not to let the jealousy come out, but he was not succeeding.

"What are you talking about Angel?" Buffy asked, knowing who he was talking about.

"The new vampire you are screwing, does Dominic know your cheating on him?"

"Dominic? The Immortal? I am not dating him; I hate him with a passion."

"Then who the hell is he? Who is the new vampire in your life? Do I get to meet him?" Angel was letting his jealousy really get the best of him, and he knew that he was being as Spike put it a 'Nancy Boy'.

"Angel, things have changed a lot since I saw you last. I am…."

"Like what, Buffy, what has changed, is it a new vampire lover?"

"Like I was saying, before you rudely interrupted me, my life has changed a whole lot, Angel. I have had new additions in my life, and they mean so much to me. Three of the additions in particular mean a lot to me."

"What, three new lovers?"

"No, stop being stupid, I have something to tell you, I was keeping it secret…" Buffy was interrupted by the door opening. She turned around and had her eyes on Liam. He was coming through the door with the twins. He had them covered.

Angel knew that this was the other vampire that he had scented on Buffy. He was about to rush this new vampire, but Giles held him back with a Ripper growl. Angel just stayed in his spot. It didn't stop him from glaring at the other vampire. Angel could feel that he was a very powerful vampire, and it shook him a little. Angel let his glare pass over the handsome vampire, taking him in, hating him.

Liam was 6'1, muscular but thin body build, which Buffy, had told him was a cross between what Angel had been and Spike, coppery blonde hair, hazel eyes, and full lips. Liam looked at Angelus, and didn't see his body in Angel's, but he hardly ever doubted anything Buffy told him. So he thought she saw it more than he did. That day he was wearing a green dress shirt and blue jeans. Buffy and his beloved told him he looked awesomely stunning.

Liam looked at Buffy, and he felt her nervousness and her unease. He looked at the vampire glaring at him; Liam just glared back daring the master vampire to try something. He knew this must be Angel; he knew he didn't like him already. He may be a century younger than him, but he had more power than Angelus. Liam set the two carriers down on the ground and wrapped his arms around Buffy. He saw that this irked Angel, and he rather enjoyed it.

"Buffy, who is this?"The jealousy was really coming out in Angel's voice.

Liam spoke up; he was still holding Buffy, who at this point was sobbing, due to being uncomfortable with this situation.

"You, must be Angelus, scourge of Europe." Liam's thick brogue was coming out.

"Yes, but not anymore, and who in the hell are you? So, Buffy what you have a thing for vampires with accents?" He spit out like it was a nasty taste in his mouth.

"I am Liam Sean Patrick Kincade." Liam explained, to Angel, keeping his voice smooth. He was really enjoying Angelus' display of jealousy.

"So what, Buffy you have a thing for vampires who have the name William or Liam?" The scent of Angel's jealousy was rolling off of him, and Liam was enjoying it.

"I am not dating sweet Buffy. I am an important asset to Buffy, we have an unbreakable bond." Liam said calmly, placing a gentle kiss on her head, she was so upset her body was shaking. He tightened his embrace around her.

Liam still smelled Angel's scent, but he smelled a new one, yet old at the same time. It was the scent on Buffy's jacket, but fresher. The scent was outside the door, and he picked up on a vampire's signature. He knew who it was, and he was elated for his Buffy, and angry with the vampire who stood before him. He knew that Buffy had been right; he had been keeping a secret from her. His hazel eyes flashed silver with anger.

"Well if you have a bond like that, it sounds like you're mated to one another." Angel declared jealously, but backed up when he saw Liam's eyes flash silver. Angel was going to keep his distance, but keep up his verbal attacks.

"No, the Powers sent me to her, we had an instant bond, and we love one another, which is more than I can say for you. You're treating her badly, yet you claim you love her." Liam was getting angrier with Angel. He felt his protectiveness trying to claw its way out farther.

"What is your relationship to her boy?" Angel growled at Liam.

Liam rubbed circles on Buffy's back, he was still holding her. She had stopped sobbing, but he could tell she was not ready yet.

"I am telling you this once more; I am Liam Sean Patrick Kincade, husband to Dawn Serena Summers Kincade, brother to Buffy Anne Summers Hartley. I am an asset to my sister Buffy." Liam said, kissing the top of Buffy's head. "Shhh…. Buffy, it will be okay. I am here to protect you always." Liam's eyes met Angel's and he saw confusion cross his face.

Spike had stepped off the elevator, he was on a mission, and he was going to tell the poof that he was going away, for some time to himself. Spike looked around trying to see if he could sense where the poof was. His eyes stopped on a 6'1, muscular but thin, coppery blonde man, walking down the hall towards the poof's office. The man was holding what looked like to Spike, baby carriers. Spike thought at first it was Riley, but as he scented the air he realized that this was not Riley Finn, not as lumbering and oafish. Spike suddenly caught the vampire's signature. He was a more than a little intrigued as to what the vampire was doing. Spike held back a little bit to watch what he going to do.

Spike watched as the vampire walked into the poof's office. He heard the door click, and he had a feeling that something was about to happen. Luckily, Angel's office had a window by the door he could see in. If this was probably going to be as entertaining as he thought it was going to be, Spike wasn't going to miss it.

He stepped up to the window, looking inside; he saw something that surprised him. It was his slayer; she was in the poof's office, with Giles, and the other male. If his heart could beat, it would break out of his chest. Spike was wondering what they were doing here. He heard Ripper's growl, and it brought him back to the situation unfolding before his eyes. Spike knew who everyone in that office, except the other male, and he agreed with Peaches, who was he?

Spike heard the other male reply his name. "Liam Sean Patrick Kincade". This piqued Spike's curiosity more. He saw that Buffy had turned to this Liam; he saw the tears in her eyes. Two things at this time were starting to piss Spike off. 1) Angel was yelling at his mate, causing her to cry, and 2) Liam was the one holding her, comforting her, when it should be him doing so. He held back the urge to rush in there and cause another problem.

Spike was watching the scene unfold, and he had to laugh when the poof backed up suddenly. Spike was sensing that Liam had power, and was a worthy opponent of both of them. Then he heard Angel question again what he was to Buffy, and the answer he heard almost knocked him on his ass. He heard Liam reply, "I am telling you this once more; I am Liam Sean Patrick Kincade, husband to Dawn Serena Summers Kincade, brother to Buffy Anne Summers Hartley. I am an asset to my sister Buffy." Well, that certainly explained some things to Spike except for the baby carriers. That was definitely getting his curiosity.

Angel looked at both Liam and Buffy, stunned, and then he looked over to a sitting Giles, whom looked very amused at the situation. Angel wanted to wipe the amused grin off of his face. He was very confused and angry, and curious about what Liam had brought in. He was really aggravated with Buffy. She had kept things from him, and that hurt a lot.

"Well Buffy, it looks like you've been keeping a lot of secrets from me. I hope you're happy with yourself. I haven't kept anything from you in a long time. I hope you feel really guilty." Angel said, his voice dripping with venom.

Liam was still holding on to Buffy, hearing this made him snap. He continued to hold on to her, feeling her tears renewed in full force. He wanted to hurt Angel, show him who he was messing with. He wanted to hurt Angel for hurting Buffy, and his protectiveness was really growling.

"ANGELUS, there you are acting all high and mighty, kicking my Buffy while she's down, taking her heart and stomping on it. I LOATHE you, you are nothing but SCUM! Here you are accusing her of keeping secrets from you. It is all stuff that really has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you! YOU, are the one keeping secrets from HER! AREN'T YOU?! YOU POMPOUS DONKEY'S HIND END!" Liam was yelling at Angel, his eyes silver again, he was fighting himself to keep from knocking Angel out.

"You, standing outside the door, come in, now, time to reveal yourself. Please." Liam said still holding on to her, but his eyes never left Angel's face. The door opened, and then click closed. He knew that Spike had entered the room. Everything was about to fall into place. Spike was about to meet the rest of his family. He smiled widely as he saw Angel's face fall. Liam felt Buffy starting to pull away from him, and he started to let her go. He also knew that Spike was standing behind him, in the perfect spot for Buffy to see him immediately. Liam swore his unbeating heart jumped for joy, for Buffy's returned mate.

Spike had walked into the office after he heard Liam order him to. He saw how furious niblet's Liam, had gotten, and he wanted to laugh at Peaches, he wasn't about to refuse the vampire who was protecting his love. Liam was alright in his book, they would get along perfectly. His blue eyes moved to Buffy moving away from Liam. She was starting to lift her head, and Spike started to brace himself. He was bloody nervous.

Buffy lifted her head from Liam's chest. She wiped her eyes with her hands, she was still looking down, but she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. She looked up slowly, and her eyes locked with a piercing pair of deep ocean blue eyes. She'd know those eyes anywhere. She let out a gasp and said "It can't be, I am imagining it." She then fainted after he spoke.

Spike looked at her and shook his head. "No, my Goldilocks, it's not your imagination." He smiled at her, and before he knew it she had fainted.