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Chapter 3: Night of Ecstasy

After Jack and Charlie's intense encounters in the bathroom, they continued with their four-hour shift. Charlie listened to some music on the record player to pass the time and Jack mostly sat in the computer room and punched in the numbers every hour-and-a-half. After their shift was over, they went back to the beach and continued on with their as if nothing had happened. During the activities of the day, they stole glaces at each other and when they had a spare moment, they would hide in either Jack or Charlie's tent and steal a kiss from one another. Charlie was so happy he and Jack were together; he just felt so happy with him and Jack made him feel special. He never thought he could meet a man like Jack; he just thought he would have to go on through life living a lie. As the day quickly turned into night, Charlie and Jack traveled to the Hatch once again for their shift. They, as always, entered through the back door and walked into the computer room. They saw John sitting at the computer table, looking rather bored as he played a game of tic-tac-toe with himself.

"You two are here kinda early." John said, looking up.

"Well, it's kinda hard to keep track of time on this island." Charlie said.

"Um, John, I was wondering.....would it be all right if Charlie and me took te night shift for the whole night?" Jack asked, trying not to give them away.

John looked at Jack, then at Charlie, then back at Jack. He couldn't think of any reason why two people would want to spend all night down here with the annoying 'clock' going off every hour-and-a-half, but he supposed they had a good reason.

"Yeah, I guess so." John said as the computer began to beep.

He looked up at the 'clock' and saw that there were three minutes left. He typed in the numbers and stood up, picking his backpack up off the floor as he did.

"Well, I guess I'll see you two in the morning." he said before walking out of the room.

They waited for the loud clunk of the heavy steel door before they said anything. The loud clunk echoed through the Hatch and they turned to one another.

"Why did you ask if we could stay down here all night?" Charlie asked.

"I have a special something planned." Jack said, raising an eyebrow.

Charlie smiled and winked at Jack.

"Go wait over by the bunk beds; I'll be there in just a second." Jack said.

Charlie nodded and did as he was told. He had a pretty good idea of what Jack had in mind, so he took his shirt off on the way over to the bunk beds. Jack took his backpack off and took something out of the side pocket and placed it in the pocket of his jeans. Jack stepped out of the computer room and crossed the large room in long, manly strides over to where Charlie stood in front of the bunk beds. There he stood in all his gorgeous masculinity. His bare torso just seemed to glow in the dim light of the room. His blue eyes shone with passion and Jack could tell that his beautiful body ached for sweet release. Jack wrapped his arms around Charlie's waist and pulled him close to him. He captured Charlie's lips in a warm, passionate kiss. Charlie slipped his tongue inside Jack's mouth, moaning at his warmth and softness. Jack slowly slid his hands up Charlie's smooth back, making Charlie shiver with delight. Charlie slowly reached up and tenderly wrapped his arms around Jack's neck. Jack slowly slid his hands down the long expanse of Charlie's back to gently cup his wonderful hips. Charlie gasped and kissed Jack hungrily. Jack raised a harsher gasp from Charlie when he slid his hands inside his pants, gently kneading his soft hips. They both drew away from the kiss in need of air.

"Are you ready for a night of amazing passion?" Jack asked.

"Oh, yes." Charlie moaned, his imagination racing with erotic images of him and Jack doing all sorts of things.

Jack knelt down in front of Charlie and very slowly slid his jeans down his firm legs. Slowly, Charlie's thick, sumptuous manhood was revealed, making Jack's own manhood tingle. Jack moved Charlie's jeans down to his ankles and Charlie stepped out of them, allowing Jack to toss them aside. Jack turned back to Charlie, addressing the part of his body that commanded the most attention at the moment. He gently gripped Charlie's hips and slowly licked a straight line up his manhood, starting down at the head and traveling up to the base. Charlie gasped and leaned on the edge of the top bunk, feeling his legs weaken beneath him. He moaned and threw his head back as Jack continued his ministrations. He gave a sharp intake of breath as he felt himself harden. He heard Jack wince and he looked down to see what was wrong.

"Are you all right?" Charlie asked.

"You poked me in the eye." Jack said, rubbing his right eye.

Charlie laughed and sunk down to sit on the soft mattress of the bottom bunk. He leaned over and softly kissed Jack on the lips. He placed his hands on Jack's shoulders and gently pulled him over to lay on top of him, kissing him the whole time. Charlie moaned as Jack settled on top of him. Jack gasped and groaned as he felt Charlie reach between them and gently massage him between his legs.

"Oh, you like that?" Charlie asked, delighted that he found something else to turn Jack on.

Jack maneuvered around so they lay more comfortably on the bed. Jack groaned and his body stiffened when Charlie slipped his hand inside his pants and rubbed it up and down his manhood.

"Oh, God, Charlie!" Jack groaned, hardening in Charlie's hand.

Charlie smiled and placed soft kisses on Jack's neck.

"Charlie, I have a surprise for you." Jack said.

"Oh?" Charlie asked, raising an eyebrow.

Jack reached into his pocket and took put a small bottle of personal lubricant.

"Where did you get that?" Charlie asked, pleasantly surprised.

"I stole it from Sawyer's stash." Jack answered.

Charlie's heart fluttered; he didn't know why, but he felt kind of special to have the 'luxury' of having real lubricant, not having to be slick from the shower water or Jack spitting in his hand. Jack leaned up on his knees and, after some maneuvering, he wriggled out of his jeans. Charlie moaned when he saw Jack's hard, throbbing shaft before him and he spread his legs wide, ready to receive him. Jack opened the bottle of lubricant and got some on his hand. He slowly massaged it over his shaft. He leaned down over Charlie and was about to push inside him when Charlie stopped him.

"Wait." Charlie said, "Not like this."

Charlie flipped Jack over so he lay on his back and he straddle his hips.

"Like this." Charlie said, placing his hands on Jack's firm chest.

Jack's heart raced as his excitement grew. He was usually the one who took the dominant position, but he found this new position to be exciting and sexy. Charlie leaned up on his knees and positioned himself over Jack's shaft. Charlie smiled seductively and slowly slid down onto Jack's waiting shaft. Jack gripped Charlie's hips, guiding him down. Charlie let out a long moan as he pushed his hips down to meet Jack's, pushing Jack's shaft completely inside him. One of the things Charlie loved about Jack was that he was just the right size for him. He was big, but not too big; about seven inches. Charlie found it so arousing to feel that Jack's shaft was perfectly shaped to fit the warm, gentle contours of his insides. The lubricant provided the necessary glide and it created a gentle warming sensation that was very stimulating. Both Charlie and jack moaned loudly when Charlie began to rock his hips, Jack's shaft moving gently inside him.

"Oh, Jack!" Charlie gasped, rocking his hips in a back-and-forth and up-and-down motion.

Jack wrapped his large hands around the sides of Charlie's hips, slowly sliding them down his firm thighs. He moved one hand around in front and gripped Charlie's aching shaft in his hand. Charlie gasped and almost lost his composure, but he kept up his steady thrusting as Jack pumped his hand around his shaft. Charlie groaned and threw his head back in ecstasy. Jack's gentle hand around his thick shaft combined with the amazing sensations he was getting between his legs was enough to make anyone loose their mind. Jack reached up with both hands an placed them on either side of Charlie's neck, slowly sliding them downward over his chest and his wonderful, muscled abdomen. Charlie's breath came in rapid, feverish gasps as his thrusting increased.

"Ch-Charlie!" Jack gasped, gripping Charlie's hips tightly and pulling him down onto his erection even further.

Charlie whimpered with passion as Jack's shaft pushed deeper inside his warm insides.

"Oh, Jack! Oh!" Charlie gasped, "Jack, please......oh, God......please."

Charlie was so aroused now that his shaft was so hard that it hurt and he absolutely loved it. The passion and the need blazed through his body like a wildfire and he was impaling himself on Jack's shaft in his deep, longing need. Jack arched his back and groaned, gripping the sheets beneath them until his knuckles turned white. He cried out when Charlie thrust down hard and fast with his hips. They knew it was time; time to let their passion take over. From then on, a deep lingering need stayed with them, slowly building up to their sweet, hot release. Charlie felt himself almost unable to breathe as the orgasm tore through his aching body, sending him over the edge. He screamed and impaled himself onto Jack's shaft. His muscles clenched so tightly around him that he thought he might faint from the passion. Jack screamed and arched his back, the feeling of Charlie's muscles clenching around him sending him over the edge. Charlie gave one more powerful thrust and both he and Jack released at the same time. Jack exploding deep inside him, Charlie releasing his white hot seed between them. Charlie collapsed on top of Jack, gasping to get his breath. Once Charlie found an ounce of strength, he weakly rolled off Jack to lay between him and the wall. Jack turned over to face Charlie and genty took him into his arms. Jack gently stroked Charlie's brown hair and placed a soft kiss to his forehead.

"Oh, Charlie, you're so amazing." Jack whispered.

Charlie smiled, "So are you."

"Are we really going to make love all night?" Charlie asked in wonder.

"Only if you want to." Jack answered.

"Yes. Yes, I want to. God, how I want to." Charlie moaned, starting to gete excited.

"Good." Jack said, kissing his forehead, "We have this whole place to ourselves all night long. The door is locked and no one can get in. We can make love all night long wherever we want as long as we want.....in any position we want. You can scream all you want and there's no one else down here to hear us."

Charlie moaned as Jack elaborated on there 'plans' for the night. He slammed his lips against Jack's, the passion and excitement burning inside him once more. Just as Jack had said, he and Charlie made love all night long. They lost count of how many times they made each other come; all they knew was that it was the most amazing, passion-filled night of their lives. Jack was glad that he and Charlie were young and very much able to satisfy one another to such an extent that they were both screaming each other's name to the stars. They made amazing love nearly everywhere in the Hatch: on the couch in the living area, on the floor, against the wall, in the fat armchair in the computer room and many other places. They used almost every conceivable position and it was more amazing than anything in the world. They even made love once with Charlie bent over the ping-pong table! They were interrupted every hour-and-a-half by the annoying beeping of the clock in the computer room, but they managed. Sometime in the early morning hours, Charlie and Jack's screams of intense pleasure echoes through the Hatch once again. Jack had Charlie pinned against the wall and Charlie had his legs wrapped around Jack's waist as he gave one final, powerful thrust and emptied himself inside him. Charlie's body went limp and he panted and gasped for air as Jack withdrew from him. Both their bodies were soaked in sweat and their hair was no different. Charlie's hair stuck to his forehead and neck in clumps.

"J-Jack......" Charlie gasped, "I th-thik I need to lay down. I'm s-so tired."

Jack nodded and scooped Charlie into his strong arms and carried him over to the bunk beds. He gently lay him down on the bottom bunk.

"Jack, I love you." Charlie whispered as Jack sat down on the edge of the bed.

Jack smiled and pulled a blanket over Charlie's naked body.

"I love you, too." Jack whispered, leaning down and lightly kissing Charlie on the lips, "Just rest, now."

Charlie nodded and turned over, curling up in a ball and drawing the blanket around him. He was asleep in minutes, exhausted from his and Jack's intense night of passion and ecstasy. Jack smiled as he watched Charlie sleep; he had finally found the love of his life.

A/N: Well, there it is. I really hope you like it. I owe credit for the inspirstion for this chapter to solsethegreat and his story 'Creamy Peanut Butter'(which is a GREAT story, by the way!)