Hey guys! Alright, I have a new idea for a story in mind, and I need you to tell me if you think I should continue it. It's based on the movie The Bad Mother's Handbook, but is different in many ways. Rpatz is one of the stars. Here is the summary:

Bella Swan thinks she's happy with her boyfriend James. What happens when she finds out he cheated on her? She meets the new boy at school, Edward Cullen. He is a nerd, but is very sweet. She is a total bitch to him at first, but then realizes he is the best friend she could ever ask for…and her feelings run deeper than just friendship. Will he quickly become the only one who she can confine in and trust when she finds out her worst nightmare has come true…She's pregnant? Will Edward stay with her and help her, or will he run off under pressure? And what about her mom who finds out she's adopted, and her grandmother who needs constant care?

Tell me what you think!! Please review and tell me if I should continue!!!!