hey hey! This is the rewrite of Bella's Nightmare. I know its short, but bear with me pwease? Thank you

Bella POV:


" Who does she think he is! Okay, he's my dad, but still he can't tell me who I can date." I yelled on my cell phone.

" I know. Edward Cullen is so hot. I would kill to date him," Jessica, my BFFAA( Best Friend Forever And Always), replied calmly.

" I'm so giving him the cold shoulder when I get home. God, I wish he would just disappear. I mean I'm 18, I can take care of myself. Well, bye Jessica."

"Bye Bella."

I hung up my cell phone thinking of Edward. How dare my father forbid me to date him. His face crumbled when we had to end it. As I turned the corner, I noticed a car following me. I tensed up until I saw that it's the silver Volvo that I've known so fondly. It's Edward. I relaxed and waved at him. He got out of the car and grabbed my arm. I pulled away, but he held on and pushed me into the car. Scared, I looked at his face.

His face was tight, and his eyes black and murderous.

" Say anything and I'll kill you,'' he hissed.

He took me to abandoned warehouse in Port Angeles. It was old and smelly, and looked ready to fall at any moment. He stopped the car and took me out, leaving my things in the car. When I opened my mouth, he slapped me hard.

"W-why are you doing this? What did I do?" I cried, my face throbbing.

"Your father wouldn't let you date me. But now we'll be together for life. That's right, I'm going to change you."

He knocked me down and tied me up. Just before he left the room, he tried to kissed me but I turned my face. When he came back, he brought food and water. When I didn't eat, he punched me in the nose. As blood spread everywhere found something that might get me out of this.

For two more weeks we stayed there. I didn't eat anything and the knots got looser. When he left the warehouse to hunt, I rolled over to the table and stood up. I took the lighter in my mouth. I wriggled my hands free a bit and took the lighter and burned the rope. I called for Edward, waiting at the door, and as soon as I saw his face, I set the room on fire. I took the car keys from the counter, while he ran for some water, and ran. When I opened the car I grabbed my cell phone and called 911. When they came, Edward had already left. After I told the police what happened I took Edward's car and went home. While in the car, I was wondering why Charlie, wasn't there.

I went home, completely forgetting the fight with Charlie." Dad, Dad,'' I called," Dad, are you here? It's me, Bella. Dad!'' When he didn't answer, I thought he wasn't here. About a hour later, the phone rang.

" Are you Bella Swan, daughter of Charlie Swan?"

" Yes. Why? Who is this? Where's my dad?"

" Calm down-"

" Don't you care tell me to calm down! I don't care if you are the Queen of fucking England! Where's my DAD!" I screamed.

" I'm sorry to inform you that your father died in a car accident."

" E-e-excuse me?" I choked.

" Your father-"

" I heard you. When did he- you know?'' I said unable to say the word.

" Last night at around 2:45 am."

" Why was he driving so late?" I asked hoping my guess was wrong.

" When you didn't come home in three days , he went looking for you. Now you may not want to hear this, but his death was no accident. Apparently your boyfriend's brother, Jasper Hale, hit him so he wouldn't find you."

By that time I had dropped the phone, crying until my eyes were sore.

End Flashback

That happened two years ago. I lost contact with all the Cullens except Alice and Emmett. They helped me during my depression. Alice swore she didn't know, that Edward tricked her into not looking into her visions. I believed her, and Emmett tried to stop it, but Rosalie wouldn't let him. They left they're mates and came to live with me. Now we live in Seattle. But somehow, I think the past, will come back to haunt us.